I’m working on two other stories at the moment, but I figured I could write this update about Mister Metokur‘s (formerly Internet Aristocrat) new video. It’s the (very) long awaited new installment in his Tumblrisms series. I’ve only watched the first five minutes, but it’s already fucking hilarious. It seems like it’s being met that way on YouTube as well. Give it a watch and let me know what you think. I will come back and watch the rest when I get done writing the PC Gamer and Rolling Stone stories.


Thanks for the Easter Miracle, Jim.

  1. Metokur has a future as an employee at Audible Books. I would love to hear him read “Where’s my Cheese” or “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Heck, even “Fifty Shades of Grey”

  2. He is a far better man than I. He can enter the asylum and interview the patients – patiently. And not laugh or snap or something worse.

    But even “he can only handle so much crazy in one sitting”.

    Sounds like they are some Dirty Nap-kins. The UK definition (=daiper).

    The “deerkin” makes me want to take up hunting in their nasty habitat.

    Lobotomies may not be effective, but in this case there may be no dendrites to sever.

    Has anyone called the authorities, or is the 72 hours observation no longer in force?

    (I’m listening – live commenting)

    Well beyond me. My brain is seizing up from the crazy. What I’ve called “freakshow” is sane by comparison…

    Reign it back in? Raindeerkin? Rudolph? Where is Buffy the sleigher?

  3. I’m crazy but these people are beyond that. It almost makes me disgusted in humanity. Almost.

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