I’m about to go game out with some Arkham Knight, if it works right on my machine. I saw someone with the same Nvidia card as mine say it worked good on his machine, but it’s a crap-shoot at this point. There will be a quick switch to Witcher 3 if things go too badly. Maybe I shouldn’t have tried to save $24 dollars? Lol.

Anyway, check out Master Milo’s column on Leigh Alexander from earlier this morning, if you haven’t seen it yet. We also have another sketch from our anon artist. They wanted me to tweet it out, and I did. But I’m not sure how many actually saw it. So I’m going to post it here as well. Let them know what you think of their work. 

Here’s an excerpt from the aforementioned Milo article:

Based on her track record as Editor-in-Chief of the new, little-read but much-mocked gaming blog Offworld, Alexander has a crippling preoccupation with progressive causes. Indeed, the site was launched with an explicit focus on “videogame diversity.”…

Another factor which may have impacted Sunset is Leigh Alexander’s own status as a figure of controversy within the games industry. It was an article by Alexander that kicked off the infamous “gamers are dead” narrative across the gaming press last August.

In her now-infamous article, Alexander described gamers as “wailing hyper-consumers” and “obtuse shitslingers” who shouldn’t be the “audience” of games developers. (Yes, you read that right.) Alexander is herself a shining beacon of virtuosity and objectivity, being simultaneously paid as a journalist and a public relations gun for hire.

(“Fuck ethics get money,” is Alexander’s own code of conduct, as she once explained on Facebook.)


I’ll be back later this afternoon. I promise, no 12-16 hour breaks for the rest of the week. Consider this an open thread as well. Hit me with any news you think I missed, or concerns you may have about stuff I covered.

UPDATE: Oh yea, Jezebel’s Anna Merlan also quoted me again yesterday lol. The lines are from the piece I wrote about the “online harassment” segment that John Oliver aired the other night…