Today was going along fairly well. I was working on the new store I opened up…just kinda enjoying the end of the holiday season, ya know? But then, things took a turn towards the amazing. Heat Street and their minority hire Ian Miles Cheong decided to release a hit piece on me around 3 o’clock this afternoon. The main gist of the headline is that I’m going to jail, which is accurate (and something I revealed myself last week). That’s about the only accurate thing in the post, though. The whole thing is just dripping with saltiness. I wonder why Ian hates your dear editor so much? I guess it’s because one of the first results you see when you Google his name is this article:

The Stunning Hypocrisy of Ian Miles Cheong

A little excerpt is warranted, I think…

But, you don’t have to dig too deep to find skeletons in Mr. Cheong’s closet. There right there in your face. He used to be a powerful Reddit mod, who had a tendency to share his own shit and get thousands of hits off it. That, in and of itself, isn’t terrible. I’ve posted my own content to Reddit. But he took it a step further, and sold his influence to outside companies, according to published reports. Doing it for free wasn’t good enough for IMC.  As a mod, not only did he skirt the rules with his own stuff, he also allegedly took payola in exchange for pimping other content. He got away with this sweet little setup for quite awhile. Eventually, fellow Redditors busted him.

So, we have a morally compromised individual, who looks like he would sell out his own grandmother for a quick buck. That’s not that notable, to be honest. Devin Faraci and Tyler Malka have proven that. But not only is Cheong a money grubbing hypocrite, he’s also a former Nazi Party sympathizer.  No, I’m not making that up. Take this quote, for instance:

Hitler is my fucking idol

There’s not much ambiguity there, is it? Ok, maybe that one wasn’t enough to do it for you. How about these (along with a helpful pic)?

holocaust isn’t important enough to capitalize

because jews=nothing

The man is a professional huckster of the highest order. When he saw that he wasn’t going to be relevant if he stuck to the SJW/anti-GamerGate side of things, he turned on his former friends and started blasting them. This is the behavior of a snake, no matter what you think of people like Zoe Quinn and Alex Lifschitz. He leaked logs from their private chat and suddenly became some kind of anti-SJW warrior. At first, I gave him the benefit of the doubt for one reason and one reason only: I really don’t like SJWs. I’ve known for a long while that it was a mistake to give Heat Street’s token Asian any kind of co-sign, but hey, we all make mistakes and I’m in the habit of owning up to them.

So, we have a man who went from Hitler-lover, to SJW, to anti-SJW…and now he works for Heat Street, the “conservative” tabloid run by Loony Louise Mensch. This is a woman who lied about her 9/11 story and lives off money made from the promotion of a notorious pedophile. I have made some grievous errors in my time, one major one this year, even. But I know one thing: If I had ever lied about a national tragedy or made money from child abuse, I would be too ashamed to continue living. Not so for Ms. Mensch. Far from shame, she seems to actually be proud of herself. And while I will soon be in a jail cell, she’s likely headed to a padded cell, judging by her unhinged rhetoric on Russia (among other things).

As a side note, I’m not even sure what Louise and Incel Ian were trying to accomplish with this post. It’s basically just free promo for my site…

Most of his articles, which he dubs “NEWS HITS,” are typically defamatory claims about people he doesn’t like backed by little evidence. A piece on game journalist Leigh Alexander was titled “TWITTER HIT: Leigh Loses It & Alex the Cuck’s Cousin Allegedly Puts Him on Blast,” and a story on Arthur Chu, penned anonymously by someone claiming to be a “former family member” refers to the Jeopardy contestant as a “WASTE OF SPACE.”

I haven’t used the “NEWS HIT” tag since March, but it was pretty cool. Maybe I should bring it back. Also, this goes without saying, but nothing I’ve never been sued for defamation. There’s a reason for this, of course. Everything I’ve printed has been accurate, and the very few times it wasn’t, I issued corrections. And is the fact that I’ve written nasty things about Leigh Alexander and Arthur Chu supposed to be a bad thing? That’s pretty much my calling card, as I first gained notice for destroying Leigh (and I still have 2-3 entries on the first page of her Google results).

I really do appreciate Heat Street reminding people about all the damage I’ve done to vile SJWs, including the author of their piece, Mr. Cheong. Thank you, Louise. We all know Ian doesn’t move out from under your skirt without your permission.

Anyway, I want to be the first to welcome any new readers from the controlled opposition I have dubbed Cuck Street in the past. You’ll find plenty to like here, I’m certain. Oh, and yes, the site will be continuing in my absence. One reason is, I’m not actually going to be all that absent. I intend to write a lot during my short sabbatical. Like Ian’s celibacy, it’s an involuntary one. But there’s no reason to let it go to waste! I have many plans and none of them are good for phonies and frauds like Louise Mensch and Little Hitler Ian Miles Cheong.