It’s been a slow day today, as I’ve been Internet shopping. Remind me to stop wasting hours looking at shit I’m probably not going to buy anyway. But, while I was wasting time instead of working, I saw an interesting story on The Huffington Post. It was about the bogus Rolling Stone rape exposé from the fall. As it turns out, their biggest name employee, Matt Taibbi, also thinks it was bad for the real victims of rape.

Here’s the interview. I don’t usually link Huffington Post articles here, since they trashed us. So here’s the archive. I will go ahead and embed the video for those who want to see it, though:

Taibbi makes some pretty good suggestions, such as:

He also offered a potential solution for journalists looking to tackle rape accusations in the future.

“One way around that would be for people to cover cases that have already been adjudicated and so that the reporters don’t have to go out on a limb to say that this or that happened,” he said. “They can rely on something that’s already been proven in court.”

Reporting on cases that have already been proven in a court of law? What a radical proposition, Matt! But then how will all these “professional feminists” make money off sensationalism? They won’t be able to afford all their shopping trips and bask in white female privilege. The poor lasses.

Honestly, he still tries to defend the magazine a little bit, but it’s still good to see him admitting that this set back the cause of real victims. False reports and feminist flame wars do nothing to help people who have really suffered from this horrendous crime. All it does it make it harder for those folks to be believed. Don’t expect the SJWs to listen, though. This is how they make a living.