I’m gonna do another short entry, because…why not? It’s my fucking website, after all. In case you missed it earlier, Milo Yiannopoulos (recent article) made his YouTube video debut today with a hilarious video lampooning the rad fem obsession with clapping. Yes, clapping. Here’s where it all started:


This shit writes itself. How can anyone take these people seriously? If you’re too fragile to be at a conference with clapping, maybe you shouldn’t be out at all? Just a suggestion (video inside).

Even news hacks had to get in on the stupidity:


Whooping is apparently a big no-no now as well:


Milo had an interesting take on things, as usual:


I can also think of the “ass clap,” but that’s probably my misogyny talking (thanks rap videos). Did he miss any others? How soon until we have to stop smiling as well? I can think of so many other things that might be deemed offensive to some insane subgroup. I wonder which one the loons will choose. The crazier it sounds, the more likely it is to happen.