I was driving back from this little Mexican joint I frequent here in Richmond when Melania Trump came on my radio and began giving her speech. Actually, they carried Donald Trump’s entrance as well. I couldn’t see just how glorious it was on the radio, although I got to check it out when I got home. Damn, talk about boss…



That’s probably the coolest entrance I’ve ever seen at a national convention, although Bill Clinton’s at the 2000 DNC in Los Angeles was pretty sweet as well. Enough about Donald, though. The start of Monday night’s show was Melania. I know there’s a big controversy over supposedly plagiarized sections of her speech. Even if it was stolen, who gives a shit? It’s not like Melania is a politician or public official of any kind. She’s Trump’s wife. If her speechwriters lifted some of Michelle Obama’s speech then yes, that was idiotic. I just don’t think it’s terribly important at all. Of course, you wouldn’t know that by the way the media is treating this thing.

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Yes, a couple disputed lines from her otherwise stellar speech are what we should be focusing on. And the media wonders why people despise them. Speaking of the speech, here’s the full thing if you haven’t seen it yet. I watched it in full when I got back home and it was great.


Oh, and someone even made a Rickrolling clip from a small snippet of her presentation…



In my opinion, she did fine and I feel like most sane people would agree. However, I don’t run multi-million dollar (billion, in many cases) media empires, so we’ll see. I expect this to be most of what you here from the usual suspects today, but I’m hopeful that normal people will be talking about how poised and impressive Melania. Trump looked last night. Regardless, she’s his wife and it doesn’t really matter much at the end of the day. The only way it would is if she was a total bitch or some kind of nut, which she isn’t. All-in-all, I think she’s doing fine in her role, last night being just the latest example.