I’ve seen rumors swirling about the relationship between Anita Sarkeesian and Jonathan McIntosh for over a year now, but today was the first time I’ve seen them confirmed by a source I trust. Like I said, this isn’t something new. I heard Anita had caught jungle fever many months ago, but since I could never confirm it, I had to keep leaving that out of my posts. I think I may have made a couple vague jokes about it here and there, but it was never quite nailed down.

Like I said though, that all changed today, courtesy of Milo Yiannopoulos…





Ouch. Imagine being in McIntosh’s shoes right now. Milo is talking to his friends on background and they’re offering up quotes calling him a “crank.” Anita has dumped him like hot garbage and is presumably getting filled by a large gentleman of African descent (much like Mr. Yiannopoulos, now that I think of it). How much lower can this guy go? I’m actually starting to worry for his safety.

Let’s check in on him for a second…

Ugh, it really is that bad, isn’t it? Come to think of it, I should have confirmed his current status back when I saw photos of him at E3 looking like a dejected puppy while carrying Anita’s bags around. Maybe she was going back to the hotel room to hookup with a real man after all those long, hard days. McIntosh, meanwhile, headed back to his room to tweet out some “sick” social justice tweets for the #FeelTheBern crowd.

Hypocrisy, thy name is McIntosh.
Hypocrisy, thy name is McIntosh.

If I was him, I would be pretty bitter, too. Sarkeesian was a scam artist who knew nothing about feminism or video production, or anything else, really, besides being a con. McIntosh took her and molded the Feminist Frequency operation into a fairly large internet brand. They were always a joke for anyone who had a brain, but you have to give credit where credit is due: McIntosh had some successes.

Now he has to watch that same phony take off with his creation, while he gets nothing. I bet he felt like he couldn’t even raise a stink over her stealing his brand, either, lest he be called a “fake ally.” We’ve seen that happen before to certain men who were dumb enough to get involved with professional feminism. Well, at least he’ll always have the time they spent together and the memories they shared. Anita went black and will never go back, true. But at least McIntosh has his dignity.

Lol, no, just kidding. He’s a complete joke. Happy Trails, Jihad Jonathan! I’ll see you on Twitter where I’m sure you’ll continue shooting out incomprehensible tweets into the ether.

  1. Well, least Joshintosh didn’t go private like that bitch Lifschitz. Silly cucked feminists. You have nothing to be proud of. You all talk big but in reality you’re all cowardly & bitchified.

  2. The upside is now he has no reason to filter his stupid opinions anymore (not that it changes much), so now we can all just point and laugh.

      1. Calling it now: an uptick of weird rants about “nice guy syndrome” as Wackintosh projects his problems onto men-at-large.

        1. Shitlibs’ like Josh whole pathology is based on psych101 musings and projecting his neurosis onto others.

  3. Looks like having a beta boyfriend didn’t pan out for ole Sarkeesian after all. I’d feel sorry for the guy, but I’m too busy over here laughing my head off.

    1. Actually it did, she read his scripts and sat on a seat. Explain how it didn’t. Beta boyfrends are slaves, that’s the whole point.

      1. Did you miss the part where after she dumped him, the quality of her stuff, which was already woeful, got worse? Feminists really don’t want neutered men despite how much they say they do.

        1. And now she is re-fundraising for something different my guess is that she wants to finish contract with McIntosh and hire someone else. She used him to do the job like a good beta until she didn’t need him anymore. He was the means till something better came along (which wasn’t hard). That has nothing to do with a woman wanting an alpha. He was basically the boyfriend carrying her books to the class.

    1. The meme is fitting, but man is that like the DARKEST moment in the animated batman universe or what. (the whole shooting/rape barbara gordan wasn’t animated ;P )

  4. I’m surprised she didn’t marry him first so she could take all of his money in a nice fat divorce settlement! Looks like the cuck got off easy after all! lol!:D

    1. Chances are he’s been kicked off of daddy’s will, and that Anita left him because he was no longer worth anything aside from his name, which is arguably more worthless than his is.

  5. It was a symbiotic relationship. He needed a woman to be a mouthpiece and meat shield against criticism, and she needed an easily manipulated firebrand with cred in the SJW community.

    Now that Anita is seeking greener pastures and more respectability, it’s time to move on from “vulgar” video games and ditch the moron. She can’t afford to keep him on, risking him saying something stupid and hurting her image.

  6. “I’ll see you on Twitter where I’m sure you’ll continue shooting out incomprehensible tweets into the ether.” -Ha ha! Somebody buy this man a beer!

  7. But what does he have to worry about? He’s rich…well his daddy is rich. But who wins? We do because in a few years we won’t have to think about them ever, ever, EHHHHHHHVUR, a-gain!

  8. I almost feel bad for the bastard. Almost. See Micky this is what happens when you play with fire. you get burned.

  9. So the porn parody was true, Anita does use a strap on to drill McIntosh’s butt. Lol all that money and connections like the UN cyber violence conference he’s gave her just for him to get ditched. I only pray that the law gets to them eventually.

    Awesome digging from Master Milo.

  10. Oh, don’t worry Josh, I’m sure you’ll get by just fine. After all, because it was created by a straight white male, your work will likely be taken more seriously than if it had been written by virtually any fema…. XD Oh, who the hell am I kidding? You have absolutely no credibility, and even your SJW kin who don’t have half a brain to realize it are still nevertheless distrusting of you. You’re fucked, and you totally had it coming.

  11. I’m really enjoying watching all these people fall apart, seeing all their stupid bullshit collapse like a house of cards. Doubly enjoying it when I get to watch Trump rise at the same moment. Yet I don’t feel peace, none of it brings me peace even though it does bring me pleasure. I’ve been on this ride so long now that I’m not really sure what I’ll do with myself when it pulls into the station.

  12. Uhh… why so many references to black dick and jungle fever in this article? Are you projecting something here, buddy?

  13. So Anita is done, Joshinjosh is done, Zoe Quinn is done and I doubt her flick will ever be anywhere besides maybe Lifetime, Wu flopped as a dev and as a public speaker and is now viewed along the same lines as the neighborhood cat lady… Harper’s gone quiet as of late… same with AMIB and Butts for the most part… the only real win any of them had through all of this was their council takeover of twitter. Otherwise none of them have really come out of this with anything positive to point at.

    Seems like they underestimated the gaming community’s experience with long grinds.

    1. “Seems like they underestimated the gaming community’s experience with long grinds.”

      Glorious comment. Never considered that.

  14. Do we know for certain it was a black guy she dumped him for or is it more likely that’s just a misapplication of a common metaphor for SJW men being cucks?

      1. LOL and you replied to the wrong post. You may have more of a following, but you clearly have fewer IQ points.

        1. I was on my phone at the time and clicked on the wrong reply button.

          In any case, it’s a debunked video on a dead channel referring to another dead channel. I have a fairly thick skin and whereas we’d always been cool before, for some reason he got it in his head that he was some kind of trollmaster and was going to be THE one in the community to get under my skin, so he took a video I made that covered a lot of things that were going on at the time, including my house being broken into and robbed, and tried to turn it into “7th is going to be homeless because he spends all his money on games instead of paying his mortgage” which was demonstrably untrue lol. I didn’t even bother to give him a video response. I sent him an email telling him to chill, that he wasn’t gonna troll me over something so stupid, debunked the whole thing, and his only response was “LOL I trolled 7th into writing me a letter to explain how dumb I am.”

          1. LMAO man look at that, I point out that you couldn’t even identify the correct post, and you have to post a LOOOOOOOONG ass explanation of how you DIDN’T fuck up by purchasing over $10,000 worth of games instead of paying your mortgage, get humiliated for it, called out by your own fans for it, and take down your game collection vids cus of how embarrassed you were.

            You’re a much easier target than I thought.

          2. My collection wasn’t worth 10k until last year, 5 years after that vid went up, just another thing about it that was complete bullshit. My fans wouldn’t have called me out even if they had a reason to because he had no audience so only one guy on my sub list even saw it LMAO. And I never took down my collection vids. Keep tryin’ though, while I shit in yo momma’s mouf. lel

          3. You had OVER 200 60 games in that vid, plus the DLC. The math is NOT on your side.

          4. Most of which were bought used for under 20.00 over the span of 4 years at that time and anyone who has followed me long enough knows I almost never buy DLC packs, two memorable exceptions being Borderlands and Burnout Paradise. The video was dumb wannabe troll bullshit when it was posted and it still is, only now it’s failltroll nonsense on a dead, never was channel. ;P

          5. LOL You had your PS3 for a SINGLE YEAR at that point, less so for your 360 and Wii. What? You gonna tell me you bought “most” of those games for a 3 year period before you owned their respective consoles? LOL It IS funny that it took you 4 days to remember that you bought any of them used, even though you’d frequently brag about buying them on launch day, I guess the DLC games were bought used too,.

            And for a fail troll video, it sure got ya called out by your OWN FANS, and caused ya to delete your game collection vids. If THAT’S failure, I’d love to see success.

          6. Again, I never deleted anything, short of privating all my vids because DogMai was trying to false DMCA everything I had. I never got “called out” by subs. The only follower who ever asked about that video was StarvedSanity, and once I debunked the vid to him directly he never asked about it again and still watches my stuff. I bought my PS3 in February 2007, said video was made in late 2010 after the PS3 was stolen. The Wii was bought for 8th as a Christmas present in 2006, hence 4 years. The first 360 was bought in 2009, and at that time every game I had for it was used because there was 4 years of used games to tap into, so building a decent collection was cheap. I didn’t respond for four days because I was on downtime, during which Twitter is the only online platform I use.

            Hell, everything anyone needed to know about that particular situation was IN my original video, which made the response vid an obvious troll because it was willingly ignoring more than half of what I said, which included the following:

            When the mortgage crisis hit in 2008 I got laid off, and was out of work for 6 months, during which I couldn’t pay my rent. Then I got a job, and the mortgage company wouldn’t ALLOW me to pay my monthly payment and pay off the back balance a bit at a time, they wanted it all in one lump sum or none at all, so every month they’d refuse the payment and I was just putting it in my savings account. That was all explained IN the original video, was eventually resolved via restructuring, so I ended up with a much lower monthly payment and several payments sitting in my savings account.

            Like I said, it was a failed troll vid that relied on people not actually WATCHING the original video to believe any of it, which is why I never made a response video, because it was just another failed attempt to try and build a reputation off me from a gimmick youtuber who didn’t even have the stones to show his face on camera and no one gave a shit about anyway. Hell, Cardy had a bigger following and he was just a kid in an oversized ballcap mumbling into the camera. No one was ever gonna get behind that channel because the video quality was horrible, it lacked personality because it was just gloved hands waving around, and in several videos the amount of clutter and trash in the background made it clear that the guy was an episode of Hoarders waiting to happen.

            In fact, it seems the only person trolled here is you, since you’re either Crazyhands himself, still bummed that your video failed over five years ago to do any damage to me, lol, or even worse, a stalkery nutter who at random did a google search on my old account name and is trying to troll strangers in Ralph’s comments. Whether it’s option A or option B, its still hilarious.

          7. LOL just like you “owned” the consoles for 4 years, right? Nevermind the fact that your PS3 was a slim model(which was NOT out for 4 years yet), bought BEFORE your 360 or Wii, or that you initially tried to claim they were “review copies” despite only having worked for that website for a couple of months.

            7th, you are such an easy target, but then, you DO like to subscribe to channels that you later call “failed”, LOL

          8. LMAO. The PS3 Slim model came out in September 2009. I’d already posted PS3 gameplay footage two months prior to that and shown my 60 gig PS3 phat (the model that was stolen in october 2010) on camera. If you’ll recall, I hadn’t dusted it off in a while so several people posted comments telling me to go buy a feather duster. I said some of my games were review copies, which they were. Again, I actually had the wii a few months prior to when I bought my PS3 in early 2007 because we gave it to 8th for Christmas. And finally, back when I got started on youtube, if people came along that commented and liked my stuff, and they made videos, I’d sub to them to return the favor, even if I didn’t particularly care for their stuff.

            So congrats, you just got four things wrong in a row, further proving to anyone actually bothering to read this that you didn’t know shit when you made the video, and you know even less shit now but are still trying to earn troll points on a channel you gave up on 4 years ago. LEL

            Of course, the most hilarious thing of all is that anyone who’s been watching me this long can tell that I’m still in the same house. Had I been spending all my mortgage payments on games I woulda been kicked out a loooong time ago lol. And the more you try to prove this dumbassery of yours, the dumber it makes you look. Hell I’ve never even discussed precisely how much money I make a month, but you were presuming to know how much I could afford to spend on games? Oh man lol

          9. You made 2 long, bitchy, whiney videos about how you couldn’t pay your mortgage 7th. Now you’re trying to claim all the games that you bragged about buying, then claimed were review copies, were 4 year old used games.

            So go ahead, pretend you owned a Phat, but you and I both know why you took those videos down.

          10. Never just deleted collection vids. Back then I’d delete the old one whenever I made a new one.

            Video posted july 19th 2009 of me beating Uncharted on Crushing mode, 2 months before the Slim came out, hence the only PS3 I could have done this one was a PS3 Phat:


            Video posted April 2010, five months before my house was robbed, that SHOWS the phat sitting in front of my TV at 00:28. The game collection is also clearly visible to the right, yet hmmm, I didn’t delete this video, how strange.


            7 months after I was robbed, and lo and behold, here’s a video that shows my full collection at that time (skip to 2:36) that wasn’t deleted, oh my:


            Like I said. You were full of shit then, and you still are.

          11. Oh please, you said in YOUR OWN COMMENTS SECTION that you deleted them. you’re not fooling me with that.

            You can make up whatever lies you want, you and I both know the truth. You bitched that you couldn’t pay your mortgage while showing off all the massive amounts of games you were buying, got called out and humiliated, then tried to cover this up by deleting the videos.

          12. So now you’re bitching about the videos concerning what happened when my house was robbed being deleted, when before it was all about collection videos, which I just showed to be a complete fabrication on your part. lol

            I removed everything vidwise to do with the house being broken into in March 2011 when I relaunched the channel (the Guess Who’s Back videos) because after I got my insurance money everything went back to the way it was before so there was no need to keep them up explaining an event that no longer had any effect on me or what I was doing. I also removed vids I made on Toks, vids I made on TruthSettingUfree, vids I made on SolidRev, a bunch of vids that weren’t gaming related and so on. They all went down the same day, 3 months AFTER you posted your vid, the day before my “Guess Who’s Back” video went up. So a whole slew of topics in over 20 vids I took down cause I was starting the channel back up, and three months AFTER you posted your video (which I might add was made 3 months after it all actually occurred) but it was TOTALLY in response to your vid that barely anyone even watched, yeah? lmao.

            The only reason the mortgage even came up to begin with was to explain why I had to wait for my home insurance check and couldn’t just walk into Best Buy and spend 6 grand replacing everything that was stolen, that I had a lot of money in savings but a good chunk of it was from rejected mortgage payments so I was keeping it until the dispute was settled and would all eventually go to the mortgage company. Of course, the restructuring absorbed all the back payments so I ended up just having a nice chunk of savings from it instead.

            The vid before that was made because I initially only mentioned being robbed in private messages to a couple people, and they didn’t keep it to themselves, and I got barraged with emails asking if we were okay, so I made a brief video explaining what happened, then Retro without telling me went and opened a paypal account and made a video asking people to donate to me, and so I had to address THAT in a video, which included logging into that paypal account and sending an email to each person who donated advising I was refunding them. Some refused.

            Never had a thing to do with “whining” or e-begging, it was to explain why I DIDN’T need anyone’s donations, and you waited until 3 months after the fact to try and get troll cred off of it by lamely attempting to make it out to be something that it wasn’t.

            I handily disproved it 5 + years ago, and I’ve handily disproven it again in here, showing that you haven’t gotten any smarter since we last spoke.

            You said I deleted my collection vids: disproven.
            You said I was e-begging: disproven,
            You said I never had a PS3 phat: disproven,
            You said my own fans turned on me over it: disproven.
            You said I was gonna lose my house because I spent all my money on games: disproven.

            Every single thing you’ve said in here has, just like last time, been exposed as lying bullshit (and funny how you sidestep away from those topics after I prove you to be full of shit.) But by all means, keep trolling yourself over a video on a dead channel barely anyone watched because you’re too asshurt to let go of your own failure XD

          13. LOL 7th’s logic:

            Mocking him = bitching
            New games = 4 years old

            Your perception of reality is starting to make you look insane, seek help.

          14. A side stepping deflection that makes no new arguments or counters, what a shocker. Enjoy that L.

          15. 7th, honey, I’m just pointing out what is obvious to ANYONE who reads what you post.

            ANYONE can check the release dates of those games and see you’re full of shit about them being 4 years old, LOL. Hell, you tried to claim those DLC games you bought were “mostly” $20 used games.

          16. I never said anything about used digital games, I was talking about the retail games. And again, I never said every game on the shelf was used, I said a LOT of them were used. In the case of the xbox 360, all of them were indeed used. I have never bought a new 360 title, always waited till it was used, and MOST of the Wii stuff I bought used as well, aside from a couple that you never could find used because no one ever traded them in.

            And by the way, I never would have claimed that most of those downloadable titles were 20.00 used games, because most of them were 9.99 or less, plus there were a handful of freebies in there fro being on PS Plubs since June 2010.

            But keep proving your ignorance and inability to fact check lel.

            By the way, you still don’t know how much I make per year so all of this is pointless conjecture on your part and you’re too stupid to realize it. XD

          17. First it was review copies, then it was used and 4 years old, now it’s used 360 and Wii, review copy PS3.

            7th, your story keeps changing, but none of this would have happened if you weren’t trying to show up one of the easiest targets on youtube. Too bad about taking down those videos though, cus like, your 3 page melt down you sent me over it was hilarious.

          18. 3 pages of me disproving the same shit I’ve disproven in here. Funny how you aren’t accuing me of faking ownership of a PS3 phat anymore, hmmm XD Nothings changed as I’ve mentioned all those things previously, as I did 5 years ago. Your audio ain’t matching yer visuals, son XD And again, I’ve ALWAYS had collection vids on my channel, and still do. You have said nothing that I haven’t easily disproven. And repeating yourself won’t change it lol

          19. LOL disproven how? By whining that I didn’t show my face and offering to make a video about me?

            Bitch please.

  15. Sorry Ralph old chum…its one of those Two peoples separated by a common language moments…..

    “Anita had caught jungle fever”

    does that mean the same as what it means over here in LimeyLand?

      1. I wondered if naughty old Ralph was suggesting $arkee$ian liked a lick o the tar brush.

        well like I said, two nations separated by a common language…..

        Bear in mind mate I forgot that once and walked into a rural roadside diner full of truckers and ranchers in Arizona dressed head to foot in bike leathers and gave the lass behind the counter a heart attack by asking ” ‘Scuse me angel….where is the fag machine?”. She looked like she was having a jammer, and you could have heard a pin drop in the place.

        1. lmao, I would imagine so, their silence saying “Who’s this crazy Brit and why does he want with a machine that dispenses homosexuals?

  16. So he built the entire brand of Feminist Frequency and now that Anita is popular and doesn’t need him any more he’s discarded. You know what that’s called, Josh? Male privilege.

  17. LOL. I love it. Another mangina gets the much deserved come-uppance. Too bad, so sad. And to add to the comedic affect, he had the Hugs Schwyzer melt-down to boot. I’m just waiting for this to descend to the Twatter Virtual Cage Match edition.

    If he had any balls (which he obviously didn’t – he did ‘date’ Sarskeesian, after all), he would have addressed her newest swinging dick (which he too will lose) on Twatter, and said “I hope my cum tasted good.” Or he could have said “I’m sorry that I stretched her asshole so much for you.”

  18. Anita is getting in deep with the feminasties.

    They won’t tolerate a man in any position of influence – even one as pathetic and craven as Josh. She’s also now surrounded with feminazi speech writers. She doesn’t need him to churn out her gibberish now.

    We even predicted this. What a sad sack of crap he is.

  19. According to the Encyclopedia Dramatica, Macintosh is 1 of 3 sons of a couple who own a hotel. They are Republicans and Christians. John has spent his adult life playing the role of ungrateful rebel and spoiled brat.

    Now I speculate. They were waiting for him to “get over his phase” and settle down to take his part in the family business. Finally they told him his brothers would inherit and he would get very little. So I imagine a scene between him and the professional mistress that went:

    Businessman: Would you still love me if I didn’t have money?
    Mistress: Yes….. and miss you.

  20. “Hateful jerks”? ,,,hmmm,,,maybe he overuses that term because that’s all he has left now: After a morning latte’ at a hipster coffe shop, he returns to his apartment for a day filled with power-jacking his substandard pecker and splashing his anger-jam from his hate-boner onto pictures of Anita,,,then crying till his tiny scrotum refills for another round of misery masturbation,,,I wonder how long before he uploads a cumpilation of his “tributes to Anita” to pornhub?

  21. Now all we need is Milo to steal Antia’s boyfriend. That will provide enormous about of laughter for all of us.

    1. ps: you journalistic source (someones “tweets” got expelled from twitter). I hope you also did a triangulation of sources, since some are calling so much there needs to “ethics” in journalism without being ethical in or out of journalism. You media is full of ….

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