Donald Trump is one of the biggest racists in the country, if you listen to the morally bankrupt mainstream media. So, what was Mr. Trump up to on Martin Luther King day? Burning crosses on the roof of Trump Tower? Was he reciting the “14 words” in the lobby of his palatial Mar-a-Lago estate? Maybe he had an inclination to plot some attacks on the rights of African Americans?

No, he was meeting with MLK’s son, Martin Luther King III.

The vultures in the press corps there at Trump Tower tried repeatedly to get MLK III to attack Donald Trump, but he steadfastly refused to take the bait, noting that people say things in the “heat of emotion” (he included John Lewis in this, by the way). He didn’t exactly praise him either, but he reiterated that Trump told him that he planned to be a president for all Americans. They also discussed a plan of action on voting rights protection. It sounded like a pretty productive meeting, if you ask me. But what are the “progressives” on Twitter interested in? Attacking MLK’s son, along with his family.

This is a complete and utter disgrace. Attacking MLK’s son on MLK Day…can the Democrats get any lower?