Wanna know something funny? In case you somehow missed this story, here’s a recap from The Hill:

Hackers who stole information about subscribers from a website geared toward people looking to cheat on their spouses have released the data online.

A file nearly 10 gigabytes in size was posted on the dark web Tuesday that included AshleyMadison.com account logins, credit card info and other details, Wired reported.

The website claimed more than 37 million subscribers as of July, when the hack was first reported.

This has the potential to be a huge story. Why? Well one reason could is because of the thousands of “.gov” email addresses in the list. When/if these get matched up to some powerful people, we’re gonna see some major fireworks. Who better to talk about everything than our old friend Mister Metokur (aka Internet Aristocrat). Take a look at his video, and I’ll update this post if more info comes in throughout the day.


I’ll be back with a story about a literal SJW shit-eater. Yes, I’m for real. So be on the lookout for that this morning.