I just got through reading one of the best columns I’ve ever had the privilege of laying my eyes on. No, I’m not overselling it. This shit was that fucking good. It was written from the liberal viewpoint. I don’t talk about my political views much, since I’m sick of politics, and my writing here doesn’t really touch on it much. But I’ve always been a liberal. I’m not ashamed of it. What I am ashamed of, is the way the radical feminists and PC warriors have slowly exerted their will over the years.

Make no mistake, these people are in the minority. Most Democrats in America are not feminists. Most women in America aren’t even feminists. The rank-and-file, for the most part, reject the rad fems and their methods of ostracization (not to mention censorship). But their ruthless tactics and prominence among academia makes them a formidable foe. Until now, no prominent liberal has been willing to speak out. I understand why. The SJWs are quite skilled at ruining your career, particularly if you’re on the same side as them. Doors that used to be open instead slam shut, you’re vilified in their media, etc. It can be the end of a career.

Good think Jonathan Chait doesn’t give a fuck. He dropped so many redpills in this article, it’s unreal. I went through screencapping, and ended up with about 20 selections. I’m not gonna put that many here, but needless to say, everyone in GamerGate should read this article. Yes, it’s quite long. But it’s also quite good.

Here are a few screens (although not all 20):


Take a look at a couple of the examples he gives of the PC culture run amok. This has been slowly escalating over the last decade. It’s now reached the point of absurdity:



I can’t think of a better example of a crazed SJW. Here you have someone saying that they should be checking to see if a minority is challenging your views, and if they’re not, you’re probably being a racist piece of shit. Well, maybe they should challenge something then, if they feel that profoundly about it. It’s not up to me to “check myself” because someone else is too big of a pussy to come out and challenge what I’m saying. Fuck that, and fuck the thought police type nature of such a suggestion. “HUGS TO ALL THE WOC DURING THIS THREAD?” HAHA, I’m sure they’ll need therapy over a motherfucking Facebook thread. Give me a break.

If you think that’s bad, take a look at Chait’s next example:


This is what it has come to. A psychopath SJW professor is allowed to accost young women and destroy their expression of free speech, simply because she was “triggered.” Well fuck, I’m triggered by not getting free Air Jordan’s and all the weed I can smoke. Maybe I’ll rob Foot Locker and setup my own grow-op. Or, I’ll just start robbing drug dealers like Omar on The Wire. Who gives a fuck if you’re triggered, you psycho bitch? She better be glad it wasn’t my sign that she grabbed, cause I would have probably broken her fucking arm. Are you kidding me?

Chait dropped a megaton bomb on the purveryors of PC culture yesterday, and as you can probably imagine, they weren’t happy. Here’s Alex Pareene of Gawker going off about it today. Chait’s tweet about it is provided above:

Dan’t click that link if you want to read the Gawker shitpiece. Click here on the archive link instead. Here’s a screenshot provided below, just in case you don’t want to click on anything at all:Selection_846

“Sad white man” tells you all you need to know about Pareene’s intellectually bankrupt critique. He would rather throw around racist insults than actually argue what Chait said. And when he does try to dispute Chait’s thesis, he can’t help but throw in phrases like “petulant man-baby” and continually remind the reader that Chait is both straight, and white (THE HORROR). In short, it’s not a very serious response, which I know is a shock, coming from Gawker.

Andrew Sullivan had a nice take on it, though. Here’s a select cut from his post (unrelated: today Sullivan announced that he was retiring from blogging):

“…The only “dialogue” much of the p.c. gay left wants with its sinners is a groveling apology for having a different point of view. There are few things in a free society more illiberal than that.

And the paradox of this within the gay rights movement is an astounding one. For the past twenty years, the open, free-wheeling arguments for marriage equality and military service have persuaded, yes, persuaded, Americans with remarkable speed that reform was right and necessary. Yes: the arguments. If you want to argue that no social progress can come without coercion or suppression of free speech, you have to deal with the empirical fact that old-fashioned liberalism brought gay equality to America far, far faster than identity politics leftism. It was liberalism – not leftism – that gave us this breakthrough. And when Alabama is on the verge of issuing marriage licenses to its citizens, it is the kind of breakthrough that is rightly deemed historic. But instead of absorbing that fact and being proud of it and seeking magnanimity and wondering if other social justice movements might learn from this astonishing success for liberalism and social progress, some on the gay left see only further struggle against an eternally repressive heterosexist regime, demanding more and more sensitivity for slighter and slighter transgressions and actually getting more radicalized – and feeling more victimized and aggrieved – in the process.

“Any “success ” for one minority means merely that the oppression has been shifted temporarily elsewhere. Or it means that we dissenters in a minority have internalized our own oppression (by embracing the patriarchy of civil marriage, or structural hegemonic violence in the military) and are blind to even greater oppression beyond the next curtain of social justice consciousness. Or we find out in bitter debates about who is the biggest sinner, that in some cases, are actually more white than we are female; or more black than we are trans; and on and on. This process has no end. And almost as soon as it begins, many people in the gay rights movement or in feminist movement will soon find themselves under attack for not being sufficiently enlightened, and, in fact, for being complicit and even active in others’ oppression. Chait has a great dissection of what Michelle Goldberg has also observed among some contemporary feminists – an acrid, self-defeating, demoralizing and emotionally crippling form of internecine warfare that persuades no one outside the ever tightening circle of true believers.

Someone has to stand up to this, with more credibility with liberals than I will ever have. Freddie has; Yoffe did; Goldberg went there; and now Chait has written the liberal manifesto to fight back. Read it.

I couldn’t have said it any better myself. This is one of the most important columns that I’ve read in my life, and everyone that cares about the PC culture taking over society should read it, and internalize it. It took awhile for a mainstream liberal pundit to express what most of the base thinks. These SJWs are in the minority everywhere, except in the elite media and the ivory towers of academia. Don’t let their bully tactics fool you. They’re lacking in numbers, and their arguments are trash. The only way you can lose, is by accepting their rules of engagement. Fuck that. I never will.

  1. After the antics of McInJosh and Mann – aka that guy who made “Beta As Fuck” and sang it w/ whack job Peter Coffin – Jonathan Chait has redeemed my first name. Until Josh and GameJew get together for a duet. /shudders

  2. But this is the split. Many liberals believe in truth and honest debate, Andrew Sullivan among them. What do you do when opposition turns into a screeching monkey that simply flings feces as a substitute for discussion? See http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=6642 for the invasion of the “hacker culture” (I have a comment or two below, but ESR nails it).

  3. EEWWW 9:35pm EST and I’m just checking the end of Law and Order SVU and the shit that’s being covered is FRIGHTENINGLY like Zoe Quinn. All the fucking SJW language popped up – “victim blaming” and “slut shaming”. Ugh… At least the Defense attorney ripped into the character (she’s a professional porn actress/college student who makes rape films). The characters name is EV and the character who traditionally caved looked an awful lot like Eron Gjoni. But it could just be my imagination…

    1. I have to amend my statement, at the end the Judge sets aside the conviction and tells the “victim” that he doesn’t know if she’s trying to cash in on the “newly popular victimhood culture” LMAO. The episode has SO many mixed messages. The writing is EVERYWHERE – and it seems like they’ve got sympathy for P.C. people on one side and then it does a 180… Obviously we’re supposed to feel bad for the “victim” at the end of the episode, (she is in middle of what I can only imagine will be a marathon suck fest and, honestly, the porn stars were porn star quality… and that’s all I’ll say on that. Oh heeeeey Milo!) and was she probably a victim in the context of the episode? Probably. That’s why it’s such an awkward episode.

      I think the writers are trying to give air to the fact that there is a LOT of negative shit with professional victims and P.C., but still play the standard narrative of “girl gets assaulted – insert procedural crime drama w/ a little character drama”.

      1. probably too scared to actually rip on her so they make it look like they’re saying that slut shaming and whatnot goes on.

        1. Well, she did end up on her knees on a mattress surrounded by like, 40 hot guys and getting paid to do it, so, I guess it sucks…. PHRASING! hehehe.

      2. I’m not surprised.

        SVU had Cuntson & Unstabler as it’s main characters for how long again?

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Unstabler was written out when they realized their “heroic cop” technically qualified as a serial killer.

        1. I think he only had a couple of border line unjust kills in the show tbh. He went on to go do something else, or had a contract dispute, idk tbh. Marishka Hargittay (mangled that spelling) will be there 4ever though. She’s got self-righteous down pat. I don’t like how she can just go full steam ahead when the character is proven wrong though. Stabler would at least flip his shit at being deceived. A lot more believable imo.

      3. Dude, these crime shows should be called “feminist porn” because all these shows do is make women nervous to walk the streets.

        I knew someone who watched these every day, and became increasingly paranoid about going outside by herself, until I pointed out that these shows were made to be as disturbing as possible, and to freak people out. Once they stopped watching the shows, the paranoia disappeared.

        1. I always loved it when they’d have an episode where the “victim” was twisted as fuck – like that one who swore someone raped her, and then made a pass at Stabler etc. Or that other one where the girl seduced older men to claim that they raped her and had like 30 fucking abortions because it was her passive aggressive way of committing murder (hur, real subtle pro-life statement there). Take about a “microaggression”. Ugh.

          1. Yeah, a couple of them do that occasionally, but then there are a ton of them that just show a woman being killed, sometimes adding a baby crawling in her blood for dramatic effect.

    2. I used to watch that show religiously, but I kind of tapered off when the deliciously hot Chris Meloni left for greener pastures a while back. I might go on Hulu and check out their take on this whole mess.

      1. Chris Meloni was the guy with the NYC accent right? If so, did you know that he was the voice behind the Dinosaurs character Spike? That character was supposed to be a one of, but he tested well and the voice actor sold everyone on how he could be equal parts devious and equal parts sage like. Also, none of them wore pants, and there also seemed to be a lot of sexual tension. Especially the episode about being an herbivore. Legitimately they rolled: The war on drugs, McCarthyism, the counter culture in general, and homosexuality (tongue in cheek) into a single episode. Blew my mind as a kid. Annnnnnd then the show ended with them all freezing to death and I was like O_O…

  4. Fantastic article. I felt like it did a great job of giving a much broader historical context to what is happening now, referencing the early 90s heavily. But virtually everything else in the article, I was just nodding my head in agreement saying “yep, I agree. and you barely know the half of it.” As anyone who watches Sargon’s channel knows, or who has read Dr. Sommers’ books, this has all happened before, and keeps intensifying due to social media. Gamergate is just a large battle in a much broader conflict.

    And I’m not only liberal, but far left of the democratic party, and studied most of this stuff in college for years. Oh, and I’m not a white male. The fact that this adds “validity” to my post here just shows you how flagrantly racist the entire “feminist / SJW” conversation has become. White male is officially categorized as evil. It’s absurd, and most minorities don’t feel that way, because they’re not racist.

    Feminism lost big in 2014, multiple times. Shirtgate, Gamergate, Time magazine’s poll, and on and on. This is the time to keep up the work. It’s also worth considering broadening our horizons past just gaming, and networking loosely with people like Sullivan, Chait, as well as Milo, and even Bill Maher. These psychos are the minority, and now is the time to push more than ever.

    By 2016, Feminism should be a word people (men and women) are embarrassed to endorse, because it’s dominated by oppressive fundamentalists.

    1. Feminism is attempting to rebrand itself. I’d say your prediction might be more accurate than you think.

      #heforshe is rubbish.

  5. I have always compared the whole ‘trigger warning’ obsession to germophobes and living in plastic bubbles. Some of those people even outright refuse getting vaccinated. Anyone who has had health classes ought to know how effective the immune system is after such a sterile environment.

    Exact same thing here, their social immune system is super sensitive and prone to falling apart at the slightest prod.

  6. As lefty as I can be – and I like sticking up for the poor as much as the next guy – my biggest political objective at the moment is heading off this totalitarian nightmare that’s brewing in the universities.

    Can you imagine what the world would look like if the Tumbler Generation took power?

    1. “President FluffPuppyinSpace29 what are your goals on the terrorist attack on Ameri-”

      “How dare you!?”

      “I… sorry, what?”

      “How dare you not put a triggor warning on Terrorism! My dear friend, SlowbroForever2009’s dad tripped and fell and was wheelchair bound forever on 9/11 2004. Talking about terrorism bring up such tramatic imagery for her! How can you be such a cruel and careless excuse for a human being!?”

          1. Thank you for taking the time to find the video and posting it. Very funny and telling. Isn’t it interesting that when you exaggerate a position and then pull back from it, how that position can seem completely insane?

            In the early nineties there was a strong pushback against political correctness. It seems during the right wing insanity after 9/11 the SJW left incubated in universities and during the Obama years sprung forth with renewed power.

            If this state of affairs is the New Normal our democracy is in trouble. We need to move past vulgar threat narratives (terrorism / war on women) and restore classical liberalism, or we will spiral ever downwards into pendulum swings of superficially opposite flavors of authoritarianism – of both the right wing and left wing variety.

      1. There are outliers, in one example, I think from an old Nova documentary, a woman (to all appearances including x-rays) turned out to be XY when she couldn’t get pregnant, but she was also 100% resistant to testosterone, so her body was that of a woman. Is she male or female? There is a contradiction.

        (edit – more recently, an “xy” woman who had a small womb with medical attention managed to give birth with an implanted egg – Only women – females – give birth; we don’t have the tech to let Transgenders do so).

        There is a deeper problem with “transgender” people. Technology cannot change your gender. “Sex reassignment” surgery can only remove your genitals, and turn something that was inside-out, outside-in or vice versa. Even the skin can’t quite function. You can inject hormones, but that won’t turn a gelding where a plug has been turned into a jacqueline into a male. Note there is a treatment reserved for blood cancers that can destroy the marrow and replace it, so XY can become XX, and they could shatter and rebuild their skeleton and other structure, but I’ve never heard of a case where someone “transgendered” has gone beyond the hormone – plastic surgery facade stage.

        Chelsea Manning can never have monthly cycles because we cannot exchange testicles for ovaries, or prostates for uteruses. There is a vast difference between vas deferens and fallopian tubes.

        See http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=5015 for another good take.

        I’m libertarian enough to allow sane adults to do things which I consider silly, and I might be polite enough to call someone a “teapot” if they prefer being called that.

        But I’m also for the whole truth. If someone’s gender is already ambiguous, moving them to one pole or the other (binary) is reasonable. However if they have perfectly healthy organs for their birth gender, but think they are the opposite, I will simply note that if they use technology, at best they can go halfway (if they actually do all the dangerous and painful things listed above), but they will not be the other gender, they will be a crippled, broken, altered version of their original one. Castratti are still male. A hysterectomy does not turn a woman into a man.

        I might understand better and might see some new argument if some magic or technology could actually switch a gender, but it can’t. ESR in the above link talks about those who desire to have a limb amputated. Transgender right now is the equivalent. You can only amputate and cripple what is there and reconstruct a facade, you can’t even make the facade work 100%, and that is not counting the organs that they weren’t born with and can’t be created.

    1. First….wrong thread chummy

      Second…..feck orf. THAT is most likely the woman whose house he rents a room in, and not his latex love doll “wife”. This fucking psycho has history of setting up sock puppet profiles to back up his lies. Done it many times before….so why not now?

      1. First: Fuck, you’re totally right.

        Second: Yeah, after poking around on /cow/ and getting a better look at the cosplay of Lust from FMA, I came to the conclusion that the woman on Facebook and the “woman” that Coffin claims to be his wife have different faces. I wanted to reply to myself retracting the first comment, but couldn’t find it to reply to.

  7. I’m not surprised at Gawker’s “response”, which was more like a hissy fit full of personal attacks and devoid of any actual reasonable counter-points.

    As a liberal, I’m glad that someone finally pointed out the stupid “call-out” culture poisoning Tumblr (also known as “dragging out someone”). It’s sickening to see someone think they’re being a hero when they’re just trying to earn brownie points from their fellow Tumblrinas, and it’s even more sicking when it turns out that they went after someone based on false info or stuff taken way out of context. The worst part is the hypocrisy of most of them, bitching about Iggy Azalea for daring to “rap while being white”, yet taking turns licking Azealia Banks’ clit even though she’s publicly said several nasty things about Jews and transsexuals.

    1. I wonder if these people understand that what they are doing is akin to the Salem Witch trials? The only difference is these people are not merciful enough to kill their victims.

    1. Sociologists are a lot smarter than that and are more likely to actually just let things get triggered to see what happens.

      SJW’s are pretty far from actually being sociologists.

      1. lol – Considering that “Gender Studies” and people like Gail Dines and even Sarkeesian has a “communications” degree which can sometimes be classified as a degree in sociology, SJWs are JUST like many sociologists.

        1. I don’t know anybody that classifies a “communications degree” as sociology.

          Those people usually fetch stuff for sociologists if they’re working for them at all.

          1. I’ve found articles on how to study communications and sociology as a sort of mixed major – sorry should have clarified that a little.

      2. Yeah, probably should have used something besides sociology, maybe liberal arts or women’s studies might have been better.

        1. As somebody with an associates in Liberal arts…


          As somebody pursuing a bachelor’s in computer science:


  8. Chait, Goldberg, Maher, Web, the civil war on my beloved left is finally beginning. At stake, at least in the US, is the soul of the Democratic Party and with it perhaps, due to demographics, the fate of the whole Union.

  9. I remember the incident with the pro-life protesters from last year. There are tons of similar incidents with dissenting views being censored – but that one shows exactly how much human decency is being exhibited by the censors: NONE WHATSOEVER.

    In a side note, this demonstrates and underscores that Gawker isn’t about video games, or even feminism on Jezebel, and that it is about pushing a single moral viewpoint.

  10. Meh. I think Chait must’ve gotten a sacred cow gored somewhere. It’s nice he’s calling this out, but not THAT long ago he was perfectly happy to call for ‘speech codes’ against people he disagreed with (opponents of the ACA, people questioning anthropocentric global warming, etc).

    And Andrew Sullivan? I’ll be happy to see Excitable Andy hit the road. No matter what people thought of Sarah Palin, Andy’s fascination with Trig’s parentage was disturbing to put it mildly.

    1. Chait still in that article tries to say that “The mere absence of overt discrimination will not do.” while criticizing those that are hate campaigning against other people because they believe that exact statement. So he gets it, but he doesn’t understand WHY this happened.

      Personally, from a logical perspective, the absence of direct and overt discrimination is all that is feasible with the human race. The only way to do otherwise is to join the PC crowd and kill freedom of expression, and the basis for democracy.

      1. Yeah, but like I said, I don’t think he’s doing it out of the goodness of his heart, or because he’s been redpilled. I think he got scorched and didn’t like it much and is pushing back.

        1. Well yeah, that is why he is doing it – The only other reason would be that he actually understood the underlying causes of this madness, which he doesn’t seem to do.

        2. The underlying cause being of course, that “live and let live” isn’t enough for any of these crazies, nor for Chait himself.

  11. They still don’t get it. You can’t feed the monster with one hand, and try to fight it with the other. They were perfectly happy when the beast was turned loose against their opponents. They are still happy. But now its turned on them and they find themselves powerless. Good.

  12. lolz, liberal? Most democrats are not technically “liberal”. Conservatives were called Classic liberals with the libertarians being full. Root is in liberty, liberty based off not having bigger government or any government intrusion at all, mixed with individual liberty with an emphasis on personal responsibility (not making others pay for your shit). I doubt anyone like that even exists in the Democrat party anymore…their brand is of the social type…aka emotions. Social freedom or anarchy isnt the primarily pillar of liberalism, especially when they call for bigger government and policing to make it happen.

  13. I’ve always said that there is a difference between Classic Liberalism and the modern Progressive hog wash of today. Would I consider myself Classic Liberal? Sure, but I also consider myself a Libertarian and a Paleoconservative (i.e actual Conservatism and not Neo Con right wing Progressives).

    As a Righty looking at this, I see a battle for left wing politics in general. Left leaning classic liberals are a rarity and the psychotic SJW “Progressive” left is fast ascending. I dread the day when these SJW’s get real political power. *shudders*

  14. “or, more consequentially, violating her school’s new sexual-harassment
    policy — merely by carrying out the traditional academic work of
    intellectual exploration.”

    Sorry, what??

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