The Chicago kidnapping and torture of a mentally disabled white man, carried out by multiple black perpetrators because they thought he was a Trump supporter, is both sickening and enraging. However, what makes it all the worse are the events leading up to this crime, and the rampant anti-white double standard that’s on display in its aftermath.

It was of course at least somewhat expected that the leftist propagandists in the mainstream media would downplay, even ignore the racial and political implications of the attack, despite the attackers outright shouting “F**k Donald Trump, F**k White People!“. After uncritically promoting all sorts of hate crimes hoaxes carried out to make Trump supporters look horrible (possibly inciting the Chicago thugs to commit their despicable crimes), the MSM predictably became very skeptical of and careful about reporting on a story where a white Trump supporter is the proven victim of an actual hate crime.

Oh wait, did I say hate crime? According to the Chicago Police, racially motivated torture of white people doesn’t actually qualify! Furthermore, the attackers are largely excused and the whole horrific incident is downplayed (“kids make stupid decisions”). It reminds me of how in Canada, courts have already shown that non-whites can literally yell “I hate white people” while assaulting whites, and still not be convicted of a hate crime. Yes, really. Isn’t White Privilege great?

Given that the anti-white hate crime in Chicago has at the very least gotten a fair bit of attention on social media, I think it’s important to remind people about the larger context in which this attack took place. First of all, anti-white incidents (albeit fortunately not nearly as terrible as the Chicago one) have become very common as of late, but are generally covered up not just by the media, but also by supposedly “anti-racist” organizations:

At least 2,000 educators around the country reported racist slurs and other derogatory language leveled against white students in the first days after Donald Trump was elected president. But the group that surveyed the teachers didn’t publish the results in its report on Trump-related “hate crimes.”

Not only that, despite the media Narrative about white people constantly attacking ethnic minorities, whites are far more likely to be victims than victimizers in incidents of interracial crime: In 2015, more than twice as many black-on-white homicides occurred compared with white-on-black homicides. SJWs constantly invent new reasons to declare that white people are oppressing blacks, and their idiocy is deemed worthy of seriously discussion by the MSM – yet talk about the many, many white victims (victims of actual crimes, as opposed to imaginary ones) of non-white criminals, and you’ll quickly be labeled a racist or worse. When minority crime is the subject, discussion itself becomes viewed as illegitimate.

On the note of non-crimes somehow being taken more seriously than real ones, also recall the many moronic Moral Panics that media has drummed up in recent years, on issues ranging from online “harassment” of women to Pepe the Frog. Those are apparently issues that Respectable people need to be concerned about – only alt-right cranks could possibly care about anti-white crime, or 3rd world mass immigration being on pace to completely transform the country. It’s almost as ridiculous as the European feminists who are more concerned about sexist gamers than mass sexual assault committed by Muslim immigrants. Talk about misplaced priorities…

One last note – at the same time that academia and the media are teaching non-whites to hate white people, the white share of the American population is rapidly dwindling due to mass 3rd world immigration. At some point, American whites need to ask themselves how comfortable they are with the prospect of living (or their children living) in a country where they’ve become a despised minority. Hell, already now it’s legal (even encouraged) to discriminate against white people, and there’s a pretty notorious court case where non-white jurors let a black man murder two white people with impunity. Expect much more of the same in the future if things keep going the way they’ve been going.

Thankfully, the election of Trump shows that such a bleak future is hardly inevitably – The Donald deporting millions of illegal aliens and sharply reducing immigration would by itself dramatically upset the current demographic projections – and the social and cultural impact of white people getting over White Guilt and again beginning to stand up for their own interests is hard to overestimate. Ironically, the main effect of anti-white hate crimes like the one in Chicago will be helping even more white people realize the remarkable injustice they’re being subjected to, and how false the narrative of white privilege really is.