First off for today, thank you all for the messages on my sobriety column. I’m going to go through and respond to all the comments right after this post. Now, let’s talk about the impartial media. They’re famous for their even-handedness and balanced take on the issues of the day. Throughout this election they have shown an amazing capacity for fairness.

Oh wait, I think I might have slipped into Louise Mensch brain damage mode for a second. Members of the press are actually openly musing about the death of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

If this guy isn’t fired before the end of the day, or at least suspended, then the Los Angeles Times is a complete joke of a publication. And to be honest, they’ve been a halfway decent paper over the last year, even though they are of course left-wing as hell. It’s time for the editors and other powers-that-be at that institution do something about Steven Borowiec and his abhorrent behavior.


UPDATE: Now he’s claiming it was a joke. It damn sure didn’t read like a joke, Steven.


UPDATE II: The LA Times did the right thing and shitcanned this dude…

After learning of the Trump tweet and verifying that Borowiec posted it, Times editors issued a statement saying that the comment violated the paper’s professional standards.

“The Los Angeles Times is committed to fair, evenhanded coverage of the presidential campaign and expects all journalists representing the paper, including non-staff contributors such as Borowiec, to adhere to this standard in their articles and social media posts,” said the statement from Times spokeswoman Hillary Manning. “Borowiec’s tweet was a violation of the organization’s professional standards, and The Times has ended its relationship with him.”