It’s been a slow day today, as I’ve been Internet shopping. Remind me to stop wasting hours looking at shit I’m probably not going to buy anyway. But, while I was wasting time instead of working, I saw an interesting story on The Huffington Post. It was about the bogus Rolling Stone rape exposé from the fall. As it turns out, their biggest name employee, Matt Taibbi, also thinks it was bad for the real victims of rape.

Here’s the interview. I don’t usually link Huffington Post articles here, since they trashed us. So here’s the archive. I will go ahead and embed the video for those who want to see it, though:

Taibbi makes some pretty good suggestions, such as:

He also offered a potential solution for journalists looking to tackle rape accusations in the future.

“One way around that would be for people to cover cases that have already been adjudicated and so that the reporters don’t have to go out on a limb to say that this or that happened,” he said. “They can rely on something that’s already been proven in court.”

Reporting on cases that have already been proven in a court of law? What a radical proposition, Matt! But then how will all these “professional feminists” make money off sensationalism? They won’t be able to afford all their shopping trips and bask in white female privilege. The poor lasses.

Honestly, he still tries to defend the magazine a little bit, but it’s still good to see him admitting that this set back the cause of real victims. False reports and feminist flame wars do nothing to help people who have really suffered from this horrendous crime. All it does it make it harder for those folks to be believed. Don’t expect the SJWs to listen, though. This is how they make a living.

  1. False accusations are never good. It hurts real victims, an accusation alone can destroy a man’s entire life, it takes resources away that can be better used elsewhere and it’s a comfortable 15 minutes of fame in the spotlight for feminists to try to drive up their statistics.

    Feminism is truly a fucking cancer. All it does now is allow scumbags to profit off hurting innocent people.

  2. Yes it does and this bullshit needs to stop. You who this also hurts, the falsely accused. I have yet to see anybody apologize to the actual fraternity. But who cares right it’s not like this has ruined people’s lives in the past……..oh wait.

  3. I’ll watch it shortly, but Emma the Mattress gal is still going around.

    Most here are probably too young to remember the “William Kennedy Smith” trial. It parallels the questions on these campus rape accusations – was it consensual? What happened before and after. The biggest thing was that the trial itself was televised, with the woman’s face covered by a blue dot as she testified. They had the same feminists “women never lie about rape”, and the rest. Smith was found not guilty, and the trial proved interesting.

    His uncle was there, remembering there was no trial in the death of Mary Jo Kopeckne, an even earlier event.

    Women might be more easily manipulated, i.e. seduced, but regretting that you gave into seduction (or found out the man was a cad) doesn’t make it rape.

    What is not talked about is the switch from the courtship culture to the hookup culture.

    Back in the age of courtship, women were given similar warnings against men, but there were few problems – The seduction itself was avoided, and even a wolf-whistle was considered boorish. The default was a hard No!. Without any regrets.

    Today easy sex is expected, but human beings – men and women – don’t recognize or aren’t told there will be an emotional price – they are hurt. This is the tragedy. The women are encouraged to act like sluts (I am not being insulting, only stating the correct term for being promiscuous). Then when they do, instead of growing in self-esteem, being in control, they feel ashamed. So today, women are being pushed by feminists to say “Yes”, with men willing to help. Then regret doing so.

    Note how there is no campus where the women are pledging a clear and permanent “No!”. Some outward “I’m going to be chaste, so don’t bother”. And they are likely to be in the library studying instead of at a frat party. Then there would be none of these accusations. But then there wouldn’t be this “liberation” either.

  4. Sure. Real rape is bad for rape victims.
    False rape accusations are bad for rape victims.

    Let’s not forget they’re absolutely life obliterating for the victims-of-false-accusations, too.

    Also, let’s call those who make false claims what they really are RAPE OPPORTUNISTS.

  5. Okay so this wasn’t about how to avoid damaging actual Rape victims.
    This was about how to avoid getting your media outlet dragged into court, and getting yourself sued, and or fired in the process.

  6. Feminism is disempwering. It robs women and girls of agency whilst pretending to strive for the same. It’s quite a con.

  7. Is it just me or are the falsely accused are being completely ignored!!!!, females whom might not be believed in the future are more important then the falsely accused or worse yet convicted, sentenced and punished !!!! hey Ralph, are we so chivalrous that innocent men & boys are considered collateral damage in all of these cases, I guess they are.

  8. Its interesting how the empathy is never towards the falsely accused… Who in the case of a false accusation is the only actual victim of the crime…

    The best way to minimize further harm done by false accusers is to treat a false accusation as a serious crime… If you put the same kind of sentences on false accusers that you would on rapists guess what its more likely that only real victims come forward. This would stop people from having their life ruined and make it easier for people to come forward that are victims of it.

    1. Granted, they’d need to set a standard for what qualifies as a false accusation. If a real rape happened, but the perpetrator wasn’t indicted due to a lack of evidence, no blame should come to the victim as that would only further discourage real rape victims to come forward. Might as well be stoning rape victims to death. Of course, cases like the one Rolling Stone reported on should be treated like serious crimes as it’s clear as day that they’re complete bullshit and the falsely accused suffered greatly for them.

  9. What’s also idiotic are the double standards. Falsely accused man will have his life ruined forever no matter the outcome in court or evidence obtained by forensics. But if a woman lies about rape, she doesn’t even get a slap on the wrist and she’s portrayed everywhere as this poor victim. That shit with Jackie and that mattres bitch. Just look what happened. Men got all the shit despite the evidence proving otherwise and what happened to those bitches? Absolutely fucking nothing. They still drag them around like fucking queens. Disgusting.

    Rolling Stones ruined the life of that man and they didn’t even fucking bother to apologize as many times as they’ve run the original bogus story just so that evidence of clearing those men would reach the same amount of people as the bogus story did in the beginning. But no, one big radio fucking silence. Yes, I’m pissed.

      1. She won’t be going to a ‘normal’ job. She’ll find work with one of these psychotic organizations, promoting ‘social justice’ and ‘equality’.

        But I doubt she’ll have much money in it. Nungesser made the right call by suing the university, not her. Frankly, Columbia enabled her loony behavior. Hard to say how much was willing, and how much was forced by the DoJ — they’re the ones using Title IX like a club on universities.

  10. No they don’t. Bogus claims hurt the people who were accused! The actual crime hurts the real victims.

    What this pillock is suggesting is that when false rape cases are found out it hurts the “listen and believe” narrative and further demonstrates that there could be ill intent in women and they are not always the innocent victims feminism portrays them to be.

  11. this quote
    “One way around that would be for
    people to cover cases that have already been adjudicated and so that the
    reporters don’t have to go out on a limb to say that this or that
    happened,” he said. “They can rely on something that’s already been
    proven in court.”
    was that really so hard to figure out? Did he just figure it out now or wtf?

    Hey there’s this thing going on that some people are saying 2+2=10 2+2=10 guys it’s insane people omg…yada yada yada
    >actually 2+2=4 because (damning evidence)
    huh? Oh fuck maybe we should have thought of reporting the result after it was calculated carefully, yeah that’s a good idea.

  12. I love how he deliberately avoided saying the story was false. He tried to play it off as only one part of the story being incorrect, lol

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