Man, this has been a pretty great stretch. The Wu Family has been exposed in more ways than one, TotalBiscuit’s detractors keep getting blown the fuck out, and tonight (last night actually, I fell asleep writing this lol), another victory rolled in. SJW activist and notoriously unethical Wikipedia editor Ryulong was finally banned from the site. This is the same guy who put up a thread on GamerGhazi begging for money…and still tried to present himself as neutral. He still would have likely gotten away with all this, but he constantly kept pushing things to far. Most of his own allies had deserted him by the end, which is only fitting for a piece of human refuse such as him.

As you might imagine, a crybaby wimp like Ryulong did not take the news in stride. Instead of acting like a man, and accepting his punishment with honor, he cried little bitch tears all day yesterday. I’m glad he did, though, because that made his ban even more sweet:


I’m pretty sure there’s even more out there, so if I missed anything, please put it down in the #BasedCommentSection. Basically, he had a meltdown all day yesterday, that ended with him protecting his tweets so only his 127 followers could see them. This is the mark of a truly defeated man. Naturally, GamerGate wished the crook well:


So farewell, Ryulong! The only reason I haven’t written about your punk ass until now, is because I was waiting for the ban to become official. Thanks for taking out the trash, Wikipedia! You’re still kinda shit yourselves, but at least you dumped this piece of shit. I guess you’ll have to find something constructive to do with you life now, Ryulong. Actually, I doubt that. I’m sure you’ll keep being a nonentity who contributes nothing of value to society.

Be sure to wish Ryulong well down in the comments. This post is a little late, cause I fell asleep last night. I guess Ryulong’s bitchassness rubbed off on me somehow.


UPDATE: Ryulong has been lobbying all day to get his site-ban lifted, but his efforts seem to have failed. There was even a rumor that the nut had threatened suicide over all this (going full psychopath in the process, if true). Either way, it looks like he’s still on the way out.


UPDATE 2: Ryulong’s site-wide ban has been finalized. He can apply for reinstatement in one year: Selection_847Selection_849

  1. LOL. The best part of this entire story is that Anti-GG nutjobs are reporting this as “Wikipedia banning feminist editors” or “wikipedia is banning women from editing the gamergate article” and other such nonsense.

    If they were smart, (which is apparently not the case) – they would notice that the gamergate article on Wikipedia has not changed at all since the ban, and that Jimbo Wales has been one of their largest supporters througout gamergate, but no, instead they are going to make up lies about wikipedia.

    Sucks to be you, Mr. Wales.

    Good luck trollmaster, Ryulong – I look forward to your inane updates to RationalWiki about how Wikipedia is absolutely censoring the interwebz. (And I know it won’t be in the “conspiracy theory” section)

    1. SJWs/3rd Wave Feminists honestly think that people with a hardcore ideological stake in something have ANY business writing on that topic in what is supposed to be an objective encyclopedia is perfectly OK. Because they are retarded ideologues. Whoops! Tautology!

      These are the exact same people that threw a fucking hissy fit when PC Gamer said, “Hey, you know, people with conflicts of interests really shouldn’t be reviewing work they might not be able to give an unbiased opinion on! Because Ethics 101!”. Their reply? “OMG GG IS CENSORING THESE BEAUTIFUL PERFECT PEOPLE WE COMPLETELY TRUST (because they are on our side)!”

      I legitimately think these moronic children don’t comprehend what Ethics and “conflict of interests” means.

    2. I had read there was something like 11 feminist editors completely banned from any kind of gender related article, so it is a big victory, in a way. Simply acknowledging that there are biased feminist editors out there in huge, actually. It’s sort of the thin end of the wedge. We’ll see what happens.

      1. Technically, these editors are not known to be feminist – they made that statement to try and make the situation sound like wikipedia “hates women” or at least feminists.

    3. I really enjoy them claiming that Wikipedia “tacitly” supports the harassing misogynists of GamerGate. Hmmm, they did that with Intel as well… the funny thing is, I’m pretty sure the powers that make up the upper echelons of the Wikimedia Project take their rules VERY fucking seriously, even if a few of them do have ideological leanings. If they think they can shame Wikipedia into changing their position, they’ve got another thing coming.

      Also, if they want to defame Wikipedia and attempt to “ruin” it’s “credibility” they can have at it – anything to make that atrocious article less believable the better.

      1. Not to mention Wikipedia isn’t exactly spotless as far as reputation for being accurate or objective, lol.

        1. Any college Prof worth their salt will tell you DAY ONE that Wikipedia is NOT a credible source. Now I’m wondering if Anita ever cited it on her Masters, or perhaps used it to build her “bibliography”? Hmm….

          1. Maybe, but on her Masters Thesis she had no citations whatsoever. All she had was data she collected from watching TV, and that data didn’t even support her premise.

          2. No no, I think she had a page where she gave credit to the 20 or so “modern” feminists whose opinions she repeated practically verbatim. Her scholarship OFFENDS the fuck out of me as someone who holds dual masters in cultural history and information science (archives and records management, not programming). You don’t just repeat what the “old guard” have to say; you take their work and your own research and you synthesize new ideas. Of course, you can’t do that in the P.C. Echo Chamber, as you will be labeled a heretic.

            And the “data” didn’t just fail to support her premise. It flat out fucking CONTRADICTS it. Hence her pulling it off her website. Didn’t stop Milo from getting a copy though. I wonder if Thunderf00t helped him out with that?

    4. You ever see RationalWiki’s Gamergate article? It’s far worse than what he did on wikipedia.

  2. Huh. Last I heard they had just restricted the problem children from editing GG-related entries. Did Ryulong decide to ignore the Arbcom edict?

    1. The restriction was pending further review. People provided some nasty sauces to Captain Ethics Jimmy Wales that this little mother fucker was balls deep in Gamer Ghazi and taking MONEY from a professed SJW “infiltrator”. Not to mention the fact that he would literally defend his position with blatant logical fallacies and ignore ANYTHING that didn’t paint GamerGate as completely about misogyny. There comes a point with no matter what direction your organization wants to go in that you need to expel the truly over zealous.

      1. Yeah, that’d do it. There’s no way Wales could ignore an ‘edit for money’ scheme. Interested parties might want to keep an eye on the other actors, though… can’t imagine they’d only pay ONE guy…

        1. To be fair Ryulong is pretty full retard. That guy does NOTHING but edit all sorts of wiki’s. He practically wrote rationalwiki’s (ugh) entry with his own cum and otaku sweat.

      1. …Peter Coffin and Bobby Oliviera just got added to Baphomet’s lunch specials, extra salty of course,,,just budding at th moment,,,

        1. Peter Coffin needs to have the fucking taste slapped out of his mouth. That guy is a grade “A” fucking lunatic and a professional liar and shit-slinger. Bobby Oliviera is… well, Bobby Oliviera. Not much else to be said. May Baphoment find much nourishment from BOTH of their twisted souls.

        2. Never heard of Bobby Oliviera, but I saw the new article about Peter Coffin on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Good lord, that dude goes past beta all the way to omega.

          1. …you missed ol’ Bobby? Go search him on twitter, or better yet, lurk Baphomets board,,,he’s on th menu and definitely oneof th biggest and dumbest drama queen lulz magnets going…he’s harrassed Based Mom for months trying to stir up shit for her, which has caused her no problems…..Bobby’s one of th mistakes th Universe forgot to erase…and hilarity ensues as a result…

      2. Nope. Dogfucker Sarah is still at it, cherry picking like crazy and pulling the same “one GamerGater speaks for/represents ALL of GamerGate” bullshit.

        1. But the question is: Does anyone care? I mean, puppyrapist (c wut i did ther? cuz pedo 2!) pumps out shit into the echo chamber. Any remotely rational person will realize they’re seeing things out of context and the fact that ALL this person does is spam shit about GamerGate around the clock makes him/her/it look even more mentally ill.

    1. ArbCom is the supreme decision making body when it comes to reviewing bullshit editors at Wikipedia get up to. They’re basically like the Wikimedia Project equivalent to SCOTUS.

  3. This is the first domino to tip over in a long chain of SJW zealots yet to be toppled.

    Mark my words, one day we will be witnessing the same thing happening to Kuchera and Alexander. On that day, all life on Earth will perish from the sheer amount of Salt that will cover the land and fill the oceans.

    1. I am sure this year will be one hell of a ride for the feminists
      They are going to loos so much ground and i am going to love every inch of it

      1. I already restocked my tissue and popcorn supply in antecipation.

        Really, one of the main reasons why gg continues, in my opinion, is because of the salt. Their public displays of anger, meltdowns, rising sodium levels… That is so incredibly fun to watch that many of us can’t help but keep going. I’m a sucker for some delicious schadenfreude.

        I guess this is similar to the kind of rush one of those people that closely follow celebrity gossips feel.

    2. The tide is turning. Pests like srh butts have been exposed as SA goons and dog-fuckers. The ABC report on Anita has backfired and shown that the majority of the public is against her bullshit. Several dumbasses tried to knock Total Biscuit down and got cut down to size instead. Wu has been exposed as a lunatic, a liar, and a hypocrite. FullMcInJosh is in danger of blowing Anita’s deal with Intel. Douches that make a living off anti GG propaganda like Peter Coffin have been exposed as sad, betas that harass Asian women, then pretend to be one so he can make racist jokes. Zoe’s CON is seen as the scam it is, and is only being propped up by her hugbox buddies. So-called “feminists in tech” like Shanley have been revealed as mentally unstable racists with no real influence at all. Some of them kicked the /baph/ hornest’s nest and are paying the price.

      However, it’s best not to get cocky, because the Antis have proven to play dirty when they get desperate. Despite all their “doxing is bad!” rhetoric, they’ll gladly do it to GGers since we’re “acceptable targets”. They didn’t hesitate to swat Mike C, and even bragged about it. Milo was sent a needle filled with an unknown substance in the mail, and another GGer was sent a knife with a note telling them to kill themselves. They still have a few sites from which they can weave their false narratives, and most of the mainstream media is willing to give a platform to the loudest Antis since it brings in the ratings/clicks.

  4. Was he one of the five feminists that got banned from the gamergate wikipedia article or was this separate?

    1. One of the five lord’s of the fail. He’s one of those “undercover” furries, the extra special creepy ones that are too ashamed to let their freak flag fly. NorthbySouthBaraof is another SJW that got b&’d as well. He’s a skeevy looking fuck that’s for sure. And ED has him listed as an adult baby/diaper fetish enthusiast, which makes me wonder how much truth is to that. Downside to ED is they’re so anti-PC (love it) and into the lulz that it’s hard to always figure out what’s true and what’s just taking the piss out of a keyboard warrior.

      Now if only TRPoD aka The Red Pen of Doom would get b&’d.

  5. “Our version”? That little mother fucker. How about the COMPLETE omission of the GamesJournoPros leak, PROVING the corruption issue? The MASS CENSORSHIP across the Net and the DDoS ATTACK on The Escapist’s forum, specifically aimed at the GamerGate thread, when Totilo refused to kowtow to Kuchera’s fascist views on free speech (about Totilo’s only redeeming quality frankly)? If they want to present the harassment, that’s fine. No sane person will deny harassment has and is happening. But to slander an entire group of people based on the action of anonymous trolls is beyond fucked up. And then to CONCEAL evidence which supports GamerGate as a movement founded around rejecting the corrupt ideologies of the games media and claim it as “truth”? I hope that little fucking weeaboo catches mouth herpies from all that panty sniffing he does.

  6. Ralph, the GamerGate “controversy” (fuck that noise) article makes me angry with how biased it is and the fact that it trivializes (literally) the ethics issue and blatantly obscures the facts, so can you be my hero and if and when it gets changed to something less eye-wateringly retarded could you do an article on it? It’s like googling “gamergate”… I can’t do it anymore. -_- I have a job and responsibilities and just can’t devote any more time and energy to railing against human stupidity (it ain’t healthy… unless you’re making a living off it lol). Keep on being as hard line and BASED as you are sir, because there are no half measures with ideologues.

  7. Poor him brought down by his own hubris…they get so used to being untouchable that they start to believe they are…

  8. Frankly I would be satisfied if Wikipedia deleted the article and anything related to it (Quinn, Anita, etc) – these people aren’t relevant in the long run, that is, when they inevitably grow old and die, their “work” will be very quickly forgotten.

    This is like trying to write an article about ANY contentious conflict WHILE IT IS HAPPENING. GamerGate is not over, nor will it be for as long as the games media continues to be corrupt and SJWs continue to assault our RIGHT to enjoy violence and sex and whatever else the fuck we want because it’s NOT BLOODY REAL.

    Let this shit resolve itself in the fullness of time (i.e. after we’ve won) and then what happened can be covered.

      1. Yeah he is cool
        Dont know/red his books (not much of a reader any more) but i may pick one or two up

        I dont get it,Star trek did so much for empowering women and now this shit
        And same old same old…..they dont do shit and want others to change things for them so that they may like it
        (do we look like we work for them and if so when are they going to pay us the big buck’s?)

        If i dont like a book .i stop reading it
        If i dont like some art i stop looking at it or make my own
        If i dont like the looks of a motorcycle i change it
        And those trust fund baby’s want other people to change things so they may like it and it is never good enough for them (

        (oh btw Ralph if this is the wrong place for this post then please remove my post)

        1. While his Monster Hunter International series isn’t bad, I actually like his Grimnoir series a lot more.

          But I certainly don’t think your thoughts are out of line. Can’t speak for the host but I’d bet money he doesn’t either 🙂

  9. – would love to hear Ralph’s thoughts on this. That poison pen though. It’s heartening to see people willing to actually challenge someone in person to defend their beliefs, especially when they criticize their opponents as “hiding behind their keyboards”.

    1. They are not merely “adding alternatives.” Adding alternatives is what 4chan did when they decided to fund the FYC charity. Adding alternatives has zero enemies, or opponents. She is usually honest about her bias to a fault, but on that question, she clearly felt the need to lie about what they are trying to do.

      When someone gets up on stage with a copy of GTA IV and destroys it, they’re not adding alternatives. When someone shames existing games and game creators into changing their content, or trying to get it banned from retailers, they are not adding alternatives. When someone picks apart games and misrepresents them to try and state that they are literally dangerous and influence people negatively in real life, they are not adding alternatives.

      Adding alternatives is something everyone can support. That’s how every other media format is. You have hardcore pornography in film, and you have indie films at Sundance. One doesn’t stop the other. And yet, they feel the need to shame GTA, Dragon’s Crown, Hitman, Dead or Alive, and on and on and on.

      Shaming AC: Unity for not having a female assassin is not “adding alternatives.” It’s demanding that the content all caters to your niche. She is lying. When they do accidentally state out loud that this is their goal, they basically line up with Jack Thompson. That’s why they never, ever say it out loud and will lie and deny it.

      Just look at the pressure and shaming tactics they use. If they goal was to add alternatives, they’d just be funding alternative games, and adding games to the market. All they add is twitter posts and hate though, trying to change what already comes out.

      1. What someone really needed to ask her was:

        GG: “Ms. Alexander, do you consider yourself a critic?”
        LA: “Yes. *obnoxious laughter*”
        GG: “So, I take it you know what critical thinking is?”
        LA: “Of course.”
        GG: “For those in the audience unaware, critical thinking, when applied, roots out bias in an attempt to gain the most objective perspective possible when analyzing something. So, bearing that in mind, Ms. Alexander, can you please explain why you think conflating an opinion piece that touts your subjective feelings about violence or sexuality, or anything really, in a game with a proper critical analysis is an ethical position to take?”
        LA: “Sputtering and drops the Jim Sterling Objectivity is Impossible Straw Man.”
        GG: “Yes, that’s a classic objectivity-is-impossible Straw Man, but to the point, can you explain why you think your subjective, personal opinion about something matters more to a consumer about why they should buy a game than it’s technical elements? Or it’s story and game play structure? Or why you think your personal feelings about something should influence it’s scoring, rather than the criteria that your consumer group you supposedly represent apply to dictate whether or not something is “fun”?

        At that point “GG” would probably be escorted out of the auditorium. If not, closing with:

        “One last thing: Can you please clarify what you meant when you referred to Gamer Culture as “barely a culture” and that it was “honestly pretty disgusting?”

        Would deliver a nice, swift kick in the roast beef sandwich.

        1. But it is good to see that people dear to stand up against them in public now
          A year ago this would not happen

          Here in holland we have the same sort of journalist’s but also the same kind of comments telling the journalist that they are lying or just show one side

          And the same thing in Germany and France

          (Zoe better not go any Amsterdam koffieshop to smoke a lot of weed,people may recognize her,We Dutch dont really like that sort of feminists,We have a name for them “Dolle Miena’s” and that isnt a really nice name )

          1. I’m sensing… a disturbance in the Net… a new meme… is awakening. Make it happen captain.

    1. If not, we’ll get to see what a “pillar of salt” looks like.

      I think we need that as an animated .gif meme. NAO!

  10. Does anybody else recognize how much DragonDragon’s avatar looks like a steaming turd?

    And ArbCom decided to flush.

    1. I suspect he might be using Digimon logic, in which a lot of great dragons start out as a little slime creature (namely Chicomon). I really don’t wanna associate the Digimon franchise with this sorry excuse of human waste, but that’s what it looks like to me.

  11. Aaaand still no fucks, pucks, fracks, shits, gigglefarts, goobledegumps, carebears, gummibears, or dingeberries were given.

    So long, farewell, and goodbye to bad Ryubbish. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    Oh, and turn off the lights, please.

  12. You know what the best choice for him, he can do what everyone else has done, claim the victim card and setup a patreon, it seems to work for everyone that fails at their job on the SJW side (and wikipedia seems to be his only job if he’s making this big of a deal).

  13. In my opinion what really stands out to me is the level of delusion this sad fellow lives in. After reading his meltdown and the tweets it becomes apparent that he really does believe he is saving poor innocent people from the awful internet trolls. How does he accomplish this? By altering a wikipedia entry to have serious inaccuracies. Who the hell is he saving by doing this? What a sad, deluded little fucker. I could almost feel sorry for him if he wasn’t so damn pathetic.

  14. This is the man that was considered 2extreme4RationalWiki (he was desysoped from there) AND managed to get banned from a Bleach wiki!

    This shows that his imbecility goes beyond mere SJWism. It also shows that, apparently, his entire life revolves around editing wikis. Pathetic.

    The only way he can up the game now is by getting banned from the biggest hugboxy mantrain on the internet: NeoFAG.

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