Well, I had planned on taking a break in between columns, but that’s not an option now. Our good friend Milo Yiannopoulos just got doxxed moments ago by noted SJW headcase Shanley. No, the crazy cumguzzler is not famous enough to go by one name. I’m just too lazy to look her shit up. If you want to know more about this nut, check out the piece Milo did on her back in December (she’s still pissed, looks like lol). Tonight, I’m just gonna cover what she did to Milo. 

OK, I’ll give a little background here in this post. Here’s an excerpt from what Milo wrote for Breitbart back in December (click for full article): Selection_668

As for tonight, she’s decided to dox him openly in return for his efforts at reaching out. Apparently, more information has come to light about this psychopath, and Milo reached out to her for comment. That’s more courtesy than I likely would have given her. And what does she do? She posts his phone number for all of Twitter to see. This is what you call a blatant doxing. As of right now, the tweet is still up. I guess she thinks she’s untouchable. That makes sense, given the way Twitter treats these SJW bullies (credit @AneiDoru):



Surely the powers that be at Twitter will not let “Shanley” off the hook this time. She has to be held accountable. They would have me bounced off the service within 20 minutes if I pulled something like this. Let’s see if she even receives a slap on the wrist. I wouldn’t hold my breath, with the way Twitter has been in bed with the WAM freaks lately. But, I always like to use this part of the columns to at least hold out hope. So, prove me wrong Twitter. I will give you all the credit in the world if you do.