Just woke up, so let’s do a short post on Mister Metokur’s new video from last night. I meant to put it up earlier, but I slept way too fucking long and so that’s that. Anyway, the topic today is Gen Zed. I’ve never seen the program myself, so let’s see what Encyclopedia Dramatica has to say about the shit:

Gen Zed is basically the worst thing ever. At first you will swear it is satire, but we promise you it is not. Gen Zed is a Drawn Together ripoff, Real World-type web cartoon which panders to SJWs and tumblrinas in ways never before thought possible…

…A mere two-minute trailer for this thing was enough to make the entire Internet erupt in endless keks and turn it into its newest laughingstock/trolling target by spamming and DMCAing the video into oblivion.

It is suspected that the only reason this show exists is for the Jew who’s creating it to scam gullible SJWs into buying the overpriced merchandise he’s already created for the show which doesn’t even exist yet, something that will surly make him a very happy merchant.

Anyway, here’s the video from Jim/IA/Mister Metokur. Lemme know what you think, and I’ll be back with a short hit on Ian Miles Cheong and Arthur Chu in about 30 minutes. And yes, I actually will be back this time.