I don’t know all that much about Lily Allen’s musical talents, or lack thereof. Thankfully, she’s virtually unknown here in the United States. Most of what I know about her has to do with her autistic screeching over on Twitter. Almost every single day, she goes off about one thing or the other. Recently, it’s had to do with Muslim immigration into Europe and more specifically, into the United Kingdom.

Well, she got embarrassed once again today and it was pretty damned hilarious. She put up a poll for 15-35-year-olds on what they felt more marginalized by, Muslims or pensioners. The results didn’t quite how she expected them to go…so she deleted it. Thankfully, some helpful Twitter users saved it for posterity.



She also decided to rip on old people, which I guess is what gave her the idea to start the poll in the first place.


Put all old people to death! I don’t have a clue why Labour is in the shitter with political geniuses like Lily Allen at the helm.

She also got triggered by Pepe the Frog, cause that’s what you do nowadays if you’re a “progressive.”




The weekend is off to a good start!