I’m going to the UK soon, and I’m gonna have a post up about that within the next couple days. I’ve got what I think is a decent (and cheap) goal over on my Patreon, so I’m hoping some people will respond. If not, I’m still gonna do the goal, mainly because I think it will make for some cool YouTube content. I hate shilling this fucking thing, by the way, but they tell me that’s the only way to, ya know, get people to (possibly) fund it. I don’t feel quite as bad as I would if I didn’t do any work (like most of the SJWs on Patreon). At least there’s that. I have one dollar coming in, so now I’m officially a high roller over there. Anyway, that’s not really why I came to talk to you (that’s for the other post). In fact, the main point behind this entry is to remind all those readers in the UK about Master Milo’s big bash tomorrow night.

In case you missed out on all that, here’s some details, courtesy of the man himself…

Before you sign up, there are some rules. Firstly, there will be only one kind of food permitted into the venue: pineapple pizza. Heretics who deny the holiness of this cheesy, fruity combination will not be permitted to eat and will be publicly shamed by me.

Secondly, this will be a costume party. Fancy dress is not compulsory, but if you do dress up you’re only allowed to come as a famous supervillain: me. Blonde wigs and blonde dye are both acceptable (not everyone can afford a proper bleaching), but anyone not dressed as me will be thrown out on the spot. And before you start carping about the price of my elegant night-time sunglasses, you can get knock-off Aviators for a few quid on Amazon.

There’s a security reason for this costume rule, of course. If feminist assassins show up (quite likely), they’ll have a 99 per cent chance of shooting the wrong Milo. I know you’ll all take a bullet for me, and I just want to say, it’s the right choice.

The party will be in London on Saturday, December 5. Sign up for the guest list and you will be sent the location of the party. You can tweet your excitement for the event (and perhaps sneak peeks of your costumes) with the hashtag #Milo100k.

I am quite saddened that I won’t be there for this epic shindig, but thankfully, I did get my own good news when it comes to my trip (which I’m codenaming #BritishRalph, by the way):



So, now I’m not quite as down about missing the throwdown on Saturday night. But if I was already in London, I would definitely signup. If you’re in the area, go ahead and get on this. Keep in mind, the location won’t be revealed until Milo blasts out the email tomorrow, so don’t get discouraged when you don’t see that info right away. If you’d like to go to #Milo100k, you can start that process HERE. I’ll keep contented with the fact that I’ll get my own dinner at a later date lol.