Milo Goes In On Leigh Alexander, Plus Reader Sketch & Open Thread

Milo Goes In On Leigh Alexander, Plus Reader Sketch & Open Thread

I’m about to go game out with some Arkham Knight, if it works right on my machine. I saw someone with the same Nvidia card as mine say it worked good on his machine, but it’s a crap-shoot at this point. There will be a quick switch to Witcher 3 if things go too badly. Maybe I shouldn’t have tried to save $24 dollars? Lol.

Anyway, check out Master Milo’s column on Leigh Alexander from earlier this morning, if you haven’t seen it yet. We also have another sketch from our anon artist. They wanted me to tweet it out, and I did. But I’m not sure how many actually saw it. So I’m going to post it here as well. Let them know what you think of their work. 

Here’s an excerpt from the aforementioned Milo article:

Based on her track record as Editor-in-Chief of the new, little-read but much-mocked gaming blog Offworld, Alexander has a crippling preoccupation with progressive causes. Indeed, the site was launched with an explicit focus on “videogame diversity.”…

Another factor which may have impacted Sunset is Leigh Alexander’s own status as a figure of controversy within the games industry. It was an article by Alexander that kicked off the infamous “gamers are dead” narrative across the gaming press last August.

In her now-infamous article, Alexander described gamers as “wailing hyper-consumers” and “obtuse shitslingers” who shouldn’t be the “audience” of games developers. (Yes, you read that right.) Alexander is herself a shining beacon of virtuosity and objectivity, being simultaneously paid as a journalist and a public relations gun for hire.

(“Fuck ethics get money,” is Alexander’s own code of conduct, as she once explained on Facebook.)


I’ll be back later this afternoon. I promise, no 12-16 hour breaks for the rest of the week. Consider this an open thread as well. Hit me with any news you think I missed, or concerns you may have about stuff I covered.

UPDATE: Oh yea, Jezebel’s Anna Merlan also quoted me again yesterday lol. The lines are from the piece I wrote about the “online harassment” segment that John Oliver aired the other night…

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  • Hawk Hopper

    (This was a comment I tried to make on Breitbart, but it is still “pending.” Probably because it contains a 4 letter word.)

    Is anyone surprised that the woman who told the $50 billion+ games industry that “‘Gamers’ are over” is total shit at business?

    I’m not surprised.

    In fact, I’m delighted.

  • Sand Ripper

    The developer said they wanted to make a “game for gamers” (a game where you play as a maid, btw) and then hired the person who said gamers were dead to consult on and promote it. Is anyone else surprised that this ended in tears?

    • MonsterGogo

      I really want to know how they came to that conclusion. I seriously want to go face to face with this person and ask, “What makes it a game for gamers, exactly?” and watch them fumble to answer it. What “gamers” did they talk to, or who told them what a “gamer” means, exactly?

      • Godmars

        Where probably thinking of the Slenderman and Gone Home crowd. The “walking simulator” genre. Games dependent more on public notoriety than their own actual content.

        What gets me, the more I think about it, is that it sounds like they were trying to directly appeal to game sites. Not advertise but socially politicize. Appeal to others of like mind. Bribery that didn’t involve actual direct – bribes. Committed $40k to this.

    • Jaker_K17

      They wanted to make a “game for gamers?” That’s a laugh, they were the ones going on about how shit gamers and the industry are.

    • MeteorMess

      Not even dead gamers enjoy playing a housewife simulator btw.

    • Typical

      Maybe by “for gamers” they meant a game that would elevate gamers to a proper SJW way of thinking.

  • ElderWolf

    Doesn’t surprise me. On the note of the update however, I’m slightly confused, although it could be the context of the clip. What was Jezebels point of verifying that it wasn’t about gamergate? Normally they’d be all over painting this as “GamerGate’s trying to deny they’re harrassers”


    The real treat i’m looking forward from Milo is his long-promised takedown of The Blue Meth Whale. The way she’s been going all HAM(planet) on Twitter, this is the perfect time for Milo to take Harper out behind the shed.

    • ElderWolf

      Or harpoon her

    • shinningprodigy

      Aye. I can’t wait to tell stories of the man’s mighty voyage taking out the blubbery blue haired whale that is harper. Yarrrgh she the menace that rid the sea of the fine mermaids and other intellectual sea life.

    • ever heard of a bro on a diet

      i was about to ask if anything came of that until i saw your comment. i guess it is still a mystery.

      • KLLRFRST

        According to Milo, he’s spoken to a lot of her former co-workers and dug up tons of dirt. He said the reason for the wait is because he’s clearing everything with lawyers first. He wants to make sure what he can legally print without being sued for libel.

  • Jaker_K17

    Why do people make art games for the sake of art? Who wants to play a game about doing chores or stupid fucking games where the entire point is to wander endlessly through a city? I COULD DO THAT SHIT IN REAL LIFE IF I WANTED TO.

    • JasonC5

      This is typical of hipsters, everything is about art art art art art…. fucking SJWs need to have their “art” shoved up their own asses especially in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

  • tz1

    If gamers are dead, does that make Alexander a death-eater?

  • Sevuz

    The sooner we get her drunken ass down the trashcan the the better

  • shinningprodigy

    Is it wrong for me to suggest there should be a game show where we take bets on how long Leigh Alexander can walk in a straight line before she falls?

  • ghostlife

    FYI Arkham Knight on PC is absolute shit. One of the worst console ports ever. Refund it if you can.

    • Toastrider

      What’s astonishing is that it was ported by Iron Galaxy. These are the same people who picked up Killer Instinct from Double Helix, and as near as I can tell it’s a great game. WTF, Iron Galaxy, do you not know how to port to PC? You’re planning on porting KI to PC, you better get your shit together.