I’m going to be honest with you all: It’s very hard to keep up with all this salt in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s amazing win. I’ve been going hard and heavy on my Twitter account, but as you know, they don’t pay me to tweet. Also, some of you probably hate Twitter and that’s one of the reasons I write this shit up. Also, it’s fun to add a few words to the shitposts.

I still have Anita Sarkeesian (she made a whole video) and Randi Harper (threw her dad under the bus) to get to, but let’s take a look at Megyn Kelly first. Her reaction upon hearing the news of Trump’s victory was simply priceless.

I would probably be pretty upset if I was Megyn, so I completely understand her reaction. I imagine she’s contemplating the now proven irrelvancy of old media. Her and her allies did everything they possibly could to sink Mr. Trump and it didn’t work. Payback is a bitch, as they say.