In all the excitement of the election news from yesterday, I missed this wonderful nugget of information.

From the Associated Press


The University of Missouri curators have rejected the appeal of an assistant professor who drew national attention for her run-ins with student journalists during protests.

The four-campus system announced Tuesday in a news release that the board unanimously reached the decision Monday during a closed session. The release said the board found that Melissa Click’s appeal “brought no new relevant information” and that the matter was “closed.”

Curators Chairwoman Pamela Henrickson said after the board met Monday in open session and before its closed session that Click was continuing to be paid pending the appeal.

A spokesman for the curators, John Fougere, said Click’s pay ceases as of Tuesday.

More good news for people who love the First Amendment. As far as I know, this was her last recourse for getting her job back. Although you can bet your ass that she will be filing some sort of lawsuit in the near future.