I talked about Little Hitler Ian Miles Cheong’s recent conversion to a (seemingly) rational human on Twitter earlier tonight. This is a curious turn of events, to say the least. I’d seen him begin to take this turn over the last few weeks, but I didn’t really feel it was noteworthy until last night. He took a shit on The Mary Sue and called out a terrible review of The Witcher 3. Then, he went in on Jonathan McIntosh pretty much all night long. Still, I wouldn’t buy anything this deceitful motherfucker tries to sell. He’s a phony, and if the wind blows the other direction, he’ll change his rhetoric again. It’s like a politician trying to get on the winning train before it’s too late.

On the other hand, I can’t blame him for finally getting fed up with the pompous McIntosh.

Here he is on Game of Thrones first (part of the evolution I talked about):

(lol, what? It’s kinda funny to see you say that.)

(Defends Ubisoft too!!)

(Dumps on #FullMcIntosh as well…haha this is an insane change of posture.)


Still going in on Jonny Boy:

He even talks a bit of shit to Saint Anita:

This is a fairly stunning turn of events. But as others warned on Twitter, just because he’s going at these nutcases here, doesn’t mean he should be praised. After all, FullMac and Anita are so far out there with this Mad Max shit, that anyone with even one quarter of a brain should call them on it. I loved the movie as well. Good cinema is good cinema, no matter who consulted on it, or it’s supposed messages (which I didn’t even see in my reading of the film).

So while it’s good to see him go after the scammers, I’d still advise everyone to hold off on the coronation. Remember, this is the same person who blamed gamers for his Nazism. Perhaps if he issued a sincere apology for that, we could take him a bit more seriously. Until then, I hope he continues to flay Anita and Jihad Jon. It sure was funny as hell.