I was just about to go run to the store, but then Master Milo went on an epic Twitter rant that I wanted to talk about. It was over the recent controversy about the “cuckservative” tag being used on Twitter, and the column that he wrote about it today. Many moderate right-wingers have called this a shameful slur that has Nazi undertones, or some shit. They’ve really made it a point to go after anyone using it. Being an independent myself, I just kinda laughed at the whole thing. But something Milo said today really hit home. What was it he said, you ask? 





At the beginning of GamerGate, I was still a card-carrying liberal. Even though I had become disillusioned with my party, I had yet to switch my official affiliation. It’s not that I’ve changed all my positions or radically departed from my past. I just feel like my own party’s thought leaders have left me behind in a very real way. I was being called right-wing by people who had never done any real activism or volunteering at all. They sat on Twitter and spammed #killallmen constantly, so that made them good leftists. Fuck that shit and fuck anyone who subscribes to it. I don’t have to toe their line, and I won’t.

Don’t get me wrong: rank-and-file Democrats still disagree with these people on radical feminism. I was just personally tired of being called out over PC concerns and feminist bullshit. Plus, both parties are so fucking corrupt that I don’t see a point in giving either one my vote automatically. So, that’s why I personally switched. Even from the start, though, I was willing to put any kind of political affiliation to the side in order to fight SJWs. I saw Milo’s very first thread on 4chan. Some people were up in arms that we were going to be identified as a conservative movement. What these dopes failed to realize was, we were always going to be labeled as right-wing by the media. I already knew it simply because I had been experiencing it for years, like I just told you.

This whole time, I kept waiting for the conservative media to jump in, en masse. It never really happened. I guess some of them were too cowardly to go up against the feminists. Maybe they were afraid to be falsely labeled as harassers. I don’t know what the problem was, but I know we were waiting for their support and it never materialized. Where was Fox News, for fuck’s sake? Talk radio? They left us out on the battlefield by ourselves with Milo, Based Mom, Cathy Young, R.S. McCain (great column by him here) and a couple others. Mike Cernovich stepped up as well, although I wouldn’t really call him establishment. He’s been taking great glee at shitting on those guys all week. While I like Ms. Young, I can certainly understand his frustration over some things. I have it too.

There’s still time for them to jump in, but it does feel like they missed the boat last fall. Thank God for those heroes mentioned above. Because without them, we would have been left without any institutional support at all. Milo is 100% right, as always. The right-wing blew it on GamerGate.