Mattress Girl & #KillAllWhiteMen Show How Corrupted Media Really Is

Mattress Girl & #KillAllWhiteMen Show How Corrupted Media Really Is

Ooook, this column is late. I realize that. But here I am. I wanted to do a piece on Mattress Girl Emma Sulkowicz. I ALSO wanted to do a piece on the psycho from Goldsmiths’ University (UK), Bahar Mustafa. So, what’s you’re friendly neighborhood muckraker to do? Combine the crazies into one column, of course! I’ll give a brief rundown, for the few of you who haven’t heard about these stories, and also talk about what all this tells us about our corrupted media. 

I did a post about Ms. Sulkowicz once before. Well, it was actually more about how Jezebel was trying to slime GamerGate defender Cathy Young over her Daily Beast column. Why would they do that? Because Cathy blew the whole fucking story out of the water, and showed Matress Girl to be a liar.

More from my last piece:

Cathy has been investigating some dubious rape claims against a Columbia University student. She unearthed some evidence that puts the claims against him in a new light, and has been catching heat from the usual SJW corners of the internet because of it…

I don’t want to screenshot the whole article, cause you need to go read it. But it blows hole after hole in the story of the accuser. It’s really an amazing story. Even after being cleared by the university, this guy’s name was dragged through the mud by this publicity hungry “victim.” She carries a 50-pound mattress around campus to and from classes in an effort to shame him into leaving school. She slimed him in the New York Post, and even enlisted the help of a United States Senator to spread this shit.

As you can see, this is a fucked up situation. Mattress Girl ran around spouting all kinds of lies, and by the time anyone could even attempt to properly set the record straight, she was already a hero of the rad fem left. These ideologues simply will not accept any evidence that doesn’t jive with their rape fantasies. We’ve seen this over and over again, because they’re nothing more than a cult. People who are in cults are generally averse to hearing contradictory testimony, and these lemmings are no different.

Then we have Bahar Mustafa, who’s now under investigation by the police. Talk about an offensive piece of trash. Then again, she hasn’t falsely accused anyone of rape…that we know of. So I guess she’s not quite there yet. But I’ll be damned if she isn’t trying. Here’s a little background on her, from Encyclopedia Dramatica:

Bahar is a 27 year old, privileged girl who bangs on about anarchism and communism despite living a privileged, sheltered life. She majored in women’s studies gender studies (feminists insisted the name be changed to make it look less like and obvious scam) at the prestigious and expensive Goldsmith University, which was undoubtedly paid for by her parents. She now lives in their 450,000 pound home (which is incidentally also how much her mum weighs) while insisting she is a downtrodden minority and preaching for the downfall of society, one in which she feels she would fare quite well, despite being unable to get a job, her own flat and probably having trouble using the microwave by herself.

The combination of being a rich, 20-something, living at home, jobless college grad with a degree in feminism and an anarchism t-shirt, means Bahar couldn’t be a bigger cliche if she had brightly coloured hair, a nose ring and daddy issues. Which, of course, she does.


That’s all true, although I can’t testify to the daddy issues part. I think it’s safe to say it’s probably true as well, though. What’s her major malfunction? She hates white men and talks trash about them at every turn, bans them from events, and calls them white trash from her official university Twitter account. If this were any other subset of people on earth, she would be excoriated by the media. Instead, we get gems like this one:


How much do you have to hate yourself to write such contemptible garbage? I’m just wondering, because it seems like it would have to be an awful lot. Then again, the media is full of self-loathers and charlatans. These episodes prove that. There’s no shortage of press hacks trying to defend both of these nasty women. The only way to gut these stories is from the ground up. Word of mouth and social media can help. But they have access to these tools as well, and a false rape claim will haunt you forever. If only the SJW-soaked media had any sort of ethical compass.

I know. That’s the biggest fantasy of all.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • hurin

    The humanities have become a factory that makes garbage. I wouldn’t even trust these graduates to wash my car or make my coffee, much less tell me what to think.

    Excellent article from Reaxxion that shines a light on what passes as research these days.

    • Cory Brandstetter

      There go my dreams of ever going to college 🙁 shame to see that Digra is forcing people to conform to their dogma. Guess my dreams of learning coding are shot.

      • ElderWolf

        I hate colleges. I’ve got a few friends that learned more coding and game design off of online walk throughs and forums than they did in a 4 year $20,000 course.

      • REAPER

        Can you imagine roaming through the college campus hallways with Anita Sarkeesian’s smug face on every school event calender for an entire semester? Or worse…

        Honestly, I rather not think about. I shudder to even picture it that it makes my stomach turn.

  • Erthwjim

    I’m going to go ahead and say that these women have probably been rejected by white men they desired. They probably had some ideal white man that they were looking for that they hoped would like them, to only find out said white man preferred someone that was much better looking. In retaliation to so much rejection, they now hate all white men.

    • shinningprodigy

      You know, I’m goona have to side with you on this one. Feminists claim that white men are the devil (a claim other groups have also been making for some time) and yet these women would probably bend over and take it up (use your imagination on this one ladies and gentlemen) if they found the RIGHT white man. See how long they would hold onto their “beliefs” if they were suddenly pampered to and provided for by a rich white man.

      If they hate white men so much I say this to them: get yourself some black/hispanic/brown/etc d*ck (or p*ssy if it floats their boat) already and leave everyone else alone.

      • Erthwjim

        Well at that point she’d probably change her hashtag use to killallmen.

        • shinningprodigy

          She’s not that far off as it is.

    • shinningprodigy

      Probably not the best time but I like your username. That was an awesome series.


    If it weren’t for her name, I wouldn’t have thought that cray-cray chick wasn’t white. I guess the nose ring is supposed to be her way of signifying, “Look! I’m actually a POC!” so other racist radfems like her don’t accuse her of being able to pass for white and enjoy white privilege.


    As for Mattress Girl, just the flood of emails she sent him prove that it wasn’t rape. She was begging him for sex before they slept together, and she continued to do so after the so-called “rape” had occurred. She even went as far as telling him she “loved” him. I’m sorry, but I’ve yet to hear of any rape victim that willingly pursues contact with their rapist and tells the rapist that they love them.

    Then radfems have the gall to ask how she benefited from this. Um….major publicity, getting to hang with politicos, being hailed as a feminist icon…I won’t be surprised if she gets offered a position at The Mary Sue or Jezebel.

    • How does she benefit? She’s selling the mattress for $40k. No seriously. No doubt someone will buy the ‘art’ project.

      • Zach Puckett

        If I could I would buy it just so I could post a video of me lighting it on fire and I give the camera the finger as a sign to this monster and all those that supported her.

        • Then cancelling the payment o

    • Nin

      The funny thing is that the “have sex with me because I love you or else I’ll claim rape” story is really, really ancient. As in Genesis ancient. It clearly was a problem in ancient times as well, kind of funny to see how little humanity has changed.

      • mbits

        When I was 17, I was dating a girl in her late 20s. After we’d been having sex for a few months, I found out she was married. Shortly after that, her husband found out she was screwing someone (me) behind her back. She claimed I had raped her.

        Fortunately, I had countless emails and nude photos she had sent me over the previous year that were excessively willing, extremely vulgar, and sometimes bordering on harassment (at least, could be construed as such unless you were extremely willing… which I was).

        See, claiming “I was raped” was her way of immediately being extracted from the situation where she would otherwise have been accountable for her decisions and what happens to the person she lied about is irrelevant.

        Years later, I also ran a popular website with a big active community of mostly women. I often had to ban people who were causing extreme grief or even committing fraud. One time, I tried to deal kindly with someone who was exhibiting extremely repulsive behavior. Despite my attempt to be kind and lenient, I started receiving shit at my personal residence, by mail. And then voice mails. And then calls at work. And then an email to the local police department about me.

        As soon as that shit started, I banned the user’s account and their IP.

        The next day, I received a series of instant messages telling me that if I didn’t lift the ban on her account, she was going to claim that I raped her. (Mind you, I had never met this person in my entire life – they were just a user on my website).

        There was also an incident when I was a kid. We had a really shitty neighbor. Single mom with two kids and a dog that they barely took care of. One summer, they kept the dog tied by a rope around a tree in the front yard. The yard was all dirt and barely any grass. The dog was usually thirsty and hungry and desperate for affection. During the 4th of July, they threw one of those fireworks that are a small pink tube that you toss after lighting and they spin around on the ground… toward him.. he lunged at it and picked it up in his mouth. Tore the fuck out of his mouth. They never bothered to get him any help and he suffered for days.

        Myself and two other kids felt sick over the dog’s treatment and called the local humane society who said the report would remain anonymous. However, the day after they came out to look into the dog, one of the other boys received a visit from the police in the middle of the night. Mind you, we were all like eleven or twelve years old.

        The cunt mother had figured it was him (and him alone, I guess) who reported her for animal neglect and told the police that he had been “exposing himself” to her two little kids. Yes, she responded to a legitimate complaint of animal abuse by calling the police on a little boy and claiming he was a sexual fucking predator.

        As far as we know, when the police interviewed her kids, they had no idea what the fuck was going on and did not in any way confirm her bullshit story. Still, this fucking hid had this shit on his record for who knows how long and who knows how it impacted his life later on.

        So here’s the thing I have learned in my life — people will do anything to avoid responsibility. Even if it results in the absolute devastation and obliteration of someone else’s life.

  • The Deuce

    Here’s another for you: Seems that BU professor who mocked a rape victim for being white also engaged in revenge porn against a woman she was jealous of for dating her ex, using stolen pictures. In any sane society, “social justice” would be universally acknowledged as a hate group.

    • Honestly, she makes me SO fucking angry.
      An outright racist, bigot and hateful CRIMINAL but it’s all okay because “white people are oppressive” and “she said sorry for FELONY FUCKING CRIMES”

      Fact is, she has on TWO occasions now perpetuated “rape culture” as defined by her very own brand of radical feminism and yet THEY STILL SUPPORT HER.
      I cant get my head around it at all ><
      If any professor, employer, peer or colleague spoke the way she does I'd be in a stand up row in seconds (and I've worked with a kid that had neonazi sympathies and had very real arguments to try and reform him)
      She should not only not be employed in education, she should not be employed at all.
      There are millions of perfectly worthy candidates that can take her place and not be human garbage.

  • Cenobite

    Emma Sulkowicz – She is supposedly selling the Mattress she carried on E-Bay. I will bet that the poster job done by @FakeRape will give Emma a bit of a boost in the celeb circles of Militant Feminism. Under the table I will bet that Emma is going to be unemployable because of this stunt. Especially after Paul Nungesser gets done with Columbia University in the courts.

    Bahar Mustafa – This actually is the one to watch now. Scotland Yard has been called in because of her #killallwhitemen tweet being racist. This is why she made that video statement about how she can’t be a racist. If the Yard does not charge her then the definition of racist will have changed. If she is charged the internet will develop a singularity of bunched panties as site after site goes into full outrage mode.

    The other part of this is the petition to have her removed as the diversity officer. If that gets the numbers required to either put up a vote of no confidence or just out right remove her. Then there is still hope at least at Goldsmiths that students are not being indoctrinated. If it gets the required signatures, and she leaves that is. If she does not then the fix is in, and we can expect worse from universities in the future.

    My 2 cents.

    • The Mustafa thing is interesting, I agree. The refrain has always been that racism is privilege plus power, which is perpendicular to the traditional definition of prejudice based solely upon race.

      Frankly, I feel irrational prejudice and discrimination is ugly, no matter which word is used to define it. Discriminating against someone on their skin colour because you don’t think it’s racism doesn’t make it somehow better.

  • Dick Gozinia

    everytime I see white men agreeing with the hashtag #killallwhitemen, I wonder why none of them dine on a bullet. let me guess, much like Mary Beth Sweetland, former vice president of PETA, saying she needed her diabetic medication that was tested on animals because she needed her life to defend helpless animals. These people only go along with it for whatever supposed fringe benefit they can get. What they don’t get is, kill all white men means kill all white men. Why the fuck do they think if they agree to such an idiotic statement, these women will want to fuck them? Just perform a fucking seppuku on yourself already, you dickless wonders; you’ll be doing the world’s genetic fortitude a god damn favor doing so.

    • shinningprodigy

      PETA. Another shamless bunch of assholes. I recall hearing instances where they would try to show animal atrocities to children during their “protests”. I remember one instance it happening in NYC and had to run past them. Those people are psychos and are just as bad as radfems, if not worse in some ways.

      I agree with the radfems still wanting to fuck white men. You can see it in them they crave it so intensely that them protesting is a signal they want white meat. Edited. Sorry wanted to add on, if they still hate them so much then why not go to another variation of said meat. Probably because there is something only white men can give them according to their twisted minds..

      • Dick Gozinia

        Uh… I meant the men wanting to fuck the women that post #killallwhitemen amd agreeing with them.

        • shinningprodigy

          my mistake. I completely misread that.

          • Dick Gozinia

            it’s okay. If there is any equality between these two types of people, it’s the fact that they are equally stupid.

          • shinningprodigy


          • Charmingman93

            Let’s be honest, I reckon a hell of a lot of the sex negatives are craving the D, but no man wants them because they are horrible to be around, unlike people like Liana K who are a pleasure to listen to and be around.

          • shinningprodigy

            That seems to be the case with a lot of these “damsels”. They come off as repulsive in appearance because of the way they present themselves as mentally unstable individuals. One can only put up with that level of crazy before walking out on them entirely.

            And yes there are some women, like some of the ladies of GG, who seem like genuinely sincere people. It’s sad they get looked down upon by rad fems just because they are smart enough to question the narrative.

    • Terry “Death to Equality” Xu

      what would happen if there was a #KillAllFeminists?

      but dont worry, i’m being ironic


  • Marie

    false rape accusation is even worse than rape, really.
    Because it is successful at:
    -making rape accusations more common, and in result reducing the credibility of ACTUAL rape victims
    -ruining an innocent’s person life forever, either through them being unfairly condemned, either from them being literally set on fire by media and public opinion.
    -encouraging other scums to turn everything into rape, because, hey, according to these peoples, regretting consensual sex is the same as being raped.

    But at the end of the day, isn’t this the natural outcome of a society in which you try to take away responsibility from everyone by multiplying interdictions?

    • mbits

      Shortly after the Max Tempkin thing, where he was accused of rape by an anonymous poster on tumblr and Kotaku, RPS, and other venues ripped him a new one in what should have been actionable libel and his whole reputation was shredded apart on the internet, the thing about Five Guys and Nathan Grayson with Zoe Quinn came out.

      Jeff Canata went on an angry rant about people mistreating women on the DLC podcast (a fair enough, though biased, rant). I emailed him and we engaged in a considerate back and forth where I said that when it comes down to it, the one thing everyone should be able to agree on is that having your reputation shredded and your entire life upturned by vicious false rape accusations was far worse than having the internet learn from your ex-boyfriend that you had consensual sex with some people and possibly draw some concern about her ethics in that regard.

      He disagreed and made it clear that what Zoe went through (having it revealed that she had sex with people in the press who in some way were involved in covering her and some nude photos that she put on the internet herself as part of a nudie-site… uh.. “leaked”… back… uh… onto the internet where they came from…) was obviously worse than being falsely accused of rape in front of the entire world BY AN ANONYMOUS TUMBLR POSTER… and then taken seriously by professional publications who immediately assume and promote guilt.

      Pretty disgusting. And that seems to be what most people feel about these situations. Falsely accused of rape? Tough. Suck it up, you fucking pussy.

      Someone found out you spread your legs for your boss and a guy who wrote about you? YOU POOR THING! YOU POOR POOR PRECIOUS VICTIM OF THE EVIL PATRIARCHY!!!

      Ugh. It was just disappointing and gross.

      • Sometimes it makes me want to wish a false rape accusation on these people.
        I quickly remember that I only pretend to be an awful person to play for laughs, but honestly, it’s the only way feminists ever learn.
        Everything is fine until it is used against them, then it’s the worst problem ever that suddenly needs immediate remedy.

  • tz1

    Two ads for mattresses came up in the article.
    Mattress girl isn’t getting sued but the university is.
    Rape fantasies aren’t rape.

  • Zach Puckett

    If it was any other race you know she would have been fired in a heart beat. Which is complete bullshit. Also the victim should sue mattress girl.

  • tz1

    I think some of this is male stoicism. Or the tendency to fix or ignore (not Whiteknighting which is different).

    A wife has an Ah! moment, and reconsiders what her husband put up with.

    Women often go ballistic at the slightest trigger. Men let it roll of below a high threshold, and often respond first with “really?”. Not all, but women’s tantrums are not condemned and often encouraged. “Victim” replaces “woman” since it doesn’t happen much with men, and there must be some excuse for the psychotic episodes. The stronger feminists do condemn it, but this switch from woman to victim stops the discussion. The woman who has never even been approached walks in “take back the night” claiming victimhood. Womanhood isn’t a license for irrationality, victimhood is.

    Many here would not want a return to the patriarchy where sex was reserved for marriage, but that was the solution to avoiding the victimhood trap. There were few real victims and they were taken seriously. Today “rape shield laws” have rebounded where the victim has to prove it wasn’t a rolling stone rape.

    A quarter century ago, what may have been the turning point:

    From 1991:
    William Kennedy Smith trial, there are more details

  • Zach Puckett Sums this up nicely. The sad part is I use to be like this in high school. I was desperate to get attention and I tried acting like the white knight for girls. I thought women could do no wrong. It was always the man’s fault. I wanted to be the one that helps the poor girls. Well as you can imagine I got screwed over so many times by heartless women that I realized that they are just as slimy and two-faced as anyone else. I could even argue worse because they can get away with it but I have a lot of good friends that are women so I won’t. The thing though was I was in high school. You do a lot of dumb shit in high school. What’s these morons’ excuses?

  • Jaker_K17

    If these guys are so willing to support shit like #killallmen or #killallwhitemen then why don’t they lead the fucking charge by eating a bullet themselves? We would have less idiots in the world.

    Man, FUCK these people. Mattress bitch is gleefully destroying some guys life and the other one is advocating genocide…AND THEY HAVE SUPPORTERS. WHAT THE FUCK.

  • ElderWolf

    So the irony is the ad at the bottom of the article asked me if I was buying a mattress lol. But seriously, it’s like she was trying to play Jesus with a “cross” to bear. I mean come on! Regardless if it happened or not (IT DIDN’T) LITERALLY carrying around your mark of shame is exclusively to get attention, and you have to be mentally ill to do something like that, like the people that wear the tin foil hats.

    As for Bahar, she’s always came off to me as a Sarkeesian wannabe. That entitled privileged attitude, the “I’m not a sex object but I’m gonna dress as one and you’re a pig for finding me attractive” attitude and the only thing that sets them apart is one has a patreon, the other is already rich without it. These radical feminists are the only success and all that’s left of the failed Marxist adjenda, and that’s simply because as Milo states in “The Sexodus” that they work off the genetical program of men to protect women.

  • mbits

    How the fuck is she not kicked out of school? The slightest thing is considered “disrupting the educational environment and process for other students”, but carrying around a whole fucking bed? Hey, no problem. What the actual fuck?

  • mbits

    It was also wrong when it was just the “#KILLALLMEN” tag.

  • mbits

    So about #killallmen…

    When? I mean, as soon as they turn 21? or when they turn 18? Or when they turn 13? Or like, as soon as they’re born? Or should they be aborted? What about the trash collectors, mechanics, oil well engineers, and military? Who is going to replace all those slots immediately? How about all the scientists and engineers? Do they get a pass if they’re working on something important?

    What about transgender men? Since “men” is apparently a “gender” and “gender has nothing to do with what you are born as”, then isn’t a woman becoming a man a vile transgression and she/he should be killed, too? What about a man who has converted to a woman?

    What about hermaphrodites? What about gay men?

    What about male male feminists?

    What about female MRAs?

  • Hey man, don’t forget this Jackie Coakley bitch.

  • Here’s a link to the page he was quoting 🙂

    We also have on on Emma Sulkowicz

    Another great article ralph, very informative. That Max Benwell guy should be castrated and made to live with the lesbians.

    • In ED we trust. In all honesty now, the site’s pretty amazing archive along with being a lulz engine.

  • Silence Dogood

    It’s really very sad when all these radicals have for “heroes” are supposed “victims”. Victims aren’t heroic, ever. They’re victims. Then again it’s the horse shoe effect and they’re just imitating extreme conservative fundamentalists and their fixation on persecution and an imaginary “moral high ground”. It’s all insane.

  • Karmic retribution. Tis a sweet, sweet thing indeed.