Some of you may not remember, but Arthur Chu laid into me a few weeks ago in The Daily Beast. My uncle passed away that week, and I had to go out-of-town. Basically, I never felt like I had the proper setting to write a response. When I got back, “news of the day” stories kept getting in the way. By the time I sat down to write it, it pretty much seemed like old news. Then the other day I had an idea for a series here on the site. We’re going to take a look back at some of our most high-profile (using the term lightly, in Chu’s case) subjects, and wish them a Merry Christmas. I’m not religious myself, but I fucking love Christmas. If these SJW shitbags don’t celebrate Christmas? Oh well, I don’t give a fuck. Merry “whatever it is you do.” 

First, let’s take a look back at our biggest article on Chu:

[From Chu’s post] But I have known nerdy male stalkers, and, yes, nerdy male rapists. I’ve known situations where I knew something was going on but didn’t say anything—because I didn’t want to stick my neck out…

Arthur chalks up his lack of conscience to “human nature.” I don’t know about you, but it’s not in my nature to allow rapists to go unchallenged. If I don’t think I can stop them physically, I’ll call the cops. I’m not about to let a woman get raped. Who the fuck does something like that, ever? Not only that, does he think he deserves a gold star for coming out now? He deserves a kick in the face, possibly worse.

You might be asking yourself, “Why did Ralph use the red script there?” It’s The Christmas Spirit, of course! No, I just wanted to denote that it’s from a past article. Anyway, he didn’t take my piece too well. He went on The David Pakman Show the next day, and got his ass handed to him: 

When he wasn’t bringing up Zoe Quinn, he was busy trying to discuss my story from yesterday. It was a little too hot to handle, so Pakman wisely decided to avoid it. But that didn’t stop Chu. He was determined to bring it up. But, David did talk about my story on Chu’s love of doxing. Chu stood by his original, pro-doxing stance. The man has absolutely no shame. When offered chances to make up for his past, he repeatedly turns them down. Just like yesterday, when he could have called the authorities and perhaps helped bring a rapist to justice. No, it’s always all about Arthur Chu, his ego, and the advancement of his career.

When all else failed for Mr. Chu, he turned to his old standby: insulting the members of NotYourShield. Instead of apologizing for his horrific race-baiting style attacks, he instead doubled down on them. He then told one of the biggest lies I’ve yet seen from the other side. NotYourShield was started explicitly because of the SJW denial of our minority support. But, according to Chu, it was started in order to ignore the SJW minorities.

How does that even make any fucking sense, Arthur?

He got stomped by David Pakman, simply because he looked like an unwashed lunatic who couldn’t even think straight. Rarely have I seen such a manic interview. The man literally came off as insane. So, he obviously couldn’t let that be the last word. He wrote up a response to me, and GamerGate in general, in The Daily Creep The Daily Beast:

“Well, it turned out that there were uncharted depths #GamerGate was willing to plumb. The Ralph Retort, a paragon of ethical journalism websites, decided to make crowdsourcing stuff to discredit me into a project. The guy behind The Ralph Retort dug up the article I wrote after the Isla Vista shootings in which I admitted I’d known guys who were rapists and hadn’t done much in my social circle to speak up about it…

Afterward I was drained, I was exhausted, and I was seething with anger that something from my past that people knew nothing about had been so cavalierly weaponized. And #GamerGate, of course, was celebrating that they’d “beaten” another “boss battle.”

The most important thing about reactionary movements? There’s no low to which they will not sink.”

Apparently, we are the lowest of the low, despite the fact that I have never covered-up a rape. I’ve also never insulted thousands of minorities, like he did when he took a shit all over #NotYourShield. Just like the other SJWs, he’s also a flaming fucking hypocrite. He was one of the ones screaming loudest about not using archive links, but he uses one here for the article I wrote on his rape silence. To be clear, I don’t care. I use archive link for these scumbags all the time. But it’s not consistent to argue one thing, and then do the exact opposite.

As you can see (and most of you already knew), Arthur Chu and I have had quite the history. He’s a no-count gameshow freak who got famous using an oddball strategy on Jeopardy. Now, he wants to get even more famous sucking SJW ass in public. It was hilarious to see him bow down like a little bitch when Zoe Quinn told him to cut it out the other day:

But you know what, people? Even a dishonest, obsessive, maniac like Arthur Chu deserves a Merry Christmas. Yes, he failed to report a rape. He also advocated doxing, compared Anita Sarkeesian to soldiers, tried to tie GamerGate in with Elliot Rodger, and is in general, one of the biggest hypocrites around. Zoe Quinn leads him around by the nose like a little puppy, and he smells like 3 week old garbage. He doesn’t even have enough sense to clean up before his interview, this is true. But all these are reasons he needs a happy holidays much more than I do.

So, Merry Christmas, Arthur. Try not to fuck up too bad again before the new year. I’d like this to be the last time I have to write about you in 2014.

(cover photo credited to @synthovine)


UPDATE: I missed this while writing the column, but Chu is apparently trying to get Matt Forney kicked off Twitter. I don’t know the details, but I figured I would pass it along…