Holy fucking shit, someone really doesn’t want me playing Batman tonight. Not only did Vavra just do an interview with Kotaku, not only is Klepek got some answers to give, we also have Milo dropping part two of his Big Randi Harper trilogy. It literally just came out right when I was publishing the last short hit. I will make this one a little bit longer, though, even if it comes at the expense of my gaming session.

So, just what did Master Milo have to say? Let’s give you a couple of excerpts:4lS09Jj jTd9P6i(FULL ARTICLE)

I don’t want to give away anymore, but suffice it to say, Milo has done another outstanding job here. I love that he used the checklist method, by the way. There’s so much abuse to address, and so many scandalous bits of info to go through, that it really is the perfect way to handle a disgusting individual like Randi Harper. Plus, it’s just fucking funny to see all those green checkmarks, lets face it. Milo was honest, as well. Where he had no evidence or solid proof, he said that. There’s really no need to embellish the Randi record. She’s done so much real dirt that making up shit just takes away from that.

I haven’t seen what Harper has said yet, if anything. But I’ll come back and check here in a little bit. For now, just let me know what you think about the column. Did it live up to expectations? How excited are you for part 3? I know I’m pretty psyched. I think there might be some new bombshells in that one..possibly some quotes from former colleagues? One can only hope.

Oh, and there’s this:



UPDATE: Randi going nuts lol…


You forget about uploading it to MySpace yourself? Nice try asshole.


  1. Randi selling her kid was always too good to be true.

    But the rest of this was excellent. These two articles have been checklists of all the abuse Randi has dished out over the years.

    I’m looking forward to part three, which I think Milo said would be about how she has gotten away with all of this. I also really want to find out what the IGDA is thinking about all of this since they endorsed her blacklist.

    1. hopefully im getting my translation correct but.
      animalia dimittere eis epulamur ceti. salem flamma fluere omnia ablui corruptionem. /latin

  2. She didn’t even block me from her new ID.
    Still wondering ANY software contrib she did. Nothing visible via cursory.
    Milo is better @ debuggery

  3. Gotta love how Harper reframes things. She is assuredly full of shit, the pic of her in the leash is certainly not porn, but her ability to twist and reframe is certainly very good. This is what makes her such a fun target to tee off on.

    Reading the exchange between her and Butts discussing legal action was funny. Which is funny, because Harper’s pal Jeong would be the one to look at here. She did go to Harvard Law, her blog on Forbes is actually pretty good and not SJW-ey at all, but she is certainly a ball-breaking radfem at heart. What could Butts actually add to the conversation?

    Moreover, it is almost assured that Breitbart sought out Harper for comment in the last 2 days. I would be surprised if Harper did not have a good idea of everything in it.

  4. Maybe she could contact convicted terrorist bomber and adjudicated pedophile Brett Kimberlin for legal advice. He’s been trying to sue Breitbart for a while.

    EDIT: On an unrelated side note, Ralph, you posted Anita Sarkeesian dribbling on about how unfair Fallout Shelter was to characterize pregnant women as panicky and erratic.

    I wonder if she’s seen this article?


    Ye gods and little fishes…

  5. Revenge porn? You posted that picture on your fucking blog, you fucking harlot! Stop taking cue from Zoe, it’s not fucking helping you!

      1. Yea I never understood her outrage over the pics. She took them, they were already online. If she didn’t want repercussions she should have thought of that before taking her clothing off in front of cameras.

    1. That’s probably why she took down the tweet. It just makes her look ridiculous, plus that would mean she’s admitting to having posted porn on MySpace.

    2. Isn’t the whole point about revenge porn that it’s done by ex-partners otherwise it’s straight up harassment right? She’s implying she had sexual relations with Milo?

  6. I get the feeling Milo is holding the best stuff for last because these parts were reasonably mundane by his standards, he’s a master at building suspense.

    1. First part was definitely better than second. Part 2 seemed pretty tame and more like an intro to part 1 than its own part

  7. I have to say… Milo did great here. The checklist was definitely a great move and did well in debunking some of the myths that have been circulating about the great whale. The stuff that was fact was backed up by solid evidence. This is what we should expect to see from journalists overall.

    Even if you are new to this (to anyone who might be reading this and not be aware of ms harper) it gives you an idea of how much of a hypocrite big randi is considering she is running an antiharassment campaign.

    Seriously I can’t wait for part 3. Come on milo you handsome devil, give us the rest of the goods already.

  8. This part was a little lackluster, most of it I had already learned about in twitter over the last couple days, which makes it seem like part 2 wasn’t really thought out very well. But perhaps the info on twitter came from people that knew what was going to happen in part 2 of the article. I’m hoping the third part is a lot more in-depth and brings new information to the table.

    1. It’s not targeted at GamerGate, it’s targeted at neutrals and people who don’t know who Randi Harper is (like prospective employers doing a background check).

      1. Yeah I can see that, but depending on a potential employer’s political leanings, they may very well take what the Breitbart site says with a grain of salt. But even if it changes only a few, I guess that’s still a good thing, just wish it would change the opinions of those that currently support her.

        1. We saw some powerful reactions from people when the first one dropped, including a feminist blogger who basically went “HOLY SHIT IVE BEEN SUPPORTING THIS BITCH WHY!?”

          This is doing what it it supposed to be doing: It’s shocking people who don’t know whats going on, why, and that didn’t have any previous investment in this conflict.

          These articles aren’t for us. They’re for the people we want to reach out and show what’s going on. Milo is doing us an incredible service.

        2. but depending on a potential employer’s political leanings, they may very well take what the Breitbart site says with a grain of salt.

          Generally speaking, employers don’t care about political leaning, they care about money. So the question they ask themselves will be “does this person have baggage?”.

          If they hire her anyways then they’re going to be SJW companies, and thus won’t be in business very long.

    He’s bringing all sorts of damning allegations to light, and even though you’re obviously freaking out to the point that you’re looking at anything that you could use to GET HIM FIRED (surprise, instead of proving him wrong, you want to silence him) you still want to poke the bear. Seriously Randi, you sure you don’t have some kinda disability? I mean, i have a pretty severe form of autism and i think you’re retarded.

      1. Interesting proposal. My only remaining question is where is this revenge porn? I’ve clicked every link on the page and i can’t figure out what she’s talking about. I mean, I’d write it off as her usual bullshit if i hadn’t seen a couple comments here mentioning it.

        1. You see the picture on top of Milo’s article?

          That’s what she means.

          Yeah, it’s not “revenge porn” in any definition beyond the batshit SJW Newspeak one, but she’s a fucking liar.

          1. Last time i checked, porn had more…idk…NUDITY? I mean, what is this? The 1920’s? Is it a little sleazy to show off some shoulder or ankle again? There’s nothing there past her collar bone.

          2. Also, since she publicly posted that image on her MySpace years ago, the “revenge” part doesn’t even apply.

  10. The picture’s not revenge porn. It’s a hate crime.

    I was looking forward to Part II, but it left me a bit disappointed.

  11. “what happened to the lawyers?” like any news outlet they are there waiting in the wings just out of sight and as soon as you do something stupid(‘er then usual) suddenly they will be there ready to put a metaphorical bat to your backside.

  12. Dat google result..Someone better call the fire department to get all those keks back down safely.

  13. I’m afraid it might come across as too petty if the entire series just ends up being a professional publication of what has already been established before. It’s great to see this in an official publication (even if it’s Breitbart), but it was really feeling to be set up for a bombshell and . . . not getting one, so far.

    Of course, this is just the first two parts. It would be fantastic if these are just setting up the pins for the final piece which will be a jaw-dropper. I hope.

    1. 1. It’s all the shit we’ve dug up in one place.

      2. In an official publication it has far more spread, and far better PR then otherwise.

      3. This results in her becoming radioactive to any employer that isn’t an SJW, and SJW employers don’t last.

      1. agreed, never underestimate the power of concentrating and contextualising scattered rumors and information in one easily sourced and searchable location and its potential impact for future dealings with individuals. e.g. deepfreeze, steam reviews, youtube responses and news articles.

  14. – Goggle a name

    – click on “images”
    – find some pubblic pics
    – use one pic for an article


    Are these people lobotomized?

  15. Someone should inform PETA that a “Anti abuse” initiative creator regularly abuses her dog by dying him, that’s pretty much the same shit that goes down when makeup and things are tested on animals so it should tick off PETA

  16. Revenge porn? …Ewww… Randi, no one wants to see your fat, (possibly) hairy ass anywhere. Even your toilet wants to leave you.

    1. Amen. Even fans of BBW porn would go flaccid w/ Randi. The popular BBW porn stars are still shaped like women and have larger-than-life tits and/or ass. Randi is shaped like a potato. 20 pounds of shit in a 10 pound bag.

  17. The funny thing about these SJW special snowflakes is they forget that Libel/Slander/Defamation falls down before “Truth as an Absolute Defense,” just because it’s not nice doesn’t mean DICK if it’s actually true! Also, Defamation is only applicable if the individual in question HAS a reputation that could be damaged in a meaningful way. Randi Harper is a notorious internet troll and is unemployable because of her, arguably, mentally ill activities. She has no character left to defame. Check and mate bitch.

  18. Wow Randi Harper must be about to demand to ban the entire internet soon because she got exposed so badly.

  19. I’m liking the 3 part split of the article, it is allowing for much different tones for each part and eases readers into the variety of information and claims provided.

    part 1 = overview with particular harassments detailed,
    part 2 = checklist of common rumors and beliefs about Ms Harper explained in summary,
    part 3 = expanded/speculative op-ed addressing the unprovable but believable bits?

  20. Guess I can’t call Land Whale a meth head anymore huh? Oh well, I can think of other things to call her.

    I hope part 3 digs up more dirt on her like the she created an industry blacklist and faked her police report that turned out to be a traffic ticket.

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