This story keeps getting crazier. We’ve gone down the rabbit hole, as they say. I can’t tell you everything I know about this particular aspect of the Palmer Luckey saga, but I can confirm that a major media outlet (Alexa rank: Top 100 in US, Top 500 worldwide) is working on a story about him having donated to Milo Yiannopoulos’ Privilege Grant. The media outlet in question “[has] it on good authority” that he contributed to that fund and are currently making the rounds trying to dig up more info on the situation. There may or may not be a story on this, but there’s certainly a lot of buzz behind the scenes. I’ve seen the evidence of the digging efforts with my own eyes and I can confirm them with 100% accuracy.

I don’t know where all this info is coming from, but there’s clearly someone with motivation to leak everything they know about Palmer’s political activities.

This is one more reason why Mr. Luckey should have never apologized for his political contributions. If he thought this was going to die down he was sadly mistaken. All it did was set off a full feeding frenzy that will not stop until he is ousted from Oculus and it’s confirmed he will have no more involvement with the project. If things keep going like they are now, I expect that to happen within a week or two. He already blew his apology wad. What else is left besides a resignation? If he had stood and fought, it might be a different story.

Unfortunately, he didn’t do that, so here we are.