I don’t have the long experience with 4chan, and its owner moot (Christopher Poole), that some of you have. I don’t know a lot about the culture there, outside of general stuff. I wasn’t totally ignorant of it before GamerGate, but it was a place I went to infrequently. When I did start going there often, in those early days of the revolt, I fell in love with it. 4chan was one of the last places upholding the principles of anonymity and free speech absolutism. At least, that was what I was led to believe. In reality, moot is no more committed to that, than he is to travelling to the moon. He sees the site as his property, and he disrespects the users as he sees fit. That’s certainly his right. I don’t see why anyone should respect him for it, though.

He removed the captcha post protection from the /pol/ board the other day, and it has been downhill ever since. A lot of posters think he won’t go through with his threats to delete the board, and I don’t know if he will myself. It does seem extremely stupid. Then again, it would suck to be called a cuck everyday by thousands of people, and to even have them post proof of it. Speaking of proof, someone sent me pics of moot’s Gawker girlfriend mocking us, along with a handy infographic (explains a lot). They’ve been posted on 4chan already. But here they are for those (like me) who missed them somehow, or forgot due to killed braincells (feel free to post anything else I may have missed in the #BasedCommentSection):






Honestly, I couldn’t care less about them mocking us. I mock things all the time. Comedy is good. The part I care about, is CuckMaster moot ruining a good thing, by being a little bitch. Even if he comes to his senses at this point, why would anyone want to go back to his shit site? For the life of me, I cannot understand it. He obviously hates his user base. He actively shits on the site. Yet, he still has some hardcore support, even in the midst of this temper tantrum. It truly boggles the mind. Personally, I would much rather support a person like Hotwheels (Fredrick Brennan).  Fuck 4chan. Let that shit die. 8chan is carrying on the mission.

I guess it’s because I didn’t spend a lot of time there before GamerGate, but I don’t understand giving this pussy THIS MUCH loyalty. He’s proven over the last couple months, that he doesn’t deserve it. He’s got SJWs in his ear, and he acts out against the users. Again, the acting out part is nothing new, but the shit is old, and he’s taking it to an extreme. I guess the boards could be back to normal tomorrow, but what’s the point? moot has betrayed himself, and his site. I said it months ago, but I’ll say it again: RIP 4chan. That shit is kill.



  1. 4Chan is dead! Long live Infinitechan!

    In all seriousness, Moots a faggot that created a monster, now he is trying to kill that monster and failing in fantastic style. He thinks that he is going to be able to sell 4chan on to someone so that they can use it. The problem is, he pissed off the Anons. And by the time the Anons are done with both him and 4chan, no one is gonna want to touch 4chan with a barge pole. He could have taken a stand and been a man. He could have been a hero and champion of free speech and actually made a difference. Instead, he tossed his users under the bus…and for what? The promise of him getting his dick wet in a unshaven SJW trollop? Well, good luck with that moot, but your board will be far more than kill by the time the Anons get done with it.

  2. I don’t understand it either, I’ve been there from the start, although visits became much less frequent after that shitty captcha. I still remember the first 10 ‘million gets’ even (spoilers: 10th was Hazuki) but I certainly don’t hold any loyalty to the guy. It was obvious to me that it was simple and pure luck. Guy was getting frustrated with SA moderation, randomly lucked out into finding 2chan, said why the hell not, lets see if US audiences will be open to it. He was wholly unprepared every step of the way for what he birthed. At first he thought with so much press he could use it to catapult himself to stardom, but Canvas and Drawquest both failed because he didn’t have a damn clue what he was really doing, and burned all the capital too. So his reputation is doubly soured, both as a CP trading hub and again as a shite businessman. (funny enough, both are decent ideas, but only half-done. They actually compliment one another. If he’d waited a year on canv.as he could’ve had something) It’s no wonder he wants to drop at least one of those, even if it’s the only thing making him money. Really, he should have sold out like the Subeta guy did and just retired to sipping mai tais in the first place. He made a big deal a long time past about not wanting to ‘sell out’ at his height to the likes of Vivid and a few other big names. But it turns out, maybe cashing out would have been the better idea, judging by how the porn industry hates the same people we’re fighting. He could have avoided dragging his name through the mud, and he would have probably gotten a better girl out of the exchange to boot. Now nobody will want to buy it, especially after that crazy murder.

    Amusingly enough, the place 4chan was created to get away from due to censoring, Something Awful, has had a lively GG thread going since the 3rd of September. The topmost admin tier of SA including Kyanka just have no dog on either side of this, and the more people coming to view it, the more adbux he gets, so he gives totally no fucks. The only reason Eron appeared to have been punted in the first place was because his post was a bit tl;dr and it was overly personal, thus marked as stupid relationship drama. Once the zoe part got left behind (and thus her BFF modfriends didn’t need to personally defend her anymore) it became fair game for SA. Yes it’s shilled to hell and back and full of misinformation, but the thread doesn’t have anyone banned for pro-either-side. It is enemy territory so that just has to be expected.

    1. In a way, Moot did sell out. He sold out his dignity and his soul to the SJWs for connections with money and for pussy.

      According to the latest video by Mundane Matt, there’s a photoshopped pic of Moot getting cornholed by Anita wearing a strap on. I’d say that is a very apt example of art imitating life.

      1. Anita AND Zoe IIRC. it was thrown around every 4chan board as a thread for a little bit before promptly being deleted. Or at least I assume every board, would have been very coincidental that the one board I visit was the only one to have had that thread created.

        And please before people take that as more ‘Censoring us’ evidence, please realize that I saw this on a blue board, blue means SFW. The image was extremely NSFW. Considerig the board as well and most of the replies in the short time it was up, I bet most of the people reporting it had no clue who the faces were in the first place.

  3. Her mocking us isn’t funny because her ilk don’t fucking know what comedy and therefore, what’s funny, truly is.

    Our mockery is based because, as one wise man said: “Comedy sin’t about making people laugh. It’s about how you express your hatred.” And we fucking hate them.

    1. You know it’s not funny because it’s mocking us right?
      Shoe on the other foot; they wouldn’t find us mocking them either. Though, they retardedly consider it harassment.

      Can we not play double-standards when one side plays jokes at another?
      This doesn’t mean I support them, I simply don’t care for it.

    2. Our mockery of them hurts them because it’s based in truth and despite the insane levels of denial amongst them, they know deep down inside we’re right about them.

  4. Hey dude.

    With regard Not-Rodgered cuck.


    The funny thing is, it’d benefit me more if people left the site since 4chan continues to be a terrible business and has historically struggled to make ends meet. And before you start thinking that’s been my intention, you wouldn’t be correct either.

    Times change, hot pockets can’t sustain a man forever.

    Sometimes you just gotta get them shilkels.

  5. Heard tales of m00t, the 4chan owner. Interesting how some immature broad made him destroy his own business.

  6. The most important thing that Ralph forgot to mention is that the guy on the left with the banhammer is Gingermod, a known mod of 4chan and friend of moot


    Here Gawker mentions a post by Andrew W.K when he did an “AMA” on /mu/ where he thanks “moot and Gingermod”


    It might look minor but this proves we didn’t stand a chance on 4chan, even before getting censored all together, we used to fight with auto-saging threads, bans over nothing, etc. Moot is a cuck, yet it’s funny, but what’s not is that he’s been co-opted by SJWs and is friends with people at Gawker, not even 4chan could escape this infestation

  7. I respect all you 4 chan kids because if my leader or whatever you consider moot to be, pulled this kind of shit, I would of taken the bias created over 4 chan and bury him with supporting it. People think It’s full of CP and other crazy shit, well you know guilt by association flows upstream too. All I see is a guy who let CP thrive on his site unchecked trying to purge it because he wants to sell the site based on its notorious rep, like selling a golden turd and pretending your hands are not covered in shit from holding it. Anyhow Ya all are better then me. (Because you know like me that he wants to be legit to people who will invest in his ideas and the worst thing possible is a big mark on that, like, being a scumbag sleaze monger)

  8. Let’s be realistic, halfchan was so filled with cancer even before the SJW takeover that I stopped going there even tho I spent years there. 8chan is far superior, not only because we can talk about any shit we feel like but also the amount of cancer is far smaller, even on /b/.

  9. Moot didn’t threaten to delete /pol/, at least not in the latest events. That message from “admin” threatening that /Pol/ will be deleted in 2 hours was written just by some anon making fun, jesus.

  10. Kind of off topic but

    I don’t read SJW clickbait crap even through proxy websites but I had to
    this time because this idiot bashes The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of

    “The Legend of Zelda” is classist, sexist and racist

    The beloved game takes a dim view of workers, people of color and women



    One would think it’s a parody yet apparently he’s ‘serious’

    Maybe I could send ‘serious’ parodies of social justice keyboard warrior
    whining to Salon, Jezebel, etc. and get paid for it? Maybe that’s what
    this guy is actually doing

  11. Remember moot, a prenup is against the ideals of social justice. May she take half your money in the end, you deserve it for being such a beta tard cis white male oppressor. Hope you get whats coming to you…you ingrate.

  12. The fuck happened to you Moot. You were once the face of FREEDOMS, created a site and gave brith to an amazing powerful community who was constatnly asking for ways to donate to you but you always refused because it didnt feel right. Then you left on a trip of self discovery and your only discovery was that you needed to shit on everything you ever made to save face with people who dont even like you and who love to manipulate people and force censorship and look for ways to jew the people who considered you a FRIEND even thou they never met you? What the ever loving fuck. What kind of brainwashing did you go through in that short trip?

  13. Wait. What if all this is some elaborated plan and he wants to make himself seem like a cuck to become viral and trendy but in the end he just wants to troll everyone and he arranged all those photos knowing that anons would find them? That sounds too complicated and illogical but it could be.

    What will tell the truth in the end is the fate of the board /pol/ – politically incorrect. If he deletes it, then indeed 4chan’s freedom is being restrained, if he keeps this up through all December then who knows what the heck he wants and if he brings /pol/ back to normality then still who knows what the heck he wanted!

    The answer…? Only time will tell.

  14. Destroying one’s business to try to get up on some rich girls pussy – and then failing hardcore and being FZ’d is EPIC DUMBASSERY. Wasn’t there at least one broheim in moot’s posse to step up and tell him not to let a bitch talk you out of his wallet?

    Are these gayfags all this thirsty? Dude got PLAYED HARD by the Denton/Gawker/SJW cabal. He’s at XOXO in the fucking crowd right there with Anita telling him his site visitors are subhuman. They are shitting on his business while he is kissing their asses. Unfucking-real.

    Moot has no fucking self-respect and no balls.

  15. Sad to see it go. It was a part of my formative years online, as it was for a number of people. I loved moot’s ideals of online identity, anonymity and free speech. But if he’s lost touch with that, or never believed it in the first place, then fuck him. Six months ago I never would have believed he’d put financial investment before the core ideals of 4chan and its userbase. Now I just want to see moot fade into obscurity.

    Thanks for the fun ride, but now kindly fuck off.

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