I’ve been fucking around on Twitter all night long like a mentally unstable person. One thing it’s good for, though, is keeping up with shit. In fact, back when I rarely tweeted, I still used it to keep up with news. Well, some big news certainly came down the pike last night. Liquor Loving Leigh Alexander is out at Gamasutra. She has left in somewhat of a disgrace, due to her incendiary “Gamers are dead article,” and the pronounced decline in the company’s fortunes ever since then. We’ll never know precisely what was said behind the scenes, but what we do know, is that Ms. Alexander is going to be starting a new site, in conjunction with Boing Boing. But there’s a little more to this story than meets the eye. 

First off, the site that she’s going to operate has existed previously. It used to be run by Brandon Boyer. You know him…he now runs the Indie Games Festival. But he used to head-up Offworld, Leigh’s “new” venture:



I’m not sure what Leigh plans to do with it, especially without drying out first. It sounds like pretty much the same fucking idea Boyer had, except with a notorious bully and racist leading up a site (which is ostensibly for women and minorities). It’s an absurdity, but then again, SJW life is build upon those.

This is what happens to people who shit on their customers. They’re shipped off to do their own thing away from the main sites, lest they taint them with their toxicity. Gamasutra gave her the six months she needed in order to claim that she was just “moving on.” Still, we all know those things go down a little bit differently behind closed doors. Getting shoved out the door is not uncommon.

Regardless, good luck, Leigh. You’re going to need all the help you can get to find an audience, and then keep it. But at least you’re off doing your own thing and not trying to inflict your warped values on a major outlet. I’m certain you will still be around acting like a lush, and saying dumb shit. But your power is diminished as of today.


R.I.P. Megaphone


(Cover courtesy of @Xanthan81)

    1. She got there by being loud, opinated, throwing her cooze around and likely threatening people that she would claim misogyny if they didn’t cater to her. And then all the white knight sjws who have infected the industry were like, “OMG! STRONG WOMAN DETECTED!!! /worship”

    2. Brandon Boyer couldn’t make it work, and he had a penis. As we all know Patriarchy = infinite power and success. Therefore, by SJW logic, she is doomed to fail.

  1. The drinking is obviously a sign of some deeper trauma.Alcohol to fill up the void in their life.Some unresolved pain.Something happened to her as a child that made her the way she is today.Daddy issues perhaps? Dad always busy playing games on the computer not giving her enough attention? And now she is taking revenge on all the gamers?

    1. No amount of trauma or daddy issues gives her or others in the private club the right to be a giant dick. They are a bunch of narcissistic personality disordered assholes who wants more money.

    2. I believe she did have a story about feeling excluded from a group of predominantly male gamers at age 12 or 13, and it sounds like she carried the chip on her shoulder ever since then.

      1. But according to her ex-friends she was already insufferable at the age.

        So she was probably kicked out for being a bitch, and decided to burn gaming to the ground!

        Or it would be, except we have records of her defending gamers back when it was more profitable to do so.

        So she just wants money.

  2. “#NotYourShield is a joke full of sockpuppet accounts, as well as a few actual women and people of color who don’t know what’s best for them. And that’s why MY site will champion all the women and people of color whom I’ve been calling sockpuppets to begin with!… just… lemme finish this bottle of Jack first, I know this all made more sense after I finished the other one last night.”

    1. I’m not saying that it’s “FULL” of sockpuppet accounts, but there are lots of them, and the hashtag was originally started by sockpuppets. Denying that at this point just makes you look foolish.

      1. Prove it douche. So far the only sock puppets of note have been SJW ones. Peter Coffin is NOTORIOUS for it. You’re also going to have to explain that magic trick of women and minorities tweeting pics and videos holding up signs and speaking out on the subject. That’s some l33t internet haxxz0ring skillz #GooberGarrble must have to be able to pull that stunt off. Maybe they learned it from RedditChanit?

          1. And you just quoted fucking Ars Technica.


            *SOURCE: KOTAKU

            SEE THE PROBLEM?

            Ars Technica is ONE OF THE FUCKING ACCUSED WHO ARE ANTI-GAMERGATE and therefore ANTI-GAMER. That story was PROVEN FALSE. Zoe LIED and they posted logs OUT OF CONTEXT, that could NOT be independently verified and could be EASILY manipulated. How fucking ignorant are you, or is it a learning disability? I hate to take shots at someone with a mental retardation.

            Polar Roller created the Tag, suggesting it as a way for minorities and women to stand out and not be spoken for AND HE LOST HIS FUCKING JOB OVER IT. He even admitted later that he was an SJW in Gamers clothing, until he saw how hypocritical and awful they were.

            Red Pill Motherfucker, take one and wake the fuck up.

            Oh, and your point is moot because either way SCHAFER’S JOKE WAS STILL RACIST.

          2. My point is moot because Schafer’s joke was still racist.

            Great argument, bra.

            I’ve actually read the IRC logs, you appear to only be interested in branding anyone who attacks you your enemy.

          3. This quote from you is delicious:
            “I’m a male-born person who does not strongly identify with the male gender. I think all masculinity is toxic. I think femininity is bullshit as well, for the record.” – Libeller demonstrating he is a Feelztard and uncomfortable in his own skin.

            Just get it cut off bra, it’ll make you feel better, I’m sure. Your brand of mental illness isn’t welcome.

          4. Wait wait. Could it be that some people actually have a commitment to progressive politics and social justice, AND video games, and aren’t trolls?

          5. Wait wait. Could it be that some people have an I.Q. above a potato and don’t run blind and screaming towards the first radical position that sounds good without considering the consequences or whether it’s workable? How about not making brash, logically fallacious assumptions? How about not LYING, cherry picking and otherwise misrepresenting facts because it’s convenient for an ideological position (I wasn’t aware truth and justice required deception?).

            Social Justice does not mean what you claim it to mean.
            Progressive Politics does not mean what you claim it to mean.
            I can’t reasonable discount that you ENJOY video games, but what the fuck does “commitment” have to do with them?

            Furthermore, Politics has NO BUSINESS in leisure and escapism and if you honestly think that games, which have been legally ruled protected under the First Amendment, should be censored and turned into propaganda to promote some ideological agenda, then you are NO gamer; you are a douche bag.

          6. I oppose all censorship, douche canoe. I don’t think you really have a clue what social justice and progressive politics are about because you seem to be taking your cues from Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.

          7. Hardly. Rush Limbah isn’t close to smart enough to point out the gross multitude of philosophic, historic, and anti-intellectual faux passes that lead up to modern progressive politics.

          8. Oh, douche canoe? That’s a great SJW insult. How about shitlord, pissbaby, manchild, neckbeard, misogynist? I’m sure you use them a lot to “strengthen” your arguments. And you oppose censorship, yet you support those who support it. Curious paradox.

            You don’t know me at all. I’m a left leaning moderate. I’m a registered Democrat. I’m gay and pro-marriage equality. I’m an atheist and vehemently anti-religion as a matter of supporting the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment. I loathe Conservatard ideologues just as much as I loathe radial leftist ideologues (pro tip: communism doesn’t work. Source: History).

            I LOVE how you assume because I disagree with your half-baked, hivemind BULLSHIT that you liken me to a pundit and a propaganda network. Shall I liken you to MSNBC and their campus rape epidemic myth promoting bullshit? Ruining men’s lives one LIE at a time and then not even having the grace to apologize for it (but they’ll spend 20 mins talking to some blogger feminist about how good it all is for woman, regardless of whose life it RUINS). I love how you think because you’re not a fucking conservative cunt, therefore everything you think/feel/believe/have been told is AUTOMATICALLY validated.

            That “listening and believing eh?”. Never mind how frequently the extreme left lies about statistics and censors people when they try to offer a counter point, ESPECIALLY when it’s with facts.

            You’re just a peach, you know that?

          9. You are the one who insulted me several times. I use one insult, and now you want to take the moral high road? What are you, 15?

            Please do not pretend that fraternities are not bastions of rape culture. I will be the first to admit that college progressives often go overboard in their quest for justice and that authoritarianism on the left is a legitimate concern. However, we do not need to throw the baby (feminist analysis) out with the bathwater.

            I don’t know who you think I support that censors, either. I created this Disqus account to mock Brian Burke for suing people on a message board for libeling him by saying he fathered a child out of wedlock with Hazel Mae. That’s actual censorship on the internet and I oppose it.

          10. Rape culture is a progressive myth, my friend. When one strips the categorically false feminist propaganda, which is itself rejected on all levels by the rightful holders of America’s dying intellectual culture due to the grossly biased, grossly un-empirical, and politically motivated nature of feminist surveys, they find that the numbers that progressives spout are hyper inflated to the point of worthlessness.

          11. No, they don’t find that at all. What you find is large discrepancies depending on how the question is phrased. For instance you always get more women to say they have been coerced into sex or had unwanted sex, than you get saying they have been raped. What accounts for these discrepancies? The answer is that part of rape culture is the redefining of some rapes as not-rapes. It’s not possible to be coerced into consent. If rape is sex absent consent, and is not possible to be coerced into consent, then what accounts for women who will say they have been coerced into sex but are unwilling to call it rape?

          12. I have to admit. You intrigue me. You’ve held yourself very well the last hour or two, and have /significantly/ more mettle and self control than I’ve come to expect from folks who serve under the banner of progressivism. Plus, that was a pretty righteous burn at Sean N. I respect that.

            If you’re the sort for one on one convos, you seem worth the energy. Kudos to you, seriously. I’m not easily won over, but you’ve accorded yourself beyond all expectation.

          13. LMAO, it’s funny because I was just thinking you must be like, 16. And it’s cute how you cry about Ad Hominum… and then make one. Ahh, your lack of self awareness is typical. So self righteous, so blind. But the best part? The fact that you have completely IGNORED every. single. fucking. criticism I’ve presented about your point of view. Not even an attempt at DEFENDING it, just ignored it. And then you tried to change the direction of the conversation. I loved it when you accused me of being a big, bad conservative! Like that somehow automatically makes your position correct and your views factual. You little fool; you’re so transparent.

            “Please do not pretend that fraternities are not bastions of rape culture.” Ok, prove it. Oh! And be sure that you can tie that “rape culture” to actual rapes. Because, according to statistics and interviews, that doesn’t seem to be happening. You know, unless you’re a psychotic feminist who thinks an awkward attempt at a good night kiss or GOD FORBID hand holding is rape. I mean, the LADY BALLS on some of these people telling young women “you’ve been raped, but don’t know it”. Are you fucking KIDDING ME?!

            You’re making the claim, so the burden of proof lies with you. We’ll just forget the fact that NPR was caught red handed cooking up this narrative with a various feminist groups who wanted to push the issue. And I guess we’ll just forget the statistics that completely and UTTERLY disprove that position.

            I personally like the 1 in 5 rape lie that, was it Valenti, told? You know, one of the radfem blogger mouthpieces that shit talk nonstop and gullible people like you lap it up because “omg they can’t lie about that!”. Um… yes, they do, frequently. If Fox News can lie about whatever they please, so can the people YOU listen to. They’re after your views for ad revenue – they don’t care about truth.

            Overboard? They go overboard? Ever heard of Meg Lanker-Simmons? She fucking faked her own rape threat, just so she could be the star of an anti-rape culture (yet to be proven to exist in the first world – go to prison, there’s a rape culture there, granted rapists on the outside tend to get victimized on the inside, so, ironic justice?). And when she was caught? Denied it. People started a campaign to protest that she was innocent and in the SAME FUCKING BREATH stated that “even if she wasn’t, her actions were justified”. WOW. And the “best” part? She wasn’t prosecuted, because the ADA didn’t feel the blow back would be worth his offices limited time. A fucking disgusting, degenerate criminal was let walk, because she would use her gender and EMPTY RHETORIC to cause political problems. SO RIGHTEOUS. SO JUST! And the super, extra special best part? She was in the law program, and graduated and moved on to a LAW SCHOOL. They actually fucking ENROLLED her at a law school! I guess it makes sense on a really warped level, eh?

            I have ZERO problem with Feminist Analysis, when people don’t tie ridiculous, THEORETICAL frameworks around gender and sexuality into things like women’s issues. NOT everything is a “women’s issue”. My being gay is NOT “intersectional” with women’s issues. Now, do they want to appropriate gay rights issues with their own to add more weight to a cause that is almost entirely won in the 1st world? Oh fuck yes. Do we let them? Noooooope. “NotYourShield” baby.

            What you, and others like you need to bear in mind is that “feminist analysis” is only one, very NARROW perspective. And that perspective can and will be challenged, especially when it makes unfounded assertions and logical fallacies, like those of a certain shameless Communications Major/Teleseminar expert we all know. Which reminds me, what the fuck is up with the sex negativity? Women’s lib was kind of, you know, the sexual revolution and were like THE BULK of women’s rights emerged from, so why all the rejection? It’s just disturbing.

            As for why you made the account, great? I have exactly 1 account. And I keep it open, and take ownership of everything I say. If I make a mistake, I don’t go back and try and ninja-correct it, I apologize. I’m not accusing you of doing this, just describing my M.O. Frankly I have very little problem with people who want to be progressive, but when they come at me (not that you’re necessarily guilty of this) with “well, you’re white and male and women blah blah”, nope, done. If people want to have a conversation about things like the wage gap? The real one, not the “70 cents on the dollar”, one (holy fuck is the amount of statistical and factual misrepresentation on that one INFURIATING), I’d be happy to. I fully believe people should be paid equally. But I also believe they should be paid based on merit.

            I worked with a girl once who literally did half the work I did in a retail setting that involved moving heavy shit (she wouldn’t move the heavy shit despite it being in her job description) and when it came time for pay raises? Guess what? I wound up making 25 cents more than her. She came up with every complaint in the book, including that ole’ chestnut, her Period. Yeah, I wasn’t aware periods lasted entire months and came and went when it was convenient. Oh, and she treated the customers like shit, and I had two Masters degrees (it was the Recession). So yeah, that “wage gap”? Deserved.

            And, btw, I don’t think you fully comprehend the definition of slander and libel (and therefore hate speech because that’s not protected speech either), as, while I do not know of Brian Burke and his potential offspring, if people are spreading rumors about him that are both untrue and harmful, then that is grounds for litigation (at least in the U.S.). Censorship, such as GamerGate supporters have faced include:

            Mass thread deletion, topic banning, shadow banning of users, unexplained banning of users, comment deletion, “gardening” comments on articles and threads to give the impression the “popular/majority” opinion is favor of a position or narrative (Nightline), flat out misrepresentation, threats (verbal and things in the mail), doxxing, harassment, having people’s jobs flooded with phone calls to get them fired for expressing an opinion (gamergate has NEVER been held responsible for that, although it has happened several times to people who have publicly expressed support for gamergate), social media blockbots (thus blacklisting people – that’s a crime in some places), etc etc.

            And all that for wanting to discuss why it was wrong for a journalist to have a personal relationship with someone who had been, and would presumably would be, a subject. Oh, and all the other journo’s with social, romantic and financial (that last one is a BIG one – see the IGF/IndieCade scandal) connections that went undisclosed. Never mind the fact that the original subject in question had also lead a vicious campaign against a self-admitted radical feminist group trying to help women break into gaming, apparently so that she could then fill that niche with her own Game Jam (which never happened and the donations just magically vanished – right into her personal PayPal account). /siiiiiiiiiiiigh

            You know, I can’t help but think if a cabal of men had done all this, the internet would have come to a screeching halt and the world would have ended. Oh wait, it WAS mostly white, young, HIP men… who decided to do nothing but talk about feminists and social justice non-stop when the conversation had always been and continues to be about Ethics.

          14. Wouldn’t it seem to be the case that a “politics” that intrudes on leisure and escapism and entertainment and recreation and relaxation was by definition a “totalitarian” politics?

          15. ,Thought you might appreciate something simple and to the point. Sean does have a gift for the gab, but it can get overwhelming.

            On that note, being an SJW sockpuppet account, with a profile that drips of white guilt and hatred for ones own gender, whose only posts are to defend the SJW groupthink in communities that reject it, most certainly qualifies for a “no.”

            At least, no, as far as you yourself are concerned.

          16. A sockpuppet is a secondary account, yes? In order for this account to be a sockpuppet I would have to own another account. This is the only Disqus account I own. I named it “libeller” because I created this account when Brian Burke was suing some posters on a message board for libel because they alleged that he fathered a child out of wedlock with sportsnet reporter Hazel Mae. I thought it was absolutely absurd to sue someone for something they wrote on a message board, and being a staunch defender of freedom of speech I created this account and proceeded to libel Brian Burke.

            I also don’t hate anybody. My politics are actually about universal love. It is true however that I show up to chime in to defend social justice concerns where such defense are unwelcome. That is part of my main function on the internet. If by “white guilt and hatred for ones own gender” you mean anti-racist and anti-sexist then yes. All people are racist and sexist, so I am often seen as attacking people, because they are unable to differentiate between criticism of their attitudes and a personal attack.

          17. No, I mean the part on your profile where you make it clear that you have an issue with your own gender.

            As for the broad net that is social justice? Most of GG can be framed as a genuine social justice movement. We are deeply concerned about the deep bigotry of progressives, their absolute contempt for any minority that does not accept their philosophy of White Man’s Burden or treat them as a Great White Savior. We are deeply concerned about the attacks on the staples of democratic government that Anti-GGers and SJWs in general conduct on a daily basis: The First Amendment, the Fifth Amendment, Habeus Corpus, and the concept of Innocent until proven Guilty. We oppose ideological collectivism, as it is the provincial gateway to racially and sexually oriented hate crimes.

            You are not anti-racist and anti-sexist. I’ve already seen that in what little interaction we’ve had. You are in fact deeply racist, but attempting to pretend you are not.

          18. Have we even mentioned race? How could you know this about me?

            Racism, sexism and classism in progressive movements is a real problem that progressives have been struggling with for centuries. It’s not at all difficult to find feminists, anarchists and others who will agree with that and whose primary focus is taking their fellow feminists and progressives to task for failing to live up to their ideals. Bell hooks is one. However, they do not “oppose ideological collectivism,” whatever that means. They do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. They remain committed to social justice and egalitarianism, anti-privilege, anti-domination, anti-hierarchy and anti-capitalism.

          19. This argument stems from perceptions about race. Your first actions here were to continue to spew to the SJW fantasy of a great wave of sock puppet accounts existing in #notyourshield, when there is no preponderance of evidence that suggests this is the case, save for a single set of grossly cherry picked IRC screenshots hosted on a website that is itself an SJW propaganda host.

            This inclines me to believe that you are one of the individuals who takes it upon himself to be the Great White Savior that Progressives so desperately desire to be in order to assuage their white guilt. This means you are willing to discredit the mere existence of minorities within Gamergate, thus contributing to an ongoing racial disparity and white denegration of minority folk who do not fall in line with their systems of thought.

            That’s racism.

          20. SJWs are part of progressivism though, especially the old mid 1800s portion of it, where in Manifest Destiny and White Man’s Burden were the hallmarks of Progressivist politics.

          21. Do you have anything to support that? I could see arguing the Radical Republican era but that’s off my radar.

            Nor has progressive thought from the 60s until the reactionary sjws took up the banner of progressivism had this sort of insanity attached to it.

          22. hard to be a diplomat when you’re roundly despised. Even Ribbentrop, your soulmate, was only successful because people were terrified of his boss.

          23. Actually I’m quite popular and known as somebody that everyone likes, and that likes everyone. I am always acting as the diplomat in my social circle. It’s just because this is the internet and I have quite literally just burst in the door to explain to you why you are all so wrong-headed, that I am met with hostility. I’m sure if we could sit down to discuss this over a beer we would part on friendly terms.

          24. LMAO! Wow man. Great way to introduce yourself.

            “You all are wrong, bigotted, socjus is absolutely awesome, I’m a great diplomat amongst my friends, I’m loved everywhere, you all are total shitlords, but I’m such a loved diplomat that I can make you agree with me.

            You’re my new favorite person here. I love hacks like you.

          25. I don’t think I can make you agree with me. I have many conservative friends and they think I am totally nuts when it comes to things like the family and the nation state, but we get along fine. I would never call you a shitlord, thatguy. 🙂

          26. See, the thing that makes you totally irredeemable and unworthy of anyone’s time here, is that you make the patently false assumption that everyone who disagrees with you on this subject is a conservative.

          27. Meh, I think that him having the arrogance to waltz in and say “I have quite literally just burst in the door to explain to you why you are all so wrong-headed” was the thing that made him irredeemable.

            And on a strictly technical level, these people think they are ‘progressives’ or ‘liberals’ and that anything right of their believe system is “conservative” which from their viewpoint is an apt assessment. Almost everyone is more conservative than those who say “burn it down to support my viewpoint only” – except those on the right end of the spectrum also saying the exact same thing.

            I just tend to take everyone with a grain of salt, and if they display any of the hallmarks of “Everyone must do as I say, the only right way” like Libeller, it immediately discredits them to me.

          28. To be fair to the man, he has shown quite a bit of mettle in all of this. Most SJWs don’t have his level of composure.

          29. But for me at least, that’s part of the charm of dealing with people like you.

          30. “I have quite literally just burst in the door to explain to you why you are all so wrong-headed”

            And now after giving you a shot Sean N. called you right in the beginning.

            The audacity of you SJWs is amazing: “Let me explain precisely how you are wrong, and I am right. I will be referencing my own opinion as fact.”

          31. You’re a terrible troll.

            And no, no one outside sjws little hate cabal can stand you people.

          32. progressive politics and social justice?

            You mean the white girls in Anti-GamerGate who constantly claim they are a minority. That’s their retarded ass idea of fucking social justice and progressive politics. Say bullshit long enough and it must be true.

            It must be the hair dye. Either they think they are minorities for having fucking smurf hair or the dye has gotten to their heads.

          33. LOL, you should really make your account details private, if you’re clearly going to be an SJW troll. 55 comments, and every single one is defending SJW/radfem extremism. You’re disgusting. Wait… *sniff sniff* I smell booze… Leigh, is that you? You undercover fans just loooooove to feel self righteous when ignorantly arguing for your fascism and bigotry.

          34. Casey Johnston manufactured column.

            This is the same Johnston who along with Brianna Wu actually fav’d a tweet from a racist sockpuppet who called myself and a friend “Black Sewer Shit” early in GG.

        1. #Notyourshield wasn’t started in an IRC chatroom. It was started in a 4chan channel before Moot went full cuck, and was headed by folks like Oliver Campwell. Hell, back when it was first being discussed, the hashtag was supposed to be offlimits to white men inside of Gamergate, so as to make it the literal calling card of minorities and women inside of GG.

          I would know: I helped pioneer the damn project in the first place.

          Your SJW bullshit doesn’t have any credit here, nor does your desire to not be considered an SJW. Stop playing at SJW-lite. No one here is buying it.

          1. Just for the record, I am as far-left as they come, so I don’t mean to play at anything.

            A 4chan IRC channel called #burgersandfries?

          2. No. Not IRC, and no hashtag was involved where I was at. Just regular, pre-cuck moot /v/.

          3. A “cuckold” is a male who is raising offspring who are not his own, or a man whose wife fucks other men. I am not sure exactly what that has to do with moot.

            Once again, I’ve read the chatlogs where the hashtag was actually coined, and I suggest you do the same.

          4. Except the Hashtag wasn’t coined in an IRC chat. I suggest you stop thinking that cheery picked lies hosted in a progressivist propaganda website are related to the truth even on the periphery.

          5. “I am not sure exactly what that has to do with moot.”

            Its an insult…?

            “Once again, I’ve read the chatlogs where the hashtag was actually coined, and I suggest you do the same.”

            How can you tie the chatlogs to the hashtag? Where’s your proof? Are the chatlogs the extent of your proof? And finally, what the fuck does it matter if there are hundreds/thousands of women and minorities who are legit using the hashtag afterwards? Are you going to suggest their efforts are undermined because they used a hashtag you disagree with the origins of?

          6. “Just for the record, I am as far-left as they come, so I don’t mean to play at anything.”

            It’s funny how you thought saying that was a defense.

        2. Oy vey. This is like the Raph Koster scenario that happen a while back all over again. That guy just loves to hear himself talk in his echo chamber. Welp, I’m gonna pour me a glass of Bourbon and catch me some shut-eye. Goodnight.

          1. Arse Technica is not a credible source.

            You people are all the same – employing logical fallacy after logical fallacy, feels>reals arguments and twisting the facts to make your narrative.

            Just like the feminism all of you sprouted from.

            If you really think feminists and sjws will have your back once you transition you are incredibly naive, utterly unaware of the history of feminism and how it has, at best co-opted quiltbag issues, and ignorant if not outright stupid.

            Transmisandry, thansmisogyny and misandry are hallmarks of feminism/sjwism.

          2. Read the IRC. The allegations are pretty much bullshit. Deal mostly with chan-style astroturfing op that never went anywhere. The actual founder of NYS was a gay black man that lost his job, I believe, and had to stop making videos due to harassment from certain places.

            If I remember correctly.

          3. The actual founder of NYS was a gay black man that lost his job, I believe

            Bisexual Actually.

      2. Yeah. Kinda like that time the dozens of times they claimed i was a sockpuppet while screaming “House Nigger” non-stop.

        Or how about that time they said i was actually a Hispanic male. As if that somehow dropped to some form of lower minority status.

      3. Says “Libeller”. I see you’re living up to your name. Denying that at this point would only make you look foolish.

  3. As a megaphone, she was a poor one. Everything she said didn’t made any sense at all and it smelt like booze and piss.

  4. Poor Leigh
    Hang up your saddle, honey
    Your ” Garms Jarnilizzm ” days are over
    Go dry out and get a job at 7 11, bitch

    1. She wouldn’t even be able to do that. She would be ranting on how privileged the white customers are.

  5. I think the reason she had to move on is not enough money
    The click money is running out for the feminists,she did not make Gamasutra enough money so she had to go
    We will see what the real reason was in tree weeks (end first quarter) and what the investors are going to change

  6. Getting rid of Leigh is not enough to put them back in Gamers good graces. They still need to apologize for printing Leighs article in the first place.

    1. There are plenty of other people there (eg – Christian Nutt) that are nearly as bad, so the site isn’t going to change. It’ll still have the absurd identity politics, just without the added incendiary element from their resident boozehound.

        1. Well I for one, won’t be letting them make money. It’s laughable that they would think this gesture would save them.

          props to them on realizing that the same old shit wouldn’t save them, but minus points for realizing this 6 months after everyone else did.

  7. YAS! YAAAAASSSS! Fuck that racist, pseudo-intellectual lush! Take your 2 year acting degree, stick it up your ass like a vodka soaked tampon and die!

    1. Dude, as much as I abhor Leigh, wishing for her death is a bit much.

      Besides, i’ll bet she’s been doing the booze-soaked tampon thing for a while – everyone caught on to the old “water bottle filled with vodka” trick, so she had to find a new way to get drunk on the job.

      1. I’m not wishing for her death. Telling someone to DIAF or “die” on the internet isn’t an actual wish for their death (although death threats can and are made in no uncertain terms). It’s a nasty expression that exemplifies your utter disdain for their existence. Don’t let the cringing crybaby generation who has crept onto the net calling for censorship deceive you. The internet, anonymity and free speech EXIST to allow vulgarity and vicious, cutting remarks. I don’t actually want her to “die” in real life, but her “identity”? Who she has modeled herself to be? Yes, I’d like that to die very, very much. She’s fake as fuck and needs to disappear.

    2. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying something up one’s ass, I recognize the handiness of the phrase as an insult, especially when combined with alternative alcohol imbibing methods.

  8. Excellent news!
    Though there’s still a long a way to go to fix all the damage that has been done by the gaming “journalists”, but this is a good start.

  9. In the end even an ideologically challenged parent company like UBM wants to make money…

    I guess her “megaphone” just didn’t deliver…

  10. Oh cool new site! let check t out!

    >This will be an unequivocal home for woman and minorities

    Oh cool! I’m a minority! So this site is for me!
    So can I expect ethical and unbiased reporting? I’m a minority, my voice matters right?




    1. That is a whole bottle of red wine. That is not ok. That is not classy. I have, on one occasion while working on a novel, sipped Port directly from the bottle. No, it was not classy, and yes, 2/3 of the bottle was gone in LESS than an hour. She needs rehab. Badly.

      1. On the bright side, at least your not a raging tipsy heartless (or whatever she uses to pump blood and alcohol through her veins) alcoholic like Leigh AlexSlander with a penchant for bro-shaming and being a spiteful despicable miserable bitch.

        1. I don’t understand what drives people like her to be so malicious. I want to say it’s a mental illness, but frankly that would remove some degree of responsibility from her, and I’m not willing to give her even that.

          1. Your guess is as good as mine man. If I were a betting man I’d say that Anita Sarkeesians influence had something to do with it, but who knows. Right now, I’m just glad she’s been dethroned from her seat of power.

  11. I’ll bet you $10 that her site “for women and minorities” ends up having articles mostly written by white males and the majority of the readership will consist of white males.

    As the GDC clearly demonstrated, Leigh and her friends in the Kewl Kidz Klub crow about how progressive and inclusive they are, when it’s all just a bunch of white trust fund babies self-flagellating themselves for the terrible crime of being born white.

      1. now that’s going a little far….

        just kidding, I’m pretty sure WBC has more women supporting them, lol.

  12. Good riddance to bad rubbish! Now if we can get that parasitic insect Ben Kuchera to leave, or better yet fired from Polygon then we can have ourselves an after party. Although I’ll still never visit Polygon after that though.

    Three words: The Mary Sue

    1. hehehe one of the few sites I’ve been banned from – Ironically, not for anything violating their terms of service – just disagreement with their fact checking skillz.

  13. Wondering what Boing Boing gets out of lending their name to what will likely be a series of SJW “Gamers are Dead!” screech posts. If gamers are dead, why write about it?

    1. Leigh, if she were competent, could be a poor women’s Xeni Jardin and make mainstream appearances talking about positive impacts made by women and PoCs in gaming. Since Leigh ain’t competent even when sober, that won’t happen, and nobody will ever read the site.

  14. Hallelujah and Allah AKBAR , the witch of eastwick/Gamasutra has been cast out, drink it up Leigh cause you are going to need it from now on since miniphone and all !!! , wherever you go, whatever you do , you will find out that Gamers are not dead, your big career in the alienated main stream gaming is dead though sweetheart, don’t get me wrong, we can see you in some little indie niche market for the remaining commie SJW’s but that’s about it , your megaphone privileges are therefore revoked , I suggest you use both of your hands like a microphone to speak to your SJW’s sycophants !!, you know the same way you use it on a Jack Daniel Bottle among other things if you know what I mean.

  15. “Gamergate hasn’t accomplished anything”

    And by “anything” they mean anything that the Anti’s want to accomplish. LMFAO.

    This is why you don’t crap on your customers.

  16. I mean you “could” be right that Gamasutra didn’t like the direction Leigh was taking them in and that’s why she left but for all you know this other site was just trying to make a name for themselves and offered her more money or benefits. But the fact is you didn’t really offer even a shred of evidence for this claim. I get that you despise Leigh and you want any straw you can grasp at to try to make her look bad but as far as “cause and effect” being tied to #gamergate in some way it isn’t really established nor is the notion that her drinking has anything to do with anything. Some people are just functioning alcoholics and some people are completely and totally fucking worthless after a few drinks. It seems like Leigh gets a little out of hand but don’t you really have much in the way of proof for this.

  17. She’s gone from Gamasutra – GOOD.

    Now let’s leave her the fuck alone… or… let’s HELP her get her site up and running. Maybe it will turn into a place where SJW’s go to rant about video games. Maybe, if the site is successful enough, most of the SJW writers on other sites will migrate there and we can just put a block on all links coming from that site. And the sites we did/do like can return back to what they were a few years ago.

    1. Yeah, the social injustice gang loathes any setup which limits victimization. People who promote self defense are particularly hated.

    1. Also, they’re promoting a rape joke in the chans with that color scheme. Someone should be roasting them right now.

    2. You know you have no ground to stand on when you just make fun of the points or problems people bring up instead of confronting them directly in the manner of using facts and logic to debunk the points or problems raised.

  18. This article is poorly written and does not appear to make it adequately clear that there is no reason to believe Alexander is leaving Gamasutra in any kind of “disgrace,” other than wild speculation.

  19. She’s making it for womenz and minoritahs. So she can tell them wut to think and feel cuz she is both a victum and MEGAPHONE. She no care about gamerz, only about teh vagoo (and teh fake pen0rz) and non-whites. It’s going to be for the “gamer-plus” audience. All “inclusive” and shit, cept for, u no, all those white men who supposedly make up “t3h c0r3 gamerz” that she hates cuz they just made misogynerd dudebr0z who oppress all teh womynz.

  20. Also, Pro Tip for Megaphone-chan: Catering to a minority audience = your ass will be broke. Sooooorry. Wait, no I’m not.

  21. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out, Leigh.

    So she’s going to some shit site that isn’t all that well known and she’s going to run that head first into the ground, too? Fine by me, she’s less relevant now and she’ll be even less relevant when she stumbles away drunk from the burning ashes of the site she’s going to now.

  22. Wow…. Just WOWW. I knew this was coming, it had to be. The shit she was spouting there was no other way it could have gone. But again WOW. I don’t like to see a person out of a job, but fuck, if one person had to go for attacking their own audience, it was her. I hate the word toxic, such a SJW word, but she was toxic. To her magazine, to Twitter, to her audience and to gaming full stop.
    Good luck Leigh, I hope things work out for you, I hope you get the help you need, I hope after the help you need, you make a good site. But most of all I hope you look back and realise what a bad role model you were for actual gaming journalism.
    And I mean this, hopefully you do realise your mistakes (we all make them) and empower your self to do good things in future.
    Gamergate is a force for better, more open journalism, better, more open rights to reply and a force for Good gaming.

  23. “I’ve been fucking around on Twitter all night long like a mentally unstable person.” You mean Butts dont you Ralph?

  24. The Boing Boing brand, the brand so fucking strong I never even heard of it before Drunky the Clown joined their ranks.

  25. Holy cronyism, Batman!

    A failed gaming blog site from 6-7 years ago; started by former Gamasutra editor / current chairman to the corrupt IGF (Brandon Boyer)? Wow, shunned off to non-existence.

    Reading between the lines it is clear she would have been fired back in early Sept/Oct 2014, but to avoid scrutiny and such, they waited. Seeing as how GG did NOT die out “in a few days” or even til the end of the year, they again probably waited until they could spin it. And from the recode guy who is friends with Wu? Wow, just wow. The cabal literally have each others backs at every turn, it’s shocking people deny this.

    Second theory: UBM (owners of the the GDC and Gamasutra) did not like all the attention GG brought to the GDC2015 hashtag and finally brought down the sword of Damocles.

    EDIT: 3rd theory: I forgot she made fun of Totalbiscuit for having cancer on twitter, that couldn’t have helped her image.

    Taking bets if the site will (or has?) endorsed CON or that new scam block bot one. I know Leigh hates those people, her Gamers are Dead never mentioned anything about them, but I think she wants to be noticed.

    So in an effort to stay relevant, she might triple-down on proven harassers and abusers for fake-PR / spotlight attention.

    1. Most likely explanation?

      A combination of all of them.

      Her embarrassing and unprofitable behavior was bad, but to avoid bad PR and because they don’t realize how serious GamerGate is, they’ve been holding off.

      However, with the GDC2015 tag being flooded, matters came to a head when they were forced to confront how large we are.

      Add in her mocking a cancer patient who is one of the biggest & most respected names in gaming culture, and they couldn’t hold bad anymore.

  26. The site will do well for maybe a few months, but eventually it’s viewership will fall off as they lose interest and go back to other sites. Truthfully, why would they go to her site when they can get the same information off Polygon or Kotaku? And they at least have some useful stuff mixed in with the shit. This won’t last long

  27. Good thing Leigh’s gone and honestly; all I can say that I never even knew about her until the last seven months and I actually used to browse Gamasutra on occasions but I am glad I don’t. I am glad I am browsing new (or new to me) websites like TechRaptor and Gamer Headlines, especially because those guys aren’t self-destructive. Again, I’m glad Leigh’s gone and with her attitude, I don’t see things looking bright for her in the future.

  28. I think this is a FANTASTIC idea. Any high praise for a game that shows up on their site we just assume collusion. We don’t buy it and soon the indies get the message: Don’t go to Offworld. Congrats, Leigh. You haven’t even started your new business venture and it’s already losing money. How’s about we drink to THAT?

  29. The idea that anyone in existence regards Cory Doctorow as their hero is very sad indeed. Even Dean Wormer would have to agree that fat, drunk, and stupid was a better starting point in adult life.

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