One of the great things about the type of stories I’m doing today is, they always piss off the enemy. And that usually leads to mistakes. Today is no different. Moments ago, noted developer Sam Hulick let anger get the best of him, and slammed NotYourShield, a group of minorities who support ethics in journalism. Well, that’s being charitable. The other explanation is that he’s a major league racist. I’m hoping that’s not the case, Sam

Remember, I still haven’t put out the Leigh Alexander part, and these motherfuckers are already on full tilt. They get pissed when we expose ’em, don’t they? I fucking love it. First Russ Pitts from earlier, then I’ll show you the Hulick stuff.

I’ll be back with more in a bit, but this was so staggering that I had to write it up immediately. I guess if you don’t spout SJW platitudes, you’re just another “house n*gger,” like one of our minority supporters was called the other day. These SJWs make me fucking sick. This is just one more reason this industry needs a fucking enema. People like Sam Hulick are hypocritical trash who threaten the future prosperity of video gaming.

  1. Hating #NotYourShield is essentially hating people standing up for themselves and are tired of being treated like children by a bunch of immature assholes.

  2. Ugh, don’t do this to us, Sam. I’ve always loved your work, and if you end up throwing your hat into the ring with these other bigoted numbskulls, it’s going to be extremely disappointing.

  3. eh, no. It takes more than that to justifiably call someone a racist. That’s the kind of rapid jumping to conclusions that the SJWs do, and not something anyone should be eager to emulate.

    Though, hating #NotYourShield doesn’t make a bit of sense. It’s an entirely positive hashtag, made up entirely of minorities. I don’t see why anyone would hate it.

    1. I’m willing to give Sam Hulick the benefit of the doubt that he’s just stupid enough to believe the propaganda that #notyourshield is full of sock-puppets.

      Love your music, Sam, even if you are an idiot. Totally looking forward to ME4.

        1. Looks like he isn’t going to, either. When pressured to explain why he didn’t like NYS, he posted a picture of an unrelated fat white guy, then soon after just dropped the whole thing rather than explain himself.

          1. Cowardice + ignorance.
            He wont admit he acted rashly, wont admit any wrong doing and likely had friends that aren’t retarded tell him how even if we were ENTIRELY right he still looks like a complete jackass.
            If he took some time to realise the implications of what he was saying should the crap he believes not be ENTIRELY TRUE, he might simply be too embarrassed by the whole thing.
            Happens a lot when people decide that have to show how progressive they are and end up looking entirely ignorant.
            That’s why I prefer admitting ignorance right away and relying on people to educate me rather than attack me (I have friends from all over Europe, as well as LGBT folks, I’ve talked race issues with West Indians, Islam with Muslims and homophobia with working class guys in a pub, never had a single problem even if I say something “wrong”)

    2. I don’t get the impression that he’s a racist, just another idiot jumping on the bandwagon and absorbing the SJW shouting points without questioning them. He might not be a racist but he’s still evidently a dick.

    3. I dont see why anyone would hate it either but calling this guy a racist is a massive stretch. I realize this site is sensationalist but if every article is going to become nothing but clickbait bullshit it will no longer be worth my multiple daily visits.

  4. I love the Mass Effect series but if this dick is involved in making the music it might make me question my decision to buy the next game. He’s backing off and trying to claim he’s now not a racist and trying to basically say that what he’s actually concerned about is the amount of hatred the hashtags are connected to and the disparate nature of the movement (Basically a mixture of the arguments used by Wu and Jimmy Wales).

    He’s clearly brought a one way ticket to SJW land and I really hope the cunt isn’t involved in ME4

    1. So email the company that makes the game, tell them how much you love the series.

      Then tell them that given Sam’s obvious intolerance of minorities, you will not buy any more in the series he has any input on. You will also ask everyone you know not to buy it either.

  5. I dont do Twitter…..or Twatter as I call it. Sam is merely one example of my reason why

    That said, someone please send this to him from me

    1. I talked to Sam last night through email, and he’s not as bad as he came off yesterday. He said he might be writing something about all this, and if he does, I’ll crosspost it here. We’ll see how that turns out. I’m still not thrilled about the original comment, of course, but I’m willing to listen.

      1. See Ralph, that mate is why you will always be “the better man”, and my hat is solidly off to you. You reach out and try to open dialogue. Your opposites in the SocJus Ministry of Truth have no interest in dialogue, and actively shut it down.
        I react badly, my patience having run out with the SJWs antics. I thought these were idiots my generation stamped out back in my uni days in the 80s. Ive seen them do their best to wreck the new atheism movement with their fucking Atheism+ twatshow, and I watched in horror as these same fucktards derailed Occupy. I now see the only way forward is repeatedly cockpunching them till they shuffle back into the shadows and find something else to fuck over.
        So be the better man for me, and all the curmudgeons with short fuses like me. Reach out, build some bridges, and bring back a convert for the cause.
        Me….Im gonna spend a weekend teaching Attila and his tribe of donkey raping shortarses why its a silly thing to mess with Saxons.

  6. I really don’t think jumping right to ‘that is an outright racist comment’ type of comments, is the appropriate response towards someone not like NotYourShield. To start with it is more then just minorities, just anyone in general who typically would be used by the SJWs to make them look lik the good guys. Women, trans, gays, handicapped, among others also are part of NotYourShield If I recall Correctly.

    But the biggest thing to me is this.To use use NotYourShield as some sort of shield against any negative comments they use, in my eyes, is the same thing they did to cause the creation of the Hashtag in the first place. To try and attack someone and make them look horrible for decrying a group because it contains minorities makes it feel like everything is just about color.

    If you want to be better then them, don’t resort to the exact same tactics.

  7. its funny, i’ve noticed that when people in the industry (ones that have actual real work, not the wu’s of the industry) speak out against GG it is hardly ever developers.
    its always someone a little more mid tier in the process like writers (this guy, burch, that guy from ubisoft, etc)

      1. No. Contracters have to be on good terms with everybody, so they go with the flow, however stupid that flow is.

        Devs with a non-SJW audience can speak out.

  8. Honestly, this one feels like a rush to judgement. As stupid as the guy’s comment was, from his responses it seems to have come form a place of ignorance, not malice. It seems he was told half the story and decided to weigh in without verifying. Stupid, yes, but hardly worth crucifying the dude over.

    He seems to have walked back his initial tweet, if we stop calling for his head he might actually be willing to listen to our side of the story.

  9. God that idiot. He blocked me for trying to be reasonable and asking for character. Guess that hit too close to the mark.

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