You know that I’ve written about the spectre of Twitter censorship here many times. We’ve seen users banned unfairly, WAM subterfuge, and blocklists. But we hadn’t seen anyone from Twitter itself go on the record with pro-censorship policies. That’s changed in the last few hours. Twitter’s CEO has made several what I consider to be shocking statements in favor of a ban first, ask questions later, pro-SJW mentality. Hopefully I’m wrong on that, but I certainly didn’t like what I read. And of course, the corrupt cesspool known as Kotaku has decided to back this bullshit without batting an eyelash.

The post was written by Kirk Hamilton, AKA Leigh Alexander’s parlourmaid. So I already knew going in what was in store. Namely, a lot of bootlicking bullshit:


They may be a problem for two seconds, until you block someone. I’ve had people fuck with me, yea. So what? If it gets to be to much for someone, just mute or block. I’ve had to do it on occasion. I think automated blocklists/blacklists are abhorrent, but there’s nothing wrong with blocking individually.

Also, this doesn’t mean I support people who send rape and death threats, because I absolutely do not. They should be taken off the service, and in serious cases, forwarded to the proper authorities. But we can’t let those maniacs stifle speech on Twitter. Making provocative, “non-PC” posts is not harassment. I’ve never participated in that on the service, and anyone who says otherwise is a damned liar. Furthermore, anyone who says GamerGate is a harassment campaign, or hate group, is also similarly misguided.

The Verge would fall into the misguided category, since they decided to go #FullMcIntosh and somehow tie us in with the people who made Zelda Williams, the daughter of later comedian/actor Robin Williams, leave Twitter last August:



What they fail to mention is, Ms. Williams came back to Twitter around one fucking month later.  That doesn’t fit their narrative, so they leave it out. I’ve also seen several people deactivate for a few days in order to get away from the stress. It’s not uncommon, and would probably be good for everyone to do once in awhile.

But changing Twitter wholesale is a recipe for disaster. Controversial English footballer Joey Barton summed it up quite nicely, I think. I’ll leave you with his comments. They encapsulate my thoughts on Twitter censorship quite nicely.


  1. “The Verge would fall into the misguided category, since they decided to
    go #FullMcIntosh and somehow tie us in with the people who made Zelda
    Williams, the daughter of later comedian/actor Robin Williams, leave
    Twitter last August:”

    The Irony is, Media and SJW used the death of Robin Williams (Depression lead to suicide Aug 11) to Push Depression Quest into the Spot Light, Game made by Zoe Quinn Aug 12 Aug 12 Aug 13 Aug 14 Aug 14 Aug 21

    1. UGH, thought it was bad enough she used a handful of personal attacks to become a victim to gain recognition for her game, but to actually use his death the DAY AFTER as a way to boost awareness and interest? Man I wish I stayed ignorant on that one.

    2. The Robin didn’t die of Depression he died because he had early stages of Parkinson’s disease which cause him to kill himself.

  2. Lol if twitter goes down this route guess what someone else will step up with a similar service and surpass twitter in a few years or less…

    1. I kinda expected that they would go down this route. It’s one of the reasons why I never bought stock in them.

    2. The sad thing is, technologically speaking, Twitter’s service is frankly simple (their biggest issue is handling the traffic, but it is something addressed over time). I can whip up a Twitter clone over a weekend. Perhaps I’ll put that on my “to do” list… just in case.

      1. Do it, then open-source the code.

        If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that open-source can’t be stopped, because if you shut down one, two more spring up in it’s place.

        1. I typically open-source anything I work on that I’m not planning on making a business venture out of, don’t worry. That being said, I’d be surprised if there isn’t already another “open-source” Twitter platform out there. Twitter/blogs are frankly an undergrad-level semester project. I’m pretty sure I’ve got an open-source blog from a previous class lying around somewhere (maybe Github)? I’d have to look. The main difference between that and this is I might actually set up this Twitter-knockoff on my personal site for the experience. I doubt it would get any use, though, as I can’t see it being worth the effort to promote it.

  3. If someone is making a threat then you know they’re not going to do anything. Anyone that’s been in a fight or even seen one knows this. It’s the save the pathetic adult children that can’t care for themselves angle that gets the white knights on their majestic steeds rope at the ready.

  4. These people are batshit insane.
    Seriously, they try their hardest to ruin the one thing feminism/SJW-ism (Either way ’tis a sickness.) hasn’t manage to ruin yet – and that’s videogames. Well, science and metal too, but here they have a better presenting platform, and in all honesty metal’s not full of pussywhipped asswipes looking for female acceptance. (Looking at the indie scene, few big developers and many, many journos.)
    Either way, they’re a plague.

    1. They want to destroy those too. Academic feminism along with feminist thought generally infesting sociology, social psychology etc. make a mockery of academia.

      1. Well, thanks to them nobody takes sociology seriously. Can’t really tell if it’s a good thing or bad thing, as it does represent their incompetence and lack of roots in reality.

        1. What’s interesting is male student percentage is dropping to about 30 percent participation for undergrads. A great many of those men are already being booted off campus for spurious reasons over false accusations and blatant double standards. So at some point we now get to say 20-25 percent men in undergrads. Unless everyone out there is dealing drugs we’re going to have several generations that can’t afford kids and stay at home moms will be extinct. Not even a choice any more. Since most women tend to prefer to marry up there’s going to be a huge amount of interest over a tiny percentage of men.

          We also know despite the fact boys have been struggling in K-12 for over 30 years and women are a majority in colleges across the US feminists will not let them take away all those “minority status” grants and gimmes that women get.

          So not content to ruin the family, or working life, or gaming, they finally become the victims in their own scheme (like the feminist moms in FACE).

          1. It’s a sort of disparity by design. It’s meant to be racist, sexist and hetero-phobic/homophobic under the very guise of ‘political correctness’.
            There are more and more people standing up to it, so I have little doubt that it might live long. It will crash upon itself sometime in the near future.

          2. This I would guess is why recently men of low social status have become the bete noire of feminist sites. You’ll read endless stories about terrible nerds or ‘creepy dudes’ or (my favourite) ‘nice guys’. Apparently a nice guy is a dude who pretends to be nice to seduce women. Ahhh, the casual reader thinks, they mean what used to be called a bounder or a cad. Nope. Those guys get a pass (think Mick Jagger or Bill Clinton or practically any rock star/sleazy congressman type). By ‘nice guys’ they mean men who aren’t having much success with women and are thinking to themselves ‘Charles Manson can get married, guys in jail have women fawing over their pictures but I can’t get a date. WTF?’

            Those guys are much hated. Those guys will also be the ones whose economic status will diminish even more in the near future. As the professions are being limited to those with the cash to afford university and previous ‘male jobs’ (such as construction work) are seeing wages fall then we are indeed going to end up with massive disparities. History shows us having enormous groups of young men who no one wants tends to end… badly.

    2. Don’t forget Hollywood reclassifying everything to appeal to teenage girls. I love well-written female characters but we’re not really getting that. Instead they’ll take a movie type, add in a mopy teenage girl, a fantasy boyfriend & a cheesy romance plot. You end up with crap aimed at whiny kids. That would be fine except other filmmakers then copy the ‘winning’ formula and soon everything is PG-13 identically structured drivel. Vampires aren’t scary, special forces soldiers get their asses kicked by tiny blondes and the most important thing to stress about while the world ends is whether you can get a boyfriend.

      I’d definitely recommend readers look up Douglas Rushkoff’s video ‘The merchants of cool’. He was talking about this years ago. Marketeers classify teenage girls are seductive hotties and boys as morons. The girls get the intelligent/warrior roles, the teenage boy characters get to tell fart jokes and drink too much. As I think much of the SJW stuff is really a sneaky way for big companies to further atomise their audiences & extract money from them its useful to know how feminists these days only seem to latch onto something when its making money or seen as hip. At least years ago feminists would be out getting arrested or joining unions or something – even if you politically disagreed with them you could see they were taking a risk. Now its ranting articles about how terrible rich white women have it and is fucking annoying.

      1. I cringe and what the new ghostbusters looks like. The fact they completely rebooted the franchise and then casted melissa mccarthy and three other no name idiots into the rolls. I’ve come to the conclusion not only has hollywood lost fucking mind, with all that we lost so much touch in reality that suspension of disbelief is getting heavily destroyed. Paul Feig doesnt have a fucking clue how to write or direct a decent movie. Bridesmaids, anyone? I don’t give a fuck anymore, I’m getting really sick of people standing back in going, “I’m not going to take this site is till I see the movie”, the fuckin movie shouldn’t be made. I do not want my favorite movie being SJWed by a bunch of fucking idiots.

        the worst part is, being called a misogynist because these people think this is the greatest thing ever and you disagree, all while owning a dick. Maybe Hollywood should think of some new ideas instead of feminizing a bunch of shit that was perfectly OK before you decided to change everything.

        “But your movies won’t disappear!”

        That’s not the point. besides, doesn’t that sound familiar? “We’re not going to take your games away!” *hides comically large banhammer behind back*

        “I’m going to cash in on the name while telling my own story, because i’m a gigantic hack and Sony is paying me sweatshop money!”

        The next person to tell me to, “leave Michael Bay alone” can go dine on a fucking .45. It’s because of that asshole that started this whole childhood reboot/adaption dick sucking fest. No, he made it popular to the point of head spinning.

        the worst parts about this redefinition of harassment is that now sensible arguments can be silenced by oversensitive idiots because, “oh my god, they’re going against my opinion, and my opinion is right! HOW DARE THEY!” These fucking dickheads need to have a dictionary thrown at them. I love that I could be called a hateful man for not liking something because I know there’s too many fucking idiots taking control of shit and thinking they can make something better by making it worse. worst of all, if they don’t like my criticisms of something, they decide to have the last word and then block me because they’re a bunch of fucking pussies and can’t hear the truth. enabling a whole bunch of pissed off feminists to mass block people so they don’t have to hear scrutiny against them is a real cheap tactic, and the CEO of Twitter is an absolute twat for allowing them to take a hold of his Jimmy.

        you feel that youre personally responsible, Dick? please tell me you also say that after you tank Twitter after enablibg such a stupid, backhanded, social justice fuck up of a plan. I hope twitter is completely screwed by this so that way both the gaming industry and Hollywood no longer have a platform. Disabling their censorship bullshit and deflating their fucking egos and profits will make them think twice about using SJW’s “suggestions” *cough*threatsofmediadefamation*cough* as a legit business decision. If they want to stop “threats” and harrassment, block the people annoying you, or if its a massive amount of people…


        1. In Michael Bay’s defense (I know, I can’t believe I’m saying this), the problem with ‘reboots’ and ‘remakes’ goes a lot deeper than just Bay’s godawful Transformers and TMNT remakes. Ironically, give him a new story and Bay can actually turn in a decent movie — ‘Pain and Gain’, for example.

          The reason Bay keeps getting hired is that he has a ruthless work ethic (which has led to some entertaining spats with actors unaccustomed to this), and he gets movies done on time and within budget.

        2. The new Ghostbusters movie looks like a massive fail. They pandered to the feminist crowd by casting 3 no name actresses and Mcarthy but they also seem to be playing it safe by doing that as it keeps the budget down. I really don’t think the name alone is going to make this movie a success. It will be interesting to see how badly it bombs.

          1. you already know just like ninja turtles and all the transformers movies, these idiots are going to pay money to see how bad it is. Their success is based on their failure. studio executives are so fucking stupid, or smart depending, that they think we want to see a sequel. I wish hollywood would burn to the fucking ground.

            And anybody that defends michael bay needs to be loaded into a cannon in shot into the sun. Fuck him, and fuck you too.

          2. im willing to give it a chance, but as of now it looks like a typical sequal insted of a good reboot.

          3. What concerns me about the flick is that gender-swapping really seems to be the only idea they’ve got. Like…besides that…nothing. We’ve heard no potential plot ideas, no direction for the flick besides that women are in it. The only tangible information we have is the characters’ backgrounds, but that doesn’t tell us WHY this film needs to be a thing.

            That’s what bothers me about it. The all-fem cast would be perfectly fine if they’d just give us any indication that this needs to be a thing, the obvious attempt to cash in on a popular franchise notwithstanding.

  5. “Why Twitter simply doesn’t choose to not allow trolls to use it’s platform” – BECAUSE HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU TELL WHO IS OR ISN’T A TROLL?!

    If that’s their position then basically the new rule on Twitter should be: No arguing or controversy anytime, ever. These fucking hipster brats need to comprehend that their bad behavior isn’t excusable because they think they’re “right”. They also need to be shown that disagreement does NOT equal harassment, especially when a person is being criticized for making statements that aren’t supported by evidence.

    1. Not to mention – Is trolling among friends something that will get you the boot? Is twitter going to autoban anyone who rickrolls?

    2. I’ve blocked several people for “harassment” because they wouldn’t stop tweeting me with disgusting provocative tweets (even after I asked them to), or they were spammers, bots, or just posting random garbage to get my attention. I still don’t care whether they’re banned or not, I don’t have to see them in my notifications anymore. Of all the crap I’ve gotten online, none of it made me want to leave, but for (e-)celebrities, really all Twitter has to do is make their notifications tool behave differently when you get a certain amount per time period so that you can group out ones that could be harassment based on who you’ve followed, replied to, favorited, retweeted, blocked, etc etc etc. They really could fix it with some algorithms without having to mass silence people overall.

      1. There is absolutely a lot of finesse that could go into helping people avoid feeling (keyword here) harassed. You could block tweets using certain hashtags from showing up in your notifications, for example. You could set it so that the system will throttle the amount of tweets you get, so that you don’t get flooded – by this I mean that if say, one user sends you a dozen tweets, you can look at that users page and see what they’re about and just delete/block them without their tweets ever showing up on your timeline or you even having to read them.

        “Threats” that people receive over social media are without a doubt fake. Only a pure psychopath would ever out themselves over social media, so someone making threats is either trolling, trying to scare someone or the threats are fake and being orchestrated for sympathy (*cough Anita *cough* Wu cough*). Remember, people who plan to hurt someone don’t announce it well before hand thus giving their intended victim warning and ample time to respond.

        Twitter also needs to build better algorithms to identify the content of tweets before banning someone, instead of just relying on a report system which, as we have seen, is more than susceptible for brigading and spam reporting. Seriously, what kind of cunt tells everyone to report someone because “they don’t like them”? Are these people still in fucking high school?

        1. I wonder how the celebrities deal with Twitter and if there is special software that activates when you get enough notifications.

          Most threats are fake or just venting and I think it takes a real psycho to go through with it; ironic that most national-news-story murders were not threatened online to the victims. However, you never know so it’s worth banning or investigating those people in some way especially if they’re repeat offenders, but yes, Anita and Brianna do use them for attention.

          Their algorithms have gotten better (more refined I should say) but are slanted towards the Social Justice Warrior and erring on the side of censorship (I don’t say caution because tweets can’t actually hurt you).

          By the way, are you British? The word “cunt” is much harsher here in America, where it’s taken as a derogatory female slur (worse than bitch, which is allowed on TV) whereas in other English countries it just means “annoying”. I honestly take less seriously comments or tweets that use the word as I believe people don’t need to use it (or harsh name-calling really) to get their point across, and Anita Sarkeesian and pretty much every woman in America will take you less seriously for it, or not at all, and consider it harassing.

  6. OT, but still regarding the media: anyone enjoying the shitstorm engulfing NBC’s Brian Williams? Claimed he was in a helicopter that got shot down in Iraq back in ’06. Except… no, he didn’t. Now there’s a barrage of jokes about Williams being present at things like the JFK assassination, the Moon landing, etc, etc…

    Schadenboner: when your malicious enjoyment of another’s misfortune gives you a Viagra-quality erection.

  7. I never been good explaining my points let alone doing it in a language that is not even my main one but….

    These people are “celebrities” thus they attract a ton of people of which many aren’t true harassers. But with a huge following and you’re for example, Justin Bieber?, there will be a lot of people that will go to your twitter just to insult you and stuff.

    My point with this is that the harassment might not be coming from the same person but the sheer amount of people repeating the same actions it’s what they deem as it. For the user it will be hard to block so many people manually and Twitter can’t ban an account with only 1 or 2 instances of harassment or hate speech. This is a very difficult situation and if Twitter starts censoring people for just 1 or 2 felonies Twitter as a whole will go down.

  8. I’ve left and come back to Twitter several times. It’s just nice at times to get away from it, it can be a little toxic and frankly, the SJWs harass far more than the trolls. When they latch on to something you say and it upsets their sensibilities, they because incredibly abusive, threatening and just generally horrible. They also tend to bring their friends along for the dog piling ride and if you try to respond back, or any of your followers try to respond back, you’re labelled a troll and called out for dog piling them.

    Twitter used to be a service where you could mention people using the @. It used to be a place where you could discuss things openly. Where you could openly disagree with people. But then something happened. Some very over sensitive people jumped on the service and started to demand that you play by their rules. Twitter started sucking badly from that moment on in my opinion.

    Trolls I can deal with. Sometimes it’s fun playing along for a bit. Sometimes it’s easier to just individually block or mute them. But it’s the outright harassment from the SJW crowd I have great difficulty with. What’s worse is that Twitter chooses to do nothing about them. Even when they are reported, like in the case of Harper, they un-ban these chronic harassers and trolls in record time.

    The more Twitter insists on towing the SJW line, the more they become in danger of just turning into another Tumblr, where it will be nothing but precious princesses harping about the next hip social cause and porn.

  9. I didn’t see GamerGate mentioned in the leaked memo, I hold out hope that they’ve got their eyes on the SJWs who are doing the harassing and shit. Surely Twitter knows who’s bad and who isn’t, right?


  10. It should be obvious Kotaku would be pro censorship on social medial. They already have an outlet to spread their dogma and freedom of speech is anathema to dogma. As for Twitter, they talk big but it will be interesting to see what actually happens. Now to take our minds of that unpleasantness, here’s some feminist music!

  11. What the actual fuck
    Are they really trying to say that Gamergate is the reason Zelda left Twitter?
    Maybe she left twitter because……Idk….because her dad died and she wanted time to herself to deal with things?

    Oh my god, The Verge is really the bottom of the barrel

  12. Yah, an internal memo leaked *ahem* completely pre-setup by Twitter and The Verge to put out a statement by the CEO so as not to take full responsibility for it if they decide not to go that way, because you know, Twitter employees leak memos all the time.

  13. The only reason anyone likes twitter is that you can just approach anybody in the world and say anything to them, better names for the service would probably be “Pester” or “Shitpost”. If it wasn’t for GG or for it’s trolling potential I would never use it. Twitter is nothing but a bullhorn teens, yuppies and hipsters install on their phones because apparently they want the whole world to shout nonsense at them 140 characters at a time. It’s amazing it’s taken the chans this long to invade the place and set up camp when you think about it.

    Personally I really don’t care what they do with the service, hell let them go full draconian with it. If they start wading in and making it a “safe space” they’re going to lose nearly all of their “core users” in a matter of months and not just the continual trickle of the butthurt ones who just come back eventually anyway.

  14. it’s worth noting that Anonymous set up a Twitter account where it was posting which ISIS sites they attacked, but that account has been suspended…

    so yea, Twitter is on the side of ISIS

  15. I don’t see a problem here. Most of GG isn’t trolls. So only the trolls should go away. If anything, eliminating the 1% of GG who troll will help the movement’s public image.

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