Liana K Allegedly Changed Review Scores Because of Metacritic

Liana K Allegedly Changed Review Scores Because of Metacritic

Earlier today, while I was playing NBA2K15, I struggled to finalize my big topic for the day. I’ve had  a few ideas, and I’ve talked about those on some streams. But, I couldn’t pick one. Lucky for me, I guess, that another big news story fell in my lap while I was trying to decide. This seems to be a recurring theme lately. Anyway, you don’t care about this. Maybe I should just get to it?

Liana K is a controversial figure, to say the least. I don’t have much love for her, as you know. I don’t hate her, or anything, I just think she’s a fake who tried to latch onto our movement. I won’t go into all of that here, but you can go back and read why I think so. Still, I wasn’t looking to write about her again. I’ve said so publicly many times. That was until I was pointed to statements she made at IGDA Toronto Rant and Rave Night 2014. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that people are revealing themselves at an IGDA event. At any rate, here is the quote:

I stopped giving out 7.5’s when I found out you needed an 8 to get your bonus. In that environment, giving a 7.5 is just a dick move. I cant do that to anybody. Even if the game deserves a 7.5, I’m gonna give it an 8.

After she makes this statement, someone from the audience yells out “BE COOL,” as if manipulating your score for someone else’s financial benefit is cool. I’m not even commenting on the whole Metacritic bonus system. Lots of people have problems with that sort of thing. But still, this is exactly what we’re fighting against. If she had added a half-point for outside considerations, whose to say she didn’t add a full point? It just throws a lot of things into question. (On a side note, I cannot imagine what made her think saying all this publicly was a good idea.)

I’ll let you readers decide how big an infraction this is. I think the headline is more than fair. She has admitted to changing her review scores because of Metacritic. That type of thing doesn’t sit well with me. I prefer to score the fairly, and let the chips fall where they may. The Metacritic bonus system should have no effect on the score given. Also, the fact that they cracked jokes about her statement shortly after, shows me that they don’t care very much about review integrity. They literally think it’s a joke.


The video (Quote is round 43:10 in video) :





UPDATE: Liana has since denied these charges, and claimed they were part of a comedy routine. Her account it HERE.

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  • Livnthedream

    You couldn’t give a link to the timestamp?! You asshole! 😛

  • Jess

    Hilarious. >.>
    Inb4 “You can’t dislike Liana’s approach, that’s soggy-knees”

  • Wisdomcube2000

    For me this falls under the category of “she means well”, but is also grossly unqualified for the job. If that game deserves a 7.5, then it better damn well get that score.

    This will only cause problems in the long run if your review scores are based on nonsense charity points getting tossed around. It also hurts you because why should anyone trust anything you say when you admit to padding out scores?

    I understand her (and others) wanting to help Devs, but this is abusing your position/work LK. Remember the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

    • I rarely agree with the idea someone means well using shady strategies or tactics, but I must agree on this. It does appear to me she means well, but unfortunate for her the road to hell is more often paved with good intentions than otherwise.

    • msq

      Guess it goes to show that good intentions don’t always translate to good results or even good actions.

    • Keirnoth

      Never attribute to malice that which could be adequately explained by stupidity.

  • Topgeartony

    This will not bode will for her. I hope she doesn’t get too much abuse.

  • NotoriousPAT

    Who does the bonus go to, the reviewer or the game company?

    • Elilla Shadowheart

      The developer. Quite often there are review-clearance bonuses tied to scores. Hit X.X score get a bonus, don’t meet it no bonus.

      FO:NV is probably the most recent example of why this entire system is screwed up, Obsidian is a great developer. They however don’t handle deadlines very well, that leads to great projects with some nasty bugs on occasion. In this case FO:NV I believe was off by 0.5 and lost a large bonus payout from Zenimax, something they were hoping for but nearly tanked the company. User reviews however were higher and more positive than the professional reviews, the problem of course is that it doesn’t stop those with an agenda from tanking the review either. Like I said, it’s a screwed up system. It invites graft and corruption.

      • NotoriousPAT

        Man, I’ll say it does!

      • Kain Yusanagi

        2.5 million dollars, I think it was?

      • RD20

        1 point on meta .1 on a 10 point aggregate it was absurd.

    • bazzar

      You’d think for metacritic scores It’d go to Marketing & PR

  • StallChaser

    Now they’ll start requiring 8.5 for the bonus, and grade inflation begins.

    Future game reviews: Meh. It’s OK. I guess. 11/10

    • dahauns

      bah. grade inflation has been around for ages – and let’s face it: There’s not much scale left for the grades to lose all their meaning. For me, the day can’t come soon enough, a reset is highly overdue.

  • LamontRaymond

    She doesn’t even count in the system! So she flushes her credibility down the toilet for absolutely no reason at all. Go Liana!

  • diamond

    She’s not a “fake” you moron and she didn’t try to “latch” onto anything, get over yourself, she has far more talent you ever will.

    • It gets better…

      • NotoriousPAT

        What is this face called? I see it used all over the place but I don’t k ow what it is 🙂

    • Sand Ripper

      You make it sound like game reviewing requires a high degree of skill, unless she has some other special talent we don’t know about.

    • Yo, anyone can get their boobs out for money. Even me, and I’m a bloke.

  • Mr Snow

    And here’s another reason, that as a computer programmer in training I will not go to work for a video game company. Just another piece on the pile of bull that they put their employees through.

  • Scrufflecat

    So she’s not just a whore in terms of what she does with her body…

  • courier69

    Wow, 2 problems in one issue!

    1. Reviewers are indeed infuenced to rate games higher scores (what a twist!)

    2. GAME DEV. bonuses shouldn’t be based on OPINIONS OF MEGAPHONES! I was pissed as hell when I heard that Fallout NV devs lost bonuses because of 1 point. There’s maybe 2-5 people tops on the Game dev. side to change the direction of a game’s production.

    game devs mainly focus on implementing the visions outlined by producers/directors and paid for by publishers/execs. They sure as hell shouldn’t suffer because someone didn’t appreciate the vision they didn’t choose in the first place, or due to not having enough resouces (time and money) available to perfect the project

  • Marcus Dubious

    The reason she has no problem saying this openly is that ethical misconduct and corruption is so endemic in gaming media culture that they literally see nothing wrong with this sort of behaviour.

  • Andy

    Who the hell is she any ways :’D? never heard of her. Guess she isn’t that….. important 😀

  • freelancepimp .

    I’ve always said that when a high profile triple A game gets an 8 that usually means it deserved a 6 or 7. Now it makes even more sense why the metacritic average is around 8.

  • Oh, Ed the Sock’s wife again.

    Go back to TV with your husband Steve.

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  • Of course she did she’s a shill. And of course she denied it later and said it was just a comedy routine she’s a liar.