It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Phil Fish. Last time we caught a glimpse, he was DJ’ing a party for the equally corrupt Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions. He looked like a broken man, as I mentioned in the headline. For all we know, he’s curled up somewhere with an eight-ball of Colombia’s finest and some Third World sex workers, musing on the complete fail that is now his life. No matter what his current physical status is, his reputation lies in tatters, after the allegations leveled at him by Allistair Pinsof earlier today. The thing about it is, they’ve always been out there. It’s just that we have a gaming press that’s too close to people like Fish, and they play favorites. So you probably didn’t hear about all this. Thanks, Kotaku. 

Here, the rundown, on the off chance you haven’t seen it yet. First, Pinsof in the TechRaptor interview: Selection_981

So why hasn’t there been big media digs on this? I remember a couple throwaway comments here and there, but nothing like the type of investigation allegations like this deserve. I wonder why the media would cover something like this up? Could it be the other bombshell dropped earlier in the TechRaptor exclusive? Phil Fish was tight with Brandon Boyer, the IGF chief, as well as the majority of the gaming media. Did they help him cover-up his treachery?


It’s no wonder we haven’t heard anything about this from the likes of Kotaku. They were too busy pushing shit games like Brianna Wu’s Revolution 60:

You see, Kotaku and all these other shit outlets are too busy promoting the latest shovelware from their friends to cover the myriad of ethical concerns that GamerGate has uncovered over the last 6 months. I wouldn’t expect them to change their ways anytime soon. Someone tried to bring this up today on a GiantBomb forum. It didn’t go well:

These media outlets are so corrupt, I don’t see a future for them. Fuck making peace. It’s time to expose, name, and shame these fuckers until they’re so discredited in the minds of the consumer, that they have no real influence. We’re halfway there now. Look at the growing power of YouTube. Corrupt journos just can’t fuck with us. We have nothing to lose, while everything is on the line for them. If we fail, GamerGate is over, and that would definitely suck. But if they lose, their whole corrupt racket goes up in smoke, and they face possible financial ruin. Take this new information and keep pushing until the dam collapses.

  1. I’m not impressed with Giant Bomb happily lying to justify locking a thread. I’m starting to think that “burn it all down” isn’t a tactic entirely without merit; we’ve reached a point where liars are referencing other liars to justify avoiding a topic (i.e. the usual “harassment, evil misogynists, hate mob” rhetoric). Like we’re not going to see straight through bullshit like that.

    My daughter does a better job of lying than these guys, and she’s two years old.

  2. Come on Ralph, what’s the difference between third world sex workers and first world sex workers? As much as I am a gamergate supporter, that came out wrong no matter how I look at it. Gaming is part of first, second and third worlds.

    1. How much you pay, really. I took it as a comment about the man’s dwindling fortune. I thought that was obvious.

        1. “what’s the difference between third world sex workers and first world sex workers?”

          Exactly. As human beings, there is fundamentally no difference. We are agreeing with you. But there is a difference in how much money you’d pay for a sex worker in the USA and how much you’d pay in Colombia. As you suggested, there is no difference between them as people so we must infer that the difference is not related to them at all, but rather about something like money. Figure it out.

    2. Was it offensive? Did it hurt your fewwings? Stroke off.

      And the difference is blindingly, stupidly obvious. You would have to be a bumbling, imbecilic cretin not to get that.

      A 3rd world worker (sexual or not) gets paid much less. That’s just how it is.

  3. That shit with Giant Bomb really pisses me off. That site was fucking founded by dudes pissed off with how the other games media were operated and wanted to do their own thing. Now look at them. Also the GB community is one of the most misinformed group of idiots on the planet. When GG started I tried my hardest to bring some civil discussion about it to their forums. I brought tons of evidence and sources but they just flat out refused to listen just because the staff at GB hopped on the “GG is a hategroup” bandwagon, like facts don’t matter because these fat dudes who we worship say otherwise. That site is a pure cult of personality. With Ryan gone, Vinny stuck in NY with his autistic sidekick, Jeff hating on everything that isn’t the newest FPS and Dan with his “hilarious” ignorant idiot shtick this site is finally dead. Even Patrick leaving wasn’t enough to revive it.

    Also I have to laugh how they are sarcastically saying “well if this was real news other sites would report on it”. They just don’t get it do they?

    1. The most baffling thing is that Jeff Gertsmann lost his previous job because he stood up for ethics in gaming journalism, yet he’s trying his damnest to stifle discussion of the article on the GB forums. I guess he either succumbed to Stockholm Syndrome, or he decided it was easier and more lucrative to just give in to the corruption.

      1. To be fair, Gestmann was never really all that interested in ethical journalism in the first place, man.

        His concern prior to leaving Gamespot was the dressing down he got for his Kane and Lynch review. We simply assumed that he was upset that the dressing down came as the result of advertiser pressure, and Gestmann was more than happy to leverage that assumption to help him launch GiantBomb.

        Now that the heat is off and gamers are widely considered hateful little basement dwelling shits he no longer has to pretend to give a fuck about ethical journalism, and that’s becoming more and more evident as time goes on and more shit like this happens.

    2. I think the site started going downhill after they hired Alex navarro. Dont know what that guys deal is but he bashes everything and the rest of the guys follow him without question. If he says something they agree.

  4. “I’m not playing the evidence game” – spoken like a true ideologue. Someone needs to punch that warped motherfuckers teeth down his throat.

      1. ,,,especially since evidence and facts have a strong bias to GG,,,,him feels is sad from our reals,,,

        1. Funny, it’s like my uncle always says: you can’t bring evidence into an argument, you make the argument unfair!

    1. Right?

      These assholes wear their ignorance like a badge of honor, it seems, as if they’re straight-up proud to wander through life not knowing what the fuck is going on around them. That’s one of their more offensive traits as far as I’m concerned.

      It’s like…I don’t much care about whether or not folks agree with GamerGate and what it’s fighting for necessarily, I just hate that far too many folks presume to toss their two cents in when their opinions are so completely uninformed. If they can’t be bothered to bone up prior, then they ought to keep their ignorant mouths shut.

      1. Things that I’d like to see as a result of GamerGate:

        1) The traditional Games Press die, completely.

        2) All the Literally Who’s completely and utterly discredited and their lives completely ruined.

        3) Jonathan McIntosh locked in a psych ward for the rest of his life (a guy can dream, can’t he?).

        4) Concrete ethics policies with ENFORCEABLE consequences and a stance of complete transparency. Corruption is preventable so long as we remain UNITED. The game devs, be they Indie or AAA won’t be able to fuck around if all Journo’s agree to tattle on them if they try anything shady.

        5) Phil Fish and his co-conspirators prosecuted for the IndieCade/IGF fraud and for his theft of IP. Seriously, this is why Fish fled the scene at the start, because he is VULNERABLE and if he falls, the rest fall. We are so deliciously close to ripping out their corrupt, shriveled hearts and showing it to them.

  5. I’ve known about the IGF circle jerk for a while (via the Zoe/Nathan/Maya Kramer/ Robin Arnott collusion), but I wasn’t aware until now that Fishsticks stole Fez’s code from two other dudes that worked with him on it. I’m not surprised, since before Fez, he only had done some level design on a handful of shitty movie license shovelware for Ubisoft. It would also explain why Fish passed up on a guaranteed cash cow like Fez II – he didn’t have the actually skill and knowledge to build the code from the ground up.

  6. LOL. I love how GB demonstrated that they did zero research, because they claim that Tech Raptor was created for GamerGate, yet it came out months before it existed. Some SJW idiots claimed the same thing about 8chan, even though that also existed months before GG.

    I guess our hatred of women was so strong, it tore a hole in space and time, enabling GG to harass and threaten women long before August 2014!

  7. “Colombia’s finest”

    Im Colombian and Im deeply insulted for this !!! STOP OPPRESSING ME!!!!

    I do think our Cocain is better than the coffee 😛

  8. haven’t had hope for the old outlets for long now, let them burn and bring the traffic towards new promising sites

  9. Last part I would say we haven’t failed. Knowing about it means we have already won.

    The Interview was amazing. Georgie done a great job.

  10. Fuck making peace. It’s time to expose, name, and shame these fuckers
    until they’re so discredited in the minds of the consumer, that they
    have no real influence let it burn guys let it burn

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