Emmanuel Macron, who strikes me as an empty vessel whose supporters project their own hopes and biases onto, said something at the G-20 that made me wonder if he was taking the piss (as the British say).

“Our world has never been so divided…Our common goals have never been so threatened.”

Now, I consider my a pretty good student of history, if not a scholar. But you don’t need a PhD in the past in order to call bullshit on the above statement. Our world has never been so divided? What?! The Iraq War was pretty damn divisive. Macron’s own country, France, lobbied against the United States extensively during that period. Has he forgotten, or is he just a dishonest hack?

Of course there are myriad other examples of the world being more divided than is is now. The statement by Macron is laughable just on the face of it. All this not to say we aren’t currently divided. I believe it’s fair to conclude there is some division, even among the traditional Western Rallies. The whole “THIS IS THE WORST IT’S EVER BEEN” act is lame and wrong, though.

You see this phenomenon all the time in politics, sports, and the culture at large. It’s not new in the slightest. Still, it’s important to call out this bullshit when we see it. Not only is it stupid, it also cause people to ignore warnings when they really are needed. People yet so used to tuning out phonies like Macron that they aren’t ready to answer the call in crunch time.

That’s just my take. Feel free to agree or disagree down in the comments. Oh, and post your favorite Macron memes, if you have any good ones.