Every once in awhile, you wake-up to unhinged stupidity. Actually, it seems to be pretty much everyday, now that I think about it, but I digress. Yesterday, Mike Cernovich and Cassandra Fairbanks went to the White House on press passes. I like both those people, but I haven’t been following Twitter enough the last couple days to know the exact rationale behind their visit. I think it was just to go to a press briefing and get the lay of the land, though. Naturally, this triggered people all over the political spectrum. Haters are going to hate, as they say.

The easiest way to trigger a social justice progressive mong these days? Just throw up the “OK” sign.



There’s a few things to unpack here. First off, Emma Roller works for Fusion, so she possibly has some sort of brain deficiency or mental retardation. We should keep that in mind as we analyze this. Another point to be made is that this is a joke meme that was created on /pol/. People were passing it around months ago as a joke. Of course, “progressive” loons like Ms. Roller have picked up on it and are now treating it as legit.


Now, let’s go to the next point. The article she linked, from the shambolic Anti-Defamation League, mind you, shows an entirely different symbol.

None of these facts has deterred her or the thousands of people who retweeted her in the slightest.

Neither has any of these…






These people will seriously believe anything, won’t they? All I can say is…