Well, I just go through watching the GOP debate a few minutes ago, and it pretty much lived up to expectations. The second half was a little more ho-hum, but that first hour, and especially that first half hour, were fucking bonkers. They had a setup for Trump right at the outset. Even I didn’t think they’d be this obvious, but damned if they weren’t. What was that first question? The contenders were asked to raise their hand if they refused to rule out running as an independent. Of course the only person this applied to, was Donald Trump. He raised his hand and admitted he would not rule that out.

A short time later, Fox’s Megyn Kelly came at him again, with a question about how he had bad-mouthed various women over the years. Trump’s response?giphy (3)

Take a look at how the media is portraying this:1

The Mashable article calls The Donald’s response a “sexist attack.” They weren’t the only ones to go down this road. It seems like the mainstream media is trying to play up some more of the “war on women” themes…again. Here’s a Salon post that says he’s “attacking” Ms. Kelly:

“No, it wasn’t,” Kelly replied. “It was well beyond Rosie O’Donnell. You once told a contestant on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ that it ‘would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees.’ Does that sound to you like the temperament of someone we should elect as president,” and “how would you answer the question from Hillary Clinton…that you are part of the war on women?”

Trump replied that “the big problem this country has is being politically correct. I’ve been challenged by so many people, I don’t have time for total political correctness.” He said “what I say is fun, it’s kidding, we have a good time.”

“Honestly, Megyn, if you don’t like it, I’m sorry. I’ve been very nice to you, even though I don’t have to be given the way you treat me, but I wouldn’t do that.”
I can only imagine that this theme is going to continue. To me, it was anything but a sexist attack. I’m not the only one who feels that way, either. Even people who don’t care for Trump at all are chiming in with a similar opinion:


The crowd sure didn’t seem to mind. I don’t think most of the country will give two shits, either. They’re sick of the “gotcha” games that have defined our politics over the last 30 years or so.


Not everyone was happy with Megyn Kelly, by the way…


I expected Trump to be taking heat for something coming out of this thing, I just didn’t expect it to be so paper-thin. I thought he handled himself pretty well, and was one of the top 2 or 3 people on stage. Of course, he did get a lot more time than everyone else.

I’ll keep updating this post as more comes in. If you want to watch this full exchange for yourself, here’s the video, courtesy of RealClearPolitics:



UPDATE: The GuardianVox, & Slate join the hatchet-job parade…


UPDATE II: Here’s Trump’s response so far…

The questions to me were not nice,” Trump said. “I didn’t think they were appropriate.”

Trump especially took issue with Megyn Kelly, the Fox News host who began her first question to Trump by listing the derogatory remarks he’s made about women he doesn’t like.

“I think Megyn behaved very nasty to me,” he said.

Trump weathered the incident by making light of the matter while arguing that the United States suffers from “being politically correct.” But his treatment by Kelly and her co-moderators was clearly an issue for him.

“All I know is everybody came up to me and said, ‘You had the toughest questions,’” he said.

Despite his complaints, Trump said he enjoyed the debate.

  1. So, the MSM picked Trump Hill to die on, did they?

    EDIT: Oh wait, it’s not the MSM at all. It’s third-tier outfits like Mashable and Salon. Well, there’s always Friday morning for MSNBC/CNN/et al to catch up.

    1. They’ll all be hosting their own debates, probably multiple times. So I don’t think they’ll be saying much that is all that inflammatory.

  2. I like Fox News, certainly more than alternatives, but they are just as guilty as anyone else for playing politics and chasing out what they consider to be threats to the republican party. That’s why I can’t stomach any news channels anymore because they can’t keep their agenda bullshit out of the news.

    On top of that, the GOP in particular, has been throwing the best men under the bus for ages. All these people care about is towing their party lines. It is no surprise that they are going full force on shutting Trump down. I’m not so sure that is going to work anymore in this day and age of the internet. They got their wish with shutting down Paul yet again last round regardless, but I’m not so sure they have the future they want secured with getting Trump out of the way this go round.

    The problem with this country above all else is people voting for either dem or rep just because they are dem or rep. That badly needs to change. Our elected officials didn’t do this to America, whatever you consider THIS to be. We did, because we elected them based on political devotion rather than caring about the best person for the job. “I voted, see I care!” It doesn’t work like that…

    As far as Trump goes, it’s obvious for him the only thing left for him to achieve in this life is being POTUS. I don’t know what’s better for America, a person who has a military background or a business background. But if you’re going to go business, it doesn’t get any better than Trump. Maybe he has a legitimate shot at solving our debt crisis and right now that is more important than anything. We cannot continue going in debt. We just cannot do it. This is how great nations fall if not by the sword, is economies going bust. We cannot let that happen.

    1. The entire election process is for entertainment purposes only. The things you describe are that way on purpose and working as intended. You and I aren’t who the system is setup for.

    2. That whole party loyalty thing is sadly way too true and I HATE it. I absolutely despise it. Sadly the party is needed in this day and age to help fund your entire campaign so it’s either most popular guy in the party or richest man who is able to run for president, screw their actual merit.
      The party mentality is so bad that even in those cases someone really does not approve of the candidate for their party, they just refuse to vote at ALL.

      Washington himself said parties would be the death of america.

    1. Honestly I don’t like the guy, but with that said I’d vote for him. There needs to be a lot more politicians that don’t give a shit on how they look (the only 2 american politicians i’d vote for if i could is trump and bernie)

      1. I would vote for him too….especially if he teams up with Rand Paul….or even better Louie Gohmert.

        Then again, bear in mind I am British…and we still haven’t forgiven you colonials for chucking all that lovely tea in the sea.

        1. Well, you DID take away our ability to pay for goods using colonial script and sent the colonies into a massive recession.

          1. Forgiveness and eternal fraternal love and man hugs to you all my wonderfully crazy and lovable American cousins.
            You may, in the main, be a nation of coffee drinking heavily armed anti-imperial insurgents….. but at least you aren’t French.

  3. Trump’s big plan for America: “We need quickness, energy, strength, and brains.”

    That’s … a pretty vague plan. Seems people really just want to elect someone entertaining instead of think about policies. God help us all, holy hell.

    “If only we give up political correctness, we’ll be super tough and stand up to China!” This would be embarrassing if it wasn’t so god damned terrifying to watch everyone buy into it.

    1. They are all vague, and any “specifics” are all bullshit anyway because the POTUS never gets to set some magic agenda that everyone follows to the letter.

      It is about the attitude and trying to shake things up. Trump can hire top tier advisers, staffers, and interns like every other politician once he is in office. It is the attitude that he brings that would be different and possibly rattle Washington.

  4. I only saw half of the GOP debate and it was very entertaining to watch. Although I’m still no fan of Tronald Dump, but I’ll have to say kudos to him for calling out the politically correct bullshit. I don’t think he’ll be president at all, but he was good for a laugh.

    Is there any chance that you’ll put a full video of the debate in the near future here on your site, Mr.TheRalph? Because I really like to see what I missed out on from start to finish.

  5. Trump’s success so far really demonstrates a few things I think:

    1.As we all know most people don’t vote at all, disillusionment, resentment and apathy regarding the existing political landscape are a major reason for this. We have now reached a point where a charismatic rabblerouser with existing fame and access to a separate line of funding is going to be capable of not just seizing a chair or two at the table of power but outright flipping the fucking table over.

    2.The GOP likely has it wrong trying to be moderate, that is if they want to rally their own base anyway.

    3. Once again the circus that the media has turned culture and politics into has turned on and bitten them, it seems like the more they try to shit on Trump the more people respond positively to him. I think this has more to do with hatred toward the media than with love of Trump as a person, a politician or even approval of his platform.

    Note, I am neither for or against Trump. Rather it is my opinion that the 2016 election having already reached the peaks of sheer crazy it has before it even really started demonstrates what a parody of itself national politics has degenerated into. I want to see the applecart overturned but I don’t think Trump is the right guy or has the right message. Nevertheless it seems his odds of managing to be the one to do it are only increasing.

    1. Nature abhors a vacuum and in this case the vacuum was created by the GOP being out of touch w/ the rank & file and a serious lack of balls. Playing the moderate (well, beyond moderate actually) role has fucked the GOP. The Democrats play hardball all of the time, every time while the Republicans go out of their way to show everyone what “swell guys” they are tiptoeing through the tulips. Trump pretty much said, “fuck all that”.

    2. That’s basically how Reagan got in, though the president preceding him was also quite a bit lamer. I think Trump’s interns (and maybe even himself) made a point to avoid reading from mainstream republican sources and looked into how the people at FreeRepublic and the like talk, so he took how he talks in his ‘boardroom’ segments and made a whole platform out of it.

      Best case scenario in this IMO is trump vs sanders, having both parties headed by outsiders might break up the cliqueish idiocy smothering them both, and stop this Political Dynasty nonsense that Kennedy started.

      1. Consider this alternative scenario as well:

        The rank and file republicans rally behind Trump, the rank and file democrats rally behind Sanders but then each party’s insiders snub the popular candidate at the conventions and nominate Jeb and Hilary. In that case the cliquish political aristocracy becomes a painful and hated verified fact, both parties become seen as corrupt beyond redemption and they both subsequently start falling apart anyway.

        Meanwhile the media is put in a rough spot as they’re forced to cover it. Defend the establishment and prove once and for all they’re just a part of it themselves? Break with the establishment but thereby be seen waffling and alienate their powerful friends?

        Very few likely scenarios look like anything less than the beginning of the end for the status quo right now.

  6. Ever since the whole birther thing Trump’s really gone batshit looks like the rest of the Republicans went with him. Guess Obama really fucked up a lot of crazy crackers who might have been sane at one point. We all gonna die.

  7. The time answering questions shows the game.

    Every question they asked Trump was loaded and aimed at his head. They gave him time to speak because they were trying to mess him up. Why? Because he has been doing so well in so many polls, and he is not the Establishment’s choice.

    Bush came in second because he IS the Establishment’s choice, and they tried to give him as much time as possible to sell himself to the American people.

    They set out to kneecap Trump and to try to lift up Bush. Snap polls at both Drudge and Time, however, show people saying that Trump won the debate by a wide margin.

    1. They also deliberately went after Paul too – there were quite a few questions that went “Senator Paul said this, what do you think of that?” attempting to start drama. The one they asked Christie had zero chance of being answered without starting controversy. That, and out of all the candidates, Paul got less time to speak, even though he interjected without permission.

  8. I’ll take Trump over another Clinton or Bush. Worst that can happen is we get about what we have now with Obama or what we had with Carter; two know-nothing political done-nothings that accomplished nothing positive.

    That, to me, is still more acceptable than having another member of a political dynasty in office. I am sick of seeing the Bushes, the Clintons, the Kennedys, and so on in any political office on the Federal level. Hell, I am sick of seeing anyone in the Senate or Congress who has been there more than 12 years, and that includes any campaign advisers, lobbyists, and aides.

    The presidency and Congress are nothing more than a shit hole of back scratching and safety dancing to secure re-elections and party one-up-man-ship. It’s come to actually having to vote the less bad of two choices, because third parties are wasted votes (and that will never change) since the majority of the masses vote on party lines.

    There should not only be term limits, but also some form of civil service requirement, like 3 years in the peace corps at home building houses and cleaning up poor neighborhoods, and 3 years abroad seeing the “rights” and living conditions 3rd world countries have, before getting elected. The pay should be fucking lousy (and any independent income should be frozen while in office). Job security should be non-existent (because of terms limits and elections). Get people in who actually want to serve the country, not themselves and their egos.

    1. The Kennedys were up and down for the most part with their political members, so to me as a whole the family was decent but not really an example of problems with political dynasties as you call it. But I tell you what, I would not at all mind another Roosevelt dynasty.

    2. I agree with a lot of this. I’ve been thinking recently that Congress, especially, should be a volunteer or low-pay position, and should only meet on a part-time basis. It might help get guys in there who want to do good for the country and help curb the amount of useless legislation that passes.

  9. I cant stand The Don….he pretty much embodies everything I consider cheap, vain and shallow. BUT… this is meant to be a fair race with everyone getting an equal crack, not a night of the long knives care of Roger Ailes’ favorite rent a bimbo.
    So even though I have to grit my teeth to say it…Props To The Teflon Don. Keep on punching back Trump old boy, after all, it seems to be working for you rather than them.

    1. She may be hot (and she is). She may be smart (and she is).
      But Megyn Kelly is Roger Ailes’ little puppet, and he pulls the strings. Roger says “get him” and she toes the line.

  10. how sad is it that the more I hear this buffoon handle the jackoff media, the more I think I’d like to see him as president? Despite whether I agree with his policies, or think he’d be a good leader at all, I’m really ready to see a president who will tell the media to get fucked rather than try to look good in polls. and really, how bad can he wreck shit in 4 years? It isn’t like we haven’t had 14 years of abuse from 2 freedom curtailing dickheads already.

    1. Just 14? I’d say 22 because Clinton started this shit. Part the reason this country started getting shitty was because of NAFTA. After that started to take foothold in about 96, the country started seeing more and more business take place outside of it.

      Kickbacks, man. Most politicians take em to fill the bank accounts. At least Trump is already rich, we can only hope he doesn’t need more money.

      1. well, you’re probably right, but Clinton wasn’t as eager to sell out our civil liberties too. Remember, the PATRIOT acts was due to the big scary rules he put in place to keep agencies from “sharing info”

        1. No, he wasn’t, but NAFTA is his brainchild and it is more responsible for the turn of the millennium destruction of the American economy than a thousand bailouts and Bush tax Cuts combined. It was what opened the doors for corporates to just up and leave, take a lot of their infrastructure and business to places like China, and destroy the bargaining power of unions.

          1. TBH, I’m not a fan of unions. But I agree with you about NAFTA. The only thing most millenial tards know about linto is they think he paid off the debt and had us with a surplus that bush subsequently wasted.

          2. I’m not a fan of them either, and I’ve worked in two. Whatever older folks than myself think of Unions is based on a past that no longer exists. That being said, the power unions once possessed did have the effect of keeping other employers straight, to a lesser or greater degree.

            As for Millennials (I am one) and what they know of Clinto and the economy? Hell, nothing that happened during the Clinton administration was a result of his policies. They were a result of the policies that George Bush Sr put into effect during his final year in office. He undid a lot of the Regan era economics and closed a number of gaps in how foreign trade effects our coffers. Clinton rode on the programs of his predecessor.

            Seriously. How often do we hear people talk about how Clinton presided over the biggest growth our country had seen in decades and then never ask “How did he do that?” Even more, how does the man who created the foundation and seeds of our current long running economic despair by creating the worst international trade alliance our country has ever entered also run such a brilliant domestic program that he reverses 30 years of waste and deficit in a 4 year span?

            Hint: He doesn’t.

          3. I take back my millenniums generalization then. It seems they aren’t all Stewart felating drones after all.

          4. As I understand it, I’m just at the very edge of the Millennial line (born in 85).

            But yeah.. most of my friends are more like me on this particular note. We disagree on plenty of other things, but there’s a common consensus that we were grossly lead astray by the political ideologues of our parents generation, and that the left wing shit they’ve been spewing for years is horrifically tainted by a combination of willful ignorance and pseudo-religious ideological allegiance to their political party.

            The big moment usually comes in one of four select favors: 1: We get hit in a cruel fashion by modern feminism, 2: We notice their own anti-scientific proclivities when science doesn’t match up to their political pogroms, 3: We get a real, highly in depth history lesson that blows the sanitized revisionism they drone on about out of the water, or 4: We see through their anti-humanist and self permissive rhetoric due to how at conflict it is with their “we are all one” and false ethical rhetoric.

            There are a lot of more of us than you think, but there are much fewer of us than there should be. In truth, I think that we’re becoming more prevalent, in part because it is my generation that is growing up raised in a culture of liberal lies. It’s causing incredible internal stress, as we fight to reconcile what and who we’ve been told is right, and what we’ve come to learn as adults.

            You can see it in some of the commenters here. GG’s political majority body is basically grievously disenfranchised young adult liberals whose first taste of the greater wickedness and deception of our party of birth has left us very, very confused about what to do.

          5. yeah except that major corporations backed nafta, pledging to keep jobs in the us and then, like corporations do, reneged

            nafta it isnt all on clinton. repealing glass-steagall by far is the biggest blunder of his presidency- which was a direct contributor to the 08 meltdown. nafta cost the us about 1 million net jobs over the first 20 years, over 2.5 million jobs were lost in 2008-90% or so because of the meltdown

          6. Hell man, forget the glass-steagal bust that occurred in 08 (well, don’t, but I’ve got something to say and drama is fun). Look at the dot com bust. Look at the EPIC economic free fall we ended up diving into between 00 and 01. The Bush economy, ever the vexation of his presidency, was total shit before the man was even inaugurated.

          7. yeah except the dot com bubble is a result of the free market, which i hear is infallible. thats not the same thing as policy changes that precipitate economic issues in the future. at the end of the day bush still inherited a surplus, so its kinda hard to say the economy was in the tank when he got there. recessions are a part of the cycle-theyre unavoidable. nafta was designed under the auspices that big companies were going to keep their word and hire american workers, if you want to blame clinton for nafta, the only thing that you should blame him for is trusting big business to keep their word.

          8. Hardly. Anyone with half a brain knew exactly how NAFTA was gonna go down, and Clinton signed shit like the Defense of Marriage Act in order to buy the Republican votes necessary to make it happen. The free market isn’t infallible. It’s a murky, storm ridden sea that only the brave and cunning can truly manipulate to their favor, and it’s still a shit ton better than any other system that has come about thus far. I don’t blame crooked, greedy men for making deal with idiots who are advised against their idiocy because I’m not stupid like Clinton was. You seem to think Corporatists are the devil, because they are, so I urge you to keep in mind that those who make deals with devils have no one to blame but themselves for the ramifications of their actions.

            Plus, as an aside, I find it extremely doubtful that Clinton went about making deals with American Big Business, obtaining assurances that they wouldn’t do exactly what NAFTA would allow them to do. To even claim that is absurd. on epic proportions. If you’ve got something to back that up from a vetted source, I beg of you to show it, because that would be a hell of a thing to see.

            That all said, this is hardly the only case of delusional economic incompetence on a democratic president’s part. The current POTUS is making compacts with some of the worst slave trading nations of the Pacific-Asian coast, and reducing the severity of the intentional community’s treatment of slave owning nations, all so he can make what amounts to the next NAFTA before his tenure in office is done. There’s a fucking pattern with these guys, generation after generation, of epidemically abysmal legal moves which wreck our economy.

  11. What a joke. Trump only bites back at those who try to bite him first, regardless of gender. His “give no fucks” attitude is a breath of fresh air, and I’m really feeling like the silent majority is getting increasingly tired of PC bullshit, so I’d imagine this coverage will only help him. Keep on truckin’, Donny.

  12. Oh please. Guy has a history of being a belligerent bully to anyone who looks at him the wrong way. He was given unfairly tough questions? Sounds like he can talk shit but can’t take it.

    That said, yeah. I don’t think that specific back and forth with Megyn Kelly was enough to really warrant branding him that.

    Fuck Trump forever for the shit he’s said about Mexicans, though. (Guess what I am.)

    1. What did he say about Mexicans? He spoke on illegals who shouldn’t be here. The Mexican gov’t is brutal as fuck to Central Americans trying to cross illegally into Mexico, yet merely talking about America securing its own borders and protecting its own people is “evil”. Fuck that. Oh, and fuck Meg with her crypto-feminist “War on Women” bullshit. The bitch tried to back him into a corner and it backfired on her.

      1. “The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems.When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems
        with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

        He clearly spoke in broad, general terms. He didn’t just mean illegals. He meant literally ANYONE Mexico sends our way.

        Besides, guy is a fucking hypocrite. He’s gladly hired illegal labor to help build his hotels. He built Trump Tower using illegal Polish immigrants.

        Donald Trump not a racist fuck? He’s jumped at every chance to perpetuate Birther bullshit since the 2008 election. The Central Park Five case. Calling the President an unqualified Affirmative Action Baby.

        Yeah. No. Not buying it for a second that he meant just illegals. He would have been more specific.

        1. “Calling the President an unqualified Affirmative Action Baby”
          Obama received a nobel prize for being black POTUS so we can’t dissmiss his black privilege.

        2. Ok, I can see where you’re coming from. The way I read it, he was talking about illegals. Personally, I’m sticking w/ Rand Paul (I like his ideas concerning foreign policy and limited gov’t). However, Trump is right about Obama (an empty suit) IMO.

      1. I’m talking about GamerGate and it’s mentioned in the comments of a few pro-Donald articles here. It’s mentioned on numerous GG twitter feeds.

        Ralph seems to endorse Trump and finds the way he goes to town on sjw’s to be entertaining.

        Backing Trump at all tells the world GG agrees with him and that’s the garbage that makes GG last a year when we should have been a short-term pushback that resulted in change.

        If you guys are fine with casting GGs lot in with a guy who says Mexicans are rapists and killers, cool. But then we can’t reasonably complain when shitrags like Vox try to compare us to him.

        1. You’re never going to be able to get everyone in GamerGate on the same page about a political candidate, not least because we’re from a lot of different countries with a lot of different political systems.

          We’ve already resulted in change, a lot of change, and a “short-term pushback” was never an option for that.

          You seem to not understand that “some people in GamerGate like Donald Trump” =/= “GamerGate is throwing its lot in with Donald Trump”.

  13. I kinda hope that people with common sense would vote for someone who have a plan to get the economy better and give people jobs. Hint: Clearly not the candidates who goes feminism this misogyny that racism over there.

    Last time a presidency candidate tried to play the “I AM A WOMAN” card, she miserably failed because she lost her shit against Nicolas Sarkozy in a live TV debate.

  14. I think Trump’s the biggest baffoon to ever run for President, but these articles make him look like Einstein and Jesus.

  15. I’m not sure Trump is a sexist, but I do genuinely get the impression that he’s a total ass. Megyn Kelly however also deserves a share of the blame for going out of her way to bait him. The whole setup was frankly laughable really.

  16. “You once told a contestant on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ that it ‘would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees.’ Does that sound to you like the temperament of someone we should elect as president”

    Trump missed such a good comeback here.
    He should have mentioned “Well nobody seemed to complain when Bill did it.”

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