Sorry for the slow start today, but I’m about to get it cooking. Look for some YouTube work from me later on as well, but before we get there, let’s talk about Mark Kern’s statement from last night. In it, he criticizes Nintendo for censoring the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U). We’ve seen this trend for awhile, where the original intent of creators from Japan gets altered due to concerns about political correctness in the United States. Even thought this trend isn’t new, it seems to be getting even worse. That’s why it’s so important to speak up. The more industry figures who call this out for the bullshit it truly is, the better.

Before we get to Kern, let’s look at some of the changes that have been reported, courtesy of Gamezone

We already know that the North American version of Xenoblade Chronicles X will feature an altered Lin character model, one that covers her up more and doesn’t feature “sexy” bikinis. It looks like it doesn’t stop there.

Possibly in fear that us heathens, the players, would try to recreate Lin in the character creator, the breast slider has been completely removed from the game’s character creator. Apparently, us Americans are either too immature or too pervy to use this feature responsibly. Nevermind the fact that now basically all female character models will feature medium sized boobs, because equality! Take that you large breasted/flat chested ladies, you no longer can create an avatar based on your physical proportions.

I’m not even sure that’s the last of the censoring. If I had to guess, there will be more changes throughout the game. Many people on Twitter are saying they won’t purchase it now, but we’ll see if it actually does end up affecting sales. Kern doesn’t say he’s not going to buy it, but he is just as dismayed as every else is…

Hello, I’ve been reading about the changes to Xenoblade Chronicles X and am dismayed that NOA is changing so many things and distorting the original version of the game. I’m writing to you first as the President of League for Gamers, a pro-consumer group representing gamers, but I am also writing as a gamer and game maker.

I was a game dev. I was team lead for WoW, Producer on Diablo, Warcraft, etc. Speaking frankly, I think NOA is being overly cautious and restricting creative freedom to appease a very small group of complainers. This vocal minority may be loud on Twitter, but has shown to have zero negative impact on sales.

As a gamer, I want to play Japanese games because they are different from American games. Trying to “culturalize” a game for the US market in the way that NOA is doing with Xenoblade is defeating the purpose. Manga succeeds in the US because it is different, not because it tries to be like American comics.

Please keep Xenoblade Chronicles X as it is.

I don’t think there’s much chance of Nintendo going back on their decision here, but I still think it’s important for people to speak up on this issue. To be honest, if you really want to make a point, you should refrain from purchasing the game. I was looking forward to this title myself, although I have so much stuff to play, that I was going to be waiting on buying it anyway. Now, I might just skip it altogether. People have to make up their minds individually, but I know that when you hit a company in the wallet, they usually listen.

  1. Here is a line from an old game (a favorite of mine). I guess these eunuchs and feminazis would shit their pants if they saw this.

    1. She is but I doubt it has anything to do with it. They censored the costumes in Fatal Frame too and I think these characters are adult. I haven’t playd it yet so I don’t know.

      1. I downloaded it the other day but haven’t played it either. I get the Lin thing but the rest of it I don’t agree with

        1. Its always the same with these moralizers sex = bad but violence gets a pass. If you go to the store in my country and they have horror movies and porn movies on display, the horror movies are there without anything. The porn movies are taped over on the cover with a big sign that says “18”. You have to look on the side of the dvd case to even know what movie that is.

          So basically the youth needs to be protected from debbie does dallas but hostel and hellraiser are totally fine.

          1. Well this is a bit different. This is putting clothes on a virtual minor. They are leaving the rest of the characters alone aside from the bust slider but even without it they are still…ample.

          2. It’s still censorship no matter how much you try and justify it. If it’s allowed in Japan why shouldn’t it be allowed in the USA? It’s not like she’s fucking nude is it? Mark Kern is spot on.

        1. She is? I haven’t played it yet but this could be the reason for the censorship since Japan might fear they get labeled as perverts.

    2. Censoring THAT makes sense. Removing the boob slider does not.
      Oh, and also, this entry does not feature an characters from Chronicles. They are two separate games and stories. Playing one should not provide too many spoilers for the other, aside from Xeno series conventions. (There’s also Xenogears and Xenosaga…)

      1. Which reminds me; Gears had cousins in an arranged marriage, cannibalism, nudity, and so on. Saga, in the first one, I lost count of all the MOMO fanservice. Plus the heavy-handed hints about one character being a pedophile, and the guy who was pretty much a cannibal. I barely remember the 2nd game (played through it so drunk I could barely see the screen.) And never played the 3rd. Barely started playing Chronicles when my Wii died, so I don’t know of anything potentially scandalous there either.

        But let’s face it, after just the first two, Monolith had a bit of a track record for putting not so family friendly themes in their games. A teen in a bikini and a boob slider are hardly record breakers for them. On top of that, I’m pretty sure the game doesn’t require the player put her in a bikini, or make a character with a triple F cup or flat-chested.

    3. She’s 15 now.
      Still too young to be sexualized maybe?
      But not too young to wear the swimwear from the game in real life.
      Or too young to be putting her life on the line killing aliens with dangerous weapons.
      Logic right?

  2. Remember the “no blood” policy of the NES and early SNES? This is just like it. Just change blood to sexy and

    1. Biggest example of this was SNES Mortal Kombat 1, which had no blood or the gory fatalities. All the video game magazines back then made such a big deal out of this (don’t worry, the video game journalists back then were free no-limit rebels and absolutely nothing like the complete asshole PC feminist brigades you get now at Kotaku and Polygon)

      Once Puritendo wised-up, Mortal Kombat 2 was full of blood and gore and ended up being one of the best sellers and best games on the console.

      1. Heh, MK2 had only 1… 1(!) tv commercial in Germany and got faster censored and forbidden than any other game. In fact, the german laws about video games are so ridiculous, that no one wonders why one one buys the german versions of such games anymore. AT LEAST this is allowed, who knows, maybe this will be forbidden one day as well.

    2. Add to that: No words or mentions that might remind people of religion, philosophy or history.

      No elements of normal female anatomy that pervs might like. People like breasts?
      Then Nintendo finds that enough reason to restrict them, no small or big.

  3. Who knows, maybe this is a marketing ploy to have people buy DLC for the bust size changer lol.

    But in all seriousness, it’s sad that this ‘PC culture’ is slow infecting the Japanese games… First they take our bust sizers, then they’ll take out sexy optional outfits, and then they’ll take away the epic storylines!


    1. Yep. Cave into SJWs/feminists and they’ll just want and get more and more things censored because they know they have the power to.

      So to all the censorship apologists: don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    2. eh it not infecting Japanese games , Nintendo Always done that Nintendo of America . it is affecting are ability to get these games that my problem . yeah but this is a USA issue , I saw the commerical of it just going to see if there an importable version .but then I thought the Wii U is reigon locked isn’t it .

  4. Vote with your wallets and not stand for this bullshit. If you cave into SJWs/feminists, they’ll just want and get more and more things censored because they know they have the power to.

    And no, this isn’t just about the Lin costume and boob-slider. It’s about the principles and the restriction of artistic creativity and expression of fictional work.

      1. “You can’t restrict something you fucking OWN”

        Are you sure about that?

        Because I happen to think that artists/creators/devs can be publically pressured, harrassed, doxed, bullied and shamed to remove something they put in against their own free will.

        It’s called indirect censorship. Anita Sarkessian and her brigade of SJW feminist retards are the experts at it.

        Oh by the way, the “You can’t restrict something you fucking OWN.” is a main party line SJW excuse. Just saying…

          1. Yes, Nintendo of Japan paid them to make a great game, with custom breasts and swimsuits. Now you will be paying NoA to ruin that.

        1. You know, you’re a sjw too! You’re fighting against bullying and censorship. Fighting against the conservative fight for “decency.” Good on you! Let’s fight to stop the injustice of artists being bullied by the conservative agenda.

          1. No, I am an egalitarian who advocates for:

            1) freedom of expression/creativity
            2) free speech

            3) anti-censorship
            4) anti-restrictive political correctness
            5) ethical journalism

            SJWs/feminists advocates for the OPPOSITE of the above, based on their actions (I repeat ACTIONS) and not the dictionary definition.

          2. An egalitarian is a sjw. And no even in the UK and us where it is illegal to pay people differently, there is still a wage gap. And no one has more rights than the other. That’s just conspiracy theorist propaganda fueled nonsense. You’re clearly misinformed. Political correctness only seems forced when you’re racist or sexist. Maybe some people are just open minded, you believe they are being forced to day something, because you can’t accept it. In any case, if everything you say you believe in fighting for is true, then you too are a sjw.

            Don’t accept censorship. Fight it. Fight it hard, and never give up. Good luck.

    1. No this sends the wrong message. It just tells them people aren’t interest in RPG’s and besides most of the fans are probably buying it because it’s JRPG and don’t even know it’s being change.

      It’s better to fight this and tell them we don’t want the game to be “culturalize”.

      1. Or just buy the Japanese version and then tweet a pic of it to NoA. Pretty sure they will get the message properly.

    2. Not buying it anymore, friends not buying it anymore.
      Already let them know why exactly we’re not getting it through social media.

    3. You know what makes it worse on Lyn’s case? That poor, lazy and ugly edit.
      They didn’t even bother to give her a proper “less risque” bikini at least, they just shoe horned an black texture on her model.

      Every time i see that i can’t help myself but think of Breasts with a Burca.

    4. It’s not SJW or feminists. I’m a feminist and completely disgusted with the idea of censoring a person’s body. It’s overly conservative people worried about parents making these decisions.

      1. Then maybe it’s time you removed your head from your backside and took a good look at the SJW feminist gender politics that is infesting society, politics, government, mainstream media, mainstream games media and all of entertainment media right now.

        Then again you’re a feminist so I don’t expect you to do that.

        1. You’re obviously too biased to have a civil discussion, and you’ve clearly already formed an immovable opinion. So just keep ignoring reality and enjoy your world. It’s easier that way. People have an image in their mind of feminists and the silly phrased “sjw” in their minds which is quite different from reality.

          The real problem is companies thinking that we must conform everything to another countries standards. God forbid we get an insight into another culture. /s

          1. The one who is biased and has formed an immovable opinion is you.

            If you want to take the issue of modern feminism further into politics and government…

            Are you living in the Western society, for example UK and USA? If you are, I can tell you that feminism is not needed in these societies. For example:

            – women have more rights than men
            – the bias against men in the divorce, family, custody and law courts
            – the bias against men/boys in academia and education
            – the social bias against men
            – the non-existent wage gap (it’s ILLEGAL to pay different wage amounts based on gender)
            – how men’s issues are completely shut down and silenced by the same feminists who are claiming to be for “equality”
            – how boys/young men are treated as default rapists with the Consent Classes

            The above points completely fly over 95% of feminist’s heads. How convenient is that?

            Then you have the mainstream media and news outlets that constantly supports and enables the feminist crap. Such as big professional publications like The Guardian hiring misandrists like Jessica Valenti to take a stab at men every week. And everyone agrees and laughs it off, while the Tumblrtards clap feverishly like seals with their Male Tears mugs. And yet there is no counter-balance allowed – I wonder what the reaction would be if a reasonable MRA member was hired and wrote a column about how women are a bunch of spoilt, moaning, whining and self-righteous people?

            The countries where women genuinely needs the likes of you the most is for example Saudi Arabia, where women are genuinely oppressed. Why don’t you fuck off over there and do your job instead of sucking up the misandrist crap that Anita Sarkeesian and Laci Green feeds you?

            By the way, I am an egalitarian – which is something the feminists refuse to call themselves. Speaks volumes don’t you think?

            But yes yes, do keep telling us that “not all feminists are like that”, despite the “good feminists” not doing a thing to call out the bad feminists…

  5. This is why Nintendo is dead last by a country mile. Its insistence on being a nanny alienates teen and adult gamers alike.

      1. Well, to be fair, Nintendo has only recently abandoned marketing the Wii U. The N64, GameCube and Wii were all very well marketed. What happened, however, is that Nintendo seemed to stop marketing home consoles aggressively when they realized the software uptick for the Wii was NOWHERE near as good as its hardware sales should have indicated, say, around 2009. Nintendo’s clearly more focused on the handheld market, which isn’t the worst business decision ever.

        HOWEVER, one cannot overestimate the damage done by their patronizing den mother attitude. It’s why Nintendo’s online service is almost bereft of games that allow in-game voice chat, why it’s such a pain to make new friends online, why top-selling franchises like Call of Duty were never supported by Nintendo, and thus NEVER sold well on their systems. It’s why the paltry M-rated offerings that DO make to the system are pushed to the back of the marketing agenda, as we saw by the almost complete lack of effort to give Bayonetta 2 any marketing whatsoever even as we were flooded by more Mario.

        Nintendo made it clear long ago that it doesn’t care about consumers between the ages of 15-35 (IE, old enough to be interested in games outside of their wheelhouse, but not old enough to have 30+ years of nostalgia chaining them to the brand). It’s why Sega was able to leverage teenage ego to bring the Genesis to striking distance of the SNES’ numbers, why the PlayStation was embraced whole-heartedly, and part of why Nintendo has never been anything but an after-thought since the end of the SNES’ lifespan, especially in the post-Dreamcast era (If Bernie Stolar hadn’t been such a fool, the Saturn would have likely outsold the N64 here as it had in Japan).

        Hell, it’s why they do so damned well in the handheld space, a space who’s consumer base skews younger than home consoles nowadays.

        And the worst part? Nintendo still makes the token effort to appeal to older gamers almost once a generation (Conker on N64, Eternal Darkness on the Cube, Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U), but runs back to their comfort zone when their under-marketed mature titles don’t perform well. Nintendo either doesn’t understand that it’s going to take time to undo their image as something you grow out of, or have decided that branching out into older demographics would damage their core kids’ games business.

        Honestly, I’d respect Nintendo more if they just said they’re focusing on younger audiences exclusively instead of this song and dance. They have to know at this point that they’ll never have the glory days of the NES and SNES again, so why not focus on profitability and securing a niche? Why even HAVE T-and-M-rated titles on your machine at all, when you actively try to prevent the mainstream audience from finding out that these games exist, or worse, neuter said games like we’re seeing with Xenoblade Chronicles X and the new Fatal Frame. It’s not like they don’t have a rabid audience that buys everything with a Nintendo mascot on it.

        1. To be fair, there was a decent amount of advertisement for Bayonetta 2. They even green lit for Playboy to have one of their models cosplay Bayonetta when Bayo2 was released.

      2. Wouldn’t being completely out of touch with the market be the reason they treat their market like babies and their marketing fails at impressing anyone?

        Seems all connected to me.

    1. “It was Nintendo’s decision to censor it”
      “Nintendo censored it themselves, not us”
      “The censored version actually looks better”
      “It doesn’t affect the storyline”
      “It’s trivial and doesn’t affect the gameplay”
      “It doesn’t matter”
      “I love the new censored version! It’s better!”
      “We just don’t want this becoming porn”
      “Lin is still in the game, there is no censorship”

      Just rattling out a few of the pathetic bread and butter SJW / feminist / SJW-lite / GG-lite excuses. As you can see, all are laughable attempts at trying to justify censorship.

    2. Real talk though, it really is not the SJW.

      It is Nintendo.
      Blaming someone else for what they did would just shift blame away from them.
      They’re the ones with the code and the game, if any SJW inside nintendo’s localziation was responsible for it, it’s still overall Nintendo doing it because it is done under their roof.

      1. I agree that this is Nintendo’s fault, but the core of the problem are the SJWs. They infect everything like a virus until they kill the host and move on. It just takes one person like that twat from the Treehouse stream to complain.

        Ultimately it is the responsibility of the companies to ignore the PC crowd, but my initial point was that they do have power and sway.

  6. I remember over a decade ago when NoA edited Pokemon Colosseum so that the female partner character no longer shows her midriff. I thought it sucked that they felt the need to go and do that, but I didn’t really see many people raising a stink about it. In hindsight, they really should’ve, because that would’ve nipped this problem in the bud long before it got to where it is today. Combined with what happened with Fatal Frame, I’m finding it difficult to believe that this is the same company that got Bayonetta 2 along with the definitive version of Bayonetta 1 published just last year.

    Fortunately for me, I’ve become a full-fledged importer in the past 5 years. Even if I wanted to buy locally, I have no choice with Nintendo games due to the region-lock. Needless to say, I’d be playing the original version of Xenoblade X whenever I get around to buying it, but it nevertheless sucks to hear about what some of my fellow North Americans (and Europeans/Oceanians) continue to have to deal with. It’s crap like this (and Japan-only releases of course, though granted, they’re surprisingly not quite as prolific this time around, especially with the recent Dragon Quest localization news) which makes me remember why I decided to go full-import this generation in the first place, region-lock and shipping expenses be damned (language barrier isn’t much of an issue in my case).

  7. Honestly if they we’re worried about pedo’s here is a news flash, hentai exists and it is retardedly easy to find on the internet. Even 3D Hentai games are easy to get hold of. It is funny how tame the original costumes are, now if it was say just plasters (medical band-aids) then yeah I could 100% see why Nintendo would not want that but a bikini? That is just petty.

    And to the Boob slider… what the hell is wrong with small and big breasts? It’s ok in a western game but if it is from Japan? Oh lordy noe Japan are the devil they must go to hell for their perverse culture, praise be tha lorde for they hath sinneD…

    Ironically isn’t that racist to assume something bad and change things based on the views of another race?

    1. Yeah nintendo is being racist but also sexist by removing a feature that lets multiple natural sizes of normal female anatomy to be represented in game.

      They’re sending a statement against females with breasts that don’t fit their standards for the west.

      1. So do you have proof that it was NoA that decided to make the changes, are are you just making shit up? Nintendo is a business and they’ll make a few changes if it prevents them from having idiot mothers making a big scene on social media.

  8. It’s better to fight this by sending emails and doing other things to show Nintendo that we don’t want changes in the game.

    A lot of fans are waiting to get the sequel and don’t even care that is being remove and just wanna experience the game, so they’re not gonna boycott the game.But of course half us don’t want the game to be censor but we also don’t wanna boycott.

    It’s better to let them know that we don’t want it to be culturalize.

    1. We can do all combinations of things.

      We can not buy it and send them messages through social media or their customer support e mail.
      Or we can buy it and still send some feedback.
      There’s no rule against doing both or either.

  9. I’m seeing big yellow squares instead of pictures in your posts lately, Ralph. Anyone else getting that?? 🙁

  10. If only people would listen when individuals suggest they not buy something… but Fallout 4 sold millions even though it’s an unfinished product and they expect people to pay for fixes with the Season Pass.

  11. My favorite thing was being called a pedophile for criticizing the censorship.

    “That girl is 15”. No “she” isn’t. “she” is a digital representation of a girl that doesn’t even exist, and she’s 15 because her “bio” says she is.

    It disappoints me since I just bought a wii u and not even two months into owning it, Nintendo is censoring sexual content that’s not even that sexual.

    1. Doesn’t change the fact that she is a depiction of a minor and under us law, if the media she is in is found to be legally obscene in any way and it is even remotely reasonable for an average person to be aroused by the depiction of her in revealing clothing, it can be considered pornography. And that’s one of the laxer legal definitions of pornography.

      1. If the text changes to 18 and the character model never changes, then it’s a non issue.

        Even the original wouldn’t be ruled obscene and no argument of it being pornographic would ever hold up.

        1. Go look up the gal definition of obscenity. It clearly states that obscene things must have no redeemable social value, and as I checked, most games don’t have redeemable social value. My point was that nintendo is just covering their asses.

          1. I’m very familiar with “obscenity laws” and the legal arguments against it. It’s a huge grey area in the legal system that often gets thrown back to the phrase “I know it when I see it.”

            So don’t make assumptions about my knowledge just so you can feel superior.

          2. I wasn’t assuming anything, you made no indication that you knew what I was talking about. I am sorry for coming off like I did, but I was just going off the information I had.

  12. The only thing ‘voting with your wallet’ will do is convince nintendo to not give us these games in the first place. The proper way to go about this is to voice our opinion/outrage through the proper channels and let nintendo know that we want these games by buying them but that we want them closer to the original than what they currently are.

      1. Isn’t going to help. Businesses don’t think like you and I, they will put more importance on you not buying the game than they will on your reasons for not buying it.

  13. It is important that people support Mark Kern’s efforts as well as stand up themselves and call this out whenever it happens. The response has to be loud and sustained. Speak out against EVERYTHING, not just the shit that effects only the games YOU like because if you wait, one of your favorite games WILL be next.

  14. Not buying this game. I don’t support censorship in any shape or way for it destroys the intended story one made just because some SJWs are butthurt.

  15. Personally I think all censorship is horrible. Especially in gaming. Games are our times greatest work of art. There is no other medium that better captures our times best music, artwork, storytelling etc. and simply put you in the middle of it all. To censor this is as horrible as if one would paint over a painting because it was consider to violent, or to sexy or whatever. And really, Xenoblade Chronicles X is especially bad as that game from my point of view is the best game ever created and truly is breathtaking in every way.
    Not a single censorship in that game even makes any sense (you’ll understand if you played the game).
    Still great game worth to pick up on but it’s just sad that it would be censored in the aspects:
    * Lin was censored because she introduces her self as 13 years old if you ask for her age (*Spoiler* she might be alot older). In other words here bathing suits will be less revealing.
    * Breast sliders was removed, woman can in other words not create an avatar that looks like themself in this aspect. This is a little sad as one of the fun aspect of the game is to create an avatar that looks like yourself and thereby putting yourself in the game as one of the last survivors of mankind.
    This is also pretty stupid as even kids game like the sims have this now addays. It’s like a standard feature and just on of like 30 other things you can customize about you’re character.
    * The creator is the mastermind behind final fantasy 4 – 8, Chrono trigger, Secret of mana, Xenogears. Some references to Xenogears was removed for some reason witch from my point of view would have been cool as it’s the same person that created them (not same company).
    In other cases the censorshop actually managed to even change the story (Xenogears, Final fantasy 6, project Zero 5 for example).
    That we do this is as stup as the times trough history when we decided to burn every book of something for whatever the reason or executed great cientists just because we didn’t agree whit them.

  16. as awesome as this game is it wasnt going to sell many copies PERIOD because its on the fucking wii u! the concept of voting with your dollars is wasted when theres going to be hardly any dollars to begin with. you morons are missing out on the best game in the past decade for nothing. and i HATE the entire industry for the dumbing down, the dlc, the pussification of itself as a whole.. but i bought a wii u and this 1 game (lets face it theres fuck all else on the wii u i havent already played 10 times over on previous consoles) and in a dollars/hour comparison its better value (INCLUDING THE COST OF THE INFERIOR HARDWARE) than just cause 3, fallout 4, skyrim,far cry 3+4 combined (no need to even separate them), infact i have to go waaay back to phantasy star online or ragnarok online to find another game that has this many hours of gameplay in it.

  17. I swear the pedophiles never learn…probably why they’ll remain virgin paper rapers the rest of their lives. This is GOOD censorship considering Lin is under 18, if it was something that actually MATTERED like losing story elements then I’d say you’ve got reason to bitch & moan. But raising your torch & pitchforks over THIS is just pathetic. Grow up & drop your spoiled bratty attitudes.

  18. What a bunch of typical, whiny internet nerd screw ups.

    Stop trying to pretend this is anything other than it is by talking about artistic freedom. All you losers want to do is play out your creepy nerd fantasies by playing with scantily clad, big breasted minors.

    I’ve never seen a more brainless group of people in my life as this generation. What a sad bunch of screw ups you all are.

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