This story just keeps going and going. I imagine that Minecraft legend Notch coming out and saying it’s time to #FreeMilo is just the tip of the iceberg. The story is also front page on The Drudge Report as we speak, for example. If the RNC wasn’t going on, along with the turmoil at Fox News, I imagine Milo would be getting even bigger play. But it’s still massive as it is.

Anyway, here’s what Markus Alexej Persson, a.k.a. Notch, had to say about the sentence Twitter handed out to Milo…

This guy has been giving so few fucks lately that it’s seriously admirable. I guess when you sell your creation for a couple billion, you can say and do pretty much whatever you want. It must be very, very nice.

  1. I’m loving Notch, He’s definitely awake to what’s going on. Interesting that Milo’s hated on Twitter but BLM terrorists threatening white people and cops on Twitter is a okay according to Twitter.

    1. It’s great that he can do so freely without fear of losing his livelihood and has the resources to live comfortably without giving any fucks. This is why most are afraid to speak up against the SJW/ Feminist/ BLM narratives as they shown to go after the person’s personal and professional lives.

  2. I think we already know what the corporate heads of twitter are going to do, they’re going to lie and double down like SJWs always do. If any of you have yet to see a picture of Jack Dorsey I suggest you go look at a couple and any false hope you may have had about it being possible to reason with him will cease.

    Jim will be right again and a new twitter ToS is incoming and it’s going to be like something straight out of neogaf.

  3. Dear @Notch:

    Buy Twitter. Not just the stock, the whole company.

    Signed, everyone that’s not an SJW.

    1. It’d be nice for someone to clean house at twitter, but their mismanagement of the company will end up being their downfall. And that’s going to be hilarious to watch.

  4. It is no longer left/right, but libertarian/authoritarian, but even more significantly, whether you can produce or not. SJWs seem left wing but they are authoritarian drones that contribute little. They are Carry Nation in the bar mirror which she shattered with an axe.

    There were the staid and proper “log cabin Republicans”, now there’s Gays for Trump, We shoot back, and Milo.

    We are now asking how things are working, are they producing.

    Apple’s App Store tries hard to be G rated and bland – and succeeds, but they ban anything spicier than plain oatmeal.

    Twitter could follow that policy, but instead they ban one side but not the other. Breitbart has a whole section on the front page with their hypocrisy. If they wanted, they could create a hybrid – a “nice” section where everything is G rated, and an “Adult Swim”.

    This is where it seems strange but isn’t. People, me included, respect Trump and Milo – because they are sinners and basically admit it and don’t put on a pretense. The Elite – Romney (as MA Gov and Bain Capital), The Bushes, etc. destroyed many families and lives with their policies but acted “nicely”. This burnt the brand. Nice people are evil back stabbers. Trump is about results.

    Milo is Milo and tells everyone “I’m me – love or hate what you want but I’m not going to change”. So you have to decide – but he doesn’t care as he is comfortable with himself.

    That is the new alignment. The confident and productive, or at least the self-aware, and the perl clutching fainting couch SJWs and their white knights.

  5. I think it’s time for me to go back to playing Minecraft in-spite of him not owning it anymore!;)

  6. Hey @Notch, announce that you are looking into building an alternative to Twitter. See what the roaches under Jack dhave to say about that.

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