Despite raising $2 million in funding on Kickstarter, and having a tremendous buzz behind it, Daniel Vavra’s Kingdom Come: Deliverance continues to be ignored by the mainstream media. Despite going into alpha today, you will find no mention of that on Kotaku or Polygon.  To be fair, Kotaku did have a very short post about the game on October 8th. It pretty much seemed like it was just so they could say they did. But, we should give them some credit. Their usual stories about the game are on stuff like this:


I didn’t see anything on the other corrupt media sites, but someone can feel free to correct me in the comments if I’m wrong. Mr. Vavra has talked at length about this sort of thing before. It’s one of the main ethical concerns we have. The media has been shown, time and time again throughout GamerGate, to have promoted friends at the expense of other, more deserving developers. Incidents like the Depression Quest scandal, Anna Anthropy’s and Patrica Hernandez‘s improprieties, along with others, tell you all you need to know. It’s real, and it’s happening right now.

Here’s some comments Vavra had about the subject in an interview with Tech Raptor last month:



Personally, i don’t really think there’s anything to worry about in terms of sales, even with the media  blackballing. The game looks so good, and the story sounds so amazing, that I think it’s going to be profitable no matter what. The other reason it’s going to do well, is the GamerGate effect.

Daniel Vavra told me that the crowd-funding revolution was the biggest thing that has ever happened to the video game industry. Personally, I think I agree with him. It seems like, in the future, games will be done like this more often. The SJW censorship campaign makes this more likely as well, since once you go outside the corporate structure, you can do whatever you want. I’ve read Vavra talk about that before as well. He tried to get Kingdom Come: Deliverance made at the big studios, and even though they liked it, they weren’t able to take the risk. Without crowd-funding, this game would have never happened.

In a world where GamerGate loses, this would be the only way to get the GTA’s of the world made. If we win, like we’re currently in position to do, then it’s still going to be important as a counterweight to the AAA’s going forward. You might even see the big companies use Kickstarter to their own advantage. I honestly don’t see why they’re not doing so already. Imagine if Capcom had came out and said, “if we raise X number of dollars,” then we’ll make a new MegaMan. They would have had an enormous response. Hell, they could still do it now, especially with the dissatisfaction among many backers of Mighty No. 9. Other studios could do this with dormant characters, or untested ideas.

Even if the media ignore Daniel Vavra and Kingdom Come: Deliverance, it’s still going to do phenomenal business. For one, that media is rapidly being replaced by GamerGate. I know I’m gonna cover the game, and TechRaptor did so again today. I know that every other pro-GG site will as well. Not only that, I’m already telling my friends about it. We’re going to make sure that this is one of the biggest games of the 2015 holiday season. Based Vavra deserves nothing less. Plus, this might be a dress rehearsal for the future. Let’s act like act.