Earlier this AM, we witnessed yet another stunning attack against a prominent pro-GamerGate supporter. She goes by the name of Partisangirl (real name Maram Susli). Not only is she a supporter of GamerGate, she is a also a controversial Syrian rights activist. Of course, nowadays, anyone who doesn’t parrot the “conventional wisdom,” and support the military industrial complex, is ostracized. I won’t go too far down that road, but I will say this: No matter what someone believes, they should not be treated the way Ms. Susli was treated. Plus, look at GamerGate. We know what it’s like to be twisted and misrepresented by the mainstream media.

Let’s get down to the particulars of the harassment. Robert Caruso is a contributor at the Boston Globe (hopefully that will be former by the end of the week). He’s hated on the Syrian people for a long while now, but his anger boiled over just a short time ago.

Here the tweet:




If he still has a job by the end of tomorrow, I’ll be shocked. You simply don’t say something like that. Ever. You especially don’t say it if you represent the Boston Globe. Also, the man has no testicular fortitude. Rather than own up to abhorrent statements, he tried to weasel out of it, and say we doctored it:



All these tweets are 100% legit, and were tweeted by Robert Caruso of the Boston Globe. GamerGate members archived all the of them, and the link to that archive list is below. I think the editors of The Globe are going to need this for when they fire his ass.

He shits on GamerGate. But, to be honest, it’s the Syria tweets that need to get Caruso fired. What could ever motivate someone to say that to another human being? Syrians are being killing and maimed daily, and scrubs like Robert Caruso are using it to try to score points on Twitter. It’s disturbing to say the least, and The Boston Globe needs to do something about it.



PS: Anti-Middle Eastern sentiment is nothing new for Mr. Caruso, like I mentioned earlier. Does this man actually hate Arabs? Does he have another ax to grind I’m unaware off? Because he sounds almost crazed with hatred for Syria and the people who live there.

UPDATE: We should also let his employers at The Hill and Huffington Post Latino Voices know about this.
    1. He’s already deleted the Tweets, and is now saying “I WUZ HAXXED, GUIZE!”. Thankfully, he might not get away with it since others at BBC saw him making the Tweets.

      He went both #FullWu and #FullMcIntosh. You don’t go FullWu or FullMcIntosh, ever.

      1. Not to mention that ZQ supposedly claimed that she murdered several men by stabbing them in the face, and got away with it. Not surprising at all, if true.

        1. I read a story about her glassing a chick in the face at a party, wrecking their face pretty badly, and also publicly outing a trans woman to the guy she was seeing. They might have even been the same incident?

          I dunno, hardly matters.
          Good developers don’t need to use bribery to push their games through the system.

        2. ZQ seriously needs some love… tough love would help her to calm down a bit. When people jump around thinking they can do whatever… tough love is the medicine!

  1. Looks like trying to keep up with the lies and spinning the narrative 24/7 is getting to the anti side. McIntosh is spewing gibberish about green and purple bring “rape colors”. Sam Biddle of Gawker made a bunch of tweets saying that it was OK to bully and assault people, and Arthur Chu is making false accusations and mocking minorities.

    To paraphrase Jon Lovitz’s character in “The Wedding Singer”: “[They’re] losing their mind, and I’m reaping all the benefits!”

      1. Apparently, when the Hulk says, “HULK SMASH!”, he really meant “HULK RAPE!”

        Also Green Goblin and Lex Luthor just wanted to rape Spider-Man and Superman.

          1. To be fair, in one of the later Arkham games, you’ll occasionally hear generic thug #378 say “I’m going to make you my bitch, Wayne.” That is pretty much a genuine rape threat in a game.

            Course Batman gives that bastard the old bat-uppercut and moves on to the next guy.

      2. In a sense, he’s not wrong. It refers to a inside joke from 4chan. It all started with a .gif of Piccolo *violently* fucking Vegeta and that it was so *shocking* that by just showing green and purple you would be reminded of that gif. It’s the “daily dose”.

        Now, if you want to talk feminism, the people that McIntosh is part of don’t believe that men can perform rape moreover since they believe fictional characters can have feelings and are to be treated as if they are real let’s pretend they are.
        For them Rape = Power + Violence
        Since Vegeta is a lot more powerful than piccolo and that they are both men, there is no possible way this particular gif is about rape but rather about rough sex between good ol’ buddies. Therefore it is not a rape joke !

  2. In one of those coincidences that may or may not mean anything, PartisanGirl made a pro-Gamergate video recently:


    I can understand being for or against a particular government, but why would he want people to suffer? Is he a psychopath?

    1. I think this is the most informative of all of the videos made to date, with some important Orwellian undertones.

  3. The antigamergate people will say that gamergaters are hate filled people who spew terrible things. They will then pull a tweet from some random user on twitter.

    Here’s why that doesn’t matter.

    Random twitter use xy23945 does not represent anybody other than himself / herself. They do not represent the movement as a whole, they are a part of it, but not indicative of it

    These “journalists” and bloggers are people in positions where they are expected to perform in certain ethical ways, and fail to, when they tweet shit like this. That is the difference, they ARE held to a higher standard, because THEY DO represent their communities.

    That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have standards as random no names in the movement. We should. Because when we continue to maintain our high standards and they continue to lower theirs, we show our merit and they reveal their true selves.

    I mean, ffs, when I saw that gamergaters had donated $16k+ to that anti bully fund, I cried a single manly tear. That’s us, the reasonable people, the one the “journalists” keep saying are hate filled misogynists, that’s us showing a heart those fuckers could never have.

    1. This is what I go to pains to tell people.
      An anonymous movement filled with people of disparate collection of people from all over the world and all over the political spectrum are being held to a higher standard the *professional journalists*
      I just don’t even know how this works… especially when they claim to be powerless and bullies by gamergate… because apparently people speaking their mind is worse than an establishment media attacking said group.

  4. He writes for TheHill too, and he’s got his association with both them and the Globe displayed on his Twitter home. Where do we email to draw his employers’ attention to this?

  5. The Syrien conflict is realy a to complicated “issue” or tragedy to be talken about on it on twitter. I know a lot about it since the beginning but this guy is clearly just an asshole. People over there are dying, starving, being raped or turtued etc. Thats a complete humanitarian crises whats going on down there. My condolence to the syrian girl whose family members might be right in the some of the conflict zones or even worse. And that this “guy” is anti-GG.. doesnt suprises me at all. No clue, no empathy for the millions of civilians and no backspine to take a stand against corruption, deception, thousands of insults and hatemongering.

  6. This makes me sick. I mean there’s only so much “America,fuck yeah!” patriotism one can ascribe to before going overboard and becoming a bigoted hate-monger. I do not want people like Robert Caruso representing my country. There are good decent human beings in Syria and we should pray for them or offer help,not call them sub-human. (And calling GGers subhuman too?! I’m so tired of these hypocrites)

  7. hmmm another bigot to ignore from now on ty for bringing this to public attention. the irony to me is him calling people subhuman while saying everyone in syria should suffer based on the location they were born and live in.

  8. that buffoon is just another Military-Industrial Complex propagandist:

    “Robert Caruso is a veteran of the United States Navy and served in the Office of the Secretary of Defense at the Department of Defense, in the Bureau of Diplomatic Security at the Department of State and as a contractor for the Department of the Army.”

    His linkedin profile says he’s also (or has been recently) a contributor to Reuters, MSNBC, The Daily Beast, Business Insider, Buzzfeed,


  9. This isn’t to deflect any of the outrage for Robert Caruso’s words, but PartisanGirl is no saint either.

    She says some pretty ugly stuff in her Twitter Feed about Jews and America, as well as the factions fighting in Syria opposed to the Assad Regime

    On top of that she is on the razors edge of conspiracy theories if not one foot into crazy stuff.

    Add to that a not so small dose of Narcissism and you have a pretty ugly portrait painted of Maram Susli.

    I tried watching a few of her videos a year or so back and couldn’t get through them as her bias was very clear (Pro Assad, Anti-Jew, Zionist conspiracy, hints of the Illuminati) She has an agenda, which is fine, but she’s no journalist or reporter. With the amount of hits she is getting she’s becoming a bit of a cult of personality.

    This article by the Daily Best covers allot of her issues. (Decide for yourself if the article is biased or not)

    1. How is she anti-jew but a zionist at the same time? LOL! You strike me as a naive American who is completely confused about foreign geopolitics. Dailybeast has an ultra-liberal bias. Her family is actually in Syrian politics so I take her word over what some American Leftist gossip-rag claims..

      1. Evidently where you’re from basic reading comprehension isn’t taught in schools. I wrote that she is Anti-Jew and a Zionist Conspiracist not a Zionist. You strike me as a naive Filipino or Indonesian.

        You don’t have to take a leftist rags word either. She says as much in her videos.

        it’s clear by her politics she is deeply invested in seeing Assad stay in power. Great role model though for democracy in the Middle East ole Assad. If you support the Alliterates in their war of extermination against the Sunni then least say so. I don’t think there are any good guys in the conflict, hence me calling PartisanGirl a spade.

        P.S. I’m from America Jr, not Freedom Prime.

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