You had to know that we hadn’t seen the last of Mattress Girl Emma Sulkowicz. The last time we mentioned her was to tell you about how my hit on her porno movie was the biggest story on all of last year. Now, she’s back on the scene thanks to the National Organization of Women, one of the main feminist advocacy groups here in the United States. No, they didn’t excoriate her as a disgrace to women. There was no call out about her being a terrible role model for young girls and even for victims/survivors (if you believe her story, which I don’t). Instead, they gave this cretin a fucking award.

Yes, for real.

From Campus Reform

NOW named Sulkowicz a recipient of the Woman of Courage Award at its 2016 Forward Feminism Conference, June 24-26. The Woman of Courage Award has been given out annually since 1994, and past recipients including Lily Ledbetter and Ani DiFranco.

Sulkowicz is best known for her thesis art project at Columbia University, titled “Carry That Weight.” The project involved carrying a mattress around campus for a year. According to Sulkowicz, the weight of the mattress symbolized the weight she had been carrying since she was allegedly raped in her dorm room during her sophomore year.

However, Paul Nungesser, the alleged rapist, maintained the sexual encounter was consensual. In fact, the rape account came into question when Nungesser was able to produce Facebook messages with Sulkowicz from months after the alleged incident. The messages from Sulkowicz included telling Nungesser that she loved him and wanted to snuggle with him.

Not content with accepting her bullshit award, Ms. Mattress Girl had to trash Camille Paglia and bring race into the equation. After all, when you’re already at pond scum level, why not sink even lower?


@oliviasulko caught me looking derpy with the Woman of Courage Award. From my speech today:

Camille Paglia has publicly called my artwork a “masochistic exercise” in which I neither “evolve” nor “move-on.” She speaks as if she, a white woman, knew what was best for me, a woman of color she’s never met. Many people ask me how I’ve “healed” from my assault, as if healing were another word for “forgetting about it,” “getting over it,” or even “shutting up about it.” To expect me to move on is to equate courage with self-censorship. The phrases–suck it up, move on, and get over it–are violence. People who say these phrases equate what is right with what is expected.

I think courage means, “Afraid in a way that makes you do what is right, even if it’s unexpected.” I dedicate this award to everyone who has not told me to get over it. Thank you for validating my fear and my way of handling it. Thank you for creating a world in which we can tackle the things that terrify us by doing the unexpected right thing.

This is the message SJWs are sending to our young women. It’s not even funny anymore, this shit is dangerous to society. OK, it sometimes still is funny, but fucking hell. Think about actually being an impressionable youth and taking your cues from a basket case like Sulkowicz. This is the type of person who the media and their radical feminist compatriots are holding up as an example to be emulated. It’s genuinely scary to think about the ramifications.