DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent  #GamerGate. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status. For those who stayed, behold;

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The first time I came across social Justice Warrior/ Commercial feminist Liana K was when Milo fabulously and masterfully bitch-slapped her in the image above. The response from Master Milo is as unapologetic and truthful as it gets yet, it still is slightly burdened by Milo’s British elegance. Truth is, Liana K has no talent other than her sad and desperately vulgar display of nudity. It is especially sad now that her fertile value is decreasing extremely fast at the very ripe age of 38. Beyond age 40? Her income is likely to forever cease. Her fertility window is practically gone. Forever.

See, the second problem is that Liana is too unoriginal a hypocrite, there are many other feminists like her, who, narcissistically bet on their fertile value as if it was going to last forever. The result? Plenty of pretty-dumb feminists like Liana put all of their eggs in the bottomless basket of their narcissism. Feminists like Liana K waste their best years while doing their nails or hair;  blatantly foregoing authentic STEM training for years . Until one fateful day, they hit 40 and “don’t know what to do!”. Then they realize they have no qualifications or training and just get dumber, fatter, demoralized and often very, very bitter.

However, unlike other dumb feminists, Liana is infamously remarkable for her thinly veiled double agent antics where she publicly plays both PRO & ANTI #GamerGate roles. Yes. All in the same breath. “Hiding in plain sight” and being given endless concessions just because of her partial nudity. It is nearly comical to observe her do her parlour tricks expecting people not to notice how she tries to “hide in plain sight” as the spectacular hypocrite she is.

At times, her double agent antics make her look almost as if she was a slightly more retarded incarnation of Gawker Media. She blatantly tries to be the spoken SJW-online magazine that condemns and promotes two opposing viewpoints at the same time. Gawker got away with that in writing for a while, but you really have to be a double-espresso feminist retard to try to pull that off in spoken form.

There are talented hypocrites and Liana is not one rather, she is a hypocrite of the supplicant variety with scarce self-awareness. But the kind of double-speak/moving-the-goal-post narrative Liana uses? That is common to feminists like Anita Sarkeesian or Zoe Quinn. The only difference is that Liana K lacks the talent to be a good hypocrite  and use those tactics effectively. But quite honestly, the whole tired feminist narrative is getting almost as old as Liana, so, I thought about not even writing this post on her hypocrisy.

Fortunately, SJW-Commercial Feminists like LianaK are quite prolific at three things:

  • Lying,
  • Playing the victim
  • Making enemies.

Therefore my troll task became much easier; all I had to do was to pose as a feminist with one of my other fake accounts on different social networks…then do a little trash-talking about Liana K, then some prodding here and there until “someone” who, I will not specify, but might have been an ex co-worker/friend/fan/classmate anonymously volunteered some information on Liana’s past to get back at her and debunk her numerous lies. And holy fuck, does she ever lie.

But, before we start with Liana K’s broken & dysfunctional childhood, allow me to preemptively debunk a few of her bitching points:

1. “You are judging me by my sexual value!”
Yes. It is your fault LianaK.
If you do not want to be graded on your fertility, stop displaying it for personal gain. Or, in other words, if you do not want to be judged as a whore, stop wearing the uniform.
2. “You wrote a hit piece on me!”
No Liana. I only reported on your pathological lying and spectacular stupidity. But if any of the information on this article is inaccurate, feel free to get offended and contact your numerous enemies to find out which one(s) gave me the info. Good fucking luck, you got a long list to go through dear white trash queen.
3. “You are attacking my husband!”
 No. I am just stating how much of a failure he is to the otherwise very successful Jewish people. His biggest failure was marrying you, fake Jew Lianna K.
4. “You are attacking me!”
You were going to get offended anyway.



Goy LianaK and sister (photo from last century)

Let’s get this out of the way: Liana K comes from a very broken, severely dysfunctional white trash home and her mother and father were never Jewish.

The inconvenient truth is that Liana K’s parents were garden variety, dysfunctional “working class” Canadian white trash. Nothing more. Again, Liana is lying if she claims she was born Jewish. Yes, just in case it was not clear: Liana K was born white trash and will always be.

Now that we cleared that, here’s a little bit more on Liana K’s white trash origin’s: Very early in life, Liana K’s broken parents took her and her sister to Knoxville, Tennessee then, when the relationship got more defective, they moved to Athens, Ohio and finally, when their white trash-ness hit the fan, Liana’s parents split.

This break-up was neither silent, nor peaceful. Quite the opposite, their separation was extremely noisy and with plenty of “dysfunctional fireworks” for the two girls and their neighbors to hear and see at night. Of course, this is only metaphorically speaking. It would be outrageous to claim her parents used to beat each other in front of the girls at night to the point of waking up the neighbors and them calling the police.

Of course, only the lowest of the white trash would fight in front of their children or sadistically dress them like this to add trailer-park insult upon their genetic white trash injuries.


Suuuper goy…fake Jew girls

(Side Note: No, despite the similarities, what the girl is carrying is not their brother, it is just an ET the extraterrestrial toy from the last century.  Yes, the white trash girls in the photo are quite deformed due to the harshness of Canadian winters and the resulting inbreeding but the smallest, almost identical creature is fortunately not alive.)

Take this with a grain of salt (like everything my contact said) but the alleged reason the mother left the father was a fair amount of domestic violence where the mother was the more dysfunctional of the two. I am talking about this lady:

whitetrash-momLiana’s trashy mom back then and last December.


Then, Liana K’s mentally broken & trashy mother took both girls to Toronto, Ontario. Initially they stayed with relatives, but when the family could not take Liana’s mother and her broken behavior anymore, they were soft-evicted and had to move elsewhere. To be more specific, they moved to the 3rd-world-slum multicultural-slum Jane and Finch in Ontario, where the lowest rents could be found at the end of last century.

As it is typical with single mothers, Liana K’s mother consistently struggled to earn barely enough money raise them and for at least the first 10 years of her life, Liana barely knew what living above poverty level meant.

It was in these years that Liana’s mother made it clear to her she was more of a “obstacle” than a daughter and even to this day, Liana “fondly” remembers she was a burden to her own mother. Here it is, in Liana’s own words:

I frequently felt like a burden to my mother. That’s a bad thing a kid should never have to feel.

My contact also claimed that it was during these early years that Liana was allegedly molested by a relative but the mother never pressed charges so the severity of the molestation is to this day still unknown.

Whether or not LianaK was truly molested, the fact is these first 10 dysfunctional years of her life did not just “scar” Liana, they defined her. She will forever be dysfunctional herself. Liana K is damaged goods.

Deep down, Liana K is painfully aware of her own dysfunction and has confessed to a few trusted people she has not had children (and at 38 most likely never will) because she is too broken to be a good mother. Or in her own euphemistic words;

A big reason I don’t have kids yet is that I never want them to feel like a burden.

See? Even more broken than her mother.

As the years passed Liana K’s dysfunction got worse, and with her latent daddy issues (daddy was never there when she needed him), she grew up fat, unattractive and by all intents and purposes, she presented the textbook features of what single broken mothers tend to produce in Ontario/ North America: Broken offspring.

Or what? Solid people are always expected from broken parents?

Only feminists like Liana K would venture into barfing that kind of nonsense publicly for feminist brownie points or to fatten her Patreon. Why? Because her own life is the refutation of a functional household.

This lazy, low-expectation upbringing resulted in an overweight partial adult that aimed for the lowest challenge possible while yearning for a second “better” childhood, even if it meant being a mediocre feminist Peter Pan. First, Liana went for one of the most mediocre degrees in humanities: English. Besides the useless degree, being as fat as a standing ginger pink pig did not help young Liana K. (See fig. 1 The curse of the Ginger Pig.)

broken and early

Fig. 1 The curse of the Ginger Pig (standing).

To top it off, Liana K’s pre-existing inherited mental health issues just fossilized once she embraced feminism in college. Nothing better to fuck you up for life than a religion that tells you nothing is ever your fault and predisposes you to lifelong mediocrity:


After finishing her mediocre attempt at a degree at York University, Liana K finally embraced her Peter Pan wet-dream…with cosplaying.

Oh, wait, that was last century, back when Liana K was not as overweight and middle-aged. Back then, cosplay was a rather odd endeavour  not like today’s fashionable way to wear your mental illness in public erm…not like today’s convention-only widespread “hobby”.

No, last century when Liana K was not as ripe as an early grandma, people would not cosplay, other than on Halloween or whenever they managed to escape while still wearing their ass-crack-displaying gowns and/or were off-meds. (No. Proper modern cosplay ass-cracking displays involve spandex & body paint along the same lack of meds at the very least.)

This presented a serious problem for Liana K. How could a mediocre broken partial adult with the mind of a broken child and the body of a fat adult woman carry out her mediocre dream of a 2nd childhood? Where could a broken adult woman dress up as a Halloween weirdo on a semi-daily basis without too much backlash or an immediate padded cell?

Exactly. Liana had to become a Stripper.

But there was a “minor”  problem: finishing school left LianaK in deep student debt. However, her “main” problem was not the debt, her main problem was that she was fat.

How fat? So fat that she would have to have been the one paying men to endure the torture of seeing her strip. Yes, she looked like this after graduation:


According to my contact, after Liana K managed to successfully shed the extra weight and started stripping for a living at the BrassRail strip joint and a few other questionable venues in downtown Toronto. During this stripper period of LianaK’s life three things happened:

  1. Mild Eating Disorders
  2. Two Miscarriages
  3. More Debt

Now, here is where information became scarce and my contact refused to specify whether or not Liana K became barren after one of the alleged miscarriages. If those two claims were to be true, it would make sense for a feminist like Liana K to become even more mentally ill and embrace radical feminism out of daily resentment towards the very men she depended on to derive an income, song after song through her daily subset of prostitution: Stripping.

But that does not answer the 3rd point. Why more debt? Did Liana K become depressed and sought shelter in drugs? Shopping? Did LianaK forget to pay her student loan? Did Liana K dabble in escorting AKA apocryphally “fashionable” prostitution?

I had so many questions for my already angry contact (which would have been a normal state for an alleged feminist) I noticed more swearing in the messages and a much faster pace. I then decided to move along instead of risking a premature rage-quit on her/his behalf, so I changed the topic and asked this question:

So, how did she [LianaK] get out of the hole?

My contact then responded:

She [LianaK] auditioned for the TV show and got lucky…

Exactly. LianaK the stripper bagged a job and a producer Jew husband in one shot.

How else could a talentless parasite like LianaK get out of the hole she was in? If that were true, it certainly made sense.

But who was the retard Jew dumb enough to acquire the all of the outstanding debt accrued by a mentally broken woman like Liana K?

This poor dumb fuck. 

rip off

Now you see where the Jewish last  name TRULY came from?

How sexually desperate do actually have to be to fuck a standing ginger pig such as Liana K? An average drunk dude looking for a quick skank to shag I can understand, but an educated Jew? Shame on you Steven Joel Kerzner!




Long story short, Liana K was desperately looking for a job by the time they were auditioning strippers for the late night white trash “Ed the Sock” ripoff mascot TV show. Liana K got hired, exchanged sexual favors to advance her career (I am looking at your 5 swollen orifices Zoe Quinn), then the Jewish-retard Steven Joel Kerzner fell for the trap hook line and sinker and acquired the whole Liana K debt.

Yeah, he married her not only as a financial beast of burden, but also as an unpaid, full-time, mental therapist for broken white trash queen Liana K. Now you know where Kerzner’s last name came from. Liana K married a Jew but she was herself born to a pure white trash family. LianaK was never born Jew. Therefore Liana K’s claim of her perfectly “knowing what antisemitism is like” is pure bullshit and false virtue signaling just like the fake-black Rachel Dolezal but in a fake-Jew form (skip to minute 2:38 and again at 4:55 where she blatantly lies about being a Jew) Just like Rachel Dolezal, all Liana K is doing is BLATANTLY LYING for leftist brownie points.

Stop lying LianaK because you were NEVER born Jew, you lying goy white trash-born fraud.

To top it off, Liana K is so lazy and dumb that on the video above, she did not even bother to research the difference between branches of Islam, Sunni vs Shia, and the distribution of Islam branches with the Kurdish people at minute 5:45. Again, she is a fat, lazy, ginger, pig parasite and has the tendency of being lazy both physically and intellectually. It is in LianaK’s deeply lazy nature to lie and just wing it instead of studying.

Going back to Steven Joel Kerzner, despite being a Jew, this poor fuck is living proof that even smart tribes like the Jews have their retards. As a tribe, you don’t get to have 27% of Nobel Prizes without having a few penis-minded retards like Steven Joel Kerzner.

Most likely, Steven Joel Kerzner’s direct ancestors were the mentally ill Jews fucking the sheep, not the ones doing the numbers and memorizing mathematical letters. At least Steven Joel Kerzner has somehow leveled-up his lineage and no longer resorts to sheep-fucking and instead he married a standing female ginger pig. Oh wait..fuck! The curse of the ginger pig is not Kosher at all…

Well, you gotta give it to the Jews, they reeeeeally do not fuck around when it comes to being traditionally discriminatory via bloodlines. In short: if your mom was not Jew by birth, you WILL NEVER be considered a real Jew.


To be a real Jew, your mother has to be Jewish by birth.

So since, Liana is only a fake jew, all she might ever produce is fake little goy children. But since she is 38, at best all she could produce at this point is little retarded down-syndrome-ridden-fake-Jew-goy-children indistinguishable from any Nashville residents (TheRalph: Fuck Nashville. M-town for life). Liana’s children would instead be the 2nd biggest disgrace to Canada. Hope that she sticks to cats and never reproduces. Well, one can only hope and be optimistic. After all, it is only 2 years left before her goopy white trash factory closes forever.

Sucks to be you middle-aged LianaK-the-goy-white-trash-queen-standing-pig. 

But, again, why would a respectable Jew marry the lowest of the low of Canadian white trash (yes, as appalling as it sounds, given to the fact it produced LianaK, Ontario is even worse than White Trash Inbred-Mecca: Nashville TN) Marrying a standing ginger pig like Liana K was a gigantic disservice to the very people who survived the forced Jew-gypsy nomadic life, then the hard-core German rave sauna-dance and the resulting curse of the ashtrays.

After all that struggle, this stupid ungrateful retard-Jew named Steven Joel Kerzner marries this goy-as-fuck white trash, parasitical skank called LianaK, only to have what? Fake Jew babies?

What a disgrace to the people of Israel.

What is wrong with you Steven Joel Kerzner? Couldn’t you have been a proper modern Jew and gone to the motherland to purchase a distant relative or a just a cousin through a proper dowry? It’s not like CTV never paid you a single CAD for all those years.

Worst thing that could have happened was they would have asked for a few mohar shekels, but no, you had to go fuck the ginger pig, you idiot, white trash, ginger pig fucker. You’re a curse upon all other Jews you pig-fucker Steven Joel Kerzner!



But who is Steven Joel Kerzner anyway? Besides being a retard, he also is a one-trick pony Jew whose sole claim to fame is this blatant imitation of another far more successful character. This lame attempt at humor is supposed to be an anthropomorphic talking-sock named “ED”.
Does it look familiar to you? Let me put it succinctly:
failure sock
On one hand we have “Ed the Sock”, the opposite of triumph. Why? Because as a “funny” character, it truly is a failure. Steven Joel Kerzner has been milking his sole cash-cow cum-sock since the 90’s. Why? Because he voices it and scripts it. Other than that, he does not have much more to offer. Let that sink in. For over 20 years, this “comedian” retarded-Jew has only produced one successful character (and thankfully zero retarded-goy-children with his ginger pig-standing fake Jew wife: LianaK).
On the other hand, we have the internationally known and successful Conan O’Brien troll-dog: Triumph.
See, Triumph the insult dog was created by a far wealthier & much more successful (as well as talented) Jew: Robert Smigel (who also does the voice and scripting of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog)
What is interesting is the lack of lawsuits despite the striking similarities between the two characters. If these two Jews have an agreement of sorts, one of them clearly got the short end of the Canadian stick.
Why? Because as soon as white trash queen Liana K started to mess with her retarded husband’s show, she was declared the “main attraction”. Her job was to interact with her husband’s lame cum-sock, like this;
Feminism poisons everything,
including your 14 years at CTV Steven.
Then guess what? Just like what happened to Atheism or the tech industry: When a feminist gets involved, it doesn’t take that long before people start losing their jobs.
See, a wife and a husband should never mix marriage and business because they never agree on who should get fired. But this cardinal rule did not matter to Steven Joel Kerzner. He did exactly the opposite and let his red-headed-sow-wife Liana K slowly burn the ship down with daily feminist demands of the already exhausted staff that irreparably derailed the show all the way to its cancellation. Here is a sample of LianaK’s demands in her own SJW words:
One of my biggest victories was the mandate that the dancers and girls in the hot tub must be allowed to speak. Not just when it was convenient, but when they had something to say. There was a live microphone with the floor director that was run over to the ladies if they wanted to interject. It was important to me that these women were characters and not window dressing.
Sure, let’s give dumb people a voice based on their gender or skin color even if they were never qualified or even hired to do so. Why?
Because “equality” and because you are “privileged”.  
Wew…Liana K quote was pure “progressive stack”. What is a Progressive Stack? Let this 2 minute vid explain it for you. Just watch at 1:17 when someone asks a highly & SUUUUPER  “problematic” question:

@ 1:17 -> Isn’t this supposed to be an egalitarian movement?
Pure confusion among the hipsters.
Look at their faces. Invisible cockroaches are crawling up their ass cracks and they can’t even move.
One logical question. That is all it took for their jenga-like postmodernist reality to collapse. Wew…Logic sure is an invisible patriarchal penis that just raped their hipster feelings in one single swift nonconsensual thrust. So swift there was not even time for lube.
With this kind of one-liner surpise butsecs /rational raping, no wonder why feminists and hipsters think so little. They would rape themselves with reason and logic every day and their feelz would only prolapse on Fridays.
Just like Liana K, these meek group-thinker hipsters knew what to demand but didn’t even know what to say when the chips of logic were down. The main difference is that the hipsters fucked their own movement and Liana sunk her husband’s ship.
But did LianaK really get any worse? Did she really become a nightmare to work with? Did she really go that far? Did she really become a feminist thought-police on set?
Of course she did! Again, in her own words this is how she micromanaged the fuck out of her husband’s business until it sank, here she is;
There were a lot of times, looking back, where I won the battle and lost the war.
Fighting to make sure that the black dancer isn’t constantly shoved in the back just because she was tall.
Making sure that the Pakistani woman in the hot tub wasn’t treated differently because she was naturally more curvy.
Constantly watching that the girls in the hot tub could feel free to flash their breasts but not feel pressured to do it either…
I’m sure you can imagine that I wasn’t winning any popularity contests because I was constantly the bad cop. But that’s what sex-positive feminism is.
Just read in between the lines. Liana K’s intense regret stems from no longer being able to micromanage people with her sex-positive religion but not for being a pain to work with. She was completely OK with being  a micromanager/feminist thought police officer on set. Why? Because that is what sex-positive feminism is all about: Fucking up someone else’s relationships and business because of your giant feminist chip on your shoulder. Right LianaK?
I wonder who gave her that SJW micromanager position she was never qualified for?
Oh, that’s right: It was Mr Nepotism.
What an elusive word for those like Liana K and her failure of a husband.
See? When the wife makes decisions but faces no accountability, it is the husband the one that either fires people or gets fired himself.



Granted, fat Liana K does resemble a standing ginger pig, but her nature? Nah, that one is different, she truly is a parasite. Just like those little fish that attach themselves to a shark for a free ride and free lunch, Liana K attaches herself to a husband, a company, a movement, or a cause…all in order to get a free ride.

But Liana is far worse than a little remora fish. She is more like a leech that will drain resources from the host and get as many casualties as needed for the sake of her personal gain.

Let’s just start with minor things; for example, the fact that, unlike her husband, she does not always publicly acknowledge she is married. Almost as if she wanted to give the impression she is still single on social media.

The inconvenient truth is that the reason for LianaK’s “I am single” virtue signaling on social media is mostly about business. See, LianaK has a lot of almost legally blind, sexually desperate fanboys that compulsively jerk off at anything that looks or sounds like Rebecca Watson.

So it makes sense that for mere marketing purposes LianaK would avoid mentioning the man she owes everything to. The man who is her own personal patriarchy, the one that always gets her out of trouble: Steven Joel Kerzner.

But does not matter how much Steven has helped her, saying you have a husband is a boner killer to her desperate male fans. Look,

husband facebook

Granted, maybe after she friends someone back on FB the relationship status with her husband may be displayed. Or perhaps not. Of course this only makes LianaK look disloyal and ungrateful to her Jewish benefactor but it is just a coincidence. Hiding her marital status is all about marketing and getting her Patreon as fat as herself.

Here’s another interesting little set of “coincidences” I found while researching their public online profiles. When comparing both of their public Linkedin profiles it became painfully clear the LianaK parasite had ZERO career development before meeting her Host/Jewish benefactor: Steven Joel Kerzner.

But that does not stop there, their linkedin profiles are full of blatant nepotism. Look at Steven’s job history. He once worked 14 years straight for the same company but ever since LianaK the parasite attached herself to his life? Steven does not have a stable employer. His parasitical wife is the most likely the reason Steven does not last more than an average of 10 months at each company. Why? Because Steven has the bad habit of bringing along his favorite cancerous parasitical wife: Liana K.

Wherever she goes, everything gets poisoned and he eventually gets fired or contracts are awarded to someone else less conflict-prone and free of parasites like LianaK.

You gotta feel bad for the poor Jew-retard, he ran out of toes so long because he kept letting her shoot him in the foot at work over and over. Look:


Also notice the fact that at last century the formerly slim Liana K consistently worked in front of the camera. But as Liana kept getting older and fatter the more she has been forced to do voice work and writing. See? Aging does not forgive any of us. Liana K is so fat and old that in 2015 she barely gets any on camera job offers.

But let’s go back to the year 2007-2009 before Liana murdered so many twinkies. Here is the other main problem, look at this picture;

Liana the fraud

Liana K Parasite and host (circa 2009.) (she is much, much fatter and older now)

See that thing on the left? The one dressed up like a Looney Toon? That is neither a wife, nor an adult, much less someone reliable. It is a parasite.

See, hers was quite a fascinating costume choice: a cartoony cat-like creature that is as imaginary as a unicorn. And much like a cat, LianaK is not really a person, she is an ornamental parasitical object whose fertile clock is about to run out. The moment she cannot extract anything from her current host, the ornamental feminist parasite by the name Liana K will abandon it. (to top it off, the parasite got the costume wrong, even the left contact lense is so off, it looks like a lazy-eyed retarded thundercat)

The moment money runs out so does the “wife”. Too bad all Steven Joel Kerzner invented was a talking cum-sock. Had he invented a dog-puppet, at least he would not be left entirely alone when money runs out.

However, by the look of things what is about to run out before the money is Liana’s fertility. LianaK’s 2015-16 media shows her weight has increased considerably as well as the number of wrinkles in her face. How long before Botox or surgery? How long before cosmetic procedures stop working? How long before she is assaulted by the thoughts which will led her to finally tell herself in mid comics & fantasy convention:

“I am too old for cosplaying…”

Maybe Liana K’s deep sinking demoralizing moment will happen next convention. Maybe it already happened, or maybe it never will. Sadly, even for wilfully retarded feminist ignorance cannot always be bliss. Even for someone as willfully dishonest and ignorant as commercial feminist-SJW LianaK, no amount of cosplay make-up and accessories will remove the inescapable effects of aging that affect us all.

Sadly, that moment of sobriety where a person consciously decides to age with dignity does not happen that often with feminists like Liana K because when the bliss of ignorance is not available, emotional delusion is often chosen by the members of the religion of feminism.

Why? Well, since feminists’ emotions have a very dysfunctional marriage with the facts of human biology, they may never choose to wake up from the opium of their own feminism. That opium is between their legs.

Almost as if feminists were far more flexible than the average woman, they often chose to bury their heads within themselves for private personal and delusional amusement. Want proof? Listen to a teen feminist, they say the same illogical nonsense feminists in their 60’s say on a regular basis. When you reach your 60’s and you sound like a teenager you know you have wasted your life with feminism.

Feminism is the death of intelligence.

But since those are lies they tell themselves, I do not mind stating the obvious: Men and women have variable fertile value depending on their biological age and health. And since Liana K consistently chooses to display her partial nudity to be valued, let’s see how well she ranks when compared with women whose fertility is their main craft in life.



narcissism (copy)
Liana K year 2007: living from past fertile glories
How much fertile value do female actresses have after age 40? How about strippers? How about porn stars? See, the problem with Liana is that she does not qualify for any of the above, yet she is 38 and never achieved anything in any of those 3 fields.
She has no talent as an actress and her CV shows no training as such. She has an extremely low value as a stripper because she is overweight and middle-aged. Lastly, Liana K would be painfully ignored by most respectable porn production companies because her sad, floppy, and overweight physique does not hold a candle to the many, many 20-something extremely sexual female porn stars like Kagney Linn Karter.
It is painfully obvious a hot 20-something, up-and-coming porn star would be given an interview in a snap. But Liana K? Not even a call back. Look:
Lianna vs Kagney
How about the MILF market then? Sadly, Liana K is unlikely to get much work (if any) in the 40+ category. Why? She simply does not work out beyond irregular soft-core yoga and is unlikely to be sexually experienced enough to compete with professional MILFs like Brandi Love. Despite the fact Ms Love happens to be 4 years older than Liana K, she is several orders of magnitude more athletic, fuckable, sexually experienced and attractive which make her fully employable for the next ~5-7 years. But Lianna? She is not even employable now even though she is 4 years  younger. It is appalling to see how badly Liana K is defeated by even someone older than herself. Behold,
 weight gain (copy)
 Well, how about number of followers? Maybe Liana K could hold a candle against Brandi Lov…



Granted, Liana K is too old and overweight to compete physically with professionals of the adult entertainment industry, thus, it would make more sense she abstained from displaying the nudity she mistakenly believes has any marketable value. If Liana K is oblivious to aging with dignity, at least she can prevent herself from doing so publicly. Her nudity is something to pity, not to behold.
But how about her intellectual value. Perhaps Liana K has skills that could make up for her dwindling fertility? Well let’s put it this way; Let’s say you are a recruiter for a University and two candidates apply for the same liberal arts position:
Candidate 1: Commercial feminist & SJW Liana K
Who would you give the job to? Who would have the highest chances for a teaching position? See, leaving salary variables aside, most likely professor Sommers would stand a much better chance than Liana K, simply because she is far smarter has the experience and the CV to do so.
But it gets worse, what if you asked Liana what her job title is?
In her own barfed words this is what she does for a living:
I always have trouble describing my job title. Essentially, I’m a videogame philosopher, but that sounds flaky, so I’m called a “games journalist” most of the time. Having come from a news and entertainment background, I think it’s almost impossible to do by-the-book games journalism these days, so I’m growing increasingly uncomfortable with that title. I do articles. I do videos. I try to do right by gamers. That’s what I do.
Yes, Liana K definitely struggles to articulate what she does for a living. Why? Because it would too much to ask her to be honest and instead say this:
“I never learned a craft and all I do is a bullshit feminist job.”

No. Feminism is not a job qualification, it is a dogmatic obstacle for learning.

But the inconvenient truth with feminists like Liana K is that they grow up with a princess complex, full of entitlement and narcissism. So much so that from a very early age they become addicted to their youth and narcissistic need for attention. They often forgo learning any real skills and instead, they limit themselves to their religion: feminism. Then they eventually hit 40 then become useless and depressed without their looks. Why? Because they never learned anything else besides being “pretty-dumb”. Feminists would like to see themselves as beautiful ageless unicorns but the reality is far from elegant: they are obsolete, 40-something narcissistic one-trick feminist donkeys.
This nearly obsolete one-trick feminist donkey nature applies to LiannaK because she is almost 40 and has no real-world skills or academic training to speak of other than being “pretty-dumb”.
But for a woman who has had a steady income provided by her husband’s family, you would have expected her to have gone to school in the last 20 years.
But no. All she achieved was a mediocre degree in English at York University.

That is it.

No. It is not a satire or a joke. Liana K never tried in 20 years to go back to school or at least she “forgot” to add that key piece of information on her Linkedin CV. Of course, if she ever claimed other “hidden” degrees, it would be best to verify if she was lying once again. Wouldn’t it?
But no, by Occam’s Razor, the simplest explanation is that, just like Anita Sarkeesian, Liana lacks the intelligence and drive to achieve anything on her own. Liana K’s Jonathan McIntosh is her husband, the Jew-retard Steven Joel Kerzner. Without him? Liana K is reduced to what Liana the white trash queen really is: A talentless middle-aged ex-stripper with narcissistic dreams of grandeur.


So what do we have if we remove all of Liana’s lies? What would be left if we remove all of Liana K’s hypocritical virtue signaling for brownie points? What if we removed her desperate need to display her saggy and aging nudity? What if we also removed the fake Jewish last name, also her useless humanities degree? And finally, what if we removed her fake “discriminated and oppressed Jewishness” claims?
All that would be left is a broken pathological liar, a middle-aged feminist cosplayer with a Peter Pan complex who desperately tries to broadcast herself as more than what she is: Liana K is glorified Canadian white trash. Nothing more.

Worst thing is, Liana K is publicly  aging without dignity. Even if we let her try to cosplay her aging & overweight biological reality away, such a desperate task would only be a failure, just like her life. Ex-stripper or not, Liana K is a talentless feminist parasite.

Despite all this, try to be nice to her on Twitter.
After all, If you lacked integrity & intelligence like @redlianak, you’d also rely on desperate displays of saggy nudity for money at her ripe age of 38. 
Have pity on Liana K, all of her income will stop at 40.


Oh wait! They only have cats! Maybe there is hope for the Jews and LianaK truly became barren with her two abortions!

Maybe that is why all LianaK can achieve is just 4-5 Cats and 2 dogs but zero real human children.

Most likely Lianna also “speaks feline” to her fucking subset of a child: Her dumb & fat cat “Momo”.

Another barren & old crazy cat lady in the making…

Thank you for reading.

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