Earlier today, while I was playing NBA2K15, I struggled to finalize my big topic for the day. I’ve had  a few ideas, and I’ve talked about those on some streams. But, I couldn’t pick one. Lucky for me, I guess, that another big news story fell in my lap while I was trying to decide. This seems to be a recurring theme lately. Anyway, you don’t care about this. Maybe I should just get to it?

Liana K is a controversial figure, to say the least. I don’t have much love for her, as you know. I don’t hate her, or anything, I just think she’s a fake who tried to latch onto our movement. I won’t go into all of that here, but you can go back and read why I think so. Still, I wasn’t looking to write about her again. I’ve said so publicly many times. That was until I was pointed to statements she made at IGDA Toronto Rant and Rave Night 2014. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that people are revealing themselves at an IGDA event. At any rate, here is the quote:

I stopped giving out 7.5’s when I found out you needed an 8 to get your bonus. In that environment, giving a 7.5 is just a dick move. I cant do that to anybody. Even if the game deserves a 7.5, I’m gonna give it an 8.

After she makes this statement, someone from the audience yells out “BE COOL,” as if manipulating your score for someone else’s financial benefit is cool. I’m not even commenting on the whole Metacritic bonus system. Lots of people have problems with that sort of thing. But still, this is exactly what we’re fighting against. If she had added a half-point for outside considerations, whose to say she didn’t add a full point? It just throws a lot of things into question. (On a side note, I cannot imagine what made her think saying all this publicly was a good idea.)

I’ll let you readers decide how big an infraction this is. I think the headline is more than fair. She has admitted to changing her review scores because of Metacritic. That type of thing doesn’t sit well with me. I prefer to score the fairly, and let the chips fall where they may. The Metacritic bonus system should have no effect on the score given. Also, the fact that they cracked jokes about her statement shortly after, shows me that they don’t care very much about review integrity. They literally think it’s a joke.


The video (Quote is round 43:10 in video) :





UPDATE: Liana has since denied these charges, and claimed they were part of a comedy routine. Her account it HERE.