One of the great things about the type of stories I’m doing today is, they always piss off the enemy. And that usually leads to mistakes. Today is no different. Moments ago, noted developer Sam Hulick let anger get the best of him, and slammed NotYourShield, a group of minorities who support ethics in journalism. Well, that’s being charitable. The other explanation is that he’s a major league racist. I’m hoping that’s not the case, Sam

Remember, I still haven’t put out the Leigh Alexander part, and these motherfuckers are already on full tilt. They get pissed when we expose ’em, don’t they? I fucking love it. First Russ Pitts from earlier, then I’ll show you the Hulick stuff.

I’ll be back with more in a bit, but this was so staggering that I had to write it up immediately. I guess if you don’t spout SJW platitudes, you’re just another “house n*gger,” like one of our minority supporters was called the other day. These SJWs make me fucking sick. This is just one more reason this industry needs a fucking enema. People like Sam Hulick are hypocritical trash who threaten the future prosperity of video gaming.