Matt Jarbo

I didn’t expect to be doing anything else on the Matt Jarbo (aka MundaneMatt) front today, but sometimes, ladies and gentlemen, the shit just falls in your lap. Like when Keemstar tweets at me and says that Jarbo set him up to take the fall for a swatting attempt a couple years back. Yep, that sounds just like MundaneRatt. And thankfully, he admitted to the whole thing!

First off, let’s hear from Keem…

He even did a nice Twitter rant video for your viewing pleasure…

Matt Jarbo, sperglord that he is, proceeded to admit to the charge.

THEN, he got so mad at Andy Warksi for having the audacity to talk about him on the Kumite today that he decided to leak all their private Twitter messages. This becomes even more stupid after you read the actual messages, because they show that Andy was being extremely nice to the guy.

I don’t think he’ll make that choice again.


I honestly don’t know where Matt Jarbo is going to go from here. From what I’m hearing in private, though, this is all hitting him very hard. He’s distraught about no one liking him anymore. I’ve got some news that might cheer him up, though. No one liked you in the first place, Matt. So, don’t worry about it! It also makes me chuckle when I think about all the shit I’ve gotten, including from Jarbo himself. He attacked me, he attacked my wife (which was insanely out of line), and now he acts like some kind of victim. Good lord. Stop being such a little bitch. Be a man, for fuck’s sake.

This is sad. I would advise him to delete everything, but we all know he could never do it. Instead, I will just sit back and laugh. He had a lot of fun while I was gone. Many laughs were had. Now who’s laughing, Matt?