Sometimes you see a column so brazen that you think it must be a joke. That’s what happened to me early this morning when I was reading a recent piece from VICE titled: The Year in Male Tears. I kept thinking this must be some kind of humorous take, or a comedy routine I was just missing out on somehow. “Maybe I’m just not getting it,” I thought. However, by the time I got to the end, it was clear that this whole fucking thing was quite serious. Before I get into the meat of the post, let me show you the tweet that announced it…


I think you guys can see where this is going. Still, I imagined it would be a tongue-in-cheek kind of article. That didn’t mean I expected to like it, cause I still thought it would be utter shit. The double standard behind the whole #killallmen kind of feminist bullshit also gets to me, since I know they never give us any leeway when our side picks on them in similar ways. All of this is moot, though, since the dizzy bitch who wrote this article was for real. She really does hate men and is proud that this trend is taking hold among her skanky feminist friends. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some selected text:

But in 2015, misandry changed and chic got real. Misandry isn’t as simple as hating men. Just as misogyny is less a dislike of women and more a network of practice built on the oppression of women, misandry is a seething rage against patriarchal power, not just a dislike of men…

She goes on to cite Bill Cosby, Charlie Sheen, and James Deen as cases that explain why misandry is so cool now…

So what’s a chick to do when she sees a man she’d looked up to, a man she’d thrilled to, and a man she’s fapped to betray women? She looks around, and she fears every man, for every man feels implicated in the blank-faced denials of these famous men. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to misandry. And misandry leads to some pretty amazing social action, not to mention some great pop culture.

First off, Bill Cosby and James Deen haven’t been convicted of any crime. Second off, even if they were, that doesn’t make all men complicit, you insane freak. I’ve never met Mr. Cosby. Deen and I didn’t go out pounding pussy together. I’ve seen both of them on various programs, but if they committed a crime, it doesn’t concern me. There have been all sorts of women criminals this year, including this disgusting female below.


I didn’t turn on all women because of despicable pieces of shit like that. But apparently it’s OK when radfems do it. We can apply this to a lot, but the examples from this article are particularly glaring. Here’s the final excerpt…

Writer and sex worker Charlotte Shane expressed her frustration with the limitations of jokey misandry in Matter, saying, “For me, the insistence that misandry is mostly only a joke undermined its most potentially subversive quality: women’s unequivocal assertion of their own rage.” Misandry-as-meme, Shane suggests, lets people off the hook because of its jokiness, its exclusivity, and its ironic impotence. But Shane sees a future for misandry as praxis: “My larger hope,” she says, “is that we find a way of engaging with each other that uses misandry’s cathartic power, condemnation of masculinity, and emphasis on female strength towards a more long-term restorative end.”…

The second movie in this double feature is Magic Mike XXL. Because here’s the thing: A straight woman in the audience of MMXXL gets to feel like a straight guy in every movie. She is pandered to. She gets to ogle the beautiful outside and the caring inside, wrapped in the pneumatic skin of a stripper buddy movie. Above all, MMMXL shows that real misandry means making men feel bad about their bodies…

Misandry, 2015’s rich, bitchy, delicious evidence suggests, is not a fad. It’s in your music and on your television; it’s at the movies and in your Twitter stream. It’s shaping culture and it’s influencing women. If your #MasculinitySoFragile that you’ve got a problem with that, let me refer you to Hillary Clinton’s near-audible eye-rolling at the Benghazi hearing, to Ex Machina‘s sweetly homicidal Ava, or to New York City’s 2015 manspreading misdemeanor. Misandry’s here to stay, boys. Get used to it.

I’m already used to whackjob SJWs like the author of this piece, Chelsea Summers. In fact, it’s becoming old hat. But still, I was taken aback with just how honest she was here. This nasty piece of work actually loves that hatred of men is becoming commonplace online. With a face like Chelsea’s, it’s hard to blame her, when you think about it.


Oh, and it’s not your tits, you old hag. It’s that ugly fucking mug.


P.S. Disney is supporting VICE (They own 10% of the company). Perhaps an email or two in honor of this occasion wouldn’t hurt?

    1. just what is it feminists are trying to convince us of ?
      are they saying that men are the more responsible adult in every situation ?
      so is it actually the feminists that are trying to convince us women that we are the weaker sex ?
      one thing i do know is that my great great grandmother who was a part of the original suffragette movement will be spinning in her grave the way women are being infantilised by todays feminists with women constantly being told that we are not accountable for our own actions with no more responsibilities than children
      she really would be spinning in her grave

  1. I said it on Facebook I say it again: The reason old bags like her hate men is because they can’t get men.

    1. they hate men because of penis envy
      these creepy old lesbians must wake up every morning and lift the sheets to see if theyve magically grown one overnight and soon as they realise they havent they have a little sob then get angry about it as they will never will be able to do the one thing they yearn for most in life and that is to fuck one of these young girls that theyve so creepily took under their wings

  2. What a disgusting cunt.

    Here’s hoping that the Disney execs will have to swim through a pile of angry letters to reach their office doors next week.

    1. They made Star Wars the force awakens. Aka star wars the diversity. I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney hired this bitch specifically for vice. Board of Directors are such assholes.

  3. Click bait went over and saw and replied to some of the stupid comments there.

    The manginas were especially interesting in the comments section especially the guy that had the into pic of Rolf Harris (A convicted pedophile) as his cover shot

  4. So hate, which is objectively evil as far as an emotion can be said to be evil, is ok, so long as it’s directed at men. Really? Vice is fucking garbage and everyone there should get cancer for being such propaganda pushing, soulless scumbags.

  5. Damn that is one old and ugly-looking bitch. Like, no wonder she’s so filled with anger at men; projection of her own self loathing for being so miserable and unappealing.

  6. Her photo looks like her lips are trying to detach themselves from her face and go screaming off into catlady land.

  7. MMXXL was not about making ANYONE feel bad about their bodies. That is some sex-negative feminist doublethink right there. That was a slut show with some popular songs and dance routines. And might I point out that it appealed to gay men as much as it did to women because, ah ha, most male strippers are FUCKING GAY. God damn these people are stupid.

    1. Plus bringing up Magic Mike in regards to sexual objectification doesn’t hold water. The male strippers were getting paid well to shake their crotches on stage and enjoyed the attention. That’s empowerment, not sexual objectification.

      Not to mention that this leaves gay and bi men out of the equation. MM XXL didn’t make me feel bad at all. Kevin Nash and Joe Manganiello getting all sweaty and thrusting their crotches made me feel damn good. 🙂

      1. Actually, it’s the double-standards that are what people (who complain about it) are against.

        People (mainly men) who claim MM is “sexual objectification” do not really believe it, and are instead just playing feminists at their own game to highlight their hypocrisy.

        Feminists and women have long whined and complained about “sexual objectification” of women, but they have absolutely no problems whatsoever when it happens to men. In this example, it’s Magic Mike. Other examples being the Diet Coke advert and those yogurt adverts which feature handsome men as ‘slaves’ for the woman.

        Now in the case of Magic Mike, imagine if the gender roles were reversed and instead it was Magic Michelle. I really don’t need to tell you how the feminist retards would react to that right?

        The issue is the hypocrisy and double-standards.

  8. I’m just so taken aback at how feminists and sjws are constantly trying to rid the world of misogyny (well, at least on the surface – what they REALLY do is use it as a catch all excuse to shut down any discussion they don’t like because freedom of speech is oppression in their warped minds) and yet would be actively PROMOTING misandry. Hate is hate retards.

    1. If anything, they will actually cause more real misogyny because of their disgusting behavior. And once that happens (and it will) they won’t be able to scream “sexist” or “misogynist” and get away with it any longer.

      1. No doubt about that. Feminazis will not accept that the archetypes of the male and female are fundamentally different; it is these differences which result in different societal standards for what is deemed acceptable or unacceptable behaviour. These different standards are mistakenly regarded as a “double-standard” by the simple-minded feminazi doctrine of uniformity.

    2. It’s hard to take her seriously knowing that she thinks the crazy bitch in Gone Girl is someone to aspire to.

      Spoiler alert: Ben Affleck’s wife spent months setting it up to look like he killed her, then when that failed, she kills and frames an ex-boyfriend for her “kidnapping”. Then she blackmails her husband into taking her back and not exposing her plot by getting pregnant with his sperm at fertility clinic.

      Clearly this is a woman to be idolized.

      1. I never saw Gone Girl because it was so heavily cliched and predictable from the trailers, but this spoiler successfully confirmed how unoriginal and horrible the character was. The fact that ANYONE would relate to an obvious sociopath is beyond fucking telling of how fucked up they are. That bitch from Vice needs to be dragged out and hung from a tree for the good of the species.

        1. It’s actually a pretty good movie, and Tyler Perry actually pulls off his role as a lawyer. I know, I was surprised that Madea could act, especially while not wearing a bra. Neil Patrick Harris does a great job in the film as well.

      1. of course it is,this is where it gets a little bizarre,the things that feminists deny doing are the things that they are doing right in front of your eyes at the time,
        its a bit like someone walking up to you in the street and starting to punch you in the face and when you ask them why they are punching you in the face they reply IM NOT lol

          1. When she replied to my comment I thought I was seeing things, like “is she for real?” but clearly she’s a few cards short of a deck if she doesn’t see the insanity of her double think.

            Crazy is as crazy does.

          2. sound sort of like the feminist line of “strong independant woman” usually used before acting like a fragile needy child

          3. I’d ask for a doctor signed notice.

            Oh, right, evidence is oppression. My fucking mistake!

      1. lol I was gonna post the Ben Stiller “do it” gif but as funny as that vid is, looking at her new channel and her validation seeking in the comments, I think she actually craves that kind of attention.

        She’s too small time for TRR atm but maybe keep an eye on her, coming from porn I’d imagine a lot of desperate nerds will put the bitch on blast if they find her.

  9. Anyone surprised such a narcissistic cunt of a woman is taking selfies like a typical moronic teen girl? Also look at her eyes, the windows to her soul are screaming “I’m past my used by date and FUCKING ANGRY ABOUT IT!

    Strange she hasn’t found a man who’s into someone that looks like she’d cut your throat in your sleep.

      1. she would be considered quite a looker in england lol
        ive never seen so many ugly women in my life since moving here

  10. “I have these ugly feelings, I blame other people for them, so now I’m going to try to make other people experience them” -Some horrible old hag at Vice

  11. *Sighs* See, this is what I hate. The hypocrites behind #KillAllMen would throw a right fit if the male side were like: #KillAllWomen , am I right? This is despicable behavior that seems to stem from women who can’t either get laid or get the attention they need.

  12. I thought Misandry don’t real.

    An abuse of power still isn’t a good thing. At the end of the day, you can whip men into sitting with their legs clamped and have all the smut that suits your sexuality all you like. Wealth inequality is the greatest inequality and this bullshit only gives the rich more power.

  13. Holy shit, look at that old hag. Since when is necromancy a real thing? I always thought raising the dead existed only in fiction.

  14. But there are many streams of feminism. Not all feminists are like that.

    Just trolling you, guys and gals.

    On a serious note (judging on the excerpts) she takes no note of the existence of maile feminists much less an exception. What do they think of her?

    What does she think of woman who have a boyfriend/husband. Or the woman who like their fathers, brothers, coworkers, or sons? She has a whole world of hate to get into.

  15. Vice tries so hard to be like Gawker that it comes off worse than any given article on Gawker. Suffice it to say an article written by someone who’s face resembles Frau Farbissina from the Austin Powers movies has the freedom to alienate the site’s entire male userbase, says a lot about Vice’s standards and how it treats it’s audience. Vice sucks!

  16. You use a hot plate as a pillow, and you’re still wondering why you’re single?

    Do you still own a mirror, or did you get rid of it because you couldn’t see your reflection in it?

  17. well to be fair, misogyny is here to stay as well

    only fortunate for the feminists that what they call misogyny is actually beneficial to civilization

  18. Feminists who don’t hate men should denounce Feminism and soon.

    Pretty soon the pendulum’s going to swing back towards putting women down in various ways in society. Give it another 10-20 years and all the men you have put down, ladies, are going to be in charge and, well… You PROBABLY won’t like it when that happens.

    1. “Feminists who don’t hate men should denounce Feminism and soon.”

      No chance. Why would they denounce and go against something that’s given women all the special privileges and more rights than men in the West?

      I mean, would women advocate for fairer treatment of men in the divorce/custody/family/crime law courts? Like fuck they will.

      Always remember, women do not have to label themselves as ‘feminists’ to have feminist beliefs and agendas.

  19. what are women like this hoping for? all out war with men?
    good look with that one,jesus christ im a woman but at least im honest enough to know that would only go one way
    the victims and the aggressors all in one package,its like the IRA all over again

  20. Don’t be too hard on her gentlemen, I mean after all just look at that face! Not just UGLY, but UGLY, grotesque and OLD! Poor bitter crone. Wish I could see the “fake, spectacular” tits she’s boasting about – they’re probably swaying around her knees.

    Men have had enough. In the coming years feminists will, for the first time experience real misogyny, and I truly believe many won’t live to tell about it.

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