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There is a very strong reason why scientists don’t subscribe to the left wing ideology of Feminism and the right wing Creationist propaganda bullshit. The very strong reason you ask? It’s simple! Scientists check sources and pick it apart.

I saw a segment on a “news” talk show just yesterday about some research study that was done about how many men would rape a woman if he knew he could get away with it. The percentage of men that would do so was alarmingly high. Then I heard it again this morning being cited as to why “campus assaults are so high in America.”

OK, I saw it twice in a row on two completely different programs on two different channels, so now I just have to look up this research study and find out what’s going on with this crap because holy FUCK that’s an alarmingly high percentage of men.

Well, I did look into it and found the study showing 1 out of 3 men would/might rape if they could get away with it.*1

One of the first things that I noticed in this particular research survey right off the bat, is taking a sexual activity as a descriptive action and just slapping on the “rape” label. Have I ever personally held down my partner while I was having sexual intercourse? Of course. The key differences here is that my sexual intercourse with my partner was and is completely consensual, same goes for so many others that have had similar sex. The research study is attempting to make out that rough, on the spot sex is rape when at any point, the partner can easily say words like: no, stop, I don’t want to, quit, enough, etc and the sex would simply stop.

That’s the first flaw I see with this research study. You can use some force and it still be consensual.

The next flaw in this research study tries to link masculinity with sexual aggression and sexual aggression with rape, meaning all males are potential rapists. Why is this a flaw? It’s not only men that rape, women rape as well with an estimation of 40% of all rapists being female. *2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (I think that’s enough sources to illustrate this point and show how bullshit the “Masculinity = potential rapist” crap so hypothesis debunked.)

OH SHIT, and the biggest flaw in the history of anything scientific. (*1 in “Materials and Methods”) This section reads “Eighty-six male college students received extra credit for

their participation. All participants were over 18 (M = 21,

SD = 3.6) and most were juniors in college. The overwhelming

majority of participants ( > 90%) identified as

Caucasian, consistent with the general student make up at

this university, and all identified as heterosexual, with prior

sexual experiences.”

How is this a flaw that allows you to throw this bullshit study straight out the window? First off, it’s sample size is too small. 86 male college students. With a sample size that small, I can literally make a research study say fucking anything. The extra problem within this same flaw? “eighty-six male college students received EXTRA CREDIT for their participation.”

It’s very likely that these students were going as far as to telling the researchers what they thought they wanted to hear in order to make sure they get that extra credit they were after. There is literally no control group what-so-ever. So not only is the sample size too small to be able to make any judgements on, it’s lack of a control group also makes it so that any and all statements and admissions made by any of the students used in the research study to be null and void since there is a huge, insane fucking level of conflict of interest.

If I were to even attempt to get something this shoddy into the peer review process, my asshole would be reamed in the most horrific ways by the scientific community. I’d not only not pass peer review, I’d also be a laughingstock. So my question is, why the ever living fuck is horse shit like this being allowed to be touted all over various news programs and talk shows as if it were fact?

Hopefully you followed along with what we dug through. The “news” programs I heard this crap touted on didn’t mention the specific university this came from, nor did they even dare to mention the insanely low sample size that makes this research study a laughing stock nor the huge conflict of interest due to the lack of a control group (and giving participants extra credits for their grades which poisons credibility further).

I went straight to Google with the information I did know, since there was a lack of citations to direct anyone to the research study itself, and found the study, looked it over and just peer reviewed that shit for you all to see.

This is why scientists do not buy into feminist propaganda of and it’s also why we don’t buy into the bullshit propaganda of the right wing. They see propaganda for what it is, bullshit. Find the sources, fact check it and peer review it, look for glaring flaws that kill it, etc…it’s part of the scientific method. News media programs can kindly stop reporting on this research study as fact now, since it’s debunked as bullshit.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Media stop reporting bullshit? I won’t hold my breath.)