Louise Mensch

Louise Mensch has gotten plenty of coverage on this site lately, but she’s clearly not done embarrassing herself yet. Last night the editor of “Anti-SJW” Heat Street went on the most spectacular Twitter meltdown I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing live. Some highlights:

Repeatedly insisting that anyone who defends Trump/criticizes Hillary on Twitter is a bot controlled by Russian President Vladimir Putin (Louise never got the memo that the Cold War is over), and tried to prove it by linking to a bunch of Twitter word strings that only showed legitimate users making unique posts, as opposed to a myriad of bots repeating the same message. Congrats?



Another highlight: Calling EVERYONE who votes Donald Trump scum of the earth. She later explained that Trump is only supported by 4chan users and Putin Bots.


Louise also sperged out at the progressive alternative to Hillary for this election, Jill Stein of the Green Party, accusing her too of being a tool of Vladimir Putin. By the way, the reason many leftists- I mean, Principled Hillary-Voting Conservatives, have been attacking Jill Stein is that she correctly pointed out that Hillary, unlike Trump, is an unhinged warmonger liable to start World War 3.


Here’s Ms. Mensch declaring (after some prodding by yours truly) that being a True Republican means you’re Anti-Nationalist and Pro-Muslim:


However, easily the highlight of the night was her hateful attacks on journalist Michael Tracey. Despite writing for the awful far-left outlet VICE, Tracey has actually been one of the fairest reporters covering the on-going US election, pointing out positives about Trump and negatives about Hillary that the mainstream media stubbornly refuse to talk about. This includes Hillary’s pro-war stances:

Loony Louise first went after Tracey for tweeting out a picture of a guy in a Pepe the Frog shirt that he had seen at a Trump Hindu event. Since Heat Street’s official stance is that Pepe is a Nazi symbol, she confronted him about “citing an anti-semitic meme approvingly”.


That was moronic enough, but Louise also felt the need to tag his employer, VICE, into the conversation…in a barely-veiled attempt at getting him into trouble for having retweeted a Nazi Frog. Hilariously, Louise is so stupid and incompetent that she actually managed to tag the wrong VICE account!

Not content with crying about his Pepe tweet, Loony Louise then took it upon herself to scour Tracey’s Twitter feed for other problematic tweets – which she certainly found, in the form of criticism of Hillary Clinton, and especially Hillary’s relentless warmongering. This made Louise so mad that she again went and tattled to Tracey’s employer (this time tagging the correct account), explicitly telling VICE to “get its house in order.” Basically, the editor of supposedly Pro-free-speech, Anti-SJW Heat Street went ahead and tried to get a journalist either Censored or (more likely) FIRED for criticizing Hillary Clinton. Wow…


Look, I’m on the record being all for getting SJWs fired from their jobs if the chance presents itself – but that’s inevitably on the basis on legitimate grievances, like the SJW in question being horrible at her job or moonlighting as a prostitute while working for a family-friendly company. Trying to get a journalist fired for making fair, substantive criticisms of the SJW candidate of this presidential election – do I even need to explain how messed up this is?

The only saving grace for Louise is that her disgusting tweets are unlikely to be taken seriously, even at VICE. Michael Tracey himself certainly seemed unfazed by Loony Louise’s hissyfit:

However, if it’s still the thought that counts, Louise Mensch has certainly been exposed as a vile individual, pushing censorship and trying to silence “wrongthinkers” as aggressively as any SJW I’ve seen. If you still had any faith in Heat Street (which Louise founded and is the editor of) being anything more than Controlled Opposition, last night’s meltdown ought to disabuse you of that notion.