If you’ve been reading the site for any serious length of time, then you know that the anti-Americanism of Jonathan McIntosh has been a focus of ours. It has nothing to do with him being left wing. It has to do with his apparent hatred of our country, and its institutions. Being a lefty doesn’t mean you turn into someone who acts like McIntosh. He makes his own propaganda, spreads hate about the Greatest Generation, dips into paranoia, and shits on Christopher Hitchens on the very day that he died. These aren’t the actions of someone I would want to go into business with. I don’t see how Intel justifies it. It’s just another sign that the SJWs are immune from the standards they wish to hold the rest of us to.

(Stuart Hayashi tipped me off to this info. Thanks again. He also wrote this about Intel’s sponsorship of Feminist Frequency. Check it out if you are so inclined.)

There’s one of his propaganda posters above. Here are some more below. He had some standard anti-Bush stuff on there, but even it’s over the top and full of hatred. Everything McIntosh does is tinged with hatred for his country. I guess he sees himself as some revolutionary, since he speaks of “rebellion.” Hard to be one and still enjoy all that family money and posh living, but he somehow gets by with the contradictions.

Also, the guy is shitting on McDonald’s, Jesus, and he encourages piracy. I’m not an expert, but I don’t think this is good PR if you’re Intel.

More From McIntosh’s manifesto:

“Personally, I believe representative electoral democracy is a farce and a sham. I believe it is a system intended to keep power out of the hands of the people and to keep wealthy elites in control of our nation.”

He then says that the United States is controlled by secret societies, such as Skull & Bones.


He also linked to an amazingly aggressive anti-Walmart piece, and to something about antidepressants being evil. #FullMcIntosh goes above and beyond:

Selection_999(294) Selection_999(281)

McIntosh also linked to this article, which shits on D-Day, and the American WWII war effort in general. The author even seems to be comparing us to Nazis at various points, but I’ll let you be the judge of that:

FDR, the leader of this anti-racist, anti-atrocity force, signed Executive Order 9066, interning over 100,000 Japanese-Americans without due process…thus, in the name of taking on the architects of German prison camps became the architect of American prison camps…

American lives weren’t sacrificed in a holy war to avenge Pearl Harbor nor to end the Nazi Holocaust. WWII was about territory, power, control, money, and imperialism.

It’s not like he turned over a new leaf. Look at his comments about mass shootings this past fall. And don’t forget, this is the guy who pissed all over Christopher Hitchens’ grave on the very day that he died. He couldn’t even wait until the body was cold: Selection_999(295)

This almost seems off-topic, given all the other nasty behavior we’ve seen from this guy, but he also likes to fake tweets and use Anita as his mouthpiece. It’s one thing to write her material on the shitty and dishonest YouTube videos. But to run her Twitter account as well? How much fakery can two people perpetrate?


All this is just the tip of the iceberg. I bet we’re going to continue to find out more about McIntosh and his anti-Americanism, and who knows what else. If Intel wants to stay in business with someone like that, not to mention a fraud like Anita, then that’s their decision. But the proof will be out there for all to see. These people are hypocrites, and the average gamer knows it.

  1. Now now
    Don’t pick on Josh Joshinjosh
    He’s just searching for validation from his beta peers

  2. There’s no nice way to say it, so I’ll just say it.

    This is exactly what happens when you give a legitimately insane person a platform to spew his nonsense to hundreds of thousands of people. Some of them are just crazy enough to hop on the train.

  3. To be fair, Wal-Mart is a sucky place to work at. I mean, have you SEEN the people that go there at times?

    So, hard to dis him for hating something everyone else does.

    Everything else, yeah, he’s a jackass.

    1. I used to work at Sam’s Club, and it wasn’t much better.

      Of course, that was ample motivation to get OUT of there and find a better job. Success!

  4. Yowch. Those RTs & favs are the death knell to his idea that people take things more seriously from a straight cisgendered white male.

    1. Frankly, point #25 in his little list always made me laugh. He might as well be saying “I’m a superior human being and people always take me seriously. Always.” Seriously, can he be any more blatant about tooting his own horn? Not to mention that he made said point while ignoring the fact that everyone already knows he’s the dumbshit mind behind Feminist Frequency, so all of his credibility’s already been shot to anybody not falling in with the SJW cultists.

  5. The truly disgusting element is how he uses and abuses left wing ideology for his own ends while being the defacto target of it.

    Orwell wasn’t warning of right wing idiocy with 1984 or Animal Farm, he was providing a cautionary tale to fellow travelers. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. We must be wary of any self righteous cause.
    McIntosh quotes Orwell to attack his political opponents, and yet uses the dystopic worlds described as a playbook.
    I mean, this is a man that celebrated the death of a renowned intellectual and fierce left winger (Hitchens) but admonished those happy at the death of a wealthy, privileged extremist Muslim capitalist (Bin Laden)

  6. “I believe it is a system intended to keep power out of the hands of the people and to keep wealthy elites in control of our nation.”

    Says the offspring of wealthy elites, who clearly enjoys the fruits of this “evil” system as demonstrated by his Tweets about vacations at his family’s mansion on an exotic island and various expensive toys, like a $1000 camera.

    BTW – Is it just me, or does Josh resemble Drew Barrymore’s asshole boyfriend in “The Wedding Singer”?

  7. Yeah, great… i’m not really a fan of my country either (‘Murica!) but I don’t go around spreading BS lies to attack my country like this idiot (McIntosh). Why do people listen to him? He’s an mentally insane asshole who thinks the great Christopher Hitchens was a bad person but supports Osama Bin Laden? There is something terribly wrong with this man. >.<

  8. Gotta say, Ralph, Josh’s anti-Imperialism is easily his best trait and I don’t understand why you would try to make it into a point of criticism. He rails against imperialism, vested interest of big business and the war economy and blatant fear mongering in the media – all of which deserve criticism themselves. I would agree that he is guilty of being hypocritical since he seems to go way left in his reaction to all that. But to lump all of Josh’s world-views into the same boat conflates a whole bunch of issues and makes your own criticism look more opportunistic than it needs to be. I get the feeling you are pandering to nationalist Americans a bit too much??

    tl;dr Josh has said enough stupid shit to leave out some of the half decent stuff he says. I don’t like his work, and he is an extremist, but I don’t think he’s really that stupid and it rings false when you try to portray him as such.

      1. bob already acknowledged him being a hypocrite, he raised a point about wave flagging and suggested that GG has little to do with US nationalism

          1. You’re being reasonable, responsive AND responsible…
            Stop sucking the fun out of my internet arguments! :p

    1. Josh brought it upon himself. More than likely, a lot of his extremist comments from the past wouldn’t be dug up had he kept his mouth shut and not back up what is clearly the wrong side in the Charlie Hebdo incident (his numerous anti-capitalist comments didn’t help either). At least then, people might be willing to give him the benefit of a doubt that his opinions changed over time, but instead, it’s obvious that he’s still anti-American to this day. Now for the record, I’m no nationalist. Hell, American jingoism has pissed me off since I was in middle school, and I’m honestly contemplating a new life in Japan just as soon as I can get into the JET Programme (not to say Japan’s perfect either, but having been there once before, I’m not gonna be scared off by hysterical cries about xenophobia being rampant or whatever).

      However, there is little excuse for religious extremism. 9/11 is certainly no reason to assume all Muslims and/or Middle Easterns are evil, but I still agree with many that the ones who ARE committing themselves to fucking suicide bombing and killing people over a cartoon (with outrage over said cartoon, ironically, being over misrepresentation of them as murderous savages) are downright unforgivable. They’re like those Westboro Baptist assholes except they’ve been literally given ammo combined with a conviction to use it. And if Josh is shown to be sympathetic with such extremists, referring to them as a “repressed minority”, then that’s exactly the kind of shit that needs being called out on.

  9. If you want to kick the hornets nest then you need to contact the US Dept of Defense, or other US government offices. All of them do considerable business with Intel.
    Be polite, and ask why they do business with a company which has just paid a fat stack of cash to a pair of America hating terrorist sympathizing snake oil sellers pretending to be feminists.
    Contact your local veterans orgs and see if they are aware of this as well. They have loud voices when it comes to the military in the US.

    and of course avoid Intel products – I recently bought my dad a new laptop and had a choice – Intel or AMD. Guess which one I bought.

    1. That’s a very good idea. Get ahold of Army Acquistions command.
      [email protected] and let them know exactly whats going on. Just point them toward the D-Day garbage.

      Trust me, they have the power to force Intel to quit funding these degenerates.

      You may also want to get ahold of milbloggers and let them know. I’d suggest thisainthell.us and their main editor, Jonn Lilyea.

      1. Yeah, he does bring a certain joie de vivre. In a way, you have to kind of admire him — everyone hear me out before you grab the pitchforks — granted, he’s just one of many social parasites exploiting “sympathetic causes” for monetary gain; but the bat-shit insanity he spews wouldn’t fly if other people didn’t buy into this shit.

        What if he’s secretly a mad genius and really is trolling the living shit out of EVERYONE?

        Look at some of his photos. As an ex-alcoholic and drug addict, I can tell ya that swollen, sweaty bastard is very familiar with the booze. Maybe the reason he and Sarkeesian don’t engage online is because all their free time is spent is a pile of coke and hookers!?

      2. I would say he’s pretty typical. I’ve been told that “milk is racist” by one of these types of people. The only difference is that the more money they have the further they can spew their nonsense.

          1. I love to hear people call milking a cow rape. Maybe if they knew anything about cows they’d know it’s mutually beneficial and it’s not like cows are against it. But I guess that according to those idiots since the cows can’t speak, and therefore can’t give their verbal consent, anything you do to them is rape (even if it’s not related to sex).

      1. That trend started with Ms. “invisible knapsack” herself, Peggy McIntosh. Everyone knows that skin color, gender, and sexual identity matter WAAAAAY more than socio-economic status…

        Fuck me, I felt dirty just typing that.

  10. There you go, even a broken watch is accurate twice a day. Seriously fuck macintosh but also fuck ‘murica: you’re the ones who’re pushing this sjw crap on the rest of us

    1. I don’t like Mcntosh and see thru his lies and manipulation, but as non-American I do agree that murica has done lots of crap around the world thru history.

    2. Sorry, wrong. Europe, Russia, and China manufactured and propagandized the socialist/communist/class warfare rhetoric—which birthed this gender politics twaddle.

  11. That article has isn’t terrible in that it is factually wrong, a lot of shitty stuff did happen, America was late to the war. However what it does show is massive ignorance of the politics of the times.

    Nazi Germany had arguably the best propaganda machine in the world. They were a military juggernaut that had almost rebuilt Ancient Rome in its territory size and its technological advancement. London was being hit by rocket weapons of awful power, the nazi magnetic mines were unbeatable for the longest time, and the nazis had literally swept aside most of their opposition. Stalingrad was the turning point, but the world didn’t know that yet. And while conventually Germany had lost at the time of Stalingrad, without the Western Allies who knows, we may be reading textbooks we may have been reading about the shocking reversals of the eastern front when nuclear tipped V2 Rockets vaporized whole armies saving the Reichs armies from defeat. German nuclear research was quite advanced and there is little the Russian armies could do about such things. The whole of the Ussr could easily have been reduced to a radioactive hellscape and the whole world would have suffered for it

    1. And you’re supposedly aware of the history?

      So the US directly supporting Britain with heavy arms long before pearl harbor is what? The nazis never held any territories: apart from a few small bases/islands, in africa, Spain, Greece, Britain, Turkey OR Italy.

      Musolini =/= nazi
      Franko =/= nazi

      Even their conquered countries got to keep most of their territories, ie Vichy or Belgium.

      As for V2’s: you could literally make and fuel a dozen of contemporary strategic bombers for the price of just one. You could, again literally make and fuel several dozen V1’s. But even that’s a joke, the payload carried by those rockets was meh even by the standards of WW2 bombs.

      And if you absolutely insist about tac nukes: the technology for super howitzers was already proven by that time, and both the US and the USSR tested tactical nuke shells in Korea. Which again are FAR cheaper and FAR more reliable.

      But for all that experimental super weapon fluff, as von Manstein said when asked about Kursk: (y’know the citadel? the actual non holywood turning point?)
      “For all their supposed power I would gladly exchange a tiger for ten Pz.Kpfw. IV’s”

      And my favorite part is about the whole of USSR (same as US, all capital) being reduced to a radioactive hellscape lol, do you have any idea how much did the winning US (with its resources) scramble to get enough radioactive’s for only two dirty bombs? The Germany wouldn’t have the fuel alone for all those rockets you’re imagining mate

      1. It’s not about just the power of nuclear weapons, it is about the effect on morale they have, how long do you think Russia would have continued the war if just three nuclear devices exploded over their lines, three very expensive devices that would have reduced three far more expensive forces to shattered metal and ash.

        As for your other statements.

        You are aware of the reason that Hitlers Generals didn’t want to get embroiled in a battle at Stalingrad right? It wasn’t just the bloody grind, it was the fact that their true targets were the oilfields to the Northeast.

        Kursk was not the turning point, it was simply the last attempt to regain the initiative for the German army and the largest tank battle of the war. It failed and and crushed any chance for Germany to salvage the Eastern front. Stalingrad was the turning point, it handed the Soviets the initiative and they never lost it again (The definition of turning point I believe)

        And again, “Superweapons” value, is never the direct damage they deal, it is always the psychological effect that is vitally important. Dora sinking ships in the channel wasn’t as important as the effect it had of keeping the royal navy out of the channel. Nuclear devices have kept the largest powers in the world from directly engaging in war with each other for 70 years, one of the longest eras of general peace in modern history. Hell, even the Death Star in Star Wars wasn’t meant to float around blowing up planets, it was to cow planets with the threat of being blown up.

        The US supporting Britain was FDRs way of supporting Britain even though opinion prevented him from joining the war due to the attitude at the time of US isolationism, note that they didn’t engage Japan even when their own unofficial colonies were overrun with Japanese troops

        1. Germany did not have the resources to accomplish a fifth of what you’re suggesting. What they did was attempt to push quality over quantity, and that played against them time and again.

          The Bismark was a flop, the maus was a flop, the me262 was a flop. Yes they were impressive but ultimately inefficient, they admitted so themselves.

          And to respond to the Russia thing, the “Russia” did not exist in 1940’s, the Soviet Union on the other hand was even more determined then the actual 1810’s Russia and we know how Napoleon ended up. So who knows, but Stalin certainly didn’t seem to care about the far more valid ally nuke threats few years later.

          The only two official complaints Paulus and Richthofen had against the Stalingrad operation was that they didn’t get to surround the city first, or that they had to skip a few steps in the original plan and that Manstein was stuck on the Crimea. But the idea was to prevent the Soviets to dig in even more.

          The Germans did have serious counter offensives after Stalingrad, they never had one on east after Kursk.

  12. I will never stop finding the man hilarious for all the wrong reasons, but his paranoid delusions are beginning to scare me a little bit.

  13. I’m all for the free market (I think we had too much government intervention in the 1800s, if that’s any indicator) but I will stop short of saving McIntosh is wrong about WWII. The “Greatest Generation” did, as a matter of fact, nuclear bomb two civilian cities with no military value even after the Japanese tried to surrender and firebombed dozens more cities of both Japan and Germany, incinerating hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children. Not to mention the fact that after the war through Operation Paperclip we brought home some of the worst Nazis to work for NASA while some of the Jews we liberated were still confined to their concentration camps. Throw in the forced repatriation of thousands of Russian POWs who were promptly shot by Stalin, and it adds some context to the situation.

    Several people have commented, including some officials in the Allied governments, that we would have been prosecuted for war crimes had we lost the war.

    1. The US did throw incendiary ordinance on civilian targets in both Asia and Europe (I dare you to call Dresden ’45 a military target)

      …but the Japan did not attempt to surrender before Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

      In fact they almost broke out in civil war over some wishing to continue to fight despite those and other bombings. So as tragic as it was it did prevent the further bloodshed of both the Japanese and the American.

      It also helped create the anime subculture.

      1. There are numerous sources that Japan made a surrender attempt before the A-bombs. After the second, they again offered on the condition they keep the Emperor (which we granted in one of the famous dick moves in history).

        Are you aware that many prominent Allied commanders, including Supreme Allied Commander Dwight Eisenhower, General Douglas MacArthur and others were all opposed to the atomic bomb attacks? That alone should make you pause for a minute and ask if it truly was necessary. Japan was a resource-starved island with almost no fuel left and its factories in ruins – an invasion was hardly necessary. We had the largest navy on earth in 1945 and could have surrounded all of Japan with a blockade until they caved in (it worked on Germany in World War I).

        1. Citations, please. I don’t mean to be a jerk, but I would really like to see documentation, considering the plans for a conventional invasion of Japan expected casualties in the hundreds of thousands just for the Allies.

  14. I find it funny how these Sociopath Injustice Narcissist Hypocritical Liberals never care about the Apartheid state of Saudi Arabia. Also, There’s nothing more sad and pathetic than a 3rd wave “Senior” feminist who happens to be a self-hating, gender-inconsistent, Anti-American, over-privileged, white boy. Intel screwed the pooch on this one.

    Meanwhile: FullMcIntosh chops his balls off.

  15. I’m glad dumbasses like this haven’t had to defend this country from foreign threats. Otherwise we’d all be speaking German, the women would be wearing burkas, and the free speech he so readily shits on every day would be gone. This isn’t a right, it’s a god damn gift. People, men and women a hundred times his better, have spilled their own blood for it. For people like THIS.

    If he was smart (which he’s not), the best thing he should do is shut the fuck up about being “oppressed” in a free country these people have died for.

    Fucking moron.

  16. LOL. Love the identical tweet comparison between FullMcIntosh and Anita. Also, Mr. Male Trope on youtube has a great video demonstrating that Josh even made her change the way she dresses – It has since been removed, and replaced with a less pointed video – but essentially, Anita’s whole personal style, writing, and everything changed the moment FullMcIntosh became a part of “feminist frequency” – It’s also when she started begging for money.


  17. Although in McIntosh’s case there’s obviously an argument that he’s out of his mind, I wouldn’t say that attacking a person for being unpatriotic or against capitalism is, in itself a good root to go down. People certainly have a right not to favour capitalism (though Intel doing business with such a person is certainly questionable), nor should they be obliged to be patriotic, in fact I have often argued that patriotism and blind nationalism often blind people to reason.

    To argue that a person shouldn’t be entitled to those kinds of viewpoints is basically playing thought police, something I consider GG to be largely against. Full Mac is a douche, and an idiot, there are plenty of ways to attack the man legitimately without playing thought police.

    1. For me, it’s less about criticizing someone for that, than it is pointing out the inherent hypocrisy of the intel / F. Frequency financial collaboration. It’s odd to be anti-capitalist, and to work hand in hand with one of the largest corporations around, and to accept their money.

      Also, most teachers have to hide views like his. This guy is trying to be a shaper of classrooms for little kids. It needs to be publicized.

    2. I was bringing it up in another post, but I don’t think his unpatriotism would be much of a problem if it wasn’t for his Charlie Hebdo comments. From what’s been presented, he doesn’t appear like some mere grassroots “the system doesn’t work!” anti-government hipster. This is a guy who is pretty much saying that political correctness warrants the brutal murders of some harmless cartoonists. Hell, even his comments about not wanting to celebrate the death of bin Ladin wouldn’t be such cause for concern (after all, many people don’t think a person’s death, regardless of who the person was, should be taken lightly), had it not been for the fact that he hypocritically celebrated the death of someone who is arguably far more benevolent than one of the main culprits behind 9/11.

  18. Ok some of these people seriously need to be locked up. I’m all for freedom of speech but these people are clearly insane. They need to be locked up in an Asylum. McIntosh and Wu in particular. There also needs to be an investigation into Sarkeesian because I’m pretty sure you can hit her with several accounts of fraud and theft. Then there is Quinn who if she ever gets back to the states from what I’ve read and if a fraction of it is true she could be facing serious jail time.

  19. Let’s be honest here: The only reason his tweets don’t get more retweets is because everyone following him is either fake accounts or they have him on mute.

    Eh, yeah okay it’s pretty well known after 25 years of the internet as it is today or whatever that even just remotely attractive women command stalkers and followers to watch and read their content without much of an effort. I mean come on just go on twitter and look how fast a pretty female face gains followers after joining our revolt or after showing their face to the world for the first time. They’re in the thousands within days or weeks. Their messages are no different from everyone else that’s been in this thing for 6 months. They just have a pretty face and it commands followers. It’s just how it goes.

    So, it’s not surprising at all that Joshy boy uses the FF account to get his messed up messages seen by more than a dozen people who still have him off of mute despite him being an intolerable faggot. So I guess that’s the only thing going for him, is that he isn’t a total idiot.

    But he’s idiot enough that he is going to run that Intel support into the ground and Anita is going to go medieval on his ass.

  20. I would like to point out that the sentiments McIntosh has towards the government are sentiments I share but in a fairly different vaine. That being said however, many of the things while said not being true… some of them actually are true. In a lot of ways WWII is in reality a sacred cow for many Americans that don’t wish to believe that the U.S. did its own war crimes and even committed itself to an effort of imperialism. Also, pointing out that the “electoral democracy is a sham” and that “it is a system intended to keep power out of the hands of the people and to keep wealthy elites in control of our nation” is not an anti American sentiment, it’s a cynical one meant to convey the obvious observation: throughout history the rich and wealthy have benefitted at the expense of the rest from an electoral democratic system. I myself am more for a technocratic system than that of electoral democracies, but the system I would want would be based on scientific and experiential merits in various different fields of science, so McIntosh by default wouldn’t like it.

    As for the piracy bit, allow me to state that I am glad he supports piracy because so do I. It’s one of the few places on the internet that allow for creators to gain control of their work back and can even be used by artists to get support for their work, including musicians that have been majorly fucked over by major media conglomerates. While I don’t agree with 90% of what McIntosh says here, I don’t think its a good idea to paint the other 10% of the things he says in a bad light, especially when he is either right or morally justified in having such a stance that many of us might agree with if he took the time to consider the stance from our own perspective.

  21. Intel are in with the devil now and there’s no way out.
    The shitstorm if they canned Sarkeesian now wouldn’t be worth it.
    Their only hope is to either sideline her and ride out her whining or bury their heads up their asses..

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