Thankfully, I have returned home safely from some hellish traffic jams here in Richmond, VA. I got most of the errands I was talking about earlier done, but some will have to wait until this weekend.

The protest there at the Mall of America was kinda pathetic in a lot of ways, but the #BlackLivesMatter thugs are still going at it on social media. In fact, they have an actual elected official helping them with their intimidation tactics now. Her name is Alondra Cano and she’s on the Minneapolis City Council. This crooked bitch has been doxing people all day over on Twitter in retaliation for them calling out the protest that attempted to shut down the Mall of America earlier today.

I’ll get to some of the reaction from Twitter, but first I wanna show you some screens from her account. I blocked out any identifying information…2015-12-23_19-54-04 2015-12-23_19-53-53 2015-12-23_19-53-40 2015-12-23_19-53-27

This wasn’t some one-off mistake. Cano has doxed mutiple people and it’s very clear why she’s doing it. The dirty pol wants to sic her BLM compatriots on them for possible bodily harm. Why else would you think it’s cool to do something like this? By now, she’s been told multiple times that this is against Twitter rules, including by your’s truly. I guess this behavior just comes naturally for someone who has always taken advantage of her status as a public servant. Here’s an article from a couple weeks back showing just how dirty Cano really is (BWC4LYFE, thx Goose)…

In March, city taxpayers paid almost $3,000 for Cano to go to the Public Spaces International Public Markets Conference in Barcelona, Spain. The cash came from public monies appropriated under Cano’s Ninth Ward budget, which can be spent at the politician’s discretion.

Eight months since returning from Barcelona, the trip has yet to bear legislative fruit. According to statistics from the Office of the City Clerk, Cano hasn’t proposed a single piece of legislation addressing public markets — or any other issue — in the City of Lakes in 2015. 

Cano’s most recent junket took place in late November with the city on the cuff to pick up most of the tab for her trip to France for the 21st Annual United Nations Summit on Climate Change. While the total costs have yet to be tabulated, it’s anticipated to be all of the curb-to-curb expenses minus an airfare voucher she personally used to cover a portion of the roundtrip flight…

In the wake of the Jamar Clark shooting, she took to the soapbox, joining the march on the Fourth Precinct and writing, “Please know my family and I are here with you in this struggle. … “

Then within days she was off to Europe. She challenges her fellow council members to extricate themselves from what she perceives as “this small town thinking.”  

The government game sure is sweet, isn’t it? Before I blow a gasket, let’s look to Twitter for more reaction to this grifter and her intimidation tactics…

I’m srue there will be more to come out as the evening rolls along. As of now, the tweets are still up and she’s actually bragging about the shit on Twitter. She’s called the people she doxed racists, but there’s absolutely no evidence of that. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that a con woman is once again lying her ass off. Now it’s up to the voters to do their job and vote her nasty ass out of office. We’ll see if it actually happens.