Military Veteran Outs The Skeptic Feminist as a Stolen Valor Fraud

Military Veteran Outs The Skeptic Feminist as a Stolen Valor Fraud

This video lays out the recently discovered documentation showing that Aleksandr Kolpakov (aka The Skeptic Feminist, aka Russian Deadpool) lied about his military service and does not suffer from PTSD.

At the end, I interview the guy who originally discovered the evidence, Army veteran Joshua Ryan. He also talks about PTSD, which he has, and the reality of it…not the fakeness that’s been going around.

The fact that so many people were willing to prop up these lies in the first place is pretty sad, but hopefully they will now stop.

Joshua Ryan, Army veteran:


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Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Danlantic

    My dad was a WW2 veteran but never left the United States. His specialty in the service was metalsmith. He met the combat veterans who were rotated.

    One day in a shop he was adjusting an acetylene torch and he got the acetylene pressure too low. In that situation the flame burns back into the acetylene line and tries to go up into the tank. It can’t because in an inch it runs out of oxygen and goes out. Unignited gas comes back out and hits the red hot nozzle and ignites and tries to burn back down. The cycle goes on and on making a pop-pop-pop sound. Nothing to worry about.

    But it sounds like a distant machine gun. Dad heard a flop and saw the a man who had been in combat had thrown his helmet off and slammed himself to the ground with his face in his hands. When a marine hears such a sound he does not have the luxury of considering the circumstances. Reflexes first or dead.

    That’s PTSD. (Or battle fatigue as it was called then.)

  • Mr0303

    You need to tell me that a feminist is dishonest and would lie? Who knew?

    As usual it’s nice to see some real investigative journalism.

  • Vicky Caramel

    I wonder if anyone on the skeptical feminist side of the debate actually bothered to show any skepticism over the matter?

    • Lost Question

      odds on nope, ‘modern’ feminism is like islam in a way like it not only being absolutely ok to lie to non feminists but a good thing to do, sceptic + feminist = feminist wearing a mask.

  • Toastrider

    Here’s the thing: all those guys who were in uniform? They have a common bond. So they all like to talk to each other — prop each other up when they’re hurting, stuff like that. As a result, they get really pissy about poseurs and fakes.

    And when I say fakes, I’m not talking about reenacters or cosplayers. Those people aren’t pretending to be something they’re not for gain; they’re just out to have some fun and get their picture taken. Nobody gets too ornery about that.

    It’s funny, though. The really stupid ones try to claim they were in some form of special forces unit. THAT group of folks is even smaller than the standard military, and they ALL know each other. It NEVER ends well for the Chairborne Ranger when actual SOCOM types get wind of him.

  • Silence Dogood

    Russian Deadpool had mental issues (as showcased by his “skeptic feminism” paradox and his polyamory) and decided to take magic mushrooms and had a psychotic break. That is why someone is dead. A man with his history should never have had access to a gun in the first place. Lessons like this are unfortunately always tragic.