100% CORRECT: Master Milo Calls Out Conservative Media, Says They "Blew It" on GamerGate

100% CORRECT: Master Milo Calls Out Conservative Media, Says They “Blew It” on GamerGate

I was just about to go run to the store, but then Master Milo went on an epic Twitter rant that I wanted to talk about. It was over the recent controversy about the “cuckservative” tag being used on Twitter, and the column that he wrote about it today. Many moderate right-wingers have called this a shameful slur that has Nazi undertones, or some shit. They’ve really made it a point to go after anyone using it. Being an independent myself, I just kinda laughed at the whole thing. But something Milo said today really hit home. What was it he said, you ask? 





At the beginning of GamerGate, I was still a card-carrying liberal. Even though I had become disillusioned with my party, I had yet to switch my official affiliation. It’s not that I’ve changed all my positions or radically departed from my past. I just feel like my own party’s thought leaders have left me behind in a very real way. I was being called right-wing by people who had never done any real activism or volunteering at all. They sat on Twitter and spammed #killallmen constantly, so that made them good leftists. Fuck that shit and fuck anyone who subscribes to it. I don’t have to toe their line, and I won’t.

Don’t get me wrong: rank-and-file Democrats still disagree with these people on radical feminism. I was just personally tired of being called out over PC concerns and feminist bullshit. Plus, both parties are so fucking corrupt that I don’t see a point in giving either one my vote automatically. So, that’s why I personally switched. Even from the start, though, I was willing to put any kind of political affiliation to the side in order to fight SJWs. I saw Milo’s very first thread on 4chan. Some people were up in arms that we were going to be identified as a conservative movement. What these dopes failed to realize was, we were always going to be labeled as right-wing by the media. I already knew it simply because I had been experiencing it for years, like I just told you.

This whole time, I kept waiting for the conservative media to jump in, en masse. It never really happened. I guess some of them were too cowardly to go up against the feminists. Maybe they were afraid to be falsely labeled as harassers. I don’t know what the problem was, but I know we were waiting for their support and it never materialized. Where was Fox News, for fuck’s sake? Talk radio? They left us out on the battlefield by ourselves with Milo, Based Mom, Cathy Young, R.S. McCain (great column by him here) and a couple others. Mike Cernovich stepped up as well, although I wouldn’t really call him establishment. He’s been taking great glee at shitting on those guys all week. While I like Ms. Young, I can certainly understand his frustration over some things. I have it too.

There’s still time for them to jump in, but it does feel like they missed the boat last fall. Thank God for those heroes mentioned above. Because without them, we would have been left without any institutional support at all. Milo is 100% right, as always. The right-wing blew it on GamerGate.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of TheRalphRetort.com. Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • GuitarAnthony

    Oh that Milo. What a scamp. Airplay will be worth watching just for him.

  • njdss4

    Great post. I saw a lot of myself in what you said about being disillusioned with Democrats and their extremism to go independent, and being pissed off at conservatives for dropping the ball on the ONE TIME I’d agree with them on something.

  • Hawk Hopper

    Conservatives are some of the biggest cowards you can find. Many popular conservative pundits, like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, never served in the military but really want other Americans’ kids to fight every useless war that America starts. Conservatives really act like they hate abortion haven’t done much to stop it. Conservatives have allowed the left to control the media, especially movies and music, and were allowing the same thing to happen to video games.

    In regards to GamerGate, guys like Milo and Adam Baldwin are some of the few on the right that have stuck their necks out for us and I’m grateful for it.

    • CultofZoidberg

      The ones they elect are way more concerned with economics and foreign policy, they don’t really fight as hard as they could on cultural issues. I think in part it’s the way the tides are shifting and in part as a safety valve that they throw out to the left to keep them in check.

      Sanders is the reaction to this, a leftist who has limited use for cultural identity politics to the point where he seems not 100% sure how to react and goes to economics through almost muscle memory.

      Our political establishment needs about two steps to the libertarian right on social issues and about 7-10 to the left on economics.

      • EscapeVelocity

        Yes, because socialism produces liberty, everytime it’stried. LOL!

  • Charmingman93

    Well I personally think the reason they didn’t is because we are as much a threat to the right as we are to the left. Gamergate could have happened in any kind of authoritarian state (not country just the literal word a state of a situation). The fact its left and right together fighting censorship is something none of the mainstream media wants, they want us all divided not together. I think Milo needs to let go of the tribalism, because movements like gamergates are treats to any kind of status quo. Liberal or conservative.

    • Charmingman93

      Besides the telegraph and a few other rags when they did talk about us were agg in nature.

  • Ryan Arko

    I agree with @Charmingman93:disqus in that conservative media is likely terrified of GamerGate. Remember, the movement is mostly politically libertarian liberals. We know The Blaze is biased horseshit. We know Fox News is full of hypocritical fucktards. We can easily smack down every letter from Alex Jones and his ilk.

    Yes, this was a great opportunity for them to attack faux progressive social justice zealots. But I imagine they saw it as a great opportunity to let liberals attack each other. You can sick an attack dog on someone, but if that dog isn’t your friend, there’s no guarantee he won’t tear your ass up, too.

    Still, kudos to the conservative media for being cowardly chicken shits who fabricate the news. I’d rather have Milo on my side over Bill O’Reilly any given moment.

    • AbesolutZERO

      The conservative media is certainly never, ever going to align itself with anything remotely liberal, or something it can’t claim for itself, barring a few odd exceptions.

      Even if they did, I prefer to not associate myself with them as much as I can. Sure, they’re on our side now, but what about later on? When it’s all said and done? There’s a lot of horseshit I simply don’t agree with, and I never will.

      • Ryan Arko

        I concur. Aside from Milo and the occasional Allum articles he advertises, I have no interest in Breitbart News. For whatever standard Milo holds himself to, he works for the company that pushed that bs Kenyan birther movement.

      • John Doe

        They would if they looked at their own roots. Enlightenment-era thinkers that they claim to idolize, then do the opposite of everything they said.

        Mill, Jefferson, Washington, I mean, these are all thinkers that, for example, the Eagle Forum here pushes to be included in school curriculum – rightly so, given they [the thinkers, not the Eagle Forum] are awesome – and simultaneously does the exact opposite politically at every turn.

        And that attitude and that hypocrisy are where right-leaning libertarians, like myself, come from – no home on the right, and no friends on the left.

        Because we actually believe in what those people claim that they do, but they only do it for clicks/money/fame.

        Because those are classically ‘Liberal’ thinkers. Foundational ones. When a conservative pundit says ‘Liberal’ as a pejorative, they mean ‘Cultural Marxist, Socialist, Marxist [economic], SJW, Feminist, or Authoritarian-for-Stuff-I-Don’t-Like’.

      • EscapeVelocity

        The Conservqtive Media defends Free Speech and the ideas of the Classical Liberalism, because they are largely Classical Liberals. That is what they are conserving. Classical Liberal Christendom.

  • Good post. Nice to see you growing up, kid

  • Italy GG

    From an Italian perspective, we see the phenomenon of righties of other countries hiding in rabbit holes as “I gave up my freedoms BUT at least I’m not being called racist”, a sort of preservative reaction to psychological fascism far lefties are adopting especially in the US. That tactic that doesn’t work here because we went through that with Mussolini, he too used the same rethoric: “if you disagree with my ideology you are X Y Z and thus harmful and therefore destroying your life is social justice”.
    Here nobody gives a fuck if you call people names here, the namecaller gets the boo’s, everyone gets to speak and we debate THEIR POINTS without going all out with psychological terrorism.
    That’s what’s bothering the most of this debacle, the heavy-duty use of psychological violence and dehumanization. I see a lot of people in GG accumulated psychological damage from all this, and some don’t even realize it.
    Sometimes at work I stop thinking about you guys and the distress you’re going through, I had PMs of desperate people considering suicide.
    The media must be held responsible for this, and those cuckservative guys better man up and help. This is not a matter of sides it’s just social terrorism and it needs to be stopped.

    • Angus66

      Nice to have another critical political viewpoint from someone outside the US.

      Although I don’t always agree with you, a lot of what you post gets me thinking in ways I wouldn’t have otherwise…

    • Tracker

      I’m curious about what your opinion on the Amanda Knox trail. Not about her guilt or innocence, that’s a whole different shit storm. I’m curious about the theory brought about about how the murder was part of a satanic orgy sacrifice game. That always struck me as something an ultra fringe conservative from the 80s (“satanic panic” was big back then in the US) or and ultra fringe SJW of today would say.

    • Typical

      You hit the nail on the head. The one thing I truly miss about living in Italy was that people had no illusions whatsoever about their government not looking out for them. My landlord once told me: “we don’t care who gets elected, we avoid paying our taxes either way.”

    • RothbardianAnCap

      I could cry. “Psychological terrorism” is EXACTLY what us on the right in the US have been treated to for the last forty years. And it has really taken its toll. The culture war the right has lost, the demonization in the media, all of that has made a bunch of conservatives scared and thus acquiescent to the left…the left is a very sore winner. That has caused the cuckservative phenomenon. It sucks ass to be one who does not cave to leftists, and to be maligned for being conservative. I’ve even gotten shit FROM GG, who should know better, for being right wing.

      • Mr. Saturn

        I’ve noticed it that while many GG whine about being unfairly accused of things will often within the same post or even paragraph do the exact same thing. I see it a lot in Sargon’s channel.

        • EscapeVelocity

          It’s hard to extracate your mind from the web of lies and narrative spin that the Left has indoctrinated you with and reinforced via the Media for your whole life. Even after you see it with your own eyes during #GamerGate. It’s tough to accept that everything the Media does is exactly the same as what was done to #GamerGate. It’s all lies, spin, and Narrative shaping for the sheeple.

          Being White, CIshet, Male, European, Christian, Conservative has made me acutely aware of the vile nature of the Left controlled MSM. It’s pure propaganda.

        • V Whitaker

          I’m not sure what your comment is saying; “…while many gg whine about being unfairly accused of things will often within the same post or even paragraph do the exact same thing.” Will do what? Unfairly accuse? Whine?

          Amazingly, people in gg are just like you…human. I’ve been to many SJW channels and it is surprising the number of times the comments there actually mirror the comments in channels like Sargon that has a gg fan base. For instance: “They live in their little echo chamber.” It’s group think.” “None of them think for themselves they just do whatever their ‘leader’ tells them.” “Nice strawman.”
          The difference between gg and those that oppose us is that our opposition has the undivided attention of the mainstream press. Article after article came out denouncing us as stereotypical white men that lived in their mother’s basement. They formulated a picture based on a long dead stereotype and sold it as truth in order to sway public opinion. No one talked to us or even approached us because the media had sold the story that we were ‘dangerous’. They went out of their way to vilify us and shut us up. I don’t know about you but for me…that’s scary as hell and yeah, I’m gonna fight it. If in the process we say things that sound hypocritical all I can say is – we are human.

          ANNND to prove my point about being human and screwing up…I just made sense of your comment. I’m sorry. I should have read the few before it before replying.

      • mbits

        The right and left are nothing but selfish retards that wan’t to violate people’s civil liberties while whining about their own being violated. The only difference between the cunts on each side is what liberties each wants to violate and under what justification.

        let them both wipe each other out.

        • EscapeVelocity

          Only idiots equate Classically Liberal Christendom with Marxist Totalitarianism.

          Wise up.

          • Anon

            +1 for correct usage of the term “Liberalism.” I’m a liberal (pro-Liberty) too, unlike US Socialist anti-Liberals.


          • CC

            Liberal Catholic, anti-Marxist Totalitarianism here :P. I went from hero-worshipping Zoe Quinn to free-fall realizing she was doing the same psychological shit my abuser did. No heroes. Just enjoy the popcorn.

        • RothbardianAnCap

          When I say left vs right, I’m talking about people with a certain worldview, dude. Mainly how ECONOMIES should be run. Chill the fuck out.

    • You rock.

  • Milo is quickly becoming the new face of journalism. His work just keeps getting better and better.

    • Zanard Bell

      I blame his fabulous hair.

  • LegendofKafei

    I think GamerGate may have signaled the beginning of the end of the concepts of liberal and conservative as we knew them. It’s all about authoritarian vs. libertarian now. You’ve got the cults of SocJus and fundamentalist religion vs. all the people who don’t want to be controlled.

    • Tracker

      I so agree with this. I can’t stand conservatives. Leaking a rumor to your mouthpiece in the press, then using the resulting news piece as a justification to go to war? Then slipping in a law to kill online poker into a bill about port safety? WTF? I could go on forever. Then with all this SJW crap in the last couple of year it made me realize how retarded the left was, and they’ve always been like that.

      Personally I see no hope. People just don’t care enough to pay attention or are just too stupid. I was too stupid. Christ, I even volunteered for the Kerry campaign. What the hell young me! How stupid can you be?

      • Typical

        To be fair, slipping shit into bills that have nothing to do with the addition is not a right only tactic, see John Murtha for king of pork.

    • EscapeVelocity

      Dude, Christians created the free-est nations on Earth. Socialists however…

      Catch a clue.

      • LegendofKafei

        I didn’t say all Christians are part of fundamentalist cults.

        • EscapeVelocity

          Pray tell, can you cite examples of these Fundamentalist Cults?

          • Stokes

            You mean besides the Westboro Baptist Church? The KKK? How about the Lord’s Resistance Army?

            And the free-est nations on earth were created by deists and other enlightenment thinkers (true, many were christian) reacting to the extreme authority of the monarchy and the church (christians all).

          • LegendofKafei

            How about ISIS? I’m not religious but I’d be similar to Christopher Hitchens in his later years who would criticize Islam far more than Christianity (which people like Jonathan McIntosh hated him for). I don’t really have a problem with anyone who isn’t violent and isn’t trying to control other people. I’ve generally always leaned left on issues around homosexuality, abortion, etc. but they don’t really affect me personally since I’m a straight man who doesn’t want children. I do subscribe to the horseshoe theory, that’s basically what I was trying to get at – the extremists at either end are the people I don’t like, and the extreme right wing often seems to use a religious justification. But do I think most Christians in America are extremists? No.

            The person above gave a good example with the Lord’s Resistance Army. That’s another horrifying group I learned of thanks to Christopher Hitchens.

  • Bobcat665

    Why didn’t the conservative MSM jump in? Because we aren’t so much anti-liberal as we are anti-AUTHORITARIAN. They know full well that if they tried getting cozy with supporters of #GamerGate and spewed out anything even remotely religious-right (and thus AUTHORITARIAN by nature), we would bite back like the angry dogs we are. The political divide we stand on either side of isn’t along the traditional – and HACKNEYED – Whig vs Tory axis; it’s Libertarian vs Authoritarian. Fascism and Communism are different and yet the same – they seek to establish an institutional stranglehold on public life AND personal belief… AND libertarian schools of thought abhor ALL authoritarian ideologies, religious right OR radical left.

    • EscapeVelocity

      Anti-Christian bigotry like yours isnt a Gamer trait. Video Games didnt get to be the biggest entertainment industry in the US selling to non-Chirstians.

      Christians created the free-est nations on Earth. Socialists not so much.

  • David Burton

    I saw #GamerGate get talked about on PJ Media, but that was basically it. The fact of the matter as I see it (being fairly right-wing myself) is that conservatives have no idea how to fight a culture war. At all. Nobody listens to conservative ideas because they’re not being sold to the populace in any appreciable way. Mainstream conservatism wants there to be a culture war against the left, but they keep trying to fight it either by demonstrating results in politics (which doesn’t do jack in a culture war) or by trying to show that leftist slander is bullcrap (which puts them constantly on the defensive). The right-wing had a great opportunity here to hit the authoritarian left right where it hurts, but was too busy flailing to take advantage of it.

    • ThePete

      Problem is the right have media, but the left have media and cultural institutions like Universities.

      Right-wing media such as Fox is dismissed and really only speaks to its own audience, so no ground is gained.

      • MrBK

        The left completely dominates the entertainment industry. It’s astounding how much conformity exists in an industry that purports to be rebellious.

        • Zach Puckett

          That’s always been a hypocrisy of the left. Look at hipsters. They act like they are “rebellious” but find me a hipster that doesn’t have an iphone. Being “rebellious” is what’s popular. “Look at me. I’m going against the system by buying shit that is being sold by the system that just looks ‘rebellious’.”

          • MrBK

            That’s why we see so much pretentious “truth to power” bullshit. None of them are taking any real risks when they rail against whatever imagined “injustice” is cool today. Hipsters aren’t exactly railing against radical Islam, for example … too real, too risky.

          • Zach Puckett

            As a recent college film student with a creative writing minor graduate let’s just say I’ve had my fair share of hipsters. I kind of mix SJWs and hipsters together because they are pretty much the same. One thinks they are the next great artist while the other thinks they can actually make a difference. Roger from American Dad had a great line about hipsters. “I’m a hipster dumb ass. We pretend to be stuff.”

    • MrBK

      And too much infighting over stupid shit. BTW, I enjoy most of the writers at PJMedia too, Glenn Reynolds in particular.

    • EscapeVelocity

      Im afraid that the Left is waging a Culture War on European Christendom. Conservatives are reactionaries to that Marxist Aggression.

      You dont get to choose to be in a war…when someone chooses to wage war on you, youre in one.

  • Freeman

    Maybe this is my inner liberal talking but I feel Milo isn’t taken as serious by his party because he’s gay. They’re more accepting of them then they might have been just a few years ago but they still blow him off when his opinions put a little lean on their beliefs.

    • EscapeVelocity

      Christians are homophobes and racists, just like Gamers.

      What a hoot!

  • ezralyte

    You’re forgetting though – conservatives (American conservatives) HATE video games still. They’re still tied to the Christian Beltway and need the demographic in order to get page views and elections. They can’t stand up for a group with “gamer” while still espousing traditional values of family and Christianity.

    I’m the same way – I consider myself a diehard liberal (although I’m willing to support Blue Dogs given that I live in Virginia) but I have zero interest in the liberal blogosphere and its culture. It’s pop candy slacktivism at its finest. So there aren’t that many places for people like me to feel (hah) “safe.”

    • Inquiring

      Blow it out your ass. I am not a Christian, but Jesus Titty Fucking Christ does it annoy me when you bigots blindly push that “Christians hate anything fun!” narrative.

      Plenty of Christians play and enjoy video games, including the violent ones. Considering how massive the video games industry is, and how many people in the US identify as Christians, it would even be safe to say the majority of Christians support and play video games, and it most probably has to do with their ability to determine that entertainment can be good and valuable.

      Quit being like the SJWs with your blind bigotry, and grow the fuck up. Learn some history while you are at it, because the history of Christianity and its support of Liberty is an absolutely fascinating one.

      • ezralyte

        Yo – I didn’t say Christians HATE video games. I said the political establishment Conservatives (and their media outputs) do. Thanks for putting words in my mouth.

        I’m talking about the hard-right, 80s Moral Majority that tied itself to the Republican Party and got Ronald Reagan to be their poster child. Hence the “Bible Beltway” comment. Republicans today have to rely on the Jerry Falwell crowd and court them the same way the left has to find a way to court the Millennials (something I think that Hillary Clinton is flat out not going to do).

        Believe it or not I don’t think there are absolutes and will not argue as such. I’m talking about political grandstanding.

  • Clowns to the left of me
    Jokers to the right
    Here I am, stuck in the middle with you…

  • tz1

    Meanwhile Glenn Greenwald doxxes a Minnesota dentist for killing a Lion in Zimbabwe #BeastLivesMatter https://twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/626010240547430402 (a follow-up tweet gives the office phone)

    • I ain’t gonna lie, it’s pretty hard to feel too sorry for that dentist.

      • MrBK


      • tz1

        Doxxinng is doxxing. Mabuse ismabusw. Should Randi Harpi add glenn to the blocklist?
        Liberty is simple, even if not easy.

      • Typical

        Why? What he did was legal. My guess is that these tourist hunting companies feel they have to produce a successful hunt or lose the many thousands of dollars. Did he get proven to have lured the animal out and shot it?

      • EscapeVelocity

        If you knew anything about Wildlife Management in Africa (and elsewhere) instead of your Fee Fees. Youd understand that big game hunting trophy fees is what has kept most large land animals from going extinct, funding national wildlife preserves and keeping private reserves viable.

        • A Real Libertarian

          The professional hunter and land owner are both being pulled up on a poaching charge.

          They knew the rules, they decided to break them.

          • EscapeVelocity

            Ill inquire about this incident with my friends & relatives in Zimbabwe and South Africa (including a professional hunter0 I dont trust the Western MSM to report on the weather…much less poaching with any semblance of honesty. It’s all narrative spinning.

    • hurin

      The problem is, that this was not some lone male lion cast out from the flock. The lion he killed was the dominant male, and now his successor will probably kill all the cubs in the flock.

      • Typical

        So? Natures’ a cold hard bitch. Teddy Roosevelt killed half of africa in his day.

        • hurin

          Two wrongs do not make a right.

      • tz1

        This is Zimbabwe. Children die there and we worry about lion cubs.

        • hurin

          And your point is what? That it’s OK for lions to go extinct?

          • tz1

            Is your point that Zimbabwians should go extinct imstead? Lions arr subject to Darwin – if the males kill the cubs – and don’t replace them. Maybe kill the #2 male – have a hunt and give the proceeds to preservation. Sort of like PP selling the parts of dead babies instead of wasting them

  • Zach Puckett

    The right has been on a downward spiral for the last 15 years from a combination of both their own fuck ups and the media. After the utter embarrassment that was the 2012 election it doesn’t surprise me the party completely caved in. They try to bury the good candidates while highlighting the shitty ones. Look at how they buried Ron Paul last election. Sure he had some bad ideas but I would have taken him over the other “candidates” any day. Without the right representing the other side the left has completely gone ape shit because no one seems to be opposing them anymore. Look at the confederate flag debacle and how the right completely caved in on that. The entire south got completely thrown under the bus and they did nothing. Hell we’ve reached a point where apparently having right leaning views is seen as a bad thing. We keep getting called right wingers as an insult and as someone who has right leaning views I’m like “so what’s your point?” The entire voter base is pretty much getting fucked over and the party representatives do nothing. Now they just bow down to the media which bows down to the left. So yes I say let’s call them cowards that they really are. Sorry for the rant.

    • Cult of One

      Read some of the experiences some of the Paulites had with the party. Despite being the most active campaigners and able fundraisers they got the “Night of the Long Knives” treatment again and again because the establishment didn’t want people rocking the boat.

      The alt right who is now in the process of rising won’t be as mild mannered as the Paulites. This is the future they chose.

      • Zach Puckett

        I would just like the party to grow a pair. But who am I kidding they’re politicians.

        • Cult of One

          I fear they’d rather cut off their balls and embrace transsexualism by now.

      • Typical

        THe thing that they fear more than anything about Ron Paul is his non interventionalist views. How on earth are we going to be a superpower” ad “foster the growth of the economy” when one of his first acts in office would be to pull the troops we have stationed in 140 countries around the globe and kill the military industrial complex?

      • EscapeVelocity

        Sorry bro, Christians have always been the most active campaigners and able fundraisers on the GOP grassroots level. But dont let that stop your fantastical victimization narrative that you rock yourself to sleep with at night.

        • Cult of One

          Ah yes, gloating about shanking the Paulites together with Chamber of Commerce wing of the party while now crying crocodile tears about getting your shit pushed in by the left.

          Go back the cake, christcuck.

          • EscapeVelocity

            I hope you take the Democrat party back, but Im not holding my breath.

          • Cult of One

            I’m not a Democrat and I’m too busy laughing at you cultural SA thugs get shanked while lamenting why your former victims won’t help you. It’s great.

          • EscapeVelocity

            Jokes on you bro. Enjoy!

          • Cult of One

            lolololo no u

            Your kind fucked up hilariously and you still just can’t help gloating about it. And now go back and bake the cake.

          • EscapeVelocity

            Fuck off dude.

            Take over the Democrat Party, you all agree on Cultural Marxism (gay marriage, abortion) you just disagree on economics.

    • JasonC5

      Same thing happens when Gary Johnson is brought up.

    • ezralyte

      TBF the way I understand it there’s a big difference from the right pre-Reagan and post-Reagan. And the fact that Conservatives now can’t run without someone to appeal to the BIble Belt Southern base. You’ll never get a Ron Paul or an “economic message” guy if he doesn’t also pay lip service to returning the nation to Jesus’s roots.
      (also don’t make any mistakes – both the left and the right HATE the South. Even their own reps are more interested in Washington $$ than developing better industries here.)

  • tz1

    Sometimes you just need to say “what the cuck”?
    As in “what the cuck just happened?” when sing-along-with Mitch McCuckold reanimated the ExIm bank.

  • MrBK

    Milo is correct. I fucking hate the Mitch McConnell wing of the Republican party. They always pick the wrong hill to die on. Meanwhile, the finger-wagging, do-as-you’re-told left is allowed to out-moralize the right because some on the right is still too busy clutching their pearls about GTA. Fucking great.

    • EscapeVelocity

      The hills that McConnell dies on are service to Big Business and the Chamber of Commerce. They string the SoCons along with lies and kabuki theater.

  • ThePete

    The far-left considers anything different from themselves to be right-wing.

    The mainstream conservatives or #cuckservatives have definitely dropped the ball. GG rode out the feminist media shitting all over us, but only a handful of media voices have joined us.

    GG isn’t done yet though. I think we have sown the seeds of dissent.

  • tuesdayprichard

    It is nearing election time and quite frankly the conservatives have been too busy warding off other attacks by the left. You guys have received a mild dose …just wait. This isn’t over.

    I have to say, I am thrilled to see moderate liberals in this movement waking up to what the left has been doing for YEARS and YEARS and YEARS to the conservatives. Now you see how these folks operate and distort everything you say and think and feel.

    Story after story shows radicals moving in on small towns and destroying cultural symbols – people who are harming NO ONE in a small towns being beaten down by the likes of fully funded attacks from the ACLU. Our arguments are constantly restructured and our words taken out of context. People on the left simply do not want to be bothered to understand the arguments of the right – they are shut down by calling us racists, homophobes, haters, etc.

    This feminist nonsense has been going on for YEARS:

    I used to be liberal too because I didn’t really understand. Once I understood what a true conservative is and how the word “liberal” was literally hijacked by the left (a tactic they still use to this day), I felt ashamed. The right is very welcoming and much more accepting. We do have kooks but, crazy people need love too. All we want is some freedom and of course we believe in government helping but not to the detriment of destroying a person’s inner spirit.

  • John Doe

    This was exactly InternetAristocrat’s entire point when he left, and said, “All you had to do was attack.”

    That they were set up for a jaw-cracking haymaker, and instead of taking it, the Right’s media [by and large, Milo notwithstanding] were too concerned with image and with their biases against vidya and ‘violent gaemz w/boobiez ono’ to see the opportunity for what it was – an opportunity to expose the hubris of their ideological opponents.

  • Thomas Fairfield

    Well; the right-wing can at least take some comfort in knowing the LEFT-wing blew it on GamerGate first. Milo’s essentially criticizing them for not jumping on an opportunity that they wouldn’t even HAVE if not for leftists making a monumental fuck-up of alienating many of their own adherents. Milo is also probably a bit too solipsistic in assuming many conservatives extend their laissez-faire attitude to culture the way he does. I feel certain that there are still plenty among them that are GLAD the new left is fighting some of their old battles for them, and that the heat is off of them for it while they focus elsewhere. Also I, for one, would not have relished the idea of flipping to voting Republican, although I would do it if it meant squashing the Islamic State sooner.

    Ultimately, the conflict over who picks the liberal ball back up is still going on, and may only get resolved next year; if even then.

  • Typical

    Ralph, as someone who’s been seeing the right let opportunity after opportunity pass them by for decades, I can tell you that a complete purge of people like MCLame, Graham, Boner, etc is the only thing that’s going to get the right involved in anything more strenuous than scratching their ass.

    Look what they did to Cruz over a damn role call vote, because them playing their little games is more important than connecting with the American people and trying to win elections. Fuck them. They’ll fight stupid fucking shit they shouldn’t’ care about and wont win like gay marriage, and let the other side paint them as alternately bullies and idiots.

  • Syltique

    The right didn’t really miss the opportunity. They were doing this same shit to gaming throughout the 80s and 90s, 30 years ago. The only difference is that now extremist feminist liberal critics are now emulating the right. Who in their right mind would expect the right to be the savior of video games? It’s not going to happen. They’re both fucked up extremists on both sides.

    • Inquiring

      “The only difference is that now extremist feminist liberal critics are now emulating the right.”

      Bullshit. The only difference now is that the Authoritarian elements on the Right are not joining the Authoritarian elements on the Left.

      The Left has been part of every anti-gaming movement there has been. The Democrat Senator Leland Ye, the one busted for gun running, made a major part of his platform attacking games (and supporting gun control) during the Hot Coffee Mod incident.

      Hillary Clinton went on the attack against games with Tipper Gore and Joe Lieberman during the ’90s and ’00s. I am absolutely confident that if I bothered to do any research I would find many, many Authoritarian Leftists also behind the demonization of Dungeons and Dragons, Television, and Comic Books.

      The Authoritarian Left has always been in the fight against games, music, porn and other forms of entertainment. Many forms stifling expression through regulation people credit to the Right were actually introduced and pushed through by the Left, not that the media has been very good at letting people know this. This is just the first time they don’t have the Authoritarian Right to hide behind and take all the credit when the push back comes from people who value individual liberty.

      This issue, like every issue before it, is a matter of Authoritarians versus Libertarians, and neither the Left or Right can claim to have ever been free of those elements.

      So, in this case, the Libertarian Right did miss the opportunity, but it is hard to blame them when they are used to seeing everything blamed on the Right in the first place. No doubt had the Libertarian Right stood up to side with GG against SJWs and corruption the media would have spun everything to make it look like those “Evil Right Wingers” were the ones attacking gamers, and way too many in GG would have been happy to swallow the narrative blindly, as so many “I am so much better and more intelligent than those conservatives” did in the ’60s, and ’70s, and ’80s, and ’90s, and ’00s.

      People have been happy to swallow the lies of the Left since the Civil Rights Act was passed. No wonder the Republican Party has become the stupid party; once bitten, twice shy. If entire generations can be convinced that the party that pushed the Civil Rights Act magically became the racist party the very next year, what else can they be convinced of?




  • EscapeVelocity

    The Tea Party has been battling these cuckservatives for a decade now.

  • RothbardianAnCap

    From someone who is right wing, not only is the right constantly ridiculed to the point where “right wing” is itself a pejorative term, but the fact is there is only ONE right of center mainstream media outlet..Fox. Which is, OF COURSE, ridiculed relentlessly by the rest of the liberal media machine and the average liberal. You know, like…I dunno, most people IN GamerGate? So from the get go, why the HELL would Fox go to bat for GG, to this day still touted as a harassment movement? They’re SCARED, and with good reason. It would be nigh impossible for a universally mocked network to poke holes in such a widely accepted narrative. Just saying.

  • RothbardianAnCap

    Never mind the fact that most of the right has spent the past decade hiding and praying to GOD they don’t get their names dragged through the mud when it strikes the liberal media’s fancy.

    • EscapeVelocity

      More recently having the IRS, EPA, OSHA, and every other alphabet soup Federal Agency sic’ed on them.

      • RothbardianAnCap


  • EscapeVelocity

    I see many Leftwingers here agree with Cultural Marxist SocJus LGBT Gender Feminists when it comes to Christianity…there is no daylight between them when it comes to Christianity.

    Well, a poem was written for you assclowns…

    First they came for the Christians…but I was not a Chirstian (and was actually glad they came for the Christians)

    Then they came for me and video games.

    You reap what you sow.

    • Cult of One

      Yes, just ignore all those times when the religious right, often enough together with the nannying left, incited moral panics about video games, PRGs or music.

      You guys are truly our greatest allies.

      • EscapeVelocity

        The Religious Right is your boogeyman. Trotted out by the MSM to sow discord and scare people away.

        Enjoy the hellish nightmare of Neo-Marxism, I say. Youre helping to advance.

  • Lost Question

    dont worry milo they will be all over it as they move at the speed of politics so in 2020 at the earliest.

  • mbits

    Many people wrote to Adam Curry of No Agenda (yes, the guy who invented podcasting), because this issue of SJWs and politicizing gaming and the corruption of media and their covering it up response is EXACTLY up their alley on that show.

    Their response was to, on the air, mention that lots of people emailed them about it and then say “I dunno, something about some chick sleeping with a dude and gamers are all pissed off about it or whatever who cares”.

    That is the only thing they ever said about it. Have completely ignored anything to do with it for the almost-year since.

    In the last month, they’ve come to be aware of the phrase “triggered”.

    They’d have understood a lot more of this shit a year ago if they hadn’t just fucking dismissed this shit.

    Granted, they aren’t a republican or conservative show at all. If anything, they trend more libertarian than left and right… but same “I dunno and I’m too lazy to look into it because fuck nerds” mentality.

  • LongLiveGamerGate

    In this case Milo makes a good argument but it’s a bit naive. Why should the conservative support video games when they have been dragging them trough the dirt in relation to video game violence for years?

  • Inquiring

    How many ex-liberals/Democrats/leftists on this site can honestly say that if the Right had joined in, which would have caused the Leftist media to go into full attack and spin mode, would not have swallowed the narrative that the Right was the problem, hook, line, and sinker?

    How many ex-liberals/Democrats/leftists on this site have had the intellectual honesty and fortitude to re-examine many of the old narratives they have blindly believed about the history of the 20th century in regards to Right vs Left in this country?

    How many ex-liberals/Democrats/leftists on this site have been happy to jump on the Authoritarian Right, and never noticed that the Authoritarian Left was also involved in whatever draconian stifling of Liberty was occurring at the time?

    Why did the Right not join GG against the SJWs? A simple look at history and how many people have eagerly accepted the revisionism from the Left contains all the answers you need.

    So many young people want to be a “liberal” and be for “progress”, and so few want to be a “conservative” who is “stodgy and stuck in the dark ages.” In their effort to be cool and hip too many were happy to be useful idiots, until it started to bite them in the ass, and now they wonder why people they maligned continuously don’t reach out to help them.

    I don’t blame the Right for being gun shy during this GG thing, after all, why should they bother to trust a bunch of people who are only just now seeing what has been in control of the Left for such a long time.

  • Zanard Bell

    As much as I hated all of this ‘why did you do this to us Jon Stewart’ retarded as fuck moments from the liberal GGers, it’s the total silence of the major conservative voices that really irked me.

    I couldn’t give a damn if they got GamerGate coverage right or wrong, just as long as they started talking about it, but nep. Glenn Beck is still droning about how video games are evil. Rush Limbaugh is still droning about… something. And O’Reilly is still exploring the beautiful caves of his ass.

    In fact, the only GamerGate video made by a conservative guy that I remember was Andrew Klavan’s.

  • Silence Dogood

    Damn that was one hell of a verbal bitch slap Master Milo performed on the Right wing. Good for him. It took a lot of time for me to be able to speak out against the Left wing until I realized that I can proudly assert I’m a left-leaning moderate and anyone who doesn’t like my opinion can kiss my ass. 😀

  • temmy9 .

    You cannot be a conservative when there is nothing left to conserve. The so called ‘conservatives’ have failed at everything. And now they are little more than court jesters. The time has come for the right to discard any attachments to the system and become radicals and revolutionaries. Overthrowing the current order should be our goal, not conserving it.

  • Dr Dub

    I must admit I was very disappointed with the likes of the Telegraph.

    You had the BBC and Guardian openly bullsh*tting and lying. Caught red handed. It was an open goal to expose them for the corrupt trash that they are and I waited and waited……..and the Telegraph said and did nothing.

  • Fail Burton

    I’m amused so many people think the abolition of gender, sex and male phobia and the confused ramblings of lesbian ideologues is a left vs. right issue. Connect the dots from the insane writings of Robyn Morgan, Andrea Dworkin to Audre Lorde, Judith Butler, bell hooks, to Anita Sarkeesian, John Scalzi, Steven Gould, Brianna Wu and all you have are racist female supremacists and naive internet dwelling lunatics.

  • Richard Drakos

    I’m a Right Libertarian, so I have have zero place in the modern Republican party, but I no place in the home of SJW nonsense, the Democrats either. I do agree with Milo to an extent, but it also requires a Conservative media that isn’t of the Neocon or SocialCon variety. Studying Conservative Politics is a hobby of mine and I can safely say, the Neo Conservative branch of the Republican Party is anything BUT Conservative.

  • TheLastSandwichOnEarth

    To be fair. Milo was pretty skeptical at first

  • Duce Ralli

    Sorry Milo but those morons spent too long blaming us for Gun Violence instead of how freaking easy it is to get a gun. They are too prideful to turn around to help us now. Freakin’ Ideologues…

  • Andy Jakcsy

    C’mon, Milo. Other than a few prominent figures (you, Allum, Adam Baldwin, CH Sommers, Cernovich), the vast majority of Gamergate is moderate to liberal. I hold my nose every time I go to Breitbart, even if it’s you or Allum talking about GG. You still endorse O’Keefe tactics against liberal sources, for instance.

    Many of us recognize actual injustices against women and minorities, but have “trust but verify” philosophies. And although we don’t “listen and believe”, we also don’t engage in the “he deserved to die because he stole a candy bar from a convenience store once” mentality that many of the cop-sniffer conservatives use to justify killing unarmed black men with impunity. People are getting sick of authoritarianism of all stripes, conservative and liberal. It’s just that many of us are not blind to the authoritarianism of our own allies.

  • suol

    “This whole time, I kept waiting for the conservative media to jump in,
    en masse. It never really happened. I guess some of them were too
    cowardly to go up against the feminists. Maybe they were afraid to be
    falsely labeled as harassers.”

    Maybe some of us conservatives feel that liberals who were targeted by other liberals deserved what they got. Why should we get involved in helping liberals who, most likely before this incident, cheered and roared at similar events being done to people like me (a gamer, too) and other conservatives by the media at large?

    Where were liberals when the media falsely accused our side of starting the whole birther movement when it was actually the Clinton camp who started it as a way to fight Obama during the primaries in ’08?

    Where were liberals when Democrats have tried again and again to destroy people like Rush Limbaugh with out-of-context quotes and misleading hyperbole? The guy has just finished 27 years today of radio broadcasting, despite having the media, congress, and even a couple presidents go after him over all those years. What the hell does he owe any of you!? No doubt me simply mentioning him is going to send scores of you into apoplectic rage, even though you should be learning from his example to help you get through this crap!

    It’s a damned arrogant stance to take to expect help from those you’ve ridiculed and ostracized for most of your lives. You think YOU’RE hurt by all these SJWs targeting you with falsehoods? Try living over 2/3rds of your life that way, as I and other conservatives have who are in our early 30s. You haven’t even STARTED to suffer.

    Far as I’m concerned, you can choke on all the shit the SJWs are throwing at you all. I don’t owe you a damn thing.

    • A Real Libertarian

      Far as I’m concerned, you can choke on all the shit the SJWs are throwing at you all. I don’t owe you a damn thing.

      This is why you fail.

      Because when you had the chance to red-pill so many people, had the chance to make progress on a level beyond your wildest dreams, had the chance to be genuine heroes

      You walked away.

      All because of your distaste for “The Liberals”.

      This is why GamerGate succeeds, Milo said some very bad stuff about Gamers. So did we reject him, declare him an enemy, turn our backs on him?

      No, we worked together, and through the past year he changed, learned, grew and admitted he was wrong.

      Just like we did.

      • suol

        Funny how you didn’t respond to my other points. Mainly the one where it’s the liberals who are responsible for us not helping them through their own actions. You need to take responsibility for how you’ve treated us and admit your wrongdoings, not the other way around. They walked away from us, so we simply reciprocated.

        You also haven’t looked closely at more of the comments in this article alone. There are still plenty who’d rather spit on us than accept our help anyway. Why should we put our necks on the line only to have them chopped off?

        And look at that. By failing to address my points, you simply try to write me off with only one part of what I said, trying to take me out of context. What was that you were saying about working together? ‘Cause you’re doing a piss-poor job of it right now.

        No fail here. Only common sense. Try again.

        • A Real Libertarian

          I’m laughing at how you fuckers keep failing while we keep winning.

          Enjoy your irrelevance, because you’ll never succeeded at anything as long as you’re more concerned with tearing down your allies then fighting your enemies.

          • suol

            Nice hypocrisy. Instead of reaching your own neck out and risking it getting chopped off by me, you choose to attack me and refuse to take the risk. You just proved my point like the dumb-ass you are.

            How about you stop fighting me and try to win me over. You know, if you can get past how irrelevant you are now thanks to how juvenile you’ve been acting.

          • A Real Libertarian

            You’ve already made it clear you aren’t going to budge on your “fuck GamerGate” position.

            So I’m just going to laugh at you.

            We don’t need idiots who put pride over results.

          • suol

            (slow clap) Congratulations. You put the final nail in your own coffin. When confronted with someone who has made legitimate points, you use the same tactics of the liberal media when they can’t argue the substance and instead try to character assassinate me. Knowing that you’re pathetic at arguing, the best you can ever do is laugh.

            So keep doing it. It suits your stupidity.

            And again you can’t address my points. You know why? Because you know you couldn’t prove me wrong if you tried. Instead you’re one of those bitches who run away screaming , “You suuuuuuck!” thinking that you’ve actually won the argument. You know what? I’ll play to your fragile little ego.

            Theerree ya go, little guy! Ya DID it! Wooo-hooo!

            There now. You feel a little better, idiot? Let me know if your pride need another ego-boost.

          • A Real Libertarian

            Bye-bye loser.

          • suol

            See ya, coward. Hope you losing this argument doesn’t bruise that fragile, prideful little ego too much.

  • wargames83

    Does Milo not get that he is only accepted by the right because they are moderate? If the far right was in charge people with his orientation would be killed.