OK, I’m back from that hellish experience, and more than ready to focus on other things, like Jonathan McIntosh. We’ve talked about this sack of shit many times here on the site. He’s a coward who seems to hate our military, and he also has a weird obsession with Osama bin Laden. That would be enough to make me reconsider doing business with him, but so far, Intel has continued to partner with Feminist Frequency, despite McIntosh’s ties. At this point, I have to think that they will continue to keep their heads buried in the sand. But they aren’t the only people we’re talking to. 

Yes, we’ve always spread our message to sponsors, with many spectacular results last fall. Consumers are still the primary focus, though. We want to reach out to people like ourselves, namely, gamers. If we can discredit these people badly enough, their warped policies will never be accepted by gamers-at-large. That’s always been one of my major goals.

With that in mind, let’s dig into the past of Jonathan McIntosh a little bit. He used to work for an outfit call Adbusters. The other day, I read a profile of their founder, Kalle Lasn, in The New York Times. This dude is pretty interesting. He also seems to be a massive hypocrite, much like McIntosh. Unlike Jonathan, he’s actually accomplished things, though. For instance, he came up with Occupy Wall Street:

Mr. Lasn takes gleeful pleasure in lobbing provocations at global corporations — and his latest salvo is “Buy Nothing Christmas.”

“As our planet gets warmer, as animals go extinct, as the humans get sicker, as our economies bail and our politicians grow ever more twisted,” Americans just go shopping, Adbusters says on its Web site. Overconsumption is destroying us, yet shopping is “our solace, our sedative: consumerism is the opiate of the masses.”

“We’ve got to break the habit,” Mr. Lasn said in a telephone interview. “It will be a shock, but we’ve got to shift to a new paradigm. Otherwise, I’m afraid will be facing a new Dark Age.”

Of course, retailers will be facing a Dark Age if people really stop shopping. And because consumer spending accounts for roughly 70 percent of United States gross domestic product, an abrupt shift to nonconsumption would drive the already faltering economy to its knees.

There are no signs that consumers are heeding Mr. Lasn’s call, says Marshal Cohen, chief retail analyst at the NPD Group. “I find that people are shoppers or they’re not,” he said. “Shoppers keep shopping.”

This wouldn’t sound too appealing to me if I was the guy in charge of running Intel. McIntosh did extensive work with these people. He’s an anti-capitalist ideologue. But since he found a female mouthpiece to recite his garbage material, he’s OK now. He never works any of this nonsense into Feminist Frequency, but it’s still there below the surface. There’s no doubt in my mind that McIntosh actually wants to kill the industry altogether.

Back to the story:

Why take Mr. Lasn’s words seriously?

Well, last year, a campaign prompted by Mr. Lasn and his magazine improbably caught fire. It was Occupy Wall Street.

Adbusters gave Occupy its name and opening date and designed the poster with Occupy’s defining image: an elegant ballerina perched atop Wall Street’s raging bull while gas-masked figures loomed in the background. The poster contained this text: “What Is Our One Demand? #OccupyWallStreet. Sept. 17th. Bring Tent.” A digital version went viral.

So, Lasn came up with Occupy Wall Street. Good for him, I suppose. The article goes on to point out that all the heavy-lifting was done by activists on the ground. But it was his idea, so you can’t take that away from him. There are some things you can take from him though…

More from the article:

In one instance, in 2004, Mr. Lasn published a list of 50 people who, he said, were prominent American neoconservatives and influenced American policy in the Iraq war. Half of them appeared to be Jewish, he wrote, and affixed a mark next to those names. He said American Jews tended to vote Democratic and that many were opposed to the Bush administration’s foreign policy and to at least some Israeli policies. But, he said, the “neocons seem to have a special affinity for Israel that influences their political thinking and consequently American foreign policy in the Middle East…

MR. LASN freely acknowledges that he is inconsistent — enmeshed in the advertising-saturated material world he is battling. For example, he doesn’t make gifts for friends and family; he buys them — usually, smoked salmon and vodka.
“They love it,” he says. “I love it. That’s why I do it.” The vodka is usually Stolichnaya, however, not Absolut, whose stylish ads are skewered by Adbusters.
One such subversive ad is a poster, “Absolute on Ice.” Bathed in unearthly blue light, the sole of a foot is visible on a morgue gurney bearing the tag “D.O.A.”

Now that you’ve read a little bit about the Adbusters founder, maybe you should see some of the work Jonathan McIntosh did for them: Selection_999(465)

I’m not sure if you can tell or not, but that’s the “Intel Inside” logo there in the middle of the flag. That’s definitely not something I would like to see from one of my “partners.” But this is who Intel has decided to go into business with, for better or for worse. Not only that, research into this subject also turned up another notable tidbit unrelated to Adbusters.

McIntosh apparently edited the American Legion Wikipedia in order to make them out to be a fascist organization. That’s not very shocking, considering all the problems McIntosh has had in the past with veterans and members of the active military.



How much dirt is there on this bastard? It seems like we’ve only scratched the surface. Every time I look into Jonathan McIntosh myself, or read some research someone sent me, I always see him shitting on the military and/or veterans. He’s one of the most radical leftists that you could ever imagine. As I’ve repeatedly stated in this article and on this site, I don’t see how Intel can continue to bankroll his activities. But that’s on them. All I can do I shine a spotlight on this fucker. Don’t forget to spread the word. This guy doesn’t give two shits about games. He’s a radical ideologue hellbent on enacting his authoritarian vision. It’s as simple as that.