During my holiday festivities, I basically passed out for an entire day. I’d always intended to do Leigh Alexander last, but I think she bumped Jim Sterling due to my drunken slumber. Well, let’s face it, this windbag is more talented than Jim Sterling, although that’s not saying much. We may get to him on New Years Day. Nonetheless, lets take a look back at some of Leigh’s greatest hits.I most just going to put these screens up, with a slight bit of commentary, including a link from her friends:

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This is just a small sampling of Ms. Alexander‘s depravity. There’s so much offensive shit here, that it would probably take three or four columns to cover it all. In literally any other industry, she would be fired. Back  in September she made a smart ass remark to me. It was actually a true statement, at the time. And I laughed hard as fuck.

Oh, and this one LOL: =

Or this one haha:


But, since then, we’ve expanded to IGDA, NeoGAF, Gawker, The Guardian, The NY Times, and many others. So, we must wish Leigh Alexander a Happy Holidays in return. After all, without her expertise, and being a huge douchebag, we never would have made it this far. So, thank you, Leigh! We couldn’t have done it without  you.

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Couldn’t hurt anyway haha.