I’m about to be off the site for a few hours while I rest, but I figured I would check the news before I napped. Guess what I saw? Well, you probably already know from the title, don’t you? Anyway, it was an editorial in The Daily Beast about armpit hair. Yes, this is what it’s come down to. According to some rad fems, this is a way to smash the “patriarchy.” What a fucking laugh. 

Thankfully, most women that I’ve seen in real life seem to be eschewing this trend. So it’s just the vapid celebs for now. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna stay that way, because I don’t know anyone who thinks this is attractive. Not only men, but every woman I’ve asked said the same thing. They thought it was gross. The Daily Beast columnist goes so far as to intimate that women shaving their pubic hair was tantamount to shaming themselves.

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“If you shave your pubic hair, you’re a slave to the patriarchy.” That’s seriously one of the most bizarre statements I’ve ever read. How low has their movement sunk? Is this what passes for an important debate within rad fems circles. It seems like a disgusting joke to me. But then again, that’s just me. I’m also not surprised to see the disgusting Lena Dunham drag her tattooed ass across the story. She seems to pop up in all these now.

OK, now I’m going to focus on not having any nightmares during the nap. This is not the ideal bedtime story, needless to say.